Archive Catalogue

Volume I

Compiled by Gareth Marklew,
Archivist, Durham University Treasure Trap,
Durham, 1999.

Copyright of Durham University Treasure Trap Society 1999,
All rights reserved.

So What's It All About ?

When I first created the Archivist post, and put it through the AGM, there were some people who thought that I was just trying to create a post for myself within the society, or that I was just a nutter who found old pieces of paper interesting. Well, I must plead guilty to the latter charge. However, I hope through this catalogue, and any that should follow to prove that the reason I created this post was because there was a need for it, not because I'm a meglomaniac eager to grab any bit of power that's going. So, what good can this catalogue, and the archive it represents do ? It's probably easier to start off with what it can't do. It can't give a full history of Treasure Trap. For that, the documents need to be intepreted, and not just catalogued. It can't even offer the potential for a full interpretation of all documents relating to Treasure Trap, because the records I hold are incomplete. That's why I've, somewhat optimisticly perhaps, entitled it Volume I - I hope that at some point in the future I, or Archivists that follow me, will be able to add more records to the archive, and produce more catalogues to record them. This catalogue doesn't even give a full impression of all the contents of every record - for that you'll have to read the things yourself. Having said that, I hope it gives, at least in most cases a reasonable impression on what's in each document. Having got the negatives out of the way, what are the positives ? For a starter this catalogue shows us what we've got. And that's quite a lot. The list of newsletters is with a few exceptions, almost complete from 1988 to the present day. In future I hope we will be able to fill in the blanks with newsletters from the very early years, and the ones from Ian Clay's first Secretariat and so forth. The collection of Minutes too is quite remarkable. We have the minutes from the very first AGM of the society, back I May 1984, not to mention large amounts of minutes from the mid to late late 1980s, and more. I hope in time we'll find more Minutes to fill out the holes - the early 1990s are somewhat under-represented, we have no other minutes from before 1986 except for the ones of the first AGM. The earliest entries in the Accounts date to the end of 1983 - ther must somewhere be records of the meetings which formed the society, it'd be nice to find them. Add to this the sheer aount of background stuff, and you have a valuable resource indeed.

So what's the good of it all ? First it's useful stuff to have records of. It makes it easier to find out what churches have which miracles if there's a record of them. It makes it easier to find out what the rules are if we have records of the meetings where they were passed (and before anybody asks, I checked and Warlocks shouldn't be able to use black or white elementalism...). If you know there's a crib sheet for lorewarden runes, it can be publicised, so we can all become little norse scholars together. And if you want to know how the Universe fits together, it's all there in P/BAC/?/009. Even things like lists of old members can be useful, if they allow us to remember those old members who we haven't seen for a while, and if they prod us to try in get in touch with them. After all, DUTT wouldn't be half the society it is today without the efforts of the people who are now externals - and some of these records help us to remember these efforts. Of course, as time goes by, we all run out of ideas. A look at some adventure plots, or newsletters can remind people about what the society's done in the past, ideas which might be just as good for the future.

But more importantly than all such worthy causes, I think these records are fun. Look at them some time. Discover the meeting when Ian Macredie tried to "fry John's racoon", learn all about the Guardians of the Sacred Hob-Nob, laugh as you read about Dave Weatherall's attempt to take over the world. Alternatively, in other records you can discover the meaning behind the name BOTY, read the motion which led to us declaring war on the Computer Science Department, and be amazed by some of those adventure titles.

Anyhow, that's my self justifying spiel1. Read on and enjoy.

April '99.

Archive of Records of
Durham University Treasure Trap Live-Action Role-Playing Society
Archive Catalogue.
Volume I


This catalogue lists all records present in the archive of records of DUTT. These records take many forms, and each is recorded by a four section identification code.

The Code:

The identification code consists of four sections. The first, is a letter code identifying the source of the record. The second is a letter code identifying the type of record. The third section identifies the year or years of the creation of the record, where known. The final section is a numerical code iedntifying the individual record. A full list of the codes is given below. This catalogue is arranged in alphabetical order of the Source Codes.

Sources of Records:

In some cases the source is the personal collection of an individual person, in which case the code relates to their initials. In other cases, it may be from the records held by the members of the Executive Committee, in which case the initial or initials of the position is given. The codes for any other sources follow a similar pattern.

Source Codes:

GM = From the personal collection of Gareth Marklew. SC = From the personal collection of Simon Childs. P = From the files of the President.

Types of Record:

There are a large number of types of records existing in this collection. Each is identified by its own three letter code.

Type Codes:

ADV = Record relating to an individual adventure or group of adventures.  This category   
            includes descriptions of  adventures, encounter lists, props used on adventures and  
            so forth.
AGE = Agenda of a meeting of, or referring to, the Treasure Trap society.
ART = An article on Treasure Trap, or on Treasure Trappers, appearing in a newspaper,      
           magazine, newsletter etc
BAC = Background stuff - records which contribute to the whole IC background of 
CAT = Catalogues from LRP suppliers.
CHA = A record relating to an individual character, or group of characters.  This includes
             backgrounds, downtime submissions, props and so forth.
DSU = Paperwork from those lovely people at the Union.
EH = Eleventh Hour stuff.
FIN = Financial records, or records relating to finances.
GAT = Gathering and related events stuff.
GEN = General records - items I couldn't fit in elsewhere.
MEM = Membership records.
MIN = Minutes of society meetings.
NEW = Newsletters.
PUB = Publicity material for TT or other organisations.
RUL = Rules, either records of rules, or records relating to them. 
WAR = Not declarations and plans of war, but rather things relating to the Wardrobe and 
             its Officers.

