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11th January 1278

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Well everyone this is the first TIMELINE of 1995, things went
through a bit of a lull in Durholme over the last four weeks (funny
that) but I've got a feeling that will not last any longer. The first
interactive of term is tonight, Wednesday, starting about 7.30 in the dive
bar, Dunelm.

I'm afraid it's a bit of a long one cos there is lots to catch up with.
TIMELINE 11th January 1278

The new year of 1278 has come to Durholme and the cold northern winds
blow around her spires and turrets in a winter of discontent.

The real aftermath of the pyrokin war has struck the city, due to the
destruction of agriculture the red elves perputrated all the land
around Durholme and Glantri are in the grip of a food shortage. This
is most severe in the small villages to the south of the city, where
there are reports of settlements on the edge of famine. In Durholme
itself, the strict rationing enforced by the Margrave Corrigan over
the Summer has paid off, everyone has enough food for now.

Another strange occourance that has made its presence felt over the last
few weeks is a strange weakening in the powers of mages. It seems to
affect the less powerfull mages most, but all of them to some extent.
This weakness however has not abated the growing number of attacks on
elementalists and the alarming amount of mysterious mage deaths in the
city. The reason behind these deaths is unknown but rumours of war
between the guilds is growing.

Only this weekend the Blue mage Flanders was found lying face down in
mud near the Watergate with a dagger between his shoulders, pinned
down with the dagger was a crude note saying 'Brown guild was ere'.
This is in addition to another blue mage killed in a magical duel to
the west of the city before the end of 1277 by the well known
Brown mage Korn.

The Brown guild themselves have fared even worse over the early winter
weeks. A total of four brown elementalists were killed in the city, all
of them apparently through magical attack, this is despite the Brown
guilds refusal to allign any new focuses to brown spells. Fewer and fewer
brown mages venture out alone and the elementalist Barvonon Elvet whose
destruction of the blue mage 'Sumak' is beleived by some to be responsible
for the beggining of the trouble has not come out of the Brown guild
building for over two months.

Also this week two White elementalists were brutally assulted in their
home near Kingsgate. The two mages Elspeth and Daniel who are minor
members of the guild were beaten unconcious and had their eyes gouged out
by unknown assailants. Both survived and are in a stable condition in the
church of John the hospitaller. It is rumoured that the slogan 'Soon the
darkness will suffer no opposition' was scrawled across one wall in blood.

Also this week another of the Grusome and distinctive murders as
found outside the Greedy Goblin Tavern in the Autumn was commited in the
village of St Giles. Eyewitnesses who arrived before the city gaurd
cordened off the area report "Blood and guts strewn across the road".
The victim of this brutal crime was unidentifiable, who or what is
commiting the murders remains a mystery.

Other unrest in the city at the moment. An organisation calling itself
'Durholme freedom fighters' has been staging rallies across the city
calling for the expulsion of all non-humans, there are rumours that they
are related to the apparently xenaphobic assults commited on many elves
last autumn.

Priests of the church of Ishmund have been curfewed by Borquan Lafideas,
head of the citadel gaurd, after their rampant vigilanteism at the end of
1277. Lafideas has ordered that any priest of Ishmund found outside
after the 6th hour after noon is to be jailed until morning.

Ten knights of Morvana marched into the city from Esca yesterday to join
the rest of their breathen in the city. With them was a priestess
dressed in long robes and finery beleived to be an important member of
the order.

A caravan coming from Newcroft was ambushed this week. While this has not
been uncommon of late with the continued profusion of orcs and celts in
the area, no body from the raiding party was found while every member of
the caravan had died with an expression of terror on their face, yet not a
single wound was found upon them. Strangest of all the patrol that found
the caravan report that nothing seemed to have gone missing from it's
cravans goods.

Other news this week, messages were left pinned to the gates of the
citadel and every major temple in Durhole reading:

"I would have the people of Durholme know that I, as the most
powerfull master of demons and the undead in the whole of the northlands
demand that the authorities of this city and the High priests who hold
sway over the minds of its people should issue to me an unconditional
pardon for all crimes real or imagined which I may have commited. If this
is not done then you may live to regret it.
Golgul the Necromancer"

Lastly Whoraq Hellquencher high priest of Astolon has announced to the
city his intention to clear up the growing turmoil in Durholme and
Geraldine Missive high priestess of the seekers of knowlege has issued a
statement offering a reward for information on the dissapearance of the
seeker Esprar Thrawn last year.


