Sentence: A Work in Progress

Alan O’Cain, Artist Exhibition at Ushaw College (Article by James O’Neill, Café des Arts lead) “If there was a means to picture my inner self, picture my thoughts and traumatised sensibilities, picture the suffocation caused by lack of freedom, then this is it” (subject to artist – 31.08.15) The fragility and perseverance of humanity is most […]

Eurovision: A Night of Music and Politics

By James O’Neill, Café des Arts Team Lead The annual event of live streaming the Eurovision Song Contest traditionally falls into the capable hands of the GCR at Ustinov College. This year, however, we requested that the Café des Arts, in conjunction with Café Politique (both within the Global Citizenship Programme) arrange this particular favourite in […]

 International Dress Day

By James O’Neill The International Dress Day, which fell this year on Saturday March 4th, is a relatively new event to Ustinov College. The day has been created as a celebration of Durham Universities’ most diverse college as a casual and informal platform for meeting other cultures and celebrating the many cultural differences of the […]

Chinese New Year 2017 – Year of Rooster

By James O’Neill Red lanterns, paintings of Chinese landscapes, traditional red clothing, Fisher house in Ustinov college was filled with the bright hue on Friday, January 27th as students gathered to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival. Edward McDougall from Durham Philosophy department opened the event with the presentation about the history and origin of Chinese New […]

GCP Presents a Stimulating Talk on Erotic Art

By Jonathan Quiery On Wednesday, 30 November 2016, Café des Arts hosted their second event of the Michaelmas term – the Erotic Art in Culture seminar. While some artistic depictions or descriptions of nudity and/or sexual intimacy may originally have been intended as ‘erotic,’ others may be mislabelled on the basis of contemporary mindsets. The […]

A Tremendous Turnout: Crime and Justice Walk of Durham with Dr Ivan Hill a Success for Café des Arts

By James O’Neill  The first project for the Café des Arts took place last Tuesday, 25th October. We organised a walk led by Dr Ivan Hill on the History of Crime and Justice through the streets of Durham. The walk took an even portion of history from the medieval to the contemporary and included handouts […]