Durham University Treasure Trap presents
A Price On Your Head. A Debt On Your Soul.

Third-Year Goodbye 2013
Birch Hall Campsite and Field Centre
7-9 June 2013

It has been weeks since the sails of Lipari the Pirate King, Avatar of Ishmund, have been seen at sea. The dockside taverns bubble with rumours of murder, mutiny or capture. Without him, the knots of truce which bind all pirates are beginning to fray.

Then comes the call, fluttering on flags and curled up in bobbing bottles. There would be a Conclave, a gathering of most feared and powerful pirate lords upon the seas. It would fall to them to take up Lipari's mantle, or to tear it to ribbons.

The place will be Lipari's own hidden island, known to move about the seas of its own accord. In living memory, only the Pirate King had dared dock on this blighted cove. Some say it is haunted. Others say that it is cursed. A few say that any horror is worth the plunder that Lipari has been stowing there.

Drifters from every ocean have washed up for the Conclave, from the wind-battered islands of Erin and Albion to the sultry shores of the Ancient Empire, from every port in the Middle Sea, from every race and trade. Each of these crews has pillaged and plundered its way to power among the fractious fleets of freebooters and still hunger for blood and gold.

But they have more than just each other to fear. Beyond the reef, the East Hansa Trading Company circle like sharks, ready to take the seas for themselves and reduce the wild waves to a series of shipping schedules. And on the island, every shadow seems to hold a memory of times thought forgotten and the screams of the forest creatures are just a little too harsh.

Treasures abound, but what will they buy you?

Can silver pay for your freedom?

Can gold buy back your soul?

Booking Form

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I Want to Character ...but will Crew if needed
I Want to Crew ... but will Character if needed
Price to be announced.

Would you like: Transport from Durham / Directions to the site
If you'd like us to arrange transport, it will be via minibus and will get you to the event on Friday and back again on Sunday, from outside the Durham Students' Union building. Transport will cost more on top of the main event price - cost of transport divided between everyone who needs it. For this reason, if you request transport and later change your mind we might have to charge you anyway - please bear this in mind!

Are you a third year? Yes: No:
Indicate YES if you are a third year, or if you are graduating and leaving Durham and have not yet counted as being a third year at one of these events, or if you've been in the society for more than three years and haven't had a third-year goodbye yet, or it's been three years or more since your last third-year goodbye. If you reckon you should count as a third year under any other circumstances, or if you for some reason don't want to count as a third year this year, let us know.

If we run out of beds, would you consider camping? IC Camping OC Camping

Any medical conditions, food allergies or food requirements we should be aware of? Yes: No:
If yes, please give details (food preferences MUST be declared separately to food allergies, the first-aiders need to know!):

Character Profile

Tick as many or as few boxes as you like - if you tick clearly contradictory options, please explain below what you mean - otherwise we may not interpret it as you had in mind!

I want to have friends
I want to have allies
I want to have followers/minions
I want to be a follower/minion
I want to be alone

I want to be after great power
I want great powers to be after me
I want to have great power
I want great powers to have me

I want to know everything
I want to know something
I want to know nothing

I want to have clearly defined goals and objectives
I want suggested directions
I want to do what I want damnit!

I like romantic storylines
I don't want any romantic storylines
I want to be in a total soap opera!
I prefer PvP enemies
I prefer fighting monsters
I want to fight both - bring it on!

I want to be from culture:
I want to be from race:

I want no makeup/prosthetics
I'm fine with minimal makeup/prosthetics (partial face-paint, ear-tips)
I'm up for moderate makeup/prosthetics (full face-paint, collodion, multiple prosthetics, etc)
I'm enthusiastic and want a costume challenge - bring it on!
I specifically want to make a crazy costume as a

I want a high physrep requirement
...a medium physrep requirement
... no physrep requirement
I want to use this awesome prop I have, which is a:

I’m unfamiliar with the TT setting or would just like my role not to rely on that.
I’m unfamiliar with the TT rules or would just like to have very simple stats and rules.
I have exams shortly before the event or would otherwise like as little to memorise as possible!

Please prioritise these options for what your character's personality is: 1 is most preferred, down to 4 is least.

Talky - diplomacy, making friends and enemies.
Sneaky - lies, deception and sitting with your back to the wall.
Thumpy - make bad/good people fall down.
Thinky - concerned with logic puzzles, collecting and understanding information.

Please prioritise these options for what your characters abilities are: 1 is most preferred, down to 6 is least.

Fighty - warrior skills; violence-oriented damage cannons with lots of hits.
Scouty - scouting and wilderness skills; sneaking, poisoning, stabbing and general subterfuge.
Magical - point and click elemental wizadry.
Priesty - spiritual skills; powers afforded to the devoted followers of the gods.
Ritually - the explosive arts of demonology, geomancy and astrology.
Smithy - making and repairing items, armour and weapons.

Last but not least. (0 = not screwed. 10 = completely screwed.)

Ex Miscellanea

If there’s anything you’d like that isn’t covered above, or if you’d definitely like or not like something specific, add it below. Any amount of detail is fine - anywhere from “I’d like to have this specific skill” or “I’d like to have a good excuse to get drunk and shout a lot” to a full background and a complete stat sheet (but we don’t promise not to change it enough to fit it to the event). If there's anyone you'd prefer to roleplay with, either as an ally or an opponent, this is also the place to mention it!

Make sure you've got all details filled in before clicking - there will not be an opportunity to edit!

If you have any queries about the event, please contact our Head Ref Sean, or poke another member of the ref team - comprising Zoe, Jeanette, Matt Longworth, Sasha and Will Thorley.. We can always be found gribbling about at DUTT3YGB@gmail.com.