Ustinovians Showcase Wicked Costumes at the 2017 Halloween Party

Interviews and photography by Jie Ji, text by Kristine Bagdassarian

It’s Friday 27th October and ghostly, spooky, blood-covered and overworked postgraduate monstrosities have crawled out of their college rooms to attend this year’s Halloween party. Hosted at Fisher House, the party is teeming with uncanny beings, Halloween treats and booming music. Horror stories are circulating the area about last minute emergency decisions to superglue escapee zombie flesh back on faces in the hopes that later, the authentic ones won’t peel off along with the crisis solution. Someone had messaged the group looking for last minute supplies of fake blood (I only had real) and several individuals were frustratingly trying to explain their choices of identity to those enlightened few who would just. Not. Get it. Late arrivals from Sheraton are trying to differentiate disguised friends, while the hustle and bustle of the party is mingling with the sounds of walking corpses, grunting, horrific spectres and ghosts looking for victims to haunt, and a few people complaining that it’s not easy to drink with their masks getting in the way. Needless to say, all’s right with the world.



Being one of the famously busiest parties of the year, the Halloween party at Ustinov did not disappoint. Despite the certain impending doom of formative assessments, deadlines, progress reviews and other frightful events, undead students from all across Ustinov gathered round to showcase their costumes, practice a drawled out groan or two and resist the urge to ingest each other’s brains. We even managed to catch one or two Ustinov students on our camera and ask them about their costume choices tonight!


Mirka, final year
The inspiration for this spectacular and chilling costume was taken from a film. It certainly piques the curiosity and is perfectly in the spirit of Halloween!


Ali, a student in Physics
He loves karate and Japanese culture. Conveniently, he already had the costume in his wardrobe so maybe part of the reasons for his choice was the lack of need to buy a new one. But don’t tell anyone (Shhh!)


Hisham (but, really, who can tell??), doing a Masters in Law
Seen standing in this corner, totally emerged in the Halloween spirit as he tries to scare people passing by. Why? Because this costume is scary as hell!


Kimberley, doing a PhD in Psychology
Her choice in costume stems from her enthusiasm to share Chinese culture with her peers! This dress-up is a traditional Chinese opera costume and she painted her face to look like a ghost from an old Chinese film.

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