Welcome Freshers 2017!

What's Treasure Trap?

Durham University Treasure Trap is the world's oldest live roleplay group. We have run a medieval fantasy game in Durham since 1983 and it's still going strong!

What's live roleplay?

Live roleplay (LRP or LARP) is just what it sounds like - it's a roleplay game, but played live. There are no computers, dice or miniatures - if your character wants to talk to someone, you go and talk to them; if your character wants to fight, you fight (using safe weapons).

What does it cost?

Membership is FREE for DSU members.

Give it a Go event and your first Interactive and Adventure are FREE - so come try us out before deciding whether to join the Society.

What regular events do you run?

Tavern Nights (Interactives)

Play your character in the congenial atmosphere of a medieval tavern in medieval Durham (Durholme).

Every Monday night from 16th October, 7pm at Vane Tempest, DSU.


Risk your character on an epic quest in Durham's woodland.

Every Saturday from 14th October, meet at DSU 10:30am before walking to some of the amazing woodland around Durham for the week's event.

Occasionally we run a nighttime adventure on a Friday or Saturday, these will be advertised nearer the time.

Weapons Practice

Improve your fighting skills, keep fit.

Run by our Armourer periodically throughout the year.

What special events are you running?

Freshers' Fair

We're there on Thursday, 5th October.
Come and see us to find out more.

Chat & Stat

Meet the society, create a character, see the Society's wardrobe and weapons and try them out!

Monday 9th October 7pm - 9pm in Kingsgate, Level B, DSU, Dunelm House, DH1 3AN

Medieval Banquet

The highlight of TT's social year - an authentic medieval banquet and a weekend of other special events.

Weekend of Saturday 3rd February, Moor House Adventure Centre near Durham.

Contacting Us!

If you are interested in finding out more and cannot make any of these events then please contact us on treasure.trap@gmail.com or look around our website!

Our Society FaceBook group can be found, here.

Our Society Twitter feed is @DUTreasureTrap