Jerusalem - Thrust Stage - Photo by Rose InnesWe're delighted to welcome ex-members of DST to join our Alumni Network - the best way to keep in touch with the society after leaving Durham.

Around three hundred DST members graduate annually: some go into the performing arts world, some don't. Either way, we're delighted to offer our former members the opportunity to join our fantastic new Alumni Network. Enjoy regular updates from DST and invitations to reunions both in Durham and beyond.


Want to join our alumni network?

Join now by completing our quick form - we only need a few details. The service is completely free, and will offer you fantastic information and opportunities DST may provide in the future.


Interested in being a Patron too?

Visit our dedicated patron page - DST patrons can get some unique perks and help to keep the society improving. Various levels of patronage are available, or we can create a personalised package just for you.

Assembly Rooms Plaques

Did the Assembly rooms feel like your second home, or even your university department? Or have you enjoyed coming to see shows in our unique little theatre since your Freshers week? If so, we are exclusively offering for the first time the opportunity to be engraved on one of the Assembly rooms seats! A beautiful golden plaque, bearing your or your group's name, your active years in DST  and a small quote or message is now available for the great price of £50. For more information on owning forever one of The Assembly Rooms' luxurious seats, please contact the DST President at


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Theatre that speaks volumes

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