Year Codes:

These consist of a two digit number, or a range of two digit numbers indication when the record was created. Where the year or years of creation is uncertain, a question mark is placed after the last digit, where the year or years are unknown, a question mark will be used on its own. An awful lot of years are uncertain. In some cases I've been able to make guesses, educated or otherwise. In others I haven't. This is why the newsletters in in particular, occasionally go out of synch - because I've been fitting the ones of uncertain date in after the ones I'm sure about. If you're creating a document in the future, please put the year on it, it makes life so much easier.

Identity Numbers:

These allow identification of individual records, and are numbered in the order in which the records were catalogued.



GM/ADV/98?/001    Adventure prop from first basic 98 ?
GM/AGE/98/001     Agenda for Society AGM, 20/2/98.
GM/ART/98/001    Article on TT 15th aniversary from Palatinate, January 1998.
                               With photo featuring: back row,l-r: Dave Brookshaw, Kevin Rose,
                                Clair Bilton(?), Matt Maddock, Ali Dudgeon, Andy Potter, Laura
                                Pearson, Dave Jones, Alex Williams.
                                middle row, l-r: Rosie Farish, Gareth "Dudley" Bowen, Simon
                                Childs. front row: Mark Potter.
GM/ART/98/002    Article reviewing Hild-Bede drama society performance, featuring
                               TT's Matt Maddock.  Palatinate, December 4th, 1998.
GM/CHA/96/001    Book belonging to Seeker of Knowledge Athelstan Rolfsson (played            
                                by Gareth Marklew).
GM/CHA/98/001    Wallet belonging to Sol Borealis (Gareth Marklew).
GM/CHA/98/002    Invitation to the betrothal party of Sunbeam of the White Guild (Julia 
                               Rose) and Vlad Sozdanee (Matt Maddock), issued to Borric the  
                               Weasel (Dave Brookshaw).
GM/CHA/98/003    As above, issued to Stag of the Hawks (Sally Sharp).
GM/CHA/98/004    List of the effects of Jayke (AKA Alaric Whiteleaf, AKA an awful         
                               Lot more (Daniel Williams)), found on his body by Sunbeam (Julia 
                               Rose),  and presented to Ranulf Wulfgard (Gareth Marklew), includes  
                               Jayke's cash.
GM/CHA/98/005    Threatning note sent to Ranulf Wulfgard, by  person or persons 
GM/CHA/98/006    As above.
GM/CHA/98/007    Dawn ritual, as used by Ranulf Wulfgard on 3YGB


