The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program – Reflections on Training and Field-work in Philadelphia

By Marianne Doherty Postgraduate Research Student in the School of Applied Social Sciences I never thought I’d find myself thanking anyone for sending me to prison, this is most definitely a first. In June I attended a training course in Philadelphia which focused on The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (I’ll elaborate on this later). This […]

Sentence: A Work in Progress

Alan O’Cain, Artist Exhibition at Ushaw College (Article by James O’Neill, Café des Arts lead) “If there was a means to picture my inner self, picture my thoughts and traumatised sensibilities, picture the suffocation caused by lack of freedom, then this is it” (subject to artist – 31.08.15) The fragility and perseverance of humanity is most […]

‘A Brave New World? Human Gene Editing and Bioethics’ – Ustinov Seminar Team

By Marianna Iliadou Have you ever wondered how human gene editing operates or ever worried about its implications? On Wednesday 28th June, the Ustinov Seminar Team hosted a workshop titled ‘A Brave New World? Human Gene Editing and Bioethics’. Inspired by Aldous Huxley’s novel, the purpose of the workshop was to explore the possibilities that […]