Mobility and Identity: A Global Citizenship Programme Workshop

By Zheng Yanmin

The GCP Seminar group organized a workshop on “Mobility and Identity” on 7th June.  The initiative of this topic comes from a “TED Talk – Is your identity given or created” by Marcus Lyon, a professional artistic photographer.  He achieved his understanding of identity through his professional life as a cultural observer and recorder; and to Lyon, identity is not only how you define yourself, but also how you reflect upon how you identify others around you.  “Mobility and identity” is a mutual and reciprocal learning process between oneself and others.


In the second part of the workshop, one of our group members shared her experience as a researcher telling three immigrant workers’ stories in Macau, China, one of the most integrated areas in China.  Her understanding of “Mobility and Identity” are twofold: firstly, mobility can constrain and facilitate the formation or reformation of an individual’s identity; secondly, identity can in return contribute to the macro-mobile environment as a more cultural ongoing appreciation.  Besides, her identity as a researcher and observer also helps the speaker rethink of herself and learn from others, which corresponds to the topic theme.

Credit: Alexandra Verzuh


There were seven questions in total following the “TED Talk” and “Stories from Immigrant Workers in Macau”.  All the audience members were actively involved in the discussion and contributed some enlightening perspectives on this topic.  After moving from one place to another, we were all having similar experiences regarding how to preserve our own values and at the same time adapt ourselves to various cultural situations.  As part of being a Global Citizen, we need to embrace that the world is big, big enough to find our own place, but at the same time, the world is small, small enough to learn from each other.

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