Archive Catalogue

Volume II

Compiled By Gareth Marklew,
Archivist, Durham University Treasure Trap,
Durham and Nottingham,

Copyright of Durham University Treasure Trap Society, 2000,
All Rights Reserved.

Mwa ha ha ha ha Im Back.

Yes, it's back. The largest catalogue of random pieces of paper in Durham, if not the world. This document is a supplement to (surprise surprise) the Archive Catalogue Volume I, containing all the documents that I have managed to gather since that time. The biggest additional collections come from three sources. Firstly, there are a number of items that have come from the personal collection of Andy Knighton. that mostly remote to various more recent adventures. Andy is also responsible for supplying a wide range of stuff from the Head Refs folder, large amounts of which go into the dim and distant past (some even dating from as long ago as the twentieth century). Finally there is a large selection of items from the Secretary's folders, which includes my personal favourite of the new additions, S/RUL/?/002, otherwise known as rules for Dwarves.

Also, for your delight and delectation, I have assembled a nearly complete list of the holders of Executive and Non-Executive posts from the earliest days of the society, in 1983. Sadly I was unable to find any records of who held the Executive posts between 1985 and 1987 - indeed, these years seem to be something of a Dark Ages in the history of Treasure Trap, with very little information being available. My task in this matter would also have been somewhat easier if office holders for the years 1999-2000 had not kept resigning just when I thought I had finished...

There are still some things missing from this collection which I wish I could have added to the Archive. In particular, it would have been nice if I had been able to get access to DSU's records, and got copies of every document within them which mentioned DUTT, but time sort of got in the way. So, that's a job for future Archivists. In fact, I think they'll find that they have plenty to occupy their time - over the next few years, more and more of the society's records will become available to the Archivists, and more and more will have to be presereved.



January 2000.

Archive of Records of

Durham University Treasure Trap Live-Action Roleplaying Society

Archive Catalogue

Volume II.



This catlogue lists items added to the Archive of DurhamUniversity Trasure Trap since the completion of Volume I of the catalogue in April 1999. It is organised and arranged in exactly the same way. Some additional Source Codes have been used. T hese are listed below.

Additional Source Codes:

AK = From the personal collection of Andy Knighton.

R = From the records of the Head Interactive Ref.

S = From the records of the Secretary.




Exec. Members 1983-2000

Just out of interest's sake, I've combed through the archives of Newsletters and Minutes, and have managed, at great personal risk, to complile the following (almost complete) list of the members of the Executive Committee and holders of Non-Executive positions within the society. Where more than one person held the post in one year, or where somebody held the position as Acting Officer, I've given their name to, just for completenesses sake. Uncertainties are marked by a question mark:


President: Mike Reddy Secretary: Joanne Shorthouse Treasurer: Mark Crowne

Transport Officer: Chris ?


President: Mike Reddy Secretary: Joanne Shorthouse Treasurer: Mark Crowne

Publicity Officer: Nick Winter




President: Roland Oughton (?) Armourer: Phil ? (?)


President: Nick Winter Secretary: Chris Hardy Treasurer: Tim McElwaine

Publicity and Social Secretary: Andy Joel Armourer: Peter Smith

Wardrobe Officer: Annabel Lane.


President: Peter Smith, Secretary: Chris Hardy Treasurer: Tim McElwaine

Katie Player

Publicity and Social Secretary: Gary "Jock" Wilson Armourer: Phil Dyer

Wardrobe Officers: Keris McDonald, Adam Mitchell Concubine: Peter Smith


President: Katie Player Secretary: Andy Joel Treasurer: Adam Mitchell

Social Secretary: Chris Davis Armourer: Gez McNally

First Wardrobe Officer: Simon Greatrix Second Wardrobe Officer: Chris Hardy

Concubine: John Harcourt


President: Andy Joel Secretary: Simon Greatrix Treasurer: Jeff White

Social Secretary: Ian Macredie Armourer: Chris Wheeler

First Wardrobe Officer: Simon Greatrix Second Wardrobe Officer: Karin Hilton

Concubine: Katie Player


President: Chris Wheeler Secretary: Dunmail Hodgkinson Treasurer: James Lofthouse

