This page gives brief information on Treasure Trap events. These include Interactives ('Tavern Nights'), Adventures, Northern Fight School 'Weapons Practices', the 3YGB, the Mediaeval Banquet, General Meetings, Socials and 'Weapons and Kit' Makes.


Special Events

Banquet!6:00 pm, Sat 7 Mar 2020Moor House Adventure Centre, Rainton Gate. DH4 6QYThe Banquet! On the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, join us for feasting, singing, dancing, and maybe a little bit of fighting at the Pre-Banquet Bash!

Tavern Nights

Tavern nights take place once per week, beginning at 7pm, during University of Durham Term, except during exam season in the Easter Term. Details of each week's event will be announced regularly here.

Interactive!7:00 pm, Mon 20 Jan 2020Vane Tempest, DSUJust another day in Durholme - does anyone actually believe there is such a thing as a normal Durholme day?
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 27 Jan 2020Vane Tempest, DSUCome to the Greedy Goblin, the bar that doesn't serve beer!
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 3 Feb 2020Vane Tempest, DSUA bar on a ley nexus, what could possibly go wrong?
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 10 Feb 2020Vane Tempest, DSUWhy DOES the government of the city continue to operate out of a grubby bar across the river? We don't know, but it has, does, and will!
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 17 Feb 2020Vane Tempest, DSUDear denizens of the Goblin, gather ye one and all to decide the fate of the city you inhabit...
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 24 Feb 2020Vane Tempest, DSUWhat's that coming through the bar door? YES IT'S A MONSTER!
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 2 Mar 2020Vane Tempest, DSUThe Greedy Goblin, that strangest and most unstable of places, welcomes you, all guests! You'll probably get out alive!
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 9 Mar 2020Vane Tempest, DSUThe consequences of your decisions come back to haunt you; face them at the bar (or run screaming)
Final Interactive of Term7:00 pm, Mon 16 Mar 2020Vane Tempest, DSUHave you survived this long? Good for you! Now can you survive just one day more...?


Adventures usually start from the DSU @ Dunelm House at 10:30am every Saturday during University Term, except during exam season in Easter Term. Occasionally adventures run on Friday nights, Saturday nights or Sundays, so look out here for alterations!

Northern Fight School

Northern Fight School weapons practices take place at The Sands, on Providence Row off Claypath. They run periodically during term and are designed to improve fighting skills.

Down Time Deadlines

A Down Time is an e-mail sent to the Ref Team between events in which you learn new skills and do things often around the City.

Downtime Deadline7:00 pm, Wed 22 Jan 2020OnlineWhat did you get up to this week? Find out, by telling the ref team your plans!
Downtime...!7:00 pm, Wed 29 Jan 2020OnlineSo what's your character getting up to this week? Tell the refs - see what happens!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 5 Feb 2020OnlineStalk your enemies in the night, leave no trace of your passing... except for your email to the refs, of course!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 12 Feb 2020OnlineWhat did you do? Tell the refs - and it'll happen! Or maybe it won't, but there's only one way to find out.
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 19 Feb 2020OnlineHalf of Durholme's events happen behind the scenes - or sometimes in the sky, if you know how to look. Submit your downtimes!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 26 Feb 2020OnlineGet stuff done during the week: tell the refs by the time limit, or else!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 4 Mar 2020OnlineDo whatever tasks you see fit, or maybe learn a few skills... but do it by the time limit!
Downtime7:00 pm, Wed 11 Mar 2020OnlineOne last downtime; what will you do? What will you learn? Get it in on time...!

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