From the Archives: How Ustinov College Got Its Shortest Name

Ustinov_RenewedThe Easter 2005 edition of The Ustinovian reports on the decision to change, officially, the name of the college from ‘Ustinov College: The Graduate Society’, a transitional moniker dating from 2002, to simply ‘Ustinov College’. This momentous event would reach, it was hoped, the ear of the Queen at a meeting of the Privy Council. Not surprisingly, really: in 2003 the BBC reported that, at 1,200 members, Ustinov was the largest postgraduate college in the UK.

In other news, the college was just welcoming new principal Dr Penelope Wilson. Though the Howlands Farm accommodations had become the home of postgraduates since 1998, a renovated ‘extended Barn’ was yet to become Fisher House, and the Dryburn site, Keenan House, was just about to open. Five Ustinovians were being awarded accommodations scholarships for the next year, and there was a Ustinov Boat Club. The Ustinovian itself was a simple newsletter, no photos.

The ‘new’ blocks (pictured above, photo courtesy Bladeofgrass at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0) were being constructed for the Ustinovians of 2006.

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