18th January 1278

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large merchant caravan heavily guarded has just arrived in the city=20
accompanied by a man on horseback with 14 armed guards. They all wear=20
green with a large golden dragon as a crest. The caravan proceeded to=20
the markets whilst the man on horse back and his guards headed towards=20
the tmple of the Seeker's of knowledge. Rumour has it that the gentleman=
is the Earl of Wharncliffe a very rich nobleman and he is in Durholme=20
looking for adventurers. The only other time he has been known to leave=20
his lands before was for the trial of "Twee Merryweather" who escaped=20
after trying to murder him sometime last year.


23rd January 1278

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The city authorities have also arrested Sir Kylon Taravarvik for the
second time in two months. The charge is flagrently violating the curfew
that Borquan Lafideas has placed upon the Temple of Ishmund. He was
clearly witnessed in the Greedy Goblin (again).

The Green (!) elementalist 'Bran' was found burned to death this morning
by the river bank surrounded by a chared circle. Near the same spot a
scrap of red cloth covered in elementalist runes was found.

News is still rife in the city of the running battle that took place
between two unnamed priests in the village of St Giles two days ago.
The priests (unidentified) were said to foam at the mouth as they laid
into each other. All is known is that one belonged to the Circle of
Balance and he was slain by the other, apparantly an initate of Kerremar
who promptly died himself. Witnesses report that both were screaming at
each other about the council of churches.

Other news, the infamous Greedy Goblin Tavern saw several events this
week including the merchant-mage Khaniar newly arrived in the city
killing an unknown assailant and the attempted assassination of a
southern dwarf newly arrived in the city. A clue was also offered as to
who has is committing the grusome and distinctive murders around the city
over recent months. Patrons of the bar heard a gurgling scream outside
the tavern and upon investigation saw a cloaked figure in red rushing off
and a man on the floor (identified as one 'Demood') lying with his chest
ripped out. The Barbarian hero known only as 'BOTY' is said to have
chased and bravely wrestled the "thing" with his bare hands, and was
only thwarted when it dissapeared in his grasp.

Another Blue mage was attacked this week. The mage, one 'Randolf' was
hit by several firey missiles from a nearby rooftop, but dived into
cover and survived.

Also the Brown mage 'Semanfot Ouner' has his house burned down but was
away at a friends at the time. His cat 'Tiddles' was not so lucky.


24th January 1278

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Godolphin, the head of the Brown elementalist guild went on an official
visit to Durholme citadel to discuss ways of diffusing the trouble between
the elementalists guilds within the city with the Margrave Corrigan. It
is beleived another purpose of his visit was to discuss the safty of his
guild members. He was accompanied by ten fellow Brown mages, twenty hired
mercenarys and a compliment of city gaurd. On his return from the citadel
he was shot from a rooftop on his way down Bow lane towards Kingsgate.
His assailant fired a heavy crossbow armed with a rune metal tipped bolt
from the top of the Church of the Circle of Balance. The bolt stuck
Godolphin through the neck and he promptly exploded into fire.
Simultaneously, a firey being presumably an elemental appeared on said
rooftop, the assailant, who is described as a red humanoid dressed in
leathers promptly ran to the elemental and they both dissapeared, despite
numerous spells fired at them by the mages below. It is beleived that
Challis Blackamoor, former speaker for the Brown guild has already been
appointed the new head. The area around Kingsgate has been cordened off
by the city and no-one is being allowed in or out.

The organisation calling itself the Durholm Freedom Fighters have held a
huge rally today against all the non human residents of the city. To the
shock and horror of many Durholmers the heads of what appear to be
Dwarves were hoisted on stakes and shown off as prizes, and at one point
a passing white elf was mobbed and beaten to death by the crowd. Captain
Draconis of the city gaurd was forced to step in with a platoon of his
men to break up what was turning into a riot. Unsurprisingly both the
White elves and the dwarves are said to be furious and demanding immediate
action against the DFF.

Other News............................................................
-The Earl of Wharncliffe left the city today after hiring on a party of
adventures to recover a family heirloom.
The city is in turmoil, something has got to give........


25th January 1278

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Last night people around Durholme were thrown into further panic,
as a gentle red mist became visible across the nightime skies. The mist
is clearly at a high altitude, and slowly wafted across the sky. No
explanation has been offered by any of the elementalist guilds, although
people are linking its appearance to the assasination of the head of the
Brown Guild yesterday. Fears concerning the Iron Fortress are rife.

Over the past week the mysterious drain on elementalists has
worsened. Again, no explanation has been offered although the Seekers are
rumoured to be investigating the matter.