Social Secretary: Dale Johnston Armourer: Peter Biggs

First Wardrobe Officer: Mike Birkett Second Wardrobe Officer: Richard Willis

Concubine: Sara Butler


President: Dunmail Hodgkinson Secretary: Ellen Rea Treasurer: Andrew


Social Secretary: Ian Macredie Armourer: Annette Padfield

Wardrobe Officer: Chris Butler Assistant Armourer: Ben Browning

Steve Lewis

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Steve Lewis Concubine: Colin Blairs


President: John Williams Secretary: Roy Lea Treasurer: Simon Roberts

Social Secretary: Simon Peace Armourer: Richard Steed

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourer: Al Pentland

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Pete Baker Concubine: Simon Wright


President: Pete Baker Secretary: Richard Steed Treasurer: Camilla Chalcraft

Social Secretary: Al Pentland Armourer: Darren Sandford

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourer: Sam Clayton

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Simon Peace Concubine: Simon Peace


President: Sam Clayton Secretary: Ian Clay Treasurer: Alex Whitehead

Social Secretary: Ade Eccles Armourer: Steve Oswald

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourer: Simon Barrass

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Al Pentland Concubine: Simon Wright

Web Page Co-ordinator (Unofficial): Josh Gallagher


President: Ade Eccles Secretary: Greg Alonso Treasurer: Rich Whitaker

Gareth Marklew

Social Secretary: Ian Macredie Armourer: Gareth Bowen

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourer: Steve Spencer

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Tel Alexander Concubine: Kirsten Holmes

Dunmail Hodgkinson

Web Page Co-ordinator: Steve Spencer


President: Al Macleod Secretary: Clair Bilton Treasurer: Gareth Marklew

Social Secretary: Ali Maughan Armourer: Mark Potter

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourer: Simon Childs

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Julia Rose Web Page Co-ordinator: Rafe Richards


President: Nathan Courtney Secretary: Rafe Richards Treasurer: Duncan Bates

Ian Clay

Social Secretary: Dave Selby Armourer: Simon Childs

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourer: Mark Potter

Assistant Wardrobe Officer: Ali Dudgeon Web Page Co-ordinator: Sam Clayton


President: Chris Cunliffe Secretary: Tracy Selby Treasurer: Dave Jones

Jessica Marshall

Social Secretary: Dave Selby Armourer: Al Macleod

Laura Sugrue

Wardrobe Officer: Anne Greatrix Assistant Armourers: Andy Potter

Phil Freeman

Assistant Wardrobe Officers: Ali Dudgeon

Rod Millard

Web Page Co-ordinator: Kris Brown Archivist: Gareth Marklew

Tim Packer

President's Fools: Matt Maddock and friends








Head Interactive Referees

I did try to sort these out, but once you get back to 1995, it's very hard to distinguis between a head ref and a normal(?) ref, so I didn't get very far. The chances are that whoever held the title it was Ian Macredie doing the work most of t he time anyway:

1996-1997: Al Macleod, Jules Fattorini

1997-1998: Simon Childs

1998-1999: Mark Potter

1999-2000: Andy Knighton







AK/ADV/98/001 Plot and encounter list for Durham based Basic,

17th October 1998, reffed by Andy Knighton,

Simon Childs, Duncan Bates and Andy Potter.

AK/ADV/98/002 Plot and encounter list for The Busy And The Tired

(and that's just the Archivist), 29th November 1998,

reffed by Andy Knighton, Duncan Bates and Chris


AK/ADV/99/001 Encounter List for Quandam et Futuris (incorrectly

recorded as Quandum et Futuris), 14th February 1999,

reffed by me, Andy Knighton, Mark Townshend and

Tim Packer.

AK/ADV/99/002 Scroll to open Arthur's tomb, as used on Quandam et

Futuris, as written by me.

AK/ADV/99/003 Plot and encounter list for The Country of Last Things,

"A rush job by Andy K(nighton) and Si Childs, spring


AK/ADV/99/004 Random notes and encounter list for the Silly Adventure

1999, by Andy Knighton and Si Childs.


