Timelines for 1277



18th October 1277

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There were widespread fears of another celtic army earlyer this week
when a group of kilt clad warriors arrived at the city gates. To everyones
surprise they made camp and expressed peacefull intentions to the city
gaurd sent to investigate. Their purpose in Durholm is as yet unclear but
there is a rumour that one of their number was spotted coming out of the
Mercenarys guild this morning. The presence of the celts has caused much
unrest within the city among citizens who have not forgotten their
presence in the battle last year.
This has been made even worse by the presence of a completely different
group of celts who tried to raid the city 6 nights ago and nearly got
away with one of the magical banners captured from Axebiters armys last
spring. Just how the banner got out of the Durholm citadel and in to the
hands of the celts in the first place remains a mystery

The nearby village of Yarn was apparantly destroyed last night and all
its inhabitants either dragged off or put to the sword. Smoke was seen
coming from the village which lies to the east of Durholm this morning, and
scouts sent to investigate reported that every structure in the village
has been trampled into ash. Orc tracks were found everywhere and the
symbol of the Blood Axe orc tribe was found lying on a pile of corpses in
what remained of the village square.

There was an attempted raid on the scouts guild last night! Three
assailants broke into the building un-detected before being disturbed by
gaurds, one was shot while two, possibly three escaped over a wall and
into the night. Who would attempt such a daring raid remains a mystery,
but it follows an incident last year when three doses of exeptionally
rare and highly toxic venom were stolen (apparantly from the guild) and
the culprits never identified.

The church of Astolon, who have recently been revitalised by the
referbishment of their temple in Durholm and the resolution of internal
power struggles which have been weakening them for many years suffered a
blow this week when a party of mercenarys led by the Spirit Warrior
Sahmarn sent out to apprehend the traitorous Lorewarden Idracab Flameheart
apparantly changed sides and allowed Sahmarn to be slain by Idracab. The
church has not yet commented on the situation and Idracab is beleived to
be still at large.

Another major church, that of Humact lost one of their main servants
Brother Mathis this week after a party he lead to investigate reports of
undead in woods east of the city failed to return, rumours persist that
every member of the party were slain.

Other news this week, Kaer Huntingdon leader of the Mercenarys guild for
many years retired this week, the new leader has yet to been announced.
The Black elementalists guild have elected a new leader after the demise
of their old representative Keebnav in the battle this spring. The new
leader, one Cormallion "Herald of the void" is not well known but he is
beleived to be one of the guilds most brilliant reserch mages who has
conducted many experiments into animal cross-breeding in the past. Lastly
the Seekers of knowlage have let it be known that any citizens requiring
reserch time in their temples library should see one Geraldine Missive,
"High seeker and most lerned one" at the temple to the seekers of knowlage
every Wednesday afternoon.


Geraldine Missive is there to answer all your questions about things in
and around the city, she is played by Zak Parkin, address


20th October 1277

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B'nsen Von Soxhlet leader of the Alchemists guild has revealed that
despite numerous miss-timed explosions he did indeed survive the war but
wishes it known that his work has reached a crucial stage and he needs a
rep for the guild to speak for him next week at the council
Please any interested potential alchemists apply, to B'nsen Von Soxhlet
c/o Simon Roberts (sars@sslrc.silsoe.cranfieldac.uk)

Job requirements: -Mental instability.
-A lump of lead for which you have great plans.


21st October 1277

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A strange rotting desiese is spreading like wildfire throughout the
city. The first victims of the desiese, the origins of which remain a
complete mystery first showed symptoms late on Thursday afternoon
involving extreame itching and irritation of the skin. The desiese seems
not to have started in one but rather several areas of the city. There
are at least 50 cases in the area around Kings Gate and another 30 near
Clay gate. Several of the prince bishops men presently stationed in
Durholm to help maintain Marshall law seem also to have contracted the
desiese and the distinguished scholar Dr Sunderland Jones is another
victim of note. Healene second in command at the church of John the
hospitaler has mobilized her clergy in an attempt to contain the spread
of the affliction but with more cases cropping up continuously all over
the city, containment at this point seems unlikely. The city council are
warning citizens to take all neccissary precautions.