All elementalists are now 10% down on their maximam mana, with a minimum
loss of two points, although their spells still work correctly. This
applies to adventures as well as the interactive.


27th January 1278

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Several violent incidents occoured at the infamous Greedy Goblin tavern
two nights ago, first of all a set of well armed undead one of which
carried a flaming sword and all of whome were dressed in the livilry of
knights of the God Ishmund entered the building, pinned up a message
apparantly written by the dreaded necromancer Golgul and proceeded to
attack onlookers, the message was immediatly conviscated by the Seekers
who have not revealed the exact contents of the message, those who
saw it briefly beleive it was a re-iteration of the necromancers request
for a pardon. The skeletons are beleived to be the same ones that
rampaged across the countryside last autumn before mysteriously
dissappearing. How they got into the city is unknown. Also on that same
night, protesters from the growing organisation the DFF clashed with
patrons of said tavern, there was at least one arrest. Last of all some
patrons claim that a white faced man seen in the Goblin was actually a
vampire, if the rumour is true and what purpose a lord of the undead
could have in such a place is unknown.

Scouts riding fast into the city report that a huge winged beast was seen
breathing fire around the lands of the Akar, the beast seemed unable to
actually enter the lands but has burnt and destroyed many of the
surrounding villages. Whatever this creature is it is on it's way to
Durholme now.

After the arrests DFF members in the Greedy Goblin the city guards led by
Draconis managed to locate their meeting place. It was raided and a total
of 26 DFF members were taken for questioning, it is believed there are
other DFF members still at large in the city.

Other news................................................
-The party hired by the merchant-mage Khaniar left the city today,
beleived to be on a mission to locate one of the mages caravans.
-Borquan Lafideas, captain of the citadel gaurd today declared the
militant xenaphobic organisation the DFF outlawed, anyone openly
declaring allegence to it is now liable for arrest.
-Geraldine Missive, high priestess of the Seekers of knowlege
has announced that due to the turmoil presently raging in Durholme the
libraries of the Seekers are closed for general use untill further notice.


28th January 1278

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A large crowd gathered on palace green this morning to watch the Margrave
Corrigan, head of the merchant adventurers guild, custodian of the citadel
and supreme commander of the united allied armies of Durholme to announce
on behalf of the City Council, the Prince Bishop and the citys High
Priests that the dread Necromancer Golgul would not be receiving a pardon
from the city authorities and that if he should openly enter the gates of
Durholme again he would stand trial for crimes against the city and the

Meanwhile the affliction of power loss on the cities mages has worsened
with the lowest innitiates unable to cast any magic spells. None of the
elementalist guilds have as yet commented on the possible reason for this,
their silence is beleived to be due to the level of tension between many
of the guilds, and thus their reluctance to admit weakness.

As things stand members of neither the Blue or Brown guilds are openly
appearing on the city streets without armed escort. Even so the Brown
elementalist 'Enog Dnanib' was burned to death two nights ago in an
apparent arson attack on his home in the village of St Giles, and the Blue
elementalist 'Titog' was found blasted and blackened at the foot of the
Kingsgate late last week. Attacks on members of both guilds seem to have
become almost commenplace

More surprisingly, the Black elementalist Wharnag was found stabbed to
death near the entrance to Windishole gate this morning. On a nearby wall
was the slogan "Long live the white guild, death to the darkys" and his
body was smeared in white paint.

Borquan Lafideas head of the citadel gaurd appealed for calm in the city
after this last murder last and has formally warned both the Brown and the
Blue guilds that if there is not a cessasion of violence between the two
of them then both guilds will suffer 'dire consequences'.

Two important groups arrived in Durholme today. The first was a
delegation of 20 Dwarves arriving from lands in the deep south, with dark
tanned skin, the like of which is not seen in the local Dwarf kin, the
orogin of the Dwarves and their intention in the city is not yet known,
but a rumour is going around that they are looking for some powerfull
item. The second delegation was the entourage of the famous Glantrian
Merchant mage 'Khaniar'. Khaniar is allegadly moving into Durholme on a
permanent basis to escape from the trouble in his own country following
the pyrokin war. This will be a boost to the Red guild of whome Khaniar
is a practicing member.

Many peasants around the city answered the call of High Priest of Astolon
Whoraq Hellquencher this week after an appeal from his church to the cities
populace to repent for their sins. Many Durholmers have undergone
rituals of purification under the hands of the priests of the Law god.

