Lumiere: Behind the Scenes

By Nadin Hassan This past November, the streets of Durham were filled with energy as the city hosted the biennial Lumiere Festival, with dozens of installations scattered around the river, churches, court house, cathedral, and other heritage sites and landmarks. Organized by the arts charity Artichoke and commissioned by Durham County Council, it is the […]

Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

By Nadin Hassan On 28th November, Cafe des Arts and Cafe Politique co-hosted a screening of the documentary “Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?” (2017), featuring British writer, broadcaster, and former politician Trevor Phillips. Speaking from his experience in the field of politics, Phillips explores the suppression of free speech by politically undesirable elements of the population and […]

The October Revolution, Lenin and a new Dialectic

By Steven Male On October 25th 1917 (November 7th), Lenin announced to the citizens of Russia “we have deposed the government of Kerensky”, and thus the world’s first self-proclaimed socialist government was established. This year, on the 100th anniversary of this momentous event Café Politique invited Professor Alastair Renfrew to Fischer House for a discussion. […]

‘A Brave New World? Human Gene Editing and Bioethics’ – Ustinov Seminar Team

By Marianna Iliadou Have you ever wondered how human gene editing operates or ever worried about its implications? On Wednesday 28th June, the Ustinov Seminar Team hosted a workshop titled ‘A Brave New World? Human Gene Editing and Bioethics’. Inspired by Aldous Huxley’s novel, the purpose of the workshop was to explore the possibilities that […]

Mobility and Identity: A Global Citizenship Programme Workshop

By Zheng Yanmin The GCP Seminar group organized a workshop on “Mobility and Identity” on 7th June.  The initiative of this topic comes from a “TED Talk – Is your identity given or created” by Marcus Lyon, a professional artistic photographer.  He achieved his understanding of identity through his professional life as a cultural observer […]

Death of Multiculturalism

By Ben McGukin On Wednesday 8th March, the Ustinov Seminar held the event ‘The Death of Multiculturalism.’ The aim of the event was to discuss the concept of multiculturalism and interrogate whether it has ‘succeeded’ or ‘failed.’ Joining us for the workshop was Dr Matthew Nicholson from Durham Law School, who was a fantastic speaker […]

Challenges of Careers in Arts and Culture

By SeowLi Khor On Saturday 11th March 2017, three speakers talked about their experiences and the skills needed to succeed in their careers. Postgraduate students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines attended the event. There were Q&A sessions after each talk which allowed the audience to ask questions. In addition, there was also a […]