This page gives brief information on Treasure Trap events. These include Interactives ('Tavern Nights'), Adventures, Northern Fight School 'Weapons Practices', the 3YGB, the Mediaeval Banquet, General Meetings, Socials and 'Weapons and Kit' Makes.


Special Events

Banquet Weekend 2019!6:00 pm, Fri 25 Jan 2019Moor House Adventure Centre, Rainton Gate, DH4 6QYThe annual DUTT Banquet - much revelry, food, optional larp event, dancing, games... all over a long weekend in a scout camp near Durham, more details can be found at
The 2019 Banquet Itself!8:00 pm, Sat 26 Jan 2019Moor House Adventure Centre, Rainton Gate, DH4 6QYThe main event of the annual DUTT Banqueting Weekend - much food, drink, and serenaded by historical musicians. The menu can be found at Serve it Forth, historical caterers, aim to feed everyone til they burst.
End of Epiphany Term6:00 pm, Fri 22 Mar 2019Say farewell to another term! TT will begin again after the Easter break...
Easter Term Begins10:00 am, Mon 29 Apr 2019Easter Term begins, and we're back! But remember, it's exam season.
End of Year...6:00 pm, Fri 28 Jun 2019A fond farewell to our fine friends, for it's the end of the final term of the academic year...

Tavern Nights

Tavern nights take place once per week, beginning at 7pm, during University of Durham Term, except during exam season in the Easter Term. Details of each week's event will be announced regularly here.

Another Interactive!7:00 pm, Mon 21 Jan 2019Kingsgate, DSUWhat shenanigans await us this week? Come along! Find out!
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 28 Jan 2019Kingsgate, DSUAs we gather the notables of Durholme, there won't POSSIBLY be trouble...
Interactive7:30 pm, Mon 4 Feb 2019Kingsgate, DSUOnce more unto the bar, dear friends
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 11 Feb 2019Kingsgate, DSUEat, drink, and be merry, for... oh, it's TODAY we die?
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 18 Feb 2019Kingsgate, DSUDon't talk; the floor is listening!
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 25 Feb 2019Kingsgate, DSUIs it just me or do those NPCs have some sort of grievance and big sticks?
Interactive7:30 pm, Mon 4 Mar 2019Kingsgate, DSUPersonal problems? Council quarrels? We wouldn't know anything about that.
Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 11 Mar 2019Kingsgate, DSUDurholme never sleeps, and neither do her, um... minor issues. Yes, we'll say that.
Final Interactive7:00 pm, Mon 18 Mar 2019Kingsgate, DSUAt the last meeting of term, hold the line, hold the line, hold the line...


Adventures usually start from the DSU @ Dunelm House at 10:30am every Saturday during University Term, except during exam season in Easter Term. Occasionally adventures run on Friday nights, Saturday nights or Sundays, so look out here for alterations!

Northern Fight School

Northern Fight School weapons practices take place at The Sands, on Providence Row off Claypath. They run periodically during term and are designed to improve fighting skills.

Down Time Deadlines

A Down Time is an e-mail sent to the Ref Team between events in which you learn new skills and do things often around the City.

Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 24 Jan 2019OnlineGot XP? Get some skills!
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 31 Jan 2019OnlineWhat do you people get up to during the week anyway?
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 7 Feb 2019OnlineSpend that XP, my fortunate friends. Or annoy the NPCs...!
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 14 Feb 2019OnlineYour character's weekly actions, get them in here while they're fresh! (Wait, what?)
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 21 Feb 2019OnlineThou shouldst send thy downtime. Yea verily.
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 28 Feb 2019OnlineLearn new stuff! Do old stuff! Annoy people around the city!
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 7 Mar 2019OnlineThe Head Ref knows what you did. Or he will if you tell him. Hmm...
Weekly downtime6:00 pm, Thu 14 Mar 2019OnlineLast downtime deadline of term!

External Events


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