Another caravan coming from the town of Newcroft to the north has been
attacked in a hideous and bizaar manner. As with the caravan last week,
all the caravan gaurds and drovers were found dead but without any trace
of physical wounds on their bodys, yet with expressions of horror on their
faces. Scouts that found the caravan say that they beleive the attack
took place two nights ago and that again nothing had been stolen.

The effect of the increased mana drain on mages is to lower everyones max
mana by 2 (rather than 1).


30th January 1278

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Disturbances outside the red guild were dispersed by the City Guard this
morning. Protestors claimed the Red Guild and the Pyrokin are responsible
for the increasingly red nightime sky over the past week. The whole of
the sky is now afflicted with a deep bloody red aura which now lingers
well into daylight. As yet no overt action has been taken by the City
authorities. Rumours abound, however, of a prophecy delivered by a Seer
in the Greedy Goblin inn, which fortold of this event.

The affliction of the mages of the City and outlying areas has worsened.
Even the experienced conjurors are finding their abilites failing them.
Reports say that the guilds of Newcroft are now similarly afflicted,
althought the effect is less severe. Elementalists are now a rare sight on
the City streets.

The Citadel Guard wish to speak with J'athaque Kal-Torath. He was last
seen leaving the City in the company of another Xambrian. The two
reportedly headed west.

The deputation of dwarfs that recently arrived from the south have let it
be known they seek a valuable axe known as 'Sharda'. The axe went
disappeared while in transit southwards on the return to Francia. A very
large reward will be paid for information leading to the return of the
artefact. Anyone able to help should see Gronak son of Hunric at the
temple of Kerremar.

All mages are now 20% off max mana, minimum of four points. Life's tough


2nd February 1278

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TIMELINE 2nd Febuary 1278

The turmoil in Durholme continues to increase, the atmosphere is one of
fear and disillusionment at a city apparantly out of control.

Warl Equinar, second in command at the blue guild of elementalists on
Wednesday morning took the drastic step of appealing the the people of the
city in the Market square to make peace with each other and return to the
solidarity that won Durholme the pyrokin war, he then moved on to denounce
his own guild for playing such a major part in the cities present chaos.
Before he had finished however an earth elemental of huge size burst
through the cobbles at his feet and battered him to death in front of the
cities populace dispite city gaurdsmen doing their best to help him.

Also yesterday morning member of the dwarven delegation looking for the
legendary axe Sharda was found murdered at the gates of the temple of
Kerremar, on him was a note proclaiming "No stunties in our city, humans
only". Also Sargent Sulpicius of the city gaurd was found badly beaten
last night after what is beleived to be a random act of violence
perpetrated by the DFF (Durholme Freedom Fighters).

More of the grusome bloodeagle murders, now beleived to be perpertrated
by some sort of wild demonic entity within the city have taken place.
Two Black elementalists were found after they went for a walk by the
river with their chests ripped out, an entire family from the north of
the city were found violently hacked to peices one morning three days ago
and a priest of Astolon was found near the Mathemagicians tower killed in
the same gorey manner.......right in the middle of the city!

The mysterious red 'Stuff' covering the sky has got even worse, Durholme
is now a deep crimson all through then night, some residents have been
sent mad with terror over what could be causing this. Some of the
citizenry are proclaiming that it is a punishment sent by the gods due to
Durholmes infighting, others blame the red elves.

More White elementalists were attacked in their homes and had their eyes
gouged in the last few days, one of them 'Norlock Whimsar' is beleived to
have discovered his attackers before they struck because neighbours say
they heard the crackle of magical energy within the walls of his house,
when the city gaurd arrived to investigate Norlock's body was a charred
and bloody heap. All the other elementalists attacked are beleived to
have survived.

In a shock move this morning Flenton Radock, the head of the Red
Elementalist guild announced that his guild was withdrawing from the
council of elements. Radock is beleived to have commented that the
council is there to produce unity and that until unity is acheived his
guild will have nothing to do with the council. The other guild leaders
have not as yet offered comment. This move puts all the guilds in an
extreamly tenuos position.

Also this week a huge reptilian creature proberly a legendary dragon has
been seen wheeling in the sky near the city, the idea of a dragon after
all the cities other problems has sent many citizens into a state of
great dispair.

