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Theatre Company Ratification

It is compulsory for any theatre company wishing to make use of any of DST's services and facilities, to be ratified to us, both for legal reasons and so that we can maintain an accurate record of those companies using those services.

The official policy is that only theatre companies ratified to DST are entitled to use DST's services and facilities, which include:

  • advertising on the DST website
  • resources (ie props and costumes)
  • The Assembly Rooms Theatre

Companies must ratify at their foundation and subsequently at the start of each academic year.

Initial Ratification requires the president of the company to arrange a meeting with the DST president, via email, where certain important information will be shared and details of the company and its executive committee will be noted. A Ratification Agreement will also be signed (see below)

Annual Re-Ratification requires a representative from the company to come to a re-ratificaiton session, as advertised by DST, give details of the company's execuitve committee, and sign a Ratification Agreement (see below). The re-ratificaiton session for 2010/11 will take place in the last week of the Summer term, June 2010.

The Ratification Agreement is a simple memorandum of understanding that DST and the company sign, which formalises the current status quo - things like discounts for DST members, and use of the website. You can view a sample of the agreement here.

Any questions or problems should be directed to the DST president, Alex (

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