Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

By Nadin Hassan On 28th November, Cafe des Arts and Cafe Politique co-hosted a screening of the documentary “Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?” (2017), featuring British writer, broadcaster, and former politician Trevor Phillips. Speaking from his experience in the field of politics, Phillips explores the suppression of free speech by politically undesirable elements of the population and […]

The October Revolution, Lenin and a new Dialectic

By Steven Male On October 25th 1917 (November 7th), Lenin announced to the citizens of Russia “we have deposed the government of Kerensky”, and thus the world’s first self-proclaimed socialist government was established. This year, on the 100th anniversary of this momentous event Café Politique invited Professor Alastair Renfrew to Fischer House for a discussion. […]

Eurovision: A Night of Music and Politics

By James O’Neill, Café des Arts Team Lead The annual event of live streaming the Eurovision Song Contest traditionally falls into the capable hands of the GCR at Ustinov College. This year, however, we requested that the Café des Arts, in conjunction with Café Politique (both within the Global Citizenship Programme) arrange this particular favourite in […]

Remote Warfare: Drones, Intelligence and Private Military Companies – Hosted by Café Politique

By Jarno Välimäki On 28 February, Café Politique tackled a theme that, for many, is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. From the 1980s’ film ‘The Dogs of War’, and Barack Obama jokingly threatening the Jonas Brothers with predator drones, to the news coverage, and many documentaries of intelligence operations, all the aspects […]

Exploring Inequalities Within the Criminal Justice System

By Namisha Chadha, Vicky Meaby and Palestrina Rolle-George. On Wednesday 15th February, students from different colleges joined the race, crime and justice forum in an endeavour to explore the inequalities embedded within the criminal justice system of the United Kingdom. Light was shed upon the racial disparities at many stages of arrest, charging, prosecution and imprisonment. […]

Race, Crime and Justice explore the dark heart of Brexit

By Vicky Meaby and Namisha Chadha On Thursday, the GCP’s race, crime and justice forum were joined by Durham’s very own Dr Christian Schweiger, to explore the UK’s recent decision to vote ‘leave’ in the EU referendum, and the ways in which migration was used as a political tool throughout the campaign. As a British […]