Other News.........................................................
-Another bizaar incident occoured in the Greedy Goblin Tavern last night,
amazed onlookers watched as what seemed like some sort of Demon appeared
in a puff of smoke and proceeded to attack the patrons. By random
coincidence several of the cities most highly trained fighters were on
hand to dispatch the creature.
-Reports coming in from the settlements to the east of the city reporting
that a large number of the miners who work in the pits in those
settlements are going missing and are asking for Durholmes help in
whatever is causing the dissapearances.
-An adventuring group hired on by Prince Bishop Hatfield himself is
beleived to have left the city in great urgency last night, which of the
cities numerous problems it was sent to deal with is unknown.
-The Churches of Humact and the Circle of Balance have agreed a joint
venture to patrol the city at night for undead.

This in truly a Winter of Discontent in the city of Durholme.


7th February 1278

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The red aura that had been surrounding the city for many weeks
evaporated on Sunday, bringing some consolation to the cities fightened
populace. The next day the party of adventurers led by Grimnere of the
Circle of Balance arrived back in the city. They reported having
averted a great threat to the world in the form of a gate between this
world and the legendary plane of Gehenna.

The sky maybe blue again but beneath it Durholme is still a city of chaos.

Very few blue elementalists have been seen outside their guild building
over the past few days, and members of the nearby Mercenarys guild report
seeing several explosions from within the buildings since the weekend.
Those few blue mages who have been seen speak of a rebellion against the
head of the guild Varnon Speak and all out war within the guild itself.
Meanwhile a group of Brown elementalists lead by the infamous mage Korn
attacked the blue guild outright, causing much damage and collapsing
totally one out building before leaving when some minimal resistance was
offered by the squabbling blue mages.

Also this week a group of over twenty thugs attacked the Red
elementalist guild building, throwing stones and flasks of oil at it
until the red mages responded with powerfull magic. The thugs were
being led by a tall man dressed in billowing white robes who threw at
least one spell himself before retreating.

The banned organisation called the DFF held a demonstration in the
village of St Giles yesterday, when the city gaurd arrived to deal with
the situation it errupted into a riot which was only put down after two
hours of violent confrontation. Then last night a group of blue elves
attacked and burned down several buildings in the village, the buildings
they struck at are rumoured to be safehouses of the DFF.

The dead body of a red elementalist was found propped up against the red
guildhouse this morning. Pinned to his chest with a dagger was the note
below to the head of the red guild with a scrawled message beneath
it. The red guild have not revealed the contents of the message

Rumours of a skirmish taking place between members of the church of
Kerremar and members of the Black elementalists guild abound after the
priests apparantly found the mages performing some sort of ritual on a
statue near their temple.

A group of five bodies all badly scorched and lacerated with what appear
to be claw marks were found outside the city. Scouts reported that the
victims were body guards for a blue mage priest from foreign lands who
was entering the city to contact the the mage priest Zephyr. There was no
sign of the elf.

There have been several fights between members of the Black and White
elementalist guilds throughout the city, many of the elementalists appear
to be randomly attacking each other without provocation. For his part the
head of the black elementalists guild 'Cormallion, lord of Nether'
publicly denounced one of his own mages beleived to be involved in the
fighting before personally destroying him with devastating magics.

Other news..........................................................
-Rangers coming in from the wilds around Durholme report that they have
found scores of wolf bodies charred and clawed in different parts of the
-There has been a lot of Sylph activity in and around the city. They do
not appear to be hostile and when approached simply disappear. There
are rumours in the city that they are in some how linked to the war
between the blue mages. Most of the sylphs appear to be small but
there has been reports of several larger specimens turning up.
All effects of the mana drain on elementalists ceased with the
evaporation of the red aura on Sunday.


8th February 1278

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Lord High Chief Justice Trenchant today announced on behalf of the city
council that Durholme was to go into a State of Emergency with Extreme
Enforcement. Simultaneously to this several squadrons of city gaurd and
citadel gaurd marched out from palace green accompanied by priests of
Astolon, god of law to occupy strategic buildings around the city. Units
of citadel gaurd lead by Borquan Lafideas have moved into both the Brown
and Blue (what's left of it) elementalist guilds. Challis Blackamoor of
the brown guild and the battered Varnon Speak leader of the blue guild
have both been taken with several of their closest followers to the
citadel where they are being detained. At the same time city gaurd moved
into and occupied both the black and white elementalist guilds and their
leaders are considered to be under house arrest.

On the orders of the Margrave Corrigan all the leaders of the DFF under
detension in Durholme jail were publicly hanged in the town square this
afternoon. While this was done over a hundered gaurdsmen moved into the
village of St Giles where they conducted house to house searches looking
for any other members of the DFF who may still be hiding there. There
were several arrests and those who resisted were immediatly executed by
Draconis, captain of the city gaurd.