GM/ADV/99/001 Riddle used on Quandam et Futuris, 14th February,


GM/ADV/99/002 Thank you note from Merlin, written for Quandam et

Futuris. Intended for Lieutenant Verin Nyneave (Jon

Hall), but never used due to Jon being absent with a

broken wrist.


R/ADV/?/001 Background and encounter list for The Saga of

Caim'roaghe, "An adventure for approximately

10 characters +10 monsters of about 5/6 level by Andy

Joel". Complete with original paper clip.

R/ADV/?/002 Encounter list and monster briefs for The Dread Bandit


R/ADV/?/003 Encounter list and extensive monster briefs for an

adventure. I have no idea what it was called, but it seems to

be a Nick Winter effort, revolving around the characters

being dead when they shouldn't be, and having to find a

riddle to get back to Durholme. The encounter list features

Frenchmen, Communists and very bad jokes about Iron


R/ADV/?/004 A prop (a scroll) from R/ADV/?/003.

R/ADV/?/005 Background, encounter list, cast list, and several tons of

monster briefs for The Warrior In Green, an incredibly

complicated adventure, featuring Dragon Lords, Wood

Spirits, Elemental Lords and a cast of thousands.

Featured in the cast list are: I(an) McBriar, T. Morrison,

P(hil) McDonald, Annabel Lane, Simon Wright, Tim

("Lead From The Back, Not With MY Money")

McElwaine, Dylan Donnell, Chris Wood, J.A. Kelly,

Paul Brookes, Rachel Aylmer and Maria McCann.

R/ADV/?/006 Encounter list and map for Horn Of Chaos, marked

R(oland). O(ughton ?).

R/ADV/?/007 Background for The Song Of Power.

R/ARM/97/001 "Armroary Census", compiled 23/02/1997 at 08.52 A.M.,

by Armroarer Mark Potter.

R/BAC/92/001 Background to Durholme and Interactives. Similar to

S/BAC/92/001, but with flow chart of the "Flow of

Power In The City And Principality of Durholme".

R/EH/?/001 Procedure for making potions. Attributed to EH,

because of mentions of Rhiannon.

R/RUL/?/001 Hand written proposals for spells/miracles "Reflexes I",

"Heal II", "Scent", "Talk to Animals", "Resist Poison"

and "Percieve Spirit".


S/ADV/94/001 Advert for Rycor III - Just When You Thought It Was

Safe. Requesting 30 to 60 1st level characters, for 20th

February 1994.

S/AGE/?/001 Motion to remove all references to spell matrices from the

rules, and introduce foci instead. Proposed by Simon

Greatrix and seconded by Boty. When it comes from, I

haven't the foggiest.

S/AGE/90/001 Motions for Agenda for 1990 AGM

S/AGE/92/001 Agenda and motions for AGM,15/02/92. Includes

making Anne Greatrix an Honoury Life Member.

S/AGE/94/001 Agenda for AGM, 19/02/94

S/AGE/95/001 Agenda for OGM, 17/06/95.

S/AGE/96/001 Agenda for AGM, 24/02/96.

S/BAC/92/001 Background to interactives and Durholme, originally

written by Adrian Parks, updated by Steve Lewis.

Complete version of P/BAC/91/001.

S/CAT/96/001 Catalogue for "Impress Screenprinters of Promotional

Clothing, Sports and Leisurewear"

S/DSU/?/001 Set of society photocopying guidelines, uncertain date.

S/FIN/pre95/001 List of names, with indications of what they'd paid for.

Probably about 1993/94ish. A prize to whoever suggested

charging for copies of minutes of the OGM...

S/GAT/?/001 Quite possibly from Summerfest rather than The Gathering,

a list of names and addresses for officers of The Durham


S/GEN/?/001 List of contact numbers for TT members, apparently copied

from a newsletter produced just before the summer break.

S/GEN/?/002 Document entitled Everything (?!) I Wish Someone Had

Told Me After My Basic (and didn't know enough to ask)

, an introductory guide to various rules, character classes

etc. Written by Katie Player, which dates it to the late

1980s, but I can't get any more precise then that.