P/ADV/?/001      A riddle (one of Daniel Williams ?)Probably used on an adventure.
P/ADV/?/002      "Treasure Trap Society -Procedural Rules"; hand written document of  
                           procedural rules for adventures.  Presumably very early in date.
P/ADV/?/003      Encounter list for "The Heart of Darkness"
P/ADV/?/004       Monster brief for an adventure involving the Akar.  I don't think it's 
                          "Hunt for the Chalice of Jurna", but other than that I can't identify it 
P/ADV/94/001    Background for 3YGB '94 "The Return of the (Witch) King"
P/ADV/94/002    Adventure concept for 3YGB'94 "The Return of the (Witch) King", by 
                           Richard Steed (henceforth to be known as "Boty").
P/ADV/94/003    "Things to do" list for 3YGB'94.
P/ADV/94/004    Random scribbles relating to 3YGB'94.
P/ADV/96/001    Externals monster brief for 3YGB '96.
P/ADV/97/001    Monster Briefings for post-banquet bash '97.
P/BAC/?/001      Elemental runes for individual spells.
P/BAC/?/002      Translation sheet for Ronish, Tengwar, and Lorewarden runes.
P/BAC/?/003      Collection of IC documents, with OOC notes, relating to the murders of 
                          Prince Bishop Meringar, in the year 1181 DR, and of  Gersgin, eldest son 
                          of Prince Bishop Gera, in the year 1177 DR, one letter proving that these 
                          murders were carried out by "Malthusius, now Prince-Bishop's Regent of 
P/BAC/?/004      IC extract from the archives of the City Guard, for the years 1190-1200 
                          (obviously the Guard were half competant then), with OOC notes.  
                           Mentions the sticky end met by the Prince-Bishop Regent Malthusius, 
                           and the formation of the Council of Guilds by the Merchant-
                           Adventurers.  Authored by Dunmail Hodgkinson.
P/BAC/?/005       Drawing of a strange sign, titled on the back as "Smugglers Sign".
P/BAC/?/006       Notes on what a character named "Jerome" (played by somebody called 
                            Pete), knew about the Mathemagicians.  Also contains details of a 
                            fourth level miracle "Know History".
P/BAC/?/007      A scroll, with writing in some language or coed that I don't recognise.
P/BAC/?/008       Sheet of Elementalist runes.  It's interesting to note that a distinction is 
                          made between Tengwar (the consonants) and Tetha (the vowels).
P/BAC/?/009      A collection of small pieces on the nature of the universe and its various 
                            planes.  A map of the planes included has been annotated by "SJC" 
                           (Sam Clayton ?) and "AJW " (Alex Whitehead ?) in 1995, but I suspect 
                            as a whole this collection dates from before then.
P/BAC/pre89/001  List of the runes of the Dragon Kings.  With a correction added in 
                              1989 by "DMW" (Dave Weatherall ?).
P/BAC/90/001    Handout from the Adventurer's Guild, written by somebody calle Kevin 
                           Rutter, entitled Hand Signals - A Primer, giving a whole rabge of habd 
                           signals for scouts et al.
P/BAC/91/001    Contains a brief history of Durholme, missing its first page, and notes on 
                           what to expect at interactives and other odds and sods.  Written by Ade
                           (Parks ?).
P/BAC/95/001    Timelines for the 27/01/1278 -06/03/1278, encompassing the Astalonian 
P/BAC/96/001    Original templates for 1996 version 5 Crown notes.
P/BAC/96/002    Chronicle of the Battle of Durholme, 1279 DR
P/BAC/96/003     Prophecy relating to 3YGB'96, and events post that time.
P/BAC/96/004   Various legends relating to 3YGB '96.
P/CAT/?/001      Catalogue for "Grimas Theatre Make-Up".
P/CAT/88/001   Catalogue for "T K Tackle", sellers of archery supplies, dated February   
P/CAT/89/001   Catalogue for "Quicks - The Archery Specialists", dated 1989/90.
P/CAT/93/001   Catalogue for "Quicks - The Archery Specialists" , dated 1993/94.
P/CHA/?/001     Empty character sheet for "Ralf" (played by Ade Eccles).
P/CHA/?/002     Empty character sheet for "Marcus" (played by Ade Eccles).
P/CHA/?/003     Details for an unidentified character.  Possibly from 3YGB'94, but don't 
                          quote me on that one.
P/CHA/?/004     Details for a character called Freya, a witch played by somebody called 
                          Claire.  Again, it might be 3YGB '94, but don't quote me on that one.
P/CHA/?/005      Character background for a 3YGB character named Fthr Ranald "Le 
                           Coure de Ferre" Argent, Half-Dwarf Priest and Defender of the Faith of 
P/CHA/?/006      Character sheet for a 5th level scout named Blaise Aurelian.  Played by 
                            somebody called Lynne (Wilson ?)
P/CHA/?/007      Character Sheet for  Carmella fitzAudelin, played by Kirsten Holmes.
P/CHA/?/008      Character background for Aried the Necromancer, played by Kirsten 
P/CHA/?/009      Character background for a character named Tan Anakin.
P/CHA/?/010      Character background for Sir Segallion (Wind Him Up And Watch Him 
                           Go), played by Roy Lea.  Also contains background and details for 
                           Elroth, the Red Elly, of the "Storm Order".
P/CHA/?/011       Character background for Kameron Rastatt, played by John Williams, 
                            prepared for "Hunt for Venison II".
P/CHA/?/012       Character background for Blaise Aurelian (see P/CHA/?/006)
P/CHA/?/013       Background for a character named Roheima Samiska.  Addressed to 
                             "Ian", so possibly from when Ian Macredie was head ref.  That doesn't 
                           narrow it down much 'though.....
P/CHA/?/014      More notes on that mysterious character "Jerome".
P/CHA/?/015      Character background for Una Heatherwell, as played by somebody 
                           called Caroline. 
P/CHA/?/016      Character notes for Magnus Rosenkratz.
P/CHA/?/017       Character Background for Sunderland Jones (Rich Hardy).  NB: 
                            Sunderland Jones is still an existing character.  I've decided to put this
                            sheet in, because (A) He's not exactly in the Goblin every week,