Many citizens openly baring arms have been detained for questioning and
there are random spot cheaks going on for anyone suspected of treason or
breach of the peace. Two men have been dragged out of a house near the
clay gate and also hung by the gaurd it is believed that they may have
been the heads or high up members of the Durholme thieves guild.

The gaurd presence on the streets is massive, and there is constant
survailance for trouble, the gaurdsmen are backed up by priests of Astolon
and mages from the grey elementalists guild.

And for some reason Durholme is becoming extremely windy.

The following message appeared around the city this morning.
'Dear Citizens of Durholme of All races, colours and creeds,

Coming soon to a street corner near you will be a new exciting drinking
establishment like you have never seen before. Come and experience the wonders
of Drow cooking, the marvelous black beers from the depths of the Web. Marvel
at the exploits of one of Durholme finest men the Noble Sir Segallion. Be
amazed by the skills of the expert Scout Linnet Yellowhammer. Have all
ailments cured and fortunes told by our resident Witches. Also take part in
our opening night festivities and competitions including the famous Drow game
of Spider Bobbing. Bring your friends and neighbours of all shapes, sizes and
colours and let us together make this the most harmonious Inn in Durholme.

Be a part of the incrowd on the night of the 23rd February and have the night
of your life. If you miss it you will regret it.

Remember the name 'The Brollock Inn' soon to be the newest and hotest nightspot
in Durholme. Dedicated to the memory of those who died helping to put it there.


The Management.
Elkantar of the Noble House Hyrrin, Sir Segallion of Durholme, Dannad of the
Web, Linnet Yellowhammer.'
Other news............................................................
-The Sodclod goblin tribe of the hills to the west of the city were
found massacred by scouts yesterday, every member had been burned and
rent by the claws of some massive beast in a similar way to the wolves
found near the city earlier in the week.
-There has been continued hightened sylph activity in and around the city
even after the effective end of the civil war in the blue guild, no one
has any idea of what could be causing the phenomenon.


14th February 1278

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The heavy gaurd presence in and around Durholme continues, now mainly
directed by the Priests of Astolon, God of Law and there have been several
executions of citizens from crimes ranging from grevious bodily harm to
failure to assist gaurdsmen with their inquiries. Despite this there has
still been several one-off incidents of civil disturbance.

Some sort of magical battle took place on Friday night in an abandoned
shack to the west of the city, no-one is sure what occoured, but several
black mages were arrested by a compliment of city gaurd who arrived at the
scene of the fight as soon as it started. Rumour has it they were tipped
off. Also at the scene was Father Gunther High Priest of Humact, who was
also arrested on suspicion of being a member of the DFF! The bodies of
two other Humact were recovered from the scene. Following this incident
city gaurdsmen arrested both Cormallion 'Lord of Nether', head of the
Black guild, previously under house arrest and Kurvon Danon, head of the
Kerremanian church, both are being held the citadel. Father Gunther has
since been released, but Borquan Lafideas captain of the citadel gaurd
announced afterwards that ALL Black elementalists are forthwith confined
to their guild building until further notice.

A terrible chariot of bone crashed through the city perimeter on Saturday
evening, the chariot carved out of the bones of some giant creature and
pulled by skeletal horses trampled peasants as the ghoulish creature
driving it screamed the praises of the necromancer Golgul. The chariot
stopped and unloaded the mutilated body of what appeared to be a Prince
Bishops Man, on it was a note reading 'A pardon OR ELSE'. The chariot
then took off out of the city pursued by a howling group of Humacti warriors.

There has been several more of the now infamous blood-eagle murders in the
city, the victims both agricultural workers were attacked at night and
their remains were found left for the crows the next morning. Despite the
huge gaurd presence and stamping out of any hint of crime within the city
little has been done to find the culprit of these murders.

A large number of peasants from around the city have moved right inside
the city center and are now camped around Durholmes walls, it is believed
they have come to enjoy the increased security in the city. The camps
are being patrolled by priests of Astolon who are continually using their
magic to heal and protect these people.


14th February 1278 +

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Whorak Hellquencher, High Priest of Astolon has made a short speech to an
assembled crowd in the Market square, surrounded by his own priests Whorak
announced the full and complete pardon of the necromancer Golgul for all
crimes real or imagined and the revoking of all rewards offered for his
capture or death. He announced that Golgul should he choose to return to
Durholme would have all the rights of every other citizen and should any
choose to assult him they will find the full power of holy Astolon 'Lord
of the books' and the law enforcement agencies in Durholme against them.
Whorak stepped down leaving a stunned and silenced crowd........
I would just like to say on behalf of the refs BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA......


