Monday 24th July, 1300

A city stands strong amongst the chaos of the north, a bastion of civilisation and freedom. A city rebuilt, a city growing. Fast approaching is a time of new frontiers as the boundaries of might and knowledge are pushed like never before. And in search of these things come travellers, adventurers, scholars and pilgrims, each seeking their share of the power.

Welcome to Durholme.

Durham University Treasure Trap is the world's oldest continuously-running Live Roleplay group. We meet twice a week to play roles in a fantasy mediaeval world, either in the congenial atmosphere of a mediaeval inn for our Tavern Nights each Monday, or in the woods around Durham for Adventures each weekend. We also have weekly weapons practices to develop combat skills which are useful in the game, run an annual banquet and a weekend-long end-of-year game, and send groups to larger live roleplay events around the country.

Latest News

Banquet 2017 - Bookings Now Open!

Join us for a costume banquet of incredible historic food, with music, dancing, and a weekend of events surrounding it. All taking place on the weekend of Sat 18 Feb 2017 at Moor House Adventure Centre - find out more and book now on our Banquet Website!

- entered by Tim, 2016-12-04 22:09:57

Summer DownTimes and Restatting

The Summer DownTime deadline (for existing players not freshers) is 29th September.

You have infinite travel time, therefore can travel anywhere on the material plane and back to Durholme, but still only get ONE major action.

The refs would also appreciate it if you could send your current character sheet, your character background and any flange/special effects you have.

Regarding restatting due to the new Spirit System - you are allowed to restat if you are directly effected by the changes; but you must stay as close to your old stats and character background as possible and rule 7 (don't take the piss) applies.

This should all be sent to and not to the main society account.

- entered by The Ref Team, 2016-09-11 15:54:57

The New Spirit System

The new Spirit System is now on the website.

The system overview can be found at

The spirit skills can be found at

The domains offered by each god can be found at the god's page in the Book of Faiths (

The miracles can be found at

- entered by Panda, 2016-09-09 12:42:57

The Vetch Racial Package

The Vetch Racial Package can now be found at Many thanks to James Toulmin and Michael King in helping me (Panda) create the package.

- entered by Panda, 2016-03-05 15:56:38

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