Challenges of Careers in Arts and Culture

By SeowLi Khor

On Saturday 11th March 2017, three speakers talked about their experiences and the skills needed to succeed in their careers. Postgraduate students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines attended the event. There were Q&A sessions after each talk which allowed the audience to ask questions. In addition, there was also a networking session at the end.

First speaker

Dr Melanie Wood talked about her role as a Special Collections Librarian, the responsibilities within her role and the skills needed to succeed in her role. She also explained about the challenges of her role, which is obtaining funds or grants to maintain the special collection books.

Second speaker

Alix Collingwood-Swinburn, a Curator of Western Arts at Durham University explained about the definition of a curator and how the role can vary depending on different industries (e.g. being a University curator compared to being a curator in a private art gallery).

Third speaker

Gemma Lewis, a curator at Durham Castle & Museum of Archaeology, explained how she reached her current role and the responsibilities within her role. She also talked about the benefits and drawbacks of being a curator, which provided the audience with a holistic view into her role.

Many thanks to our three speakers!

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