Armoury - Armour


Skull face helmet

Nasal Helmet

Foam latex armour, brown lamellar style?

leather coat

wooly coat no sleeves with hood

thin leather jerkin with sleeves

furry jerkin with short studded sleeves

leather orc skirt

white padded colar

white leather waistcoat

leather chest plate


leather lamellar

leather greeves

black metal and brown leather helmet with ear flaps

plate legs

nasal helm

scale skirt

chain shirt

chain vest

plate legs


helm with face shield

gauntlet (right)

plate shoulders and gorget. links to 135_0199.

plate chest and back.

plate bracer

brown coat with arms

coat with furry and leather patches

brown coat with arms

bracer with gold studs

studded greeve

grey leather with fur lining. no arms

thin brown leather waistcoat

brown coat with fur lining

light brown lether waistcoat

foam metal brestplate and backplate

scale bracer

foam tasset

bracers with metal strips

brown leather greeves with brass plates

leather bracer

leather bracer

brown studded greeves

brown leather vest with studds

leather bracer

blue leather bracer

leather bracer

black leather bracer

leather and fur coat

coat with fur lining and arms

coat with fur lining no arms

jacket with fur lining

plate shoulders and gorget

black bracer

brown jacket with arms

lorica segmentata

plate bracer

leather greeves

cloth greeves

leather bracer and shoulder, connects to 135_0092

leather vest

studded leather greeves

leather greeve

leather orc skirt

foam shouler

leather bracer

brown leather bracer