                            (B) because he's stupidly famous and (C) Because it's a damn good 
                             background, far better than some of the ones I've ploughed through.   
                            Anybody found using this info. IC will be struck down by ye anciente 
                            and virulent curse of the Archivist.  Or a large axe.
P/CHA/?/018      Character details for Malik Imirik (Simon Barass).
P/CHA/?/019      Character details for Telukin N'Urnt, Drow emissary to Durholme.
P/CHA/?/020      Character details for Emirit Do'Narat (Ian Clay), Drow erm 
                           Disposal Expert. 
P/CHA/?/021      Character background for  Murzim, Necromancer, played by Simon 
P/CHA/?/022       Character details for Warlock Aaron Latsundum (Alex Whitehead).
P/CHA/?/023       Character details for Asta Steele (Steve Carr).
P/CHA/?/024       Character background for Gebbed, Alchemist and mad man.
P/CHA/?/025       Character background for the necromancer Twee Merryweather,  
                            played by Zak Parkin.
P/CHA/?/026      Character details for Hydan Whitcran, scout.  Background written in the 
                           first person.
P/CHA/?/027      Character background for Ishaak Mey-Tik-Whooh-Dhaniabad, warrior 
                           monk, played by Zak Parkin.
P/CHA/?/028      Character details for Mawtrin Choarh-Shel, Drow warrior monk.
P/CHA/?/029       Character background for banquet character Jasmine ("7th level 
                            prostitute/2nd level lorewarden"), played by Keris McDonald.
P/CHA/?/030       Character background for Dek, half-oger fighter, played by Phil Todd.
P/CHA/?/031       Character background for Sirocus, Pyrokin member of the Order of 
                           Kakatal , played by Julia Porter.
P/CHA/?/032      Character details for Sahlia, a thief.
P/CHA/?/033      Character details for Sallach (Ian Macredie).
P/CHA/?/034     Character details for Karnun (Ian Macredie)
P/CHA/91/001    Report of background and activities of a character named Arian, along 
                            with some IC insurance documents, relating to P/CHA/?/016.
P/CHA/91/002     Character details for Count Arian, Mayor of Newcroft, played by Nick 
P/CHA/91/003     Note from Nick Buchanan to Dunmail Hodgkinson, re: Arian.
P/CHA/91/004     Character background for Branwen, priestess of Rhiannon, played by 
                            Kirsten Holmes.
P/CHA/92/001    Character background for that fluffy Pyrokin Darvik Pheurouch (John 
                             Williams).  With some later annotations.
P/CHA/94/001    Character details for Linnet Yellowhammer, scout, played by Kirsten 
P/CHA/94/002    "The Long Awaited, Eagerly Anticipated Character Background For 
                             Simon A. Roberts For The 1994 Third Year Goodbye".
P/CHA/94/003    Character background for Gabriella Caine, 8th  level green Elly, sister of 
                            the far more famous Gabriel Caine. Related to 3YGB'94.
P/CHA/94/004     Ref notes for characters Danadh Comleach and Markum Brosey, for 
                            3YGB '94.
P/CHA/94/005      As above for Sir Segallion (Wind him up and watch him go !) and 
                           Gabriella Caine.
P/CHA/94/006   As above for Tallyn and Albanac son of Danu.
P/CHA/94/007   As above for Parendal and Linnet Yellowhammer.
P/CHA/94/008   As above for Marie and Freya the Witches.
P/CHA/94/009  Character details for Marcum Brosey, Seeker of Knowledge, as played by 
                         Richard Hardy. 
P/CHA/94/010   Character background for Marie the Witch (Julia Porter).
P/CHA/94/011    Character background for Sir Kate (played by Zak Parkin), of the    
                           church of Morvana, with some comments on the ranking system within  
                           the Morvanian knights.
P/CHA/94/012   Character details for Kraedaer Chinspolski and Alaistair MacClaughlain 
                         (both Joe Platt).
P/CHA/94/013    Character background for Darrion Malcamour, ranger, played by Ade 
P/CHA/95/001  Character details for Berit, Spirit Warrior of Astalon (Sam Clayton).
P/CHA/95-96/001  Character details for Krandon Ozelgarth, of the Church of Humact, 
                              played by Craig Irvine.
P/CHA/95-96/002   Character details for Ranger Ethan Mills (Craig Irvine).
P/CHA/95/001   Character background, edited version for the refs of "Candora's Box" 
                         (Wettest adventure ever), of Fanell, "Scout/Running Man/Wussy Leather 
P/CHA/96/001   Account of downtime activities of "Alaister" (see P/CHA/94/012).
P/CHA/96/002   Accounts of the activities of the Armsmen of Cardyll (Daniel Williams) - 
                          first page, subsequent pages missing.
P/CHA/96/003   Character details for Hal the Ranger (Daniel Williams).
P/DSU/?/001      DSU model constitution for a society form, uncertain date, not filled in.
P/DSU/?/002       Note of regulations for a DSU Fresher's Fair, uncertain date.
P/DSU/89/001     Instructions for reratification of society, 1989.
P/DSU/89/002    Claims guideline, 1989.
P/DSU/94/001     Instructions for reratification, 1994.  
P/DSU/94/002    Note on Fresher's Fair 1994, from Intro-Week Director, and future DSU 
                           President, Emily Baldock.
P/DSU/94/003    Note on reratification 1994, from Dave Evans, DSU Treasurer, with 
                          note that they need details on "all the stuff in your cupboard".
P/DSU/95/001    Guidelines for the claiming of money back for societies.
P/DSU?95/002   Note sent to the new exec. on election, by Societies Officer Simon 
P/DSU/96/001    Letter from the Societies' Officers threatening to freeze our bank 
                           account if we don't complete the reratification process.
P/DSU/96/002    Letter about the 1996 Societies' Fair.
P/DSU/96/003    General newsletter from Societies' Officer.
P/DSU/96/004     Letter confirming Tts place at Fresher's Fair '96.
P/DSU/96/005    Newsletter from the Societies' Officer.
P/DSU/96/006    Similar to P/DSU/95/001, but later in date.
P/DSU/96/007    Letter from Societies' Officers about reratification.
P/DSU/96/008    Reratification form (blank) for 1996-1997.
P/DSU/96/009    Note from Societie' Officers, congratulating us on getting reratified.
P/DSU/96/010     Letter asking for a description of the society for DSU handbook.
P/EH/?/001         Handout describing Eleventh Hour legal system.
