The Durham University Treasure Trap 35th Anniversary Banquet

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Durham University Treasure Trap is proud to present a banquet and a weekend of accompanying events to celebrate our 35th Anniversary Year.

What is it?

The Durham Treasure Trap banquet is a huge (slightly geeky) party! At the heart of it, a banquet of delicious and authentic medieval food, cooked by our amazing historical chefs Serve It Forth. This is preceded by dancing, with historical Playford dances called by Josie Adam and ceilidh dances called by Chris Wagstaffe, all to the music of the St Nicholas Ceilidh Band. Medieval musicians Wulffengrimm will be playing throughout the event.

People generally dress up for the banquet in historical or themed costume - get in touch if you'd like to borrow something from our armoury).

The Banquet is the main event, but you can come for as much of the weekend as you like - on Friday night, we'll be playing board games and having a barbecue. On Saturday daytime, there's a LARP adventure run by former head ref Nathan Tommis.

Take a look at the schedule to find out more!

When and where?

The banquet itself will take place on Saturday 3rd February from 6pm onward, at Moor House Adventure Centre, Rainton Gate, DH4 6QY.

We will have use of the site from Friday evening through to Sunday, including the buildings, woods and a camping field, and a full schedule of events will be taking place throughout the weekend - you're welcoming to come for the whole weekend or just the banquet.

Getting there

The site is just off the A690 on the Sunderland side of Junction 62 of the A1.

Leave the A1 at Junction 62 and take the A690 towards Sunderland. After 1.3 miles, the site entrance is on your left.

Buses 20 and 20A go to the site every 10 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays and every 20 minutes on Sundays, from Durham bus station, Gilesgate and Belmont, and also from Sunderland. Ask for "Rainton Gate". Be aware that the last bus back to Durham on Saturday night is at around 23:10, and to Sunderland 23:45.

Taxis can be ordered to the site.

We're going to look into organising communal travel if finances allow - let us know on the form if that would be useful for you.


Tickets cost £40 for the banquet and whole weekend of events. For students and other unwaged attendees (e.g. unemployed or retired) there is a special price of £35.


There are 35 bunks available to book. There is an extra charge of £5 for bunks.

Because of the likely high demand for bunks, we will be all bunk bookings will be held until the end of November, when we will allocate them in order of need, prioritising organisers, medical need, low incomes and those coming from outside Durham.

If you are able to afford to stay elsewhere, we'd urge you to consider it to allow bunks for those who need them most.

Plentiful camping space is available if you want it - be aware that camping will be cold! We do have emergency provision to allow indoor refuge if camping proves to be impossible.

Alternatively, buses and taxis are available back to Durham.

We hope to be able to arrange communal transport to and from Durham City, Durham Travelodge, and Gilesgate at strategic points throughout the weekend - let us know on the form if that would be useful to you.

Pre-Banquet Bash

To make best use of the space, we are planning an epic adventure using the site and the surrounding woodland.

We'd like to know in advance if you would like to be part of this - let us know on the form. Also let us know if you'd be interested in helping to run this.


To be able to make the event work, we expect all attendees who are able to help clear up on Sunday to the best of their ability, and to help with setup if asked on Friday and Saturday.

As with all Treasure Trap events, the banquet is run, staffed and cooked for by volunteers; a few people pay less because they work instead of enjoying the banquet itself, but clearing up at the end of the event is everyone's responsibility.


Attendance will be limited to 120 attendees due to venue size, so we encourage you to book early!