Sergeant Carick of the city guard was given a commendation today by
Captain Draconis for his handling of an incident involving a drunken celt
in the Red Warlock Tavern two nights ago. Borquan Lafideas commented that
sergeant Carick was very responsible in his use of only "neccissary" force
when dealing with said celt. The funeral of the celt in question was held
this morning.

There was apparently an assassination attempt against Telukin N'urnt the
drow ambassador two days ago, the assailant, a young woman who carried a
note simply saying "All drow are scum" appears to have escaped into the
woods despite numerous spells to stop her. One eyewitness claimed that
the young woman had an accomplice who tried to hold back those chasing
her, the accomplice was not caught either.

Hironimus Welles, Head of the Green elementalists guild has asked the
heads of the other elementalist guilds to join him in searching for ways
to banish the pyrokin inhabiting the iron tower to the south of Rovak.
The White and Red guilds, both presently without firm leadership have
officially offered no comment. The other guilds have yet to respond.

The Prostitutes guild have chosen a new head, the new leader one Celeste de
Valmont has promised to keep up the high standards of service set by her
predissecor Layla who left the city this summer.

Also today Westron Hardcastle head of the mercenarys guild made the
contraversial step of allowing the celts camped to the north of the city
into his guild after they offered proof they had nothing to do with the
war this spring. The celts will now be a permanent fixture in the city.


25th October 1277

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The mysterious rotting disease which broke out within the last week and
spread at huge speed has finally been brought under control by the clergy
of John the hospitaller. All known carriers have been quaranteened and
effort is being made to cure as many as possible. The death toll so
far is believed to be at least 50.

Late last night there was much confusion around the city jail as one of
the lower security wings was attacked and one inmate was apparently set
free. The freed prisoner was one Twee Merryweather being held on charges
of suspected necromancy. Strangely enough Brother Mathis of the Humact
who was the chief prosecution witness at her trial was killed in the
course of duty only last week. The attack on the jail cost one City
guardsman his life and injured two others.

The holy church of the circle of balance officially requested the church of
Kerremar to return to it the position of Head of the council of churches
as has always been theirs by tradition but which was temporarily given to
the church of Kerremar for the duration of the pyrokin war. Contrary to
expectation the church of Kerremar has refused. The church of the circle
of balance has offered no additional comment.

After the request to all the elementalist guilds last week from Hironimus
Welles, Head of the Green guild to help him banish the elves living in the
iron tower two more guilds have responded. Varnon Speak of the
blue guild has thrown his full weight behind the Greens request, while
Cormallion, head of the Black guild has said the war has depleted too
many of their resources to help with such a venture.

Other guild news, after many months leaderless the White elementalist
guild have finally appointed a new head. This new head is one Lacivia
Upyore one of the guilds previously less well known high level mages.

Tension is building between members of the Brown and Blue guilds over an
incident during the battle of Durholm last year where an amulet being used
by a celtic warlock was taken from the defeated warlocks dead body by the
blue elementalist "Sumak". Meanwhile a Brown mage by the name of
"Barvonon Elvet" son of the wealthy Baron of Elvet is laying claim to the
amulet, claiming it was he who slew the celtic warlock in question.
Sumak has refused to relinquish his claim and the matter remains unresolved.



28th October 1277

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The city council on reccomendation from the merchant adventurers guild
council have officially lifted the citys three year old ban on drow
elves. Drow are now allowed free access to the city of Durholm like all
the other elven races. Telukin N'urnt the drow ammbassidor sent by the
Queen of the Web to plead the drow's case is said to be very happy.

The rotting disease which spread throughout the city last week has at last
been all but wiped out. Borquan Lafideas, captain of the citadel guard led
partys of guardsmen, accompanied by priests of John the Hospitaller on a
sweep of the entire Durholm peninsula two nights ago, entering every
building and cheaking for carriers of the disease. Pikemen accompanied
each party so that afflicted citizens would not have to be touched. All
those found with the disease were quarunteened while those to far gone to
be healed or already dead were burned. The few living victims of the
disease who are as yet uncured remain in quarunteen behind the Temple of
the hospitaller.

