SUCCESS Hosts Roundtable on Academic Publishing

By Matthew Walker

On Friday 3rd March we were joined by two of Ustinov College’s Visiting Fellows, Professors Jack Williams and Sara Cousins, for a lively and informative discussion on academic publishing. Postgraduate students from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines attended, full of questions about how to publish in academic journals – the crux of any career in academia.

Our guests fielded questions on both the process itself and writing style – writing well should never be overlooked regardless of the subject area. Brevity and clarity are often underrated skills. Successful researchers design studies with an eye on publishing from the outset. Guidance from your supervisor is vital and one should never be afraid to ask for assistance in evaluating whether a paper meets the rigorous peer-reviewed standard. Abstracts and titles should receive the same attention as the paper itself.

One should always be patient and polite when submitting articles to journal editors and put careful thought into the journal targeted for publication. Conferences and social media are also important methods of getting your research noticed and fostering debate.

Many thanks to both Professors Jack and Sara for offering their invaluable advice and come along to the next event in the SUCCESS Programme on Saturday 11th March: Challenges of Careers in Arts & Culture!

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