P/EH/?/002         Sheet giving the effect of hits on various parts of the body for Eleventh 
P/EH/93/001      Advert for EHII, sent to John Williams.
P/EH/93/002      Very big print out, of Eleventh Hour rules and stuff, prepared for EHII.
P/EH/93/003      More background and stuff sent out for EHII.
P/EH/94/001      "Final Notice" for EHIII, also containing advert for EHIV.  2 copies, one
                            sent to John Williams, one sent to Pete Baker.
P/EH/94/002      Advert for EHs II.V and III,  sent to Pete Baker.
P/EH/94/003     Eleventh Hour background sheet, prepared for EHIII.
P/EH/96/001     EHVI "Town Handout"
P/EH/96/002     More EHVI handouts.
P/EH/96/003     EHVI "How to, What to, When to, Where"  handout.
P/EH/96/004     EHVI "The Cast List" handout.
P/EH/96/005     EHVI "Armour and Hits" handout.
P/EH/96/006     EHVI "Ceridwen" handout.
P/EH/96/007     EHVI character sheet for Goodwin Flambard, Merchant trader and 
                         Councillor of York, played by Ade Eccles.
P/EH/96/008     Letter, relating to EHVI, addresed to Zak (Parkin) and Ade (Eccles), 
                         headed "Welcome treasonous plotters".
P/FIN/?/001      Templates for notices to be sent to debtors.
P/FIN/96/001     List of individual requests for bulk order of helmets, with prices of 
                          helmets.  Written on back of letter from Kincheap advertising their 
P/GAT/?/001     Letter to Pete (Baker ?) from Roy (Lea ?),  giving details of attenders and 
                         ideas for the PBs Men at the Gathering.
P/GAT/?/002    Suggested organisation for the PBs men, giving names of individuals and 
                        their suggested position, with handwritten notes.  By handwriting, 
                         probably was originally enclosed with P/GAT/?/001.
P/GAT/94/001  Gathering'94 booking form.
P/GAT/94/002  Newsletter headed "Welcome to the Gryphon Faction '94".
P/GAT/94/003  Gathering official rules book, 1994 edition, missing "Appendix A".
P/GAT/94/004   Gathering Event Guide, 1994.
P/GAT/95/001   Gathering Event Guide, 1995.
P/GAT/post95/001  IC reports of the progression of the Lion's wars with the Chaos 
                               hordes in Avalon 
P/GAT/96/001   Advert for Viper Parliament 1997.
P/GAT/96/002   Handwritten letter from Hatfield to the Lions, announcing apopointment 
                          of Rhino as "Lord General of the Lions, Overlord of Avalon and Inter- 
                          Race Wrestling Champion".
P/GAT/96/003   OOC letter from Si Peace to all Lions, outlining the new command 
                          groups plans for The Lions.
P/GAT/96/004   Lists of commands for the PB's Men. when in Column and Shield Wall 
P/GAT/97/001   Letter from Bruce, including list of evnts for 1997.
P/GAT/97/001a  That list, featuring annotated comments from Bruce saying which events 
                           he'd be at.
P/GAT/97/002    Booking form for "Association of Scouts Conclave '97".
P/GAT/97/003   Flyer for "Return to Avalon".
P/GEN/?/001     Blank character sheets.
P/GEN/?/002     Somebody's games of noughts and crosses.
P/GEN/?/003      Something in Tengwar.  My guess would be that they're minutes from 
                          some smart-alek of a Secretary, but as I don't read the language, I really
                          don't have a clue.
P/GEN/?/004     Copy of a version of The Constitution.  Undated, but my guess would put 
                          it in about 1997. It's a bit wussy really, virtually identicle to the DSU
                           model one, so I'd ignore it and use a more interesting version.
P/GEN/85/001   Note from Forestry Commission to Mark Crowne giving permission to              
                           use Hamsterley for an "adventure".
P/GEN/87/001   Permit from Forestry Commission to Nick Winter to use Hamsterley on 
                          13th and 14th of June 1987 for the purpose of  "Map Reading etc"
P/GEN/87/002   Note enclosed with the above.
P/GEN/88/001 Permit from Forestry Commission to Katie Player to use Hamsterley forest 
                        from1/2/88 to 30/11/89 for the purpose of "Wayfaring".
P/GEN/88/002  Note enclosed with the above.
P/GEN/89/001  Note from Forestry Commission to Katie Player, reads "I agree to your 
                         arrangements for 29 April, 10/11 June and 15 June 1989".
P/GEN/94/001  Note and invoice from Forestry Commission to Simon Peace re; "Role 
                    Play enactment at Thrunton", for the 11/12 June 1994 (3YGB'94 ?) 
P/GEN/95/001  Issue 30 of the Adventurer magazine.  Don't ask me why it's in the 
                         President's file, maybe it's the EHIII review.
P/GEN/pre97/001 Selection of blank character sheets.  Dateable to pre-97, by spaces 
                             provided for recording of neck hits.
P/GEN/96/001   Letter from Palatinate editor Paul Tyrrell, offering advice on printing 
P/GEN/96?/002  Notes of things needing to be done at trabsfer of exec., with comments 
                           on jobs of individual members.
P/GEN/96/003    Note from the Societies Officer regarding Tyne Tees wanting to film us.
P/GEN/96/004     Letter from James Morris, to Ade Eccles, with booking for the Banquet.
P/GEN/96/005     Letter from Joe Platt to Ade Eccles, booking for the Banquet.
P/GEN/96/006     Letter from Andy Livingstone to Ade Eccles, booking for the Banquet.
P/GEN/96/007     Letter from Keris McDonald and Phil Todd booking for the Banquet.
P/GEN/96/008     Letter from Ellen Rea and Stev Cronin to Ade Eccles, booking for the 
P/GEN/96/009     Letter from Ade Parks to Ian (Macredie ?) booking for the Banquet.
P/GEN/96/010     Letter from Dave (Weatherall ?) to Ade Eccles booking for the 
P/GEN/96/011     Letter from Sarah Saunders ("Zak's Cousin") to Ade Eccles, booking 
                            for the Banquet. 
P/GEN/96/012    Menu, and formal invite for "The Prince Bishop's Banquet 1279".  
                           Missing reply slip.  Presumably somebody used it.
P/GEN/97/001    Letter from manager of "Bottoms Up" advertising their services.
P/GEN/97/002   Copy of letter from President Al Macleod, to coach company 
                          complaining about their incompetance.
P/MEM/?/001    Membership list, uncertain date.
P/MEM/?/002     As above.
P/MEM/86-87/001  Membership list.
P/MEM/88-89/001 Membership list.
