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The Durham Revue presents: Disenchanted

Claire Forster enjoys an evening of Comedy with this year's new Durham Revue


What a night! The Durham Revue’s first 2015 performance certainly wasn’t a disappointment. It was hard to believe that it was the first time the cast had performed together as a group.


It is often difficult with sketch comedy to create an hour’s worth of good material, however, the Revue managed it. The thirty-three short sketches were delivered with pace and fantastic comedic timing, which ensured that the show flowed with ease and, as cliché as it sounds, the audience was laughing from beginning to end.  


The show combined traditional sketch formats with elements of something altogether more surreal, trips to the GP or local delicatessen would quickly descend into the absurd. The show catered for all senses of humour, there were clever puns, extreme wit, slapstick and even the occasional penis joke.


As with all comedy shows, some sketches were better executed than others. Notable sketches included: a double date with Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, a horny male ghost, a nervous executioner and a man who really really loves cheese. I won’t give any more away because I think you should all come and see it for yourselves.


The transitions between the sketches were smooth with a musical interlude relating to the punch line of previous sketch that had members of the audience dancing in their seats, even I busted a move or two. The set was simple, yet effective, consisting of four wooden chairs that moved to accommodate for the scenes, in typical comedy show fashion.


Although the sketches themselves were very well written there were a few lines forgotten and onstage stage laughs, however, that is only really to be expected of an opening night performance and they were dealt with fairly well, with one member of the group honestly exclaiming, “I forgot my line.”  Thankfully this all contributed to the informal relationship between audience and actors, which created a truly relaxed atmosphere, allowing the superb performances of all six cast members to really shine through.


If you are into comedy and fancy a night of giggles and amusement, I urge you all to watch the Revue’s ‘Disenchanted’.


16 January 2015

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