The Week In Sport | 31st January – 7th February 2018

By Amelia Cropper and Lucy Pritchard

It’s been quite a week for Ustinov sport this week with most teams winning their matches!

All three pool teams pulled off convincing wins, which keeps Pool A looking strong at the top of the table.

Ultimate Frisbee were also back in action and look set for promotion this season after overcoming St John’s B to win 9-1. It puts a 5 point gap between themselves and second placed University A coming into the final games of the year.

Women’s football were overpowered by a strong Collingwood side in their final game of the season and fell to a 10-0 defeat on Saturday. They remain mid-table but look set to endure a nervy end to the season while the teams around them play out their remaining rescheduled fixtures to decide the final league standings.

Men’s football A also suffered a loss this week, losing 4-1 to relegation rivals Hild & Bede A.

Both basketball teams were in action on Saturday. The women’s team suffered a defeat to a strong top of the table Cuth’s A side and have it all to play for in their remaining game against Josephine Butler A this coming Saturday. Meanwhile, the men’s team accomplished a respectable 47-31 win over Josephine Butler which means they finish the season in second place.

Men’s football B and Men’s hockey were awarded automatic 3-0 wins in their respective games due to opposition unavailability.

We’re nearing the end of the season for many of our teams this week so get down to cheer them on!

Team Date Opponent Time Location
Women’s Football 07.02.2018 Chad’s A 20:30 Rubber Crumb 3 (Track)
Pool A 08.02.2018 Ustinov B 20:00 Fisher House
Pool B 08.02.2018 Ustinov A 20:00 Fisher House
Men’s Football A 10.02.2018 Collingwood B 16:45 Rubber Crumb 1
Women’s Hockey 10.02.2018 Hild and Bede A 19:00 Water-based Astro 1 (New)
Men’s Hockey 10.02.2018 John Snow A 20:00 Water-based Astro 1 (New)
Women’s Basketball 10.02.2018 Josephine Butler A 21:00 Sports Hall Section B
Men’s Football B 11.02.2018 John Snow B 10:45 Rubber Crumb 2
Ultimate Frisbee 11.02.2018 Castle A 12:00 Whinney Hill 2
Women’s Hockey 11.02.2018 Castle A 13:00 Water-based Astro 2 (Old)
Pool C 11.02.2018 Collingwood B 20:00 DSU


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