This page gives brief information on Treasure Trap events. These include Interactives ('Tavern Nights'), Adventures, Northern Fight School 'Weapons Practices', the 3YGB, the Mediaeval Banquet, General Meetings, Socials and 'Weapons and Kit' Makes.


Special Events

Freshers’ Fair10:00 am, Thu 3 Oct 2019Freshers’ Fair — volunteer and show everyone why TT is awesome! (Number of people per stall limited; people will swap in and out over the day to give each other a rest.)

Tavern Nights

Tavern nights take place once per week, beginning at 7pm, during University of Durham Term, except during exam season in the Easter Term. Details of each week's event will be announced regularly here.

Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 14 Oct 2019Vane Tempest, DSUCome one, come all, to the Greedy Goblin tavern. The ley nexus under the floor is perfectly harmless, we assure you.
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 21 Oct 2019Vane Tempest, DSUSee what heroic or dastardly deeds the populace of Durholme perform this week!
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 28 Oct 2019Vane Tempest, DSUThat sound you heard was nothing to worry about at all. What could possibly go wrong in the Goblin?
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 4 Nov 2019Vane Tempest, DSUIt’s written in the stars: you’ll attend an interactive this week.
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 11 Nov 2019Vane Tempest, DSUThe worst tavern in Durholme, it doesn’t even serve drinks, but you gather here anyway.
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 18 Nov 2019Vane Tempest, DSUWhat’s that coming into the bar, is it a monster?
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 25 Nov 2019Vane Tempest, DSUIn times of chaos… oh, what are we talking about, it’s always chaos in Durholme!
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 2 Dec 2019Vane Tempest, DSUIf you want a pint, go to the Red Warlock. If you want some sort of political insanity and a good old-fashioned punch-up, the Greedy Goblin is your pub.
Interactive8:00 pm, Mon 9 Dec 2019Vane Tempest, DSUGet your affairs in order and stay on guard, dying before you see the New Year is really sad!


Adventures usually start from the DSU @ Dunelm House at 10:30am every Saturday during University Term, except during exam season in Easter Term. Occasionally adventures run on Friday nights, Saturday nights or Sundays, so look out here for alterations!

Northern Fight School

Northern Fight School weapons practices take place at The Sands, on Providence Row off Claypath. They run periodically during term and are designed to improve fighting skills.

Down Time Deadlines

A Down Time is an e-mail sent to the Ref Team between events in which you learn new skills and do things often around the City.

Summer DTD!7:00 pm, Wed 9 Oct 2019Ref EmailYour emails with your summer business, character sheets, and other goodies need to be in now!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 16 Oct 2019Ref EmailSo what horrible and nefarious business did YOU get up to over the course of the week?
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 23 Oct 2019Ref EmailOkay, we know what you did. Admit it to us and we'll tell you how it went!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 30 Oct 2019Ref EmailYou do WHAT? With WHO? Oh my goodness... and it’s in their downtime too... Well, nothing for it, here’s what happens!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 6 Nov 2019Ref EmailLook, you can't blow up the world in your downtime. (But you can use it to prepare to blow up the world in uptime...)
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 13 Nov 2019Ref EmailAnd then there were Shenanigans: the story of a PC, in the ref inbox every week.
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 20 Nov 2019Ref EmailRight then, you want to do that? You can do that, but remember to list ALL your relevant skills!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 27 Nov 2019Ref EmailWith the holiday approaching, make sure to send in your downtime so that everything is in order!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 4 Dec 2019Ref EmailYou’ve survived until the very last week! Get your actions in to prepare for the final interactive of term!

External Events

End of Michaelmas Term10:00 pm, Fri 13 Dec 2019N/AThe end of term and beginning of the winter holidays. Rest easy in the knowledge that your character will be safe(ish) until the new year!

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