The Inconvenient Truth Behind the Sheraton Park Move – Danger or Opportunity?

By Pen-Yuan Hsing PhD Student in the Department of Biosciences As I write this post, I recall being riveted by the seminal climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth back in 2006. In the film (referring to the crises around anthropogenic climate change), former US Vice President Al Gore noted that the Chinese word for crises […]

Eurovision: A Night of Music and Politics

By James O’Neill, Café des Arts Team Lead The annual event of live streaming the Eurovision Song Contest traditionally falls into the capable hands of the GCR at Ustinov College. This year, however, we requested that the Café des Arts, in conjunction with Café Politique (both within the Global Citizenship Programme) arrange this particular favourite in […]

A Christmas Carol: Ustinov’s Winter Formal

by Sophie Da Silva Aromatic notes of honeyed wine lingered in the stale air of the ever delightful student kitchen. As the lazy minutes extinguished themselves, I couldn’t help but hope to escape the tedium of waiting for the darn electric cooker to heat up. A mild inconvenience, really. With boredom in hand, my mind […]