Father Gunther of the Humact has called upon the citizens of the city to
join with him in forming witch-hunting partys to track down the many
necromancers which seem to be active around the city. This is believed
to be a reaction against the rumours of a powerfull necromatic force
behind the spread of the disease last week and the death of one of his own
priests the week before that also alledgedly at the hands of undead.

The church of Kerremar has continued to refuse to relinquish its position
as head of the council of churches to the circle of balance. There is
expected to be an emergency meeting of the church council sometime this week.

Esprur Trune one of the Seekers of Knowlege specialising in the study
of magic items dissapeared from his lab in the temple of the seekers
this week. There are presently no clues as to his whereabouts.



7th November 1277

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The Bloodaxe orc tribe who recently sacked the village of Yarn to the
east of Durholme have become very active in the region, they have been
attacking caravans and raiding other settlements near the city with great
success. The city guard have not as yet attempted to deal with the problem.

The tension between the Brown and Blue elementalist guilds nearly reached
breaking point earlier this week when the Blue mage "Sumak" and the Brown
mage "Barvonon Elvet" fought a full scale magical battle in the streets
near Kings gate over possession of the disputed Amulet of Grom. Sumak
who had held the (extremely powerful) item since the war
last spring after allegedly winning it from one of the celtic Warlocks
was destroyed and Barvonon disappeared with the Amulet into his guild
building from where he has not been seen since. A Prince Bishops man
witnessed the duel which was declared legal. However eye witnessed claim
that Barvonon finished his opponent with a blast of lightning. A spell
which those learned in magical lore all agree he should never have been
able to cast. Varnon Speak head of the Blue guild is said to be furious.

Rumours that the dread Necromancer Gogul has been seen on the Northern
marches are spreading through the city. Gogul who is one of the most
infamous Necromancers known in the North in recent years has been on the
run from the church of Humact (among others) for several years, but
despite numerous attempts has never been caught. What his present goals
are is unknown, but this coincides with reports of a large organised band
of up to 500 orcs travelling south toward Newcroft from the utter north
also with unknown intention.

The following notice appeared on notice boards all around the city this

"Heroins and Heros gifted in both sword and spell are required for a
mission of upmost importance to the city this coming week, to track down
the dread fiend "Tar-Shorn" consort of Demons and the undead and to
destroy his evil forever. Those brave enough to volunteer should meet at
the Greedy Goblin Tavern this Wednesday evening or come directly the the
citys council hall.

By order of Durholm City Council"



11th November 1277

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The evil Necromancer and Demonologist Tar-Shorn sent his minions into the
heart of the city two nights ago, apparently in order to thwart the party
of adventurers gathering to hunt him. Eye witnesses say both undead and
elementals were present, all of which were delt with quickly by the
adventurers involved. It seems that after this incident the party went
down to the river where they disappeared, it is believed that they were on
there way to oppose Tar-Shorn that very night. Rumours that Tar-Shorn has
something to do with the orc presense in the region and that he intends to
attack Durholme itself remain unsubstantiated. What became of the party
is still unknown.

A huge creature is causing great destruction to the south-east of Durholme
it is flattening trees and has has destroyed two farms already, its
footprints are man shaped but very large, however no living person has
reported to have seen it. Who or what this thing is remains a mystery.

Geraldine Missive chief representative of the seekers of knowlege is
asking as to the whereabouts of Esprar Thrawn the seeker of Knowlege who
went missing earlier is the month and who has not been heard from since

Tension between the Brown and Blue elementalist guild seems to have
subsided since the magical battle last week. The brown guild still
apparently hold the amulet of Grom.

There has been more attacks on local trade by the Bloodaxe orc tribe,
despite the efforts of the city guard to track them down.