16th February 1278

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At 8.00pm Wednesday 15th February the Church of Astalon announced that
Durholem was henceforth a theocracy, with all temporal and spiritual
power accorded to the church of Astalon. The Council of Churches had been
disbanded and all those of other denominations must surrender their
weapons and accompany the Priests of Astalon to their temple for rituals
of purification. The authority of the Prince Bishop was annuled. Any
showing loyalty to the Prince Bishop were guilty of high treason,
punishable by immediate execution.

In the wake of the Astalonic coup the city is in turmoil. Throughout the
night running battles have rampaged around the City Gates, as the priests
of Astalon and their demonic aids succeeded in finally sealing the city
gates. Particularly fearce fighting occured at Prebends bridge where it
is thought a small band, led by Grimnir of the Circle of Balance,
Brother Xadrack of Humact, and J'athaque Kal-Torath, managed to
force a passage to the Church of Circle of Balance.

Attendees of the Council of Churches from the previous night are still
not wholy accounted for. Sigmund Esteroth and Father Gunthor are both
alive, having escaped to their respective Churches in the confusion. The
representatives of the Circle of Balance, of Kerremar, the Seekers,
and St.John, however, are believed to have perished. The two survivors
have claimed Whoraq Hellquencher, when his claim to the Presidency of the
Council of Churches was refuted, declared the Council was disbanded and
all on it were under arrest for High Treason. When the council resisted,
Whoraq Hellquencher transformed into the largest demon either had ever

Casualties in the City Guard have been high, with some estimates putting
the death toll over one hundred. Many innocents have also perished in the
street battle of the previous night. On palace Green a great pyre is visible,
where the priests are burning the corpses of City and Citadel Guards who
have perished.

The Citadel still holds out within the City itself, albeit beseiged by
the demonic forces of Astalon. Borquan Lafideas and Draconis are believed
to be trapped therein: the fate of Justice Trenchant, arrested for High
Treason by the priests of Astalon yesterday afternoon is unknown.

To compound the crisis reports from Durholme Rangers have told of a
large undead army moving down from the north. The horde is said to be
lead by the Necromancer Golgul and to be of not inconsiderable size.
Rumour has it that Golgul himself accompanies the army riding in an
skeletal chariot driven by a spectre.

Other events include the ransack of the scouts Guild yesterday eveing by
City Guard under orders from the Church of Astalon. The potions taken
were surrendered to the Church, and a few have been found on slain
priests and followers : most remain unaccounted for and are presumebly
in the hands of Whoraq Hellquencher and his closest cohorts.

The moves to suppress the coup began this morning. The Margrave Corrigan
accompanied by an escort of Prince Bishops men arrived at 11.00am to
supervise the forces remaining loyal to the City. The churches remaining
outside the City walls including Kerremar, Ishmund and Morvana have all
offered their aid as has the council of elements. The Act of the Durholme
militia has also been invoked to deal with the threat posed by Golgul.

More Later.....
the refs


16th February 1278 b

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PRINCE BISHOP HATFIELD has arrived in Durholme. The carriage of the
Prince Bishop arrived at 3.00 pm this afternoon, accompanied by an
episcopal guard and 12 more Prince Bishops men. Following the Prince
Bishop was the Auckland militia levy. Contrary to popular belief Prince
Bishop Hatfield is in good health and at present he is involved in
consultation with the Margrave Corrigan concerning the plan of assault.

The Church of Astalon has shown its continued defiance by dangling a corpse
of a Prince Bishops man from the Kings Gate. Prince Bishop Hatfield is said to
be very very angry....

More reports have arrived confirming the presence of Golgul's force to
the north. At present the undead horde appears to be waiting on events
around the City.



16th February 1278 c

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The forces of the Prince Bishop have moved against the Church of Astalon
in a three-pronged attack. A large force of Prince Bishops men, City
Guard and various religous orders succeeded in breaching the City
defences at the Water Gate. Simultaneously the remaining troops in the
Citadel under Draconis and Borquan Lafideas sallied forth, as did the
small band who had taken refuge in the Temple of the Circle of Balance.
In a short, but extremely bloody battle, complete control over the City
was regained by the forces of the Prince Bishop. The Temple of Astalon,
where the last priests of Astalon were holed up, was stormed by the Prince
Bishops men and episcopal guard.

Mopping up operations continue across the countryside. Most of
the peasents under the influence of the Church of Astalon have been
discovered to be affected by some form of Befriend of Beguile. A few have
unfortunately been subjected to demonic possesion, and have been killed
by City authorities. Most are very confused by what has happened.

