Armoury - Monsters



mewlip pelts

beaver tail trousers

pink tail

wraith mask with mesh

claw glove

purple bat wing cloak

shoggoth costume

grey monster hand

skeletal hand

green elemental kit with no arms

blue fairy wings

pink fairy wings

brown animal glove

mewlip pelt with eldrich markings in orange

red elemental costume

blue elemental costume

Raveshak/crab carapace

Golem parts

black elemental

brown elemental

white fairy wings

camoflage tabard

dryad poncho

autumnal dryad poncho

green dryad costume

fire elemental mask

skeletal hand

green elemental costume

white elemental

pumpkin costume

ragged undead tabards

scarecrow shirt

scarecrow trousers

clawed glove

gorilla hands and feet

long claws

mummy costume

purple wing cloak

dryad gloves

red demon

rabbit ears


claws on a glove

thin claws on a glove

grey 'badger' claws

bear hood

golden 'flame' tabard

undead hand

flame shirt

origional fire elemental costume