P/MEM/89/001  Membership list, dated 20/2/89.
P/MEM/89/002  Membership list, dated 16/10/89.
P/MEM/89/003   Membership list, dated 12/11/89.
P//MEM/92-93/001  Membership list.
P/MEM/96/001  List of members, and people who expressed an interest in being 
                          members, drawn up at Fresher's Fair 1996.
P/MIN/?/001      Minutes of an Exec. meeting, dated 2/12, but no year given.  Mentions 
                          Chris Davis as a first year, which probably dates it, but when that was, I
                          don't know.
P/MIN/?/002       Minutes of an Exec. meeting, undated but in the same hand as 
P/MIN/84/001    Minutes of the first ever TT AGM - 14/05/84.  "It was recorded that the 
                           President didn't know what he was talking about...."  Some things never 
P/MIN/86/001    Minutes of Exec. meeting, 11/10/86.
P/MIN/86/002   Minutes of OGM, 01/11/86.
P/MIN/86/003   Minutes of Exec. meeting, 09/11/86.
P/MIN/87/001   Minutes of Exec. meeting, 09/10/87.
P/MIN/87/002.  Minutes of an OGM, dated  31/10, but with no year.  I've very tentatively 
                          dated this to 1987, but it could well be 1988.
P/MIN/87/003    Minutes of an OGM, 28/11/87, at which the biggest contraversy seemed 
                          to be whether Q was allowed to sign newsletters as "Q".  Also contains 
                  the motion whereby the Exec. should be in costume for all meetings.
P/MIN/88/001   Minutes of a TT Exec. meeting, dated 24/01, but without a year.  By 
                          internal evidence I've given it to 1988, but I could be a year or so out 
                          either way.
P/MIN/88/002   Exec. minutes, dated 08/02, but with no year.  This one could well be 
                           1989, but for various reasons, I've given it to 1988.
P/MIN/88/003  AGM minutes, for 20/02/88.  Features the introduction of Warlocks and 
                          Warrior Monks, and an overhaul of the Scouts rules.
P/MIN/88/004  Dated only as 21/2, it's another of those tentatively dated Exec. minutes.  
                         I don't think I'm more than a year out 'though.
P/MIN/88/005   Exec. minutes, dated as 04/03.  If  the above's 88, so are these, if it's not, 
                          they're not.
P/MIN/88/06    Exec. Minutes, from 06/06.  Again, I wouldn't quote me on the year.
P/MIN/88/007   Exec, minutes, 05/10, year uncertain but possibly 1988.
P/MIN/88/008   OGM minutes from 29/10/88.  New president elected, war declared on 
                         the CompSki department, armour values introduced.
P/MIN/88/009   Minutes of an Exec. meeting, undated, but dateable by internal evidence 
                           to 1st or 2nd of November 1988.
P/MIN/88/010   Minutes of Exec. meeting, definately dated to 23/11/88.
P/MIN/88/011   Minutes of Exec. meeting, 30/11/88.
P/MIN/89/001  Minutes of Exec. Meeting, dated only as 18/01, but I'm fairly certain this 
                         one is 1989.
P/MIN/89/002   Minutes of OGM, dated only as 07/05, I'm fairly certain these are from 
                          1989.  Contains the intropduction of Freeze, Haste Self, Haste Other and 
                           Ice Storm.  Intersting mention that "Long ago.. it was passed that 
                           members of the Exec. should receive etched glass goblets.."  (Where's 
                          mine, that's what I want to know..)  Note at the end that "K. McD (Keris 
                          McDonald ?) went off arm in arm with Phil T (Todd ?), but that and its 
                          consequences are a story for another time..."
P/MIN/89/003  Exec minutes, dated as 30/07, tentatively dated to 1989.  Meeting 
                        described as having taken place  " Simon Fox-Holmes palatial 
                        residence after a strenuous weekend in the swimming pool..."
P/MIN/89/004  OGM minutes from 02/11/89, motions include amendment to the Scout 
                        rules.  And a question is asked by "Someone from Castle who could be 
                        called Ian..." Note that the video of "Ladyhawk" was watched - "But no-
                        one ever escapes the dungeons of  Aquila..."
P/MIN/89/005  Minutes of an OGM dated as 11/11/89.  Whether this is correct or not, 'm 
                        uncertain.  It seems strange to have an OGM just over a week after the 
                         previous, and various comments in it seem to date it to earlier than 
                        P/MIN/89/004 but who am I, a humble Archivist to question The Files ?  
                        Anyhow, the Ranger and the Elf rules were passed at this one.
P/MIN/89/006  Minutes, in appalling handwriting dated as 19/02/89.  I haven't the 
                         foggiest what they're the minutes of mind.
P/MIN/89/007  Minutes, again in bad handwriting of, I think, an Exec. meeting, 25/04/89.
P/MIN/89/008   Exec. meeting minutes, 10/12/89.
P/MIN/90/001    Minutes of an Exec. Meeting, 21/02/90.  Include the following quotes 
                          "Never agree anything with Chris D, either before or after he's had a few 
                            drinks...." - Q.
                           "The meeting was called "Meep" ".  -The Minuter.
P/MIN/93/001    Minutes of society OGM 31/10/93.  Notes that "Ian Macredie tried to fry 
                           John's raccoon".  Motions (wording of which is missing) passed on 
                           Scouts, Spirit Weapons, Mana Overuse and Arrows.  Motion on Mana
                           Overuse also mentions Spirit Overuse.
P/MIN/95/001    Minutes of the OGM held 18/11/95.
P/MIN/96/001    Minutes of  society AGM, 24/2/96.  Highlights include the Secretary (Ian 
                          Clay)'s comment that his newsletters "were the greatest and anyone who 
                          disagrees can sod off..." and Dave Weatherall's campaign for the 
                          Presidency and world domination.
P/NEW/?/001     Introductory newsletter, undateable without further evidence.
P/NEW/88/001   Introductory newsletter, tentatively dated to 1988, penned by Chris   
                          Hardy (henceforth to be known as Q).
P/NEW/88/002   2nd newsletter of academic year 88-89, penned by Q, including report on
                           Summerfest'88 (featuring the "Prince Bishop Bek's Crusaders for the 