S/GEN/88/001 Draft of letter from President Katie Player to the Hamsterly Forest

people, apologising for not realising we had to ask permission

every time we wanted to use the forest.

S/GEN/88/002 Draft of letter by Chris Hardy to some bod called Richard at DUS

asking whether DUTT could use the Debating Chamber for a

twenty four hour Tolkein reading marathon in aid of DUCK.

S/GEN/89/001 Letter from President Katie Player asking external members to

rejoin. Starts "Dearly Beloved, Demi-Godlike Ex-Member who

has gone on to Higher Things"

S/GEN/91/001 TT Exec. addresses from 01/05/91, Chris Wheeler's


S/GEN/91/002 Letter to Dunmail Hodgkinson from Martin Cooper,

Technology Manager of "Hawk In Silver", with regards to

the provision of the DUTT rules on disk.

S/GEN/91/003 Letter from Neil Goodman of Teeside Poly (Now Teeside

Uni), requesting information on joining DUTT.

S/GEN/91/004 Letter from Neil Goodman, thanking Dunmail for

information provided and delivering a membership fee.

S/GEN/91/005 Letter from Secretary Dunmail Hodgkinson asking ex-

members to rejoin. Large chunks of text plagiarised from

S/GEN/89/001, but starts, vey boringly, "Dear Ex-member"

S/GEN/92/001 Another letter to Ex-Members, this time from Secretary

Ellen Rea. Virtually identicle to S/GEN/91/005, but with a

few details changed.

S/GEN/93/001 Another letter to Ex-Members, by Secretary Rex. He at least

seems to have written his own version. It starts "My Lord


S/GEN/95/001 Yet another letter to Ex-Members. This one is Secretary Ian

Clay's, is completely original, and starts "Most esteemed one-

time member".

S/GEN/95/002 Another letter to Externals from Ian Clay, again totally

original. Starts "My Liege", and offers a Ten Per Cent

discount of all Orcbit goods purchased* .

S/GEN/96/001 Short and boring letter to ex-members by the Secretary's Evil

Twin. "Dear external T.T. Member" is the opening greeting



S/MEM/?/001 Membership list, unspecified date, by the names I'd guess

late eighties, very early nineties, but don't quote me.

S/MEM/89/001 Membership list, 20/02/89.

S/MEM/90/001 Membership list, 27/01/90.

S/MEM/91-92/001 Guess what ? A Membership list, dated 91/92.

S/MEM/93/001 Membership list, March 1993.

S/MEM/93/002 Membership list, probably taken Fresher's Fair 1993. Dated

by the appearence of cute little first year versions of Ian

Clay and Alex Whitehead.

S/MEM/96/001 Yet another membership list, dated 25/02/96.

S/MIN/?/001 Minutes of OGM, undated. Major debate seems to have been

whether the society should buy alcohol for its members.

S/MIN/87/001 Minutes of TT OGM, 28/11/87. Includes election of Q as

Secretary, introduction of Rune Ward, and the motion

requiring the Exec. to be in costume for "all meetings".

S/MIN/88/001 Minutes of AGM, 20/02/88, including introduction of Warlock

and Warrior Monk (spit) rules and agreement that Adventure

refs shoudn't pay for the adventure which they ref..

S/MIN/88/002 Minutes of Christmas OGM 26/11/8. Pete Smith outlines his

plans for the war with the Computer Department.

S/MIN/89/001 Minutes of AGM 18/02/89. Finishes with emotional farewell

from Q.

S/MIN/89/002 OGM Minutes, 11/11/89. One great quote, from The

Treasurer: "We have lots of money but not enough to spend".

S/MIN/90/001 Minutes of AGM, 17//02/90, includes three dozen motions by

Dave Wetherall, including one entitle "Definition of Death..."

Also notable for this extract, from the elections for Social

Secretary: "Jonathon Ryan proposed Ian (Macredie) who reply

"Bollocks." However, when it was asked if anyone at all wanted

to stand he moderated this to "Oh go on."".

S/MIN/91/001 Minutes of AGM, 1991. The "altering how much damage is

done by doubles" meeting.

