Tom Lancaster

Dr Tom Lancaster
Department of Physics
Durham University
South Road
Durham DH1 3LE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1913 343536

This is my personal webpage where you'll find some links to details of my research and some selected teaching resources. My official university webpage may be found here.

Quantum field theory for the gifted amateur

A book by Stephen Blundell and I, introducing the quantum theory of fields, is now available. For further details please see the book's website.


I'm a Physicist, working in the Centre for Materials Physics, Durham University.

My research is concerned with magnetism and superconductivity in condensed matter, which I investigate by implanting muons into materials. Have a look at my work to date with Durham's Muon group and also here . I'm also invoved in the Durham emergence project.

My CV is available here, as is a list of my publications.


I teach the course Mechanics II, which is part of the Foundations of Physics double module. Course material for this is distributed via DUO. Please contact me if you require any further information about this.

I currently teach the lecture course "Basic notions of condensed matter physics" which has a web page of its own. For the last two years I taught an introductory guide to quantum field theory for condensed matter physicists. Further details may be found here.


Some programs that I've written

These are (i) old, (ii) were work in progress and (iii) come with no guarantees...
Muon spectrometer simulations
Visualize crystals and magnetic structures

photo: Patent office, Bern
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