15th November 1277

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The expedition sent out to hunt the infamous Demonologist and Necromancer
Tar-Shorn has returned to Durholme victorious. The evil wizard was it
seems destroyed in a climatic battle to the South West involving the party
hunting him, a huge demon and several tens of orcs. The small village of
Duntoneth was unfortunetly totally destroyed in the process. Also among
the casualties was Twee Merryweather the escaped felon who was broken out
of the citys jail early last week, she was apparently traveling with the
party under false premisis.

The Bloodaxe orc tribe who have been attacking merchant caravans in the
region for several weeks have dispersed and split up over the last few
days, it seems that the tribal leaders were in some way involved with the
forces of Tar-Shorn and with his death they have ceased to be a threat.

An apprentice Brown elementalist going by the name of Zipher was found
dead in one of Durholms backstreets last night, he had apparently been
attacked from behind because his back was covered in terrible scorch
marks. He was last seen alive leaving the Blue Rose at 10.00pm.

The large organised orcish force traveling down from out of the utter north
toward Newcroft that had been causing concern last week has according to
reports from the scouts guild broken up and disbanded. Why such an
apparently well ordered force should so suddenly stop in its tracks
without any (visible) threat is unknown. Despite the breakup of the
orcish band rumours persist that the dread Necromancer Golgul has been
active on the northern marches (still inhospitable from the war),
possibly raising an army of undead.

Durholms Drow population has been increasing dramatically since the
lifting of the ban on them earlier this autumn, over 40 drow have already
taken up permanent residence in the city and more are expected soon. The
relationship between Telukin N'urnt the drow ambassador and Merrin the
spokesman for the white elves is said to be strained. At this rate the
Drow population will outnumber the white elf population in the city by the
New Year.

The unidentified monster that has been causing so much damage to the
south of Durholme over the last week has destroyed another farm in the
area, scouts who found the farm describe all the buildings as 'completely
wreaked' and its occupants as 'splatted". What the monster is and where
it came from are still not known.

Finally, an opulent memorial service was held this morning for the
deceased Necromancer Twee Merryweather. Certain elements within the city
are said to be displeased that a convicted criminal and known
practitioner of the dark arts was given such a service within the citys
walls. Who arranged for the memorial is unknown.



22nd November 1277

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The Manor house belonging to the Baron of Elvet, wealthy local lord and
father of the contreversial Brown elementalist Barvonon Elvet was totally
destroyed last night by a freak lightning storm. The Baron, his entire
family and his household are all believed to have been killed in the
storm which raged around the manor to the north of Durholme for several
hours, springing up out of nowhere, then disappearing just as suddenly
around midnight. The few local villagers who dared to go close to the
storm claim that those inside seemed to be the fleeing the burning building
periodically only to fling themselves back into it. There is widespread
shock around the city at the sudden death of such a powerfull local lord.

A party of adventurers sent out to deal with the strange monster that
has been causing such destruction to the south of Durholm have returned
claiming that the monster was some sort of magical construct of iron,
commonly known in magical circles as a "golum". While the party
failed to disable the creature they do appear to have driven it away as
there has not been a sighting of it since their return. Where the golum
may have gone is a mystery. The party claim that both celtic barbarians
and pyrokin were in the area when they encountered the construct. The
party also claim that an amulet used to control the golum was stolen by
one of their number, a drow who later escaped.

The horribly mutilated body of one 'Matthew Watt' a local labourer was
found last week outside the Greedy Goblin tavern. His body had been
ripped apart and layed out in what is commonly refered to as a blood
eagle. There were no footprints leading away and no trace of who or what
had commited this horrible crime.

The monument to the deceased necromancer Twee Merryweather has been
completed on the banks of the river near the Water Gate. Father Gunther
of the Humact has expressed personal outrage at the building of such a
monument. The church of the Circle of Balance is also said to be
extreamly angry.

A pack of skeletons, apparently wearing the livilry of knights of Ishmund
are causing havoc in settlements to the West of Durholme, reports indicate
that they are a very powerfull force of undead, one of which holds a
magical sword that burns with fire when unsheathed. The church of Ishmund
has not commented, or offered any explanation as to where the skeletons
may have come from.

