The Durham University Treasure Trap Banquet 2020

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The menu is not finalised yet, but to give you a general idea, here's last year's menu....

Mince Pies
made to a medieval recipe containing beef

Vegetarian Mince Pies (V)(Ve)
made to a medieval recipe

Emberday Tart (V)
A tart of eggs, currants, cheese and herbs

Frozen Grapes (V)(Ve)

Armada Gallina in Sauces Three
Roasted Chickens in a Bacon Shell served with 3 sauces

3 sauces to go with dishes throughout the banquet:
Apple and Thyme Jelly (V)(Ve)
Murri (V)
Sauce Madame

Benes Y Fryed (V)(Ve)
Broad beans fried with garlic and spices

Buttered Worts (V)(Ve)
Seasonal leafy brassicas, alliums and herbs blanched with olive-oil and served with croutons

Centerpiece Spectacular!
The showpiece suprises! (including a vegan option)!

Hog’s Pudding
An english lightly peppered white pudding-like sausage

Armoured Turnips (V)
Layers of turnips, spiced butter and melted cheeses

Almond Ryce (V)(Ve)
Ryce cooked in Almond Milk

Plokkfiskur (P)
Plucked white fish stew

Rúgbrauð (V)(Ve)
A dark rye bread

Perres (V)(Ve)
A delicious medieval take on mushy peas with leeks and parsley

Ciurons Tendres Ab Let De Melles (V)(Ve)
Tender chickpeas cooked in almond milk with herbs

Diners will be provided with bread (V)(Ve).

Higos ala Francesa (V)(Ve)
Spiced figs poached in wine

Sweet Cheese (V)
A sweet soft cheese, flavoured with orange

Almond Cheese (V)(Ve)
A sweetened soft cheese, made with almonds

Golden Morsels (V)
Fried sweetened bread flavoured with rosewater and saffron

(V) suitable for vegetarians (Ve) suitable for vegans (P) suitable for pescatarians

We will ensure that all allergies and preferences that we are informed of are catered for.

This menu is brought to you by Serve it Forth!