Sentence: A Work in Progress

Alan O’Cain, Artist Exhibition at Ushaw College (Article by James O’Neill, Café des Arts lead) “If there was a means to picture my inner self, picture my thoughts and traumatised sensibilities, picture the suffocation caused by lack of freedom, then this is it” (subject to artist – 31.08.15) The fragility and perseverance of humanity is most […]

A Psychological Experiment called ‘Ustinov’

By Gaurish Chawla Tasked with looking for a story for The Ustinovian, I approached a friend* with the intention of considering Ustinov from another perspective. Looking at the dark sides of things often makes us uncomfortable, but this conversation was refreshing, honest, and poignant. After all, living in Ustinov is a radically new experience for most students. “Come […]

‘A Brave New World? Human Gene Editing and Bioethics’ – Ustinov Seminar Team

By Marianna Iliadou Have you ever wondered how human gene editing operates or ever worried about its implications? On Wednesday 28th June, the Ustinov Seminar Team hosted a workshop titled ‘A Brave New World? Human Gene Editing and Bioethics’. Inspired by Aldous Huxley’s novel, the purpose of the workshop was to explore the possibilities that […]