Most of the drow that had been inhabiting the city left on Saturday night
in the company of the Drow Warlock Aaron Wafundia, bodygaurd to the drow
ambassador Telukin N'urnt. Rumours indicate that Aaron is on a top secret
mission for his master, in his leaving he has taken with him nearly half
the citys presently small drow population.

There are rumours that a minor incident took place at the open day of the
temple of Kharan held this month. Apparently several priests of Humact
the God of war and death turned up and jeered at the host priests of
Kharan accusing them of being friends of undead and necromancers, when
city gaurd arrived in order to stop a violent situation arising the
priests of Humact calmed down but refused to apolagise.



23rd November 1277 b

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Several posters have appeared around the city along the lines of
"No non-human scum in Durholme"
"Look what the red elves did, look what the Drow are up to, Durholme for
humans only!"
"Dwarves, elves and Drow are no better than foulspawn, we may as well
allow orks and trolls into the city, what is this? We say out!"

The rest of the posters carry on along these lines, they are all
signed NFFD, New Freedon For Durholme. Some of the posters have been
torn down but many remain, there are angry mumourings around the city,
many people have still not forgotten the red elves and are nodding approval.


26th November 1277 +

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This morning large clouds of darkness appeared in front of all the citys
noticeboards, when they dissapeared, pinned to each one by way of a
severed orc arm dripping with green blood was the following message.

"To The Noble Citizens of Durholme,

The Lady of the Web was most pleased to receive word that you had decided to
put your simple hatred of that which was different from you aside, and that
you would accept Her people into your city again. She had never understood
why you had forbidden Her people entry in the first place, apart from on the
grounds that you could not understand nor accept our culture as it is in many
ways different to your own. But on removing the ban on our people She saw this
as a way forward for both our societies to work forward together peacefully
until we both have a greater understanding of each other. The rumours and
allegations which now abound within your great city about how we are a
treacherous and untrustworthy race can only serve to hurt our new era of living
together as two different cultures who can live harmoniously side by side.
The Lady does not understand how your people can be so two faced inaccusing us
of being treacherous and untrustworthy when you yourselves are some of the
most untrustworthy and treacherous people on the planet. We have worked with
you to fight against the evil rogue who sort to bring the Dark back to the
world which would have been disasterous for all people, and that rogue who
became possesed by the Dark and rose again as undead, was one of your own
people who murdured and stole from the some of the most respected people in
your city, was he not even a member of your Seekers of Knowledge? And did
he not betray them. You cannot deny these facts as I myself witnessed them.
You can also seek the knowledge of Sir Segallion, one of your City's finest
heros whom I know personally and for whom I have great respect. He has fought
alongside me and one of my fellow Drow. He shared in our customs as we shared
in yours, and despite the initial feelings of mistrust we accepted each other
as different but not enemies to be feared and hated. We Drow are not perfect
just as you humans are not perfect. Not every Drow that enters your fair City
will be completely honest and totally trustworthy, but then neither are all the
residents of your City. Just take a look at your pasr records and see how many
evil humans you have haboured within your city walls, how many murderers and
thieves you have tried and found guilty in your City, and then look at what
race they were. I think you will find that the great majority will be human.
Just because we are different you cannot use us as an excuse for all that is
wrong in your City, nor can you blame the Dwarves or the other Elven races.
You must learn as a people to accept people as different, and when your own
race is perfect you can then judge others. We do not seek to usurp your
position in the City as the Pyrokin did, but merely to live in peace. The Lady
would also extend a welcome to any visitors to the Drow homelands, She would
like to in some way repay the great honour that you have paid Her people in
allowing us entryto your City once again.

The Lady thanks you for taking the time to read this and looks forward to a
future when all races can accept each other cultures and differences,

Yours on behalf of the Lady of The Web,

Elkantar of the Noble House Hyrrin.

Representative of the lady of the Web."