                           Superiority of the Human Race" written by Cptn Sir Feohtan (Dave 
                           Weatherall), and report of  resignation of President Pete Smith.
P/NEW/88/003   Penultimate newsletter of 1988, penned by Q, mentions new President as  
                           Katie Player.
P/NEW/88/004   Last newsletter of 1988, penned by Q features report of  quest for the  
                           Zodiacal Crown.
P/NEW/89/001 First newsletter of 1989, penned by Q, features a report of an adventure  
                         featuring one, never to be heard of again, Tim "headlong assault on a 
                         tenthlevel red Elementalist and single combat with a Balrog" McElwaine.  
                        Also features Q's election campaign for the NUS conference delegation.
P/NEW/89/002  Newsletter.  I don't know why I thought 1989 sounded right for this, but 
                          it's as good a guess as any.
P/NEW/89/003  Slightly more firmly dated newsleter.  Features "Where the Money Went 
                           - A Story By A. Mitchell" (Adam Mitchell, Treasurer).
P/NEW/89/004   Again imaginative dating time.... Features a report of a 3YGB.
P/NEW/91/001  First newsletter of academic year 91-92 (I think).  By Dunmail 
P/NEW/91/001    Second newsletter of 91-92.  Apparently Dunmail had last been seen 
                            "disappearing out of Aidans screaming 'Wibble wibble biology wibble 
                             !'", so this newsletter was written by Ade Parks.  Mentions the god of
                             Death as  being called Khatar.
P/NEW/92/001  Second newsletter of academic year 92-93.  Dateable by mention of 
                         interactives being set in 1275.
P/NEW/92/002  Newsletter from February 1992, I think it's Dunmail's last one as 
P/NEW/92/003  First newsletter by Ellen Rea (henceforth to be reffered to as Ellen).
P/NEW/92/004  Another of Ellen's newsletters, featuring an advert for one of "Wyrd 
                          Weavings" events, and a report of the "Mewlip Messiah" adventure.
P/NEW/92/005 A newsletter, dating, I think, to 1992, which should make it by Ellen, with 
                         an advert for that year's 3YGB.
P/NEW/92/006  Newsletter from June 1992 (I think), by Ellen (I think).
P/NEW/92/007  As for P/NEW/92/006. but read May for June.
P/NEW/93/001  One of Ellen's newsletters, from early 1993, including details of  that 
                           year's banquet.
P/NEW/93/002 Newsletter from February 1993, by Roy Lea (henceforth to be known as  
                         "Rex" ).   Features a report of 93's post banquet bash, and "Quest for 
                          Permenancy II".
P/NEW/93/003  Another of Rex's newsletters, with a write up of "Hunt for Venison II".
P/NEW/93/004   Last newsletter of academic year 92-93, by Rex.  Features report"The 
                           Rescuers" - which reveals, amongst other things, the meaning behind the 
                           name of BOTY....
P/NEW/93/005  First newsletter of academic year 93-94, with Rex still at the typewriter.  
                          Starts "Welcome back to all our old members, and hello to durham 
                         University Treasure Trap to all those who signed their life away on  
                          society's day..."
P/NEW/93/006   Second newsletter of 93-94 academic year, by Rex, featuring "Of 
                           Stitching and Smiting - Memoirs of a Prince Bishop's Man" (a report of 
                           Gathering '93, by Lieutenant Hodge (Dunmail Hodkinson) ).
P/NEW/93/007  Another of Rex's efforts, with a write up of 3YGB '93 - 
                          Kerrimar/Adam-Ada one. 
P/NEW/93/008  Last of Rex's newsletters for 1993, with a write up of "Rescuers II".
P/NEW/93/009  Recommencing Ellen's newsletters - this is the first newsletter from 
P/NEW/94/001 First of Rex's efforts for 1994, with an application form for membership 
                          of the city militia...
P/NEW/94/002  Rex's last ever newsletter.  With flyer for "Hunt for Venison v3.0 - 'Nut 
                        Cutlets 20 % Discount' ".
P/NEW/94/003  First newsletter of  Richard Steed (Henceforth to be known as BOTY)'s 
                          Secretariat.  Possibly the smallest print ever seen on a newsletter..
P/NEW/94/004  Another BOTY masterpiece, slightly larger pint.
P/NEW/94/005  Return to the realm of tiny font sizes, by BOTY.  Features plugs for the 
                          3YGB'94, and Gathering '94.  Mentions that now the PBs don't have to 
                           be in the Gryphons "we have had an offer to join the Dragons...".
P/NEW/94/006   BOTY's first newsletter of academic year 94-95.  Print as small as ever...
P/NEW/94/007  The second of BOTY's 94-95 works, features an advert for his birthday, 
                           and a comment likely to make any Treasurer collapse into gales of 
                           laughter - "When Camilla hastles you for money.............."
P/NEW/94/008   BOTY's final ever newsletter.  "This is going to be my last ever 
                           newsletter so I am going to have a large font frenzy.  Bugger the budhet 
                           I'm going to go out LARGE".  Features advert for the Post Banquet 
                           Bash "Anoint My Vitals, You Happy Men, I Am The Most Holy 
                            Kerrimar Me, And Me And My Chums Are Going To Take You By 
P/NEW/96/001  Newsletter by Greg Alonso (henceforth to be known as "The Evil 
                         Twin"), featuring details of 3YGB'96.
P/NEW/97/001  The final newsletter of The Evil Twin.
P/NEW/97/002  Newsletter by Clair Bilton (henceforth to be known as "Dot"), featuring 
                          info on 3YGB '97.
P/NEW/97/003  Newsletter by Dot, featuring report on "Durholme Defenders" adventure.
P/NEW/97/004  Another of The Evil Twin's newsletters, reporting on election of Gareth 
                          Marklew (that's me !) to the Treasurership.
P/NEW/97/005   Newsletter by Dot, from October 1997.  Features adverts for "Colour 
                           Me A Colour", "Kill, Maim, Destroy", "The Great 2CV Hunt" and  
                           "Halls of the Blind".
P/NEW/98/001 Newsletter by Ian Clay (henceforth to be known as "Ian"), the first one of 
                         his second Secretariat.  Features details of spell change proposals and 
