An Exploration of Culture and Behaviour with Ustinov Seminar

by Matthew Walker On Wednesday 8th February, students from various colleges came together for an enjoyable GCP workshop exploring the relationship between culture and behaviour.  With a diverse range of nationalities and language-speaking abilities represented at the event, there were interesting insights into the importance of speaking English as a global language, whether behaviour differs […]

At a Crossroads: On Saturday’s ‘Research Round Table’ and Life in General

By Paula Rondon-Burgos   Question: What do peat, Gay-Straight Alliances, a muffin, and maths all have in common? Answer: They were the topics of this year’s first ‘Research Round Table’!   Four speakers, all student researchers, gave eye-opening presentations on their areas of study.   Alex Bonnefoy-Jenkinson got things going by taking us through his […]

Faith, Science, and Academia on the Bailey (Or, Gown and Town)

By Mika Laiho (Café Politique), Piotr Oleskiewisz (Café Scientifique) and Veronica Benduski (Volunteering and Communications) Drawn by the prospect of reaching across scholarly and spiritual boundaries, as part of a collaborative seminar series between Ustinov and St John’s Colleges called Faith, Science, and Academia, we three members of the Global Citizenship Programme put on scholarly gowns with Dr Rebecca Bouveng […]

Bias, Belief, and Research (or, St John’s Visits Ustinov)

By Andy P. Corkhill (St John’s College) Arriving at Ustinov College for the Faith, Science, and Academia discussion on 19 November, I was excited at the prospect of hearing the three established academics speak about integrating and detaching their research from their personal belief system — but also because I was back at Ustinov. As a postgraduate […]