S/MIN/91/002 Minutes of OGM, starting 21:00 16/06/91, ending at 00:05,

17/06/91. Some very long and complex arguments about boring


S/MIN/91/003 Minutes of Exec. meeting, February 1991,

S/MIN/91/004 Minutes of Exec. Meeting, 1991. Discusses Christmas Parties...

S/MIN/91/005 Minutes of OGM 02/10/91. President's Concubine reports that

"The President has been stealing Adam's Flossie. It is thought that

Andy (Livingstone) had his oar in as well.".

S/MIN/92/001 Minutes of AGM, 15/02/92. Anne Greatrix created Honoury Life

Member and nominated for President's Concubine, which vote she

narrowly lost to Colin Blairs.

S/MIN/92/002 Minutes of Exec. meeting, sometime in 1992.

S/MIN/93/001 Minutes of AGM 20/02/93. Anne Greatrix appointed Wardrobe Officer.

Social Secretary Ian Macredie reports: "Banquet happened, etc. I'll

apologise to Rory".

S/MIN/93/002 Exec. meeting minutes, from 1993.

S/MIN/93/003 OGM Minutes from 19/06/93, nothing interesting.

S/MIN/93/004 Exec meeting minutes, 11/10/93. The Wardrobe Officer reports a

problem "No more blue cloth for PB tabards".

S/MIN/94/001 Minutes for AGM 19/02/94. Interesting point:

Si Peace to Camilla Chalcraft (husting for

Treasurership): "If a past Treasurer had embezzled money and was no

longer a member, what would you do ?"

S/MIN/95/001 Minutes for AGM, 25/02/95. Interesting Questions to Treasurer Camilla

Chalcraft from President Pete Baker: "Who do you know we have 300

when you have not even had a cheque book for three months ?"

" Why did you not change over the account from Barclays to Midlands


S/MIN/95/002 Minutes of OGM, 17/06/95. Secretary Ian Clay reports that "I'm doing

an excellent job and everyone loves everything I do, because I'm a demi

god.." Simon Peace asks the Treasurer "Can we get a contract on

Camilla ?" Motion passed aggrreeing that Interactive Refs shouldn't

pay Interactive fees. "Ian McC. arrives and announces that due to lack

of volunteers for chief ref. he'll do it again (cheers all round, chorus of

for he's a jolly good fellow')

S/MIN/95/003 Minutes of OGM 18/11/95. Rich Whitaker asks Secretary Ian Clay

"What percentage of the last newsletter was correct ?". The Secretary

replies "About 2.5 %.."

S/NEW/87-96/001 Newsletters from this period. It would take a braver Archivist than

me to try and Arc them seperately.

S/PUB/?/001 Document entitled What is Treasure Trap ? Another basic

intro, refers further enquiries to the Publcity Officer, a post

preent in the mid to late eighties.

S/PUB/?/002 Advert for Newcastle Paintball Warehouse.

S/PUB/?/003 Poster advert for TT. Mentions Katie Player, so probably late


S/PUB/?/004 Advert for something called "LARPSOCTM - Shadowmere"

S/PUB/93/001 Advert for Campaign Cartographer from "ProFantasy Software

Ltd." Apparently it came with a free demo disk.

S/PUB/96/001 Publicity poster for new freshers in 1996. Dateable to

references to Ade Eccles as President and Greg Alonso as Secretary, as well as by a very badly reproduced photo of the 1996 3YGB party.

S/RUL/?/001 Original write up of rules for "Rune Ward" miracle. Nick Winter's

handwriting - I'd say mid to late eighties.

S/RUL/?/002 A real gem this one - rules for Dwarves.

S/RUL/?/003 Photocopy of a write up of Guardian rules, with annotations on

Berserkers by somebody who claims to be "the member who

attained the highest level at Peckforton as a berserker (4th)".

S/RUL/92/001 List of changes to Elementalist rules from October 1992.

S/RUL/97/001 Notes of post-playtest rules changes for illusionists by Daniel


S/WAR/92/001 Reports of Wardrobe Officer and Assistant Wardrobe Officer, for

OGM, 31/10/92.