                         3YGB location.
P/PUB/?/001    Advert for TT featuring slogan "Marauding Goblin Hordes Vanquished -
                        Apply to Durham Treasure Trap". 
P/PUB/?/002    A4 basic description of TT.  
P/PUB/?/003    Template for slip of paper with advert for a basic type adventure.  
                         Features the slogan "The powers that inhabit the Other World  have 
                         chosen you to join the Treasure trap adventure on the 21st of October...".
P/PUB/?/004    A4 poster advert for TT. 
P/PUB/?/005    Very similar to P/PUB/?/002, but probably of an earlier date.  
P/PUB/?/006    Letter addressed "Dear S(p)ammy" (Sam Clayton?), unsigned, concerning 
                         an event entitled "Suns Dawning".
P/PUB/93/001  Publicity flyer for "The Rescuers"
P/PUB/94/001  Advert for the Adventurers Guild.
P/PUB/96/001  Another A4 basic description of TT.
P/PUB/97?/001  A5, advertising basics and interactives.  Feature slogan "The woods were 
                          quiet, suddenly leaves rustled and confrontation was obvious.  Armed  
                          with only your wits, a few spells and a small pointy foam dagger, can you 
                          survive ?"  
P/PUB/97/002 A5 sheet entitled "So What sIs Treasure Trap"
P/RUL/?/001   Set of miracles for unnamed church.
P/RUL//?/002  The rules for "Blood-Ball", by Roland Oughton.
P/RUL/?/003   Church background and miracle list for church of Viva-Mort.
P/RUL/?/004   Miracle list for "Amazons".
P/RUL/?/005   Rules and miracle list for the "Brotherhood of the Dark Snake".
P/RUL/?/006   Rules and miracle list for the "Proclaimers of Chaos" (a church of 
                       Entropy).  Presumably written by a chemist.
P/RUL/?/007    Rules and miracle list for the "Walkers of the True Path".
P/RUL/?/008    Rules and miracle list for the chuch of the "Morning Star".  With note 
                       "This is the Guild of the Guildless.  If you're not in another Guild, you're in
                        this one (whether you like it or not !)"
P/RUL/?/009    Rules and miracle list for the "Cult of the Spider Queen" - Lolth 
P/RUL/?/010    Rules and miracle list for the "Wanderers of the Eight Paths".
P/RUL/?/011    Rules and miracle list for Tribal Shamens.
P/RUL/?/012    Rules and miracle list for the "Followers of the Secret Light".
P/RUL/?/013    Rules and miracle list for "Hospitallers" (forerunners/identicle to St John 
P/RUL/?/014     Miracle list for "Michaelines".
P/RUL/?/015     Rules for "Mentalists"  - a sort of psychic sub-section of the Grey Guild,
                          by Adam Butler.
P/RUL/?/016     Class based system Ranger rules.
P/RUL/?/017     Very faded copy of the rules and miracle list for "The Circle of the 
P/RUL/?/018    Copy of a very old set of rules for illusionists, with one annotation by 
                         Nick Winter.
P/RUL/?/019     "The Revised Elemenatalist Rules". (Class based system).
P/RUL/?/020    Class based system Scout rules.
P/RUL/?/021     Explanation of the nature of Lorewardens, with guidelines for the 
                          creation of churches.
P/RUL/?/022     Set of rules marked "Passed for playtesting" for witches.
P/RUL/?/023     Another set of rules for illusionists, at a guess later in date than 
                         P?RUL/?/018, these ones apparently composed by Zak Parkin and Rich   
P/RUL/?/024     Rules and miracle list for the church of "Humact".
P/RUL/?/025     Rules for Ritual Magic - encompassing Thaumaturgy, Alchemy, Magick, 
                          Sorcery  and Wizardry.
P/RUL/87/001   Rules and miracle list for  "Brothers of the Oath", by NJW (Nick Winter  
P/RUL/87/002    Rules and miracle list for "Henge Wardens", by NJW.
P/RUL/87/003    Rules and miracle list for "Warrior Priests  of Angmar", by NJW.
P/RUL/87/004    Rules and miracle list for "Masters of the Dark Blood", by NJW.
P/RUL/87/005    Rules and miracle list for the "Keepers of the Sacred Word", by AEL
                          (Andy Livingstone ?)
P/RUL/88/001   Copy of the original handwritten Warock rules, composed by Simon 
P/RUL/88/002    Rules and miracle list for "The Seekers of Knowledge", composed by 
                           DMW (Dave Weatherall ?).
P/RUL/89/001   Rules and miracle list for the "Guardians of the Sacred Hob-Nob", by 
                          DMW (Dave Weatherall ?)
P/RUL/89/002    " up to date transcription of all rules and additions up to 23rd March 
                            1989." for Lorewardens.  Compiled by Q.
P/RUL/90/001    "Treasure Trap Miscellaneous Rules",as of December 1990, covering 
                             things like armour values, and weapon categories.
P/RUL/90/002    Class based system Elementalist rules.
P/RUL/91/001    Proposed amendments to Elementalist rules by Simon Wright.  I can 
                           never remember the rules, so don't ask me if they were ever
P/RUL/91/002    Class based sytem rules for Guardians, Barbarians, Berserkers, Spirit 
                           Warriors, Rangers and (spit) Warrior Monks.
P/RUL/94/001      Background details for church of Morvana, by Zak Parkin.
P/RUL/post94/001  Class based system Lorewarden rules.
P/RUL/pre95/001  Overview of TT rules for new members.  Dated to pre-1995, by 
                             definition of doubles doing 12 points of damage.
P/RUL/pre95/002  Rules for Necromancers.  With annoattion added by "SJC" (Sam 
                             Clayton ?) in 1995, and one disagreeing with SJC's annotation added 
                              by Ade (Eccles) in 1996...
P/RUL/95/001  Treasure Trap Monetary System, 1995 edition, as composed by Simon 
                         Peace and Ian Macredie (Yes Indeedy).  Gaffa bound.  
P/RUL/96/001  Similar to P/RUL/pre95/001, but later in date and revised appropriately.
P/RUL/96/002    Rules for mystics, as composed by Ian Clay, and laughed at by refs.
P/RUL/98/001 Treasure Trap Monetary system 1998 edition.   
P/WAR/88/001  Costume list, as of January 1988.
P/WAR/93/001  Costume list, as of April 1993.


SC/ADV/97-98/001  (Incomplete) List of adventures taking place between October 1995  
                                  and 1998, with discriptions.  Compiled by Simon Childs, from his
                                  and others memories.  Originally on his website.

1 And , in the words of Ian Clay (P/MIN/96/001) "anyone who disagrees can sod off".