This page gives brief information on Treasure Trap events. These include Interactives ('Tavern Nights'), Adventures, Northern Fight School 'Weapons Practices', the 3YGB, the Mediaeval Banquet, General Meetings, Socials and 'Weapons and Kit' Makes.


Special Events

OGM!!! (date provisional)7:00 pm, Wed 5 Dec 2018To Be Confirmed...Michaelmas Term's Ordinary General Meeting of DUTT. Instead of meeting IC to decide the fate of the world, today we meet OC to decide the fate of the society. Questions for the Exec and Committee? Ask them in a public forum! Think something in the rules needs fixing? (Or, heaven forbid, the Constitution?) Here's where you change it! All motions to be submitted to Treasure Trap (at) gmail by email. Googledocs will be frozen on submission - if you want to update a motion you've submitted, send another email. The deadline for motion submission is the 27th of November to allow the Agenda to be properly circulated.
End of Term...6:00 pm, Fri 14 Dec 2018Bid a final farewell to the year 1301... for when we next meet, it will be 1302!
A new term begins!10:00 am, Mon 14 Jan 2019Welcome our students back to Durham and TT back to running, in 1302!

Tavern Nights

Tavern nights take place once per week, beginning at 7pm, during University of Durham Term, except during exam season in the Easter Term. Details of each week's event will be announced regularly here.

Interactive!7:00 pm, Mon 26 Nov 2018Kingsgate, Level B, DSUOnce more in Durholme. Will the Werewolves be back? Or maybe snow magic?
Interactive!7:00 pm, Mon 3 Dec 2018Kingsgate, DSU Level BYou know standing on a ley nexus talking smack is big and clever, right? Come on, you know you want to...
Interactive!7:00 pm, Mon 10 Dec 2018Kingsgate, DSU Level BNothing can possibly go wrong!


Adventures usually start from the DSU @ Dunelm House at 10:30am every Saturday during University Term, except during exam season in Easter Term. Occasionally adventures run on Friday nights, Saturday nights or Sundays, so look out here for alterations!

Adventure10:30 am, Sat 24 Nov 2018Meet at DSU car park before heading off to the local woodsAdventure premise tbc
Adventure10:30 am, Sat 1 Dec 2018DSU car parkSome say this adventure will involve trolls, and that the woods hold stranger dangers than you imagine - but all we know is, it runs on Saturday.
Adventure10:30 am, Sat 8 Dec 2018DSU car parkAn adventure... Where have your choices led you? (Somewhere terrible, no doubt.) Details TBD.

Northern Fight School

Northern Fight School weapons practices take place at The Sands, on Providence Row off Claypath. They run periodically during term and are designed to improve fighting skills.

Down Time Deadlines

A Down Time is an e-mail sent to the Ref Team between events in which you learn new skills and do things often around the City.

Deadline6:00 pm, Thu 22 Nov 2018OnlineGet your downtimes in!
Deadline6:00 pm, Thu 29 Nov 2018OnlineDowntimes, downtimes, come one, come all, learn skills, spend XP...
Deadline6:00 pm, Thu 6 Dec 2018OnlineSubmit! Submit! Your downtime, that is.

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