Mediaeval Banquet

And A Weekend Of Associated Entertainments

A Sumptuous Mediaeval Banquet
Consisting of a vast range of exquisite dishes (including vegetarian options) prepared for us by the wondrous Ellen Rae and her team, the Banqueting Club. Some mead (and non-alcoholic alternative) will be provided, with more available for sale.
A Ceilidh
With music provided by the excellent St Nicholas Ceilidh Band
A Pre-Banquet Adventure
From the hand of armourer Will Thorley and his team
A Tournament
Run by weapons-master Si Wright, in which will be decided who shall be Champion of the Society (as well as any other questions referred by AGM to trial by combat)
The Annual General Meeting
Election of Officers, motions, and State of the Society report
...and much more.

Banquet Weekend runs from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th of February, and events will be taking place throughout the weekend at Moor House Scout Camp, a few miles North of Durham.


Friday 24th February

7:30 pm:
Annual General Meeting, in Elvet Riverside lecture theatres
Followed by:
Games Night, at Moor House

Saturday 25th February

10:00 am:
Pre-Banquet Bash, at Moor House (to end by around 4pm)
6:00 pm:
The Banquet, in the Great Hall at Moor House, to commence with drinks, nibbles and a ceilidh and continue until late night

Sunday 26th February

10:30 am:
The Grand Tournament, at Moor House


25 (15 for servers)
5 per bottle
4 to character, FREE to monster

All other events over the Banquet Weekend are free of charge.

Note: Due to site regulations, people will NOT be able to sleep on the floor of the hall. If there are no bedspaces left or you can't afford 5 pounds, we recommend you find a friendly Durham-resident LARPer.

If you'd like to join or re-join Treasure Trap, this is a good opportunity - just include your membership fee with your banquet payment. It's 3.50 for Durham residents; or 6.50 for non-residents (this includes interactive fees for any occasions when you visit).

As there are people who won't want to attend all the things at Moor House, or will want to return to Durham to get changed between the Pre-Banquet Bash and the banquet, we are investigating the possibility of running a minibus to and from the site before and after each of the events at Moor House. There will be a charge of some description if you travel on it, in order to cover the cost of hire and fuel. Let us know if you'd be interested in this.

What We Want

  1. The names of those who want tickets
  2. To know if you're veggie or will die if you eat marmite, or any other food allergies
  3. Your money (of course), made out by cheque to Durham University Treasure Trap Society. Send it to: Durham University Treasure Trap, Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3AN. To avoid driving our Treasurer mad, we will not be accepting any bookings without full payment.
  4. To know if you do/don't want breakfast on Sunday morning, and/or a bed on-site. NB. There are only 38 bedspaces on-site, so it will be first come first served (with externals given preference over internals).
  5. To know if you want to buy mead from us. There will be some mead on the tables, but not enough for 90 thirsty LARPers.
  6. To know if you would be interested in using a minibus between Moor House and Durham at various times over the weekend.
  7. Your soul. You know the drill.

I think that's everything for the banquet.... but before I go, one last plug, for the Treasure Trap Third Year Goodbye (end-of-year weekend event):

This year's 3YGB is a weekend at the Court of the Immortal Empire of Persia, land of wise astrologers, mighty battle-leaders and unending heaps of flange. This will be a stand-alone event using pre-written high-level characters - the elite of Persia. It's on 2nd - 4th July 2006 at York Scout Activity Centre, for the meagre sum of 25 for a player-slot (of which there shall be many). For further information and a booking form, please see the TT forum thread

Right, that's it! Book as soon as possible and pass this on to your friends! We look forward to seeing you....