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Durham Revue Resturners 2013/14

Kate Barton gives the 2013/14 Revue their final review


Surrounded by friends in a packed audience watching great comedy – is there any better way to spend a Saturday night? Probably not in this case. Durham Revue 2013-2014 pulled out all the stops and ended their highly successful year with a memorable bang!


Entering from the back, the Revue took the audience by storm with their rendition of a rather twisted Lion King, setting the bar for the rest of the night’s antics. Although not particularly sophisticated, the sketches were intelligently written and innovative in creating a range of comedy, spanning all kinds of characters and decades. The sketches where simplistically created with 4 chairs and minimal props, yet this basic layout meant that nothing detracted from the comedy. 


 The 6 members worked together seamlessly in the sketches, pulling off a vast range of characters and situations. Their comedic set compromised not only of sketches, but also punchy one-liners, slapstick, mime, and even cross-dressing. The stories worked not just in isolation but had reoccurring situations throughout the night. A particular highlight of the evening was the Toni the Tiger Frosties sketch, which inspired much raucous cheers from the audience as Frosted Flakes were thrown about the stage.


Although all members of the Revue should be highly commended, Simon Gallow particularly stood out as a comedic front-runner. Gallow’s comic timing, bizarre facial expressions and gestures seemed effortless and produced huge amounts of laughter from the crowd.  Although he was guilty of corpsing on occasion, this only added to Gallows hilarity.


Perhaps the most striking thing about the Revue was the staggering amount of enthusiasm and energy in every sketch. This was successfully achieved, both by the well fitting music and also the slick sketch changes. The energy of the comedians physically bouncing from one scene ending to another’s beginning meant that pace was constantly maintained in an almost feverish fashion.


This said, there were times when lines were lost due to poor diction or else a flat sketch ending due to unclear last line. There was also the occasional one liner sketch, which lacked stage presence and confidence in line delivery. However, these moments were few and far between and are only minor issues for a very successful night.


In performing some of the Revue’s most well loved sketches of the year, the team should be extremely proud of their last performance. It has surely set a very high bar for the Revue 2014-2015, which has a lot to live up to after that highly enjoyable performance. 

26 October 2014

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