This page gives brief information on Treasure Trap events. These include Interactives ('Tavern Nights'), Adventures, Northern Fight School 'Weapons Practices', the 3YGB, the Mediaeval Banquet, General Meetings, Socials and 'Weapons and Kit' Makes.


Special Events

Freshers' Fair9:00 am, Tue 2 Oct 2018Dunelm House, DSU, DH1 3ANCome meet some of the Society, some of our kit/wardrobe/armoury and just find out more about what we are and do. Membership is FREE and you can sign up for our mailing list here.
Chat & Stat 20187:00 pm, Mon 8 Oct 2018Kingsgate, Level B, DSU, New ElvetCome meet the Society, write and stat your character (help available) and look through our extensive wardrobe. For new players!!!
Give It A Go!!!7:00 pm, Tue 9 Oct 2018Vane Tempest Hall, Level D, DSU. DH1 3ANGive It A Go is a standalone event based on the Treasure Trap system for people to try LARP without committing to the main game. Pre-generated characters, costume and safe-weapons provided - all you need do is turn up on the night if you're interested.
First Social of Term2:30 pm, Wed 17 Oct 2018To be confirmedFood, drink, board games, console games, and discussion of all things TT - come join us, and chat about the ever-unfolding story of Durholme!

Tavern Nights

Tavern nights take place once per week, beginning at 7pm, during University of Durham Term, except during exam season in the Easter Term. Details of each week's event will be announced regularly here.

Interactive! In Durholme once more...7:00 pm, Mon 15 Oct 2018Kingsgate, Level B, DSUWelcome back to Durholme! The first interactive of the year sees us back in the Citadel, ruled by the newish King Artemis Baker...


Adventures usually start from the DSU @ Dunelm House at 10:30am every Saturday during University Term, except during exam season in Easter Term. Occasionally adventures run on Friday nights, Saturday nights or Sundays, so look out here for alterations!

Freshers' Adventure!12:00 am, Sat 13 Oct 2018Meeting at DSU Carpark - heading out at 10:30am into the local woodland.Come throw your character into a heroic mission, or maybe just a mission to plunder the local peasants... Open for any new player to play their character - and everyone else to play the NPCs. FREE for everyone who attends!
Adventure! What Lies Beneath?... Spennymoor...10:30 am, Sat 20 Oct 2018Meeting at DSU Car Park - route to be decided...Spennymoor, home of dwarves and holy site of cyranis, mallan and the balance, peaceful usually. A recent shift in the land has opened up a long forgotten under-surface complex. None who have entered have yet returned... Are you brave enough to investigate? Level 2 or 3 adventure; to be decided by player party.

Northern Fight School

Northern Fight School weapons practices take place at The Sands, on Providence Row off Claypath. They run periodically during term and are designed to improve fighting skills.

Down Time Deadlines

A Down Time is an e-mail sent to the Ref Team between events in which you learn new skills and do things often around the City.

External Events


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