27th November 1277

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Two more Brown elementalists were murdered last night near the Clay
gate. Local residents heard shouts and screams and saw several flashes of
red light. When the city gaurd arrived to investigate they found the
bodys of two Brown elementalists, "Durik Smoulg" another apprentice of the
guild and "Phodar" one of the guilds mid level elementalists. Boths were
badly burned and Smoulg had taken a wound to the abdomen. Also in the
ally in which they were found were the body of a man dressed in peasants
cloths who has not been identified. There was also evidence of several
other bodys being dragged out of the alley, but no-one managed to
successfully follow the tracks.

The statue of the deceased Necromancer Twee Merryweather was torn down on
Wednesday night by angry priests of Humact. The priests, Chazzecar and
David were both killed by what were reported to be "explosions of
elemental energy" Before his death David lead a group of several patrons
of the Greedy Goblin Tavern down to the statue to help him destroy it.
The patrons in question claim that they were attacked by darkness
elementals as David struck the statue. Father Gunther the high priest of
Humact arrived the next day to destroy the statue himself only to find it
already rubble. He has not publicly commented on the incident.

The following notice has appeared on notice boards around the city:

"I am shocked and appalled at the irresponsible actions of the
Humact church, that they should openly dessicrate a grand monument
dedicated to one of Durholmes past heroines is discusting and
irresponsible. I only hope that such blatently destructive behaviour
will be treated with the scorn it deserves by the people of this fair
city. I can only express my pleasure that the actual priests in question
met a fate befitting to them."

None of the notices were signed or was the writer identified in any way.

The dangerous pack of skeletons dressed in tabbards of the god Ishmund
have continued to rampage near Durholme. Two days ago they burned down a
farmstead to the south-east of the city, killing all the inhabitants.
The scouts guild have agents tracing their progress but as yet no
effective action has been taken to stop them.



28th November 1277

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Elementalists in and around the city suddenly collapsed with weakness this
morning. Citizens around Durholme were left dazed and confused by the
sight of every caster of magic spontaneously falling to the ground in a
semi-concious state. What exactly happened is as yet uncertain, but all
the citys elementalists seem to have taken no permanent damage from the
ordeal. Important elementalists who have since been questioned say that
they believe that some huge magical ritual has taken place somewhere near
the city, temporarily draining elementalists of their power. Certain
members of the Green guild say that they believe the pyrokin are responsible.

The pack of skeletons that has been on the rampage near the city for the
past week have disappeared without warning. Scouts on their trail claim
that the tracks left by the undead seem simply to have vanished without
any trace of where they may have gone. The Humact church warn that they
suspect that some higher power may have taken control of the skeletons.

The blue elementalist "Escatesse" was found beaten to a pulp in his house
near Kingsgate last night after friends realised he had not been seen for
several days. How the assailants entered into his dwelling, a sturdy
stone house, the door of which was barred from the inside is unknown.
Escatesse was well known in the city for his work with charity.

The Kingdom of Glantri has withdrawn it's longstanding ambassidor to the
city Lord Framheart. Framheart who's most famous diplomatic act was to
spirit bolt the Sharakan of a red elf noble house at a Banquet last year
will return to his native Glantri and his replacement sent to the city

The Church of Kerremar has appointed a new High Priest. Kurvon Danon, who
is known for single handedly charging and slaughtering a unit of nearly 20
red elves in the war last spring has been one of the churches most highly
placed priests for some time now. He has already re-iterated the
Kerremanians refusal to hand back leadership of the council of Churches to
the Circle of Balance.

The Red Elementalist Guild has also announced a new leader this week
after the disappearance of their last head in the pyrokin war. The new
leader Flenton Radock is believed to be a quiet and unassuming
elementalist, it is hoped that the new red guild leader will help calm
the high level of tension between the Blue and Brown guilds

The Brown Elementalist Guild for their part have announced that they will
refuse to align any more elementalists focuses to Brown spells until
they find out who has responsible for the killing of Brown mages over the
past month. They have also demanded an enquiry into the destruction of
the Manor belonging to the Baron of Elvet.


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