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The Grouch

John Oliver writes a rather unique review for FTC's production of 'The Grouch'

           The Grouch, for those who do not know

            Has a rhyming script throughout the show,

            and as such I thought it worth my while

            to write a review in similar style.




            D’Souzas move from the stage to directing

            made for a play better than I was expecting

            with majority freshers and a few seasoned pros

            though the play was quite tricky, to the challenge they rose.




            To me, the play speaks about the human condition,

            with themes such as honesty, love and suspicion.

            It caricatures world views whilst keeping you amused,

            though I must admit, the ending left me confused. 




            Tylers portrayal of Alan seemed natural and easy

            complementing a script that was light-heart and breezy.

            With flashes of energy, anger and pain

            I am sure he will be seen on a stage in Durham again.




            The love interest, Celia, had a lot on her plate,

            but Beatrice was excellent, her performance top rate.

            Often the straight character, complementing the rest

            she was consistent throughout, arguably the best.




            Bart and Heather were an adorable pair,

            full of gentleness, love, compassion and care,

            Ben and Alex kept the audience spirits’ high

            their extravagant campness left a tear in my eye.




            Joe and Viresh played fun stand-alone roles,

            good individual performances without any holes.

            I found Olivia’s contribution wonderfully funny,

            her version of Fay was right on the money.






            Though the set for the show was modest not padded,

            the furniture match with the characters was cleverly added.

            The Grouch provided insightful fun, I had a really good time,

            though I now want to live in a world full of rhyme.



23 November 2013

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