Armoury - Masks


Fish person mask with shoulders and neck attached. Fits smaller head.

Red and Gold Domino with behind ear hooks

silver with frills

full face with painted patterns

blue and white domino

white gauze with elastic loop

black gauze with elastic loop

full head skeleton



yellow ... thing

orc with blue tatoo

troll or goblin mask

brown bandaged face


Barbosa squid face

pig snout

white fluffy hood with tiny ears

blue/yellow monster


white and black butterfly

gold gauze

sack cloth scarecrow

white ghoul

grey undead

skinned undead

full face plain

helmet mask with hair

owlbear head

full face silver


fish masks various colours

tree monster


blue myrmidion

bald werewolf


white monster


blue corpse

purple corpse

full face skeleton

undead wolf

undead with hat and hair


furry skeleton

bug with colours

black and white domino

white and blue butterfly

full face blue with lightite sun on forehead

black and red domino

yellow painted domino

silver half mask

full face orange with elemental coloured patterns

full face with green, black and white patterns

full face black

full face orange with red stripe

full face orange with white markings and blood

green domino

skull with fur and cloth ears?

plaster of paris orange animal mask

blue and gold domino mask

blue and yellow painted domino mask



white undead with blue tatoos


skeletal mask with cowl

skeletal half mask with red and black wig

corpse with claws down the face

full face orc

grey/blue troll


plaster of paris lion with long paper main