Inside the Temple of Astalon were found Lord High Chief Justice Trenchant
and the Astalon knight Beret. Both were in the cellars of the temple and
had been subject to torture and, in the case of Beret, prolonged lack of
food. Beret has been taken away by the city authorities for questioning.

The Temple of Astalon has been completely sealed off and placed under
guard by the Circle of Balance and the Prince Bishops men. Only Dr.Jones
of the Seekers of Knowledge, has been granted admission, to assist the
City with their investagtions. The holy items found on the dead priests
have been discovered to be almost devoid of spirit. A number of potions
from the scouts guild have also been recovered, but most of the more
valuable potions still remain undiscovered.

The representatives of the Churches of Kerrermar, The Seekers and the
Circle of Balance who attended the ill-fated Council of Churches meeting
have all been found dead. The Representatives of St.John and the Sun God
were miraculously saved by Andoric of Kerrermar who performed the famous
death-charge, allowing these two to escape.

In the aftermath of the coup however all is not well. Whoraq
Hellquencher, or rather the demon residing in his body, is unaccounted
for. He has been described as a huge black and red creature surrounded by
noxious black smoke and which smells disticntly of brimstone. Although
many priests of Astalon lie dead or have been carried away by the river a
few have other seem to have escaped with Whoraq.

No explaination for these clamitous events has been yet offered by the

Message from the refs
-THE FINAL SOLUTION takes place on the 4th of March. This is the 3rd year
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24th February 1278

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The atmosphere in Durholme has calmed down since the insurrection of the
church of Astolon last week. The city has only now finished clearing up
after the running battles that raged through it's streets a week ago.
Overall casualties are estimated at a little under 1000, most of those
citizens who had been corrupted by the church of Astolon in
"purification" rituals over the last few months. More notable victims
of the insurrection include Morva, high priestess of Morvana visiting the
city, the head Circle of Balance, and the Kerremanian representative to
the Council of churches.

Due to their help in defending the citadel in which they were interned
during the attack by the Astolonites the heads of the Black and
Brown elementalist guilds have been allowed back to their guild buildings
and Kurvon Danon high priest of Kerremar has been allowed back to his
temple, the head of the white guild has been taken out of house arrest.

The church itself has been closed off by a complement of citadel gaurd
while seekers of knowlege investigate the remains. Rumour has it that
the priests of Astolon who survived to flee the city took with them many
of the temples archives, archives which the city authorities would now be
extremely interested to examine.

Other news, a caravan entering the city on Tuesday reported nearly a
dozen mutilated ork bodies on the road from Jorvik. While the bodies bore
no obvious marks on their torsos and limbs all the flesh had been removed
from the skulls, inside and out. All the skulls were scorched, as if by
fire, and some scorch marks bore close resemblance to human hand prints.

Prince Bishop Hatfield has announced that he will be holding a banquet
this very night to celebrate his return to health and the ending of the
troubles that have plauged the city all winter. It is expected that
dignitaries and guildleaders from across the north will attend.



6th March 1278

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A party of warriors was sent out after what remained of the unholy church
of Astolon this weekend on the orders of the Prince Bishop himself who
reportedly demanded "The head of Whorak Hellquencher" at his banquet last
week. After a series of large battles the remaining forces under the
control of the church were vanquished and the high priest Whorak was
slain. Bishop Hatfield has received the head as requested.

The city is more quiet than it has been all winter and a new feeling of
security has settled across the populace. Adding to this is the rumour
that the elf formerly known as Darvik Pherouch, now apparently called
Darvik Maberan struck some sort of a peace deal with the Prince Bishop at
the Banquet and that there will be no further hostilities between the
pyrokin and Durholme.

Stories of a powerful vampire being spotted in some of the seedier
taverns around the city persist, several eyewitnesses report a standoff
between the vampire and Father Gunther of the Humacti himself in the red
Warlock a few days ago. What purpose such a creature could have in such
places is entirely unknown.

There have been more sitings of the Necromancer Golgul near the city, but
the large force of undead reportedly massing near Durholme around the time
of the insurrection of Astolon seem to have disappeared. Whether Golguls
presence is linked to the priests of Astolon fleeing the city is not
Cor! All is at peace and the good guys appear to have won. It was almost
to easy was'nt it..................................


26th April 1278

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your friendly refs have already swung into action and are thinking of
new ways to rule the world as I write.

TIMELINE 26th April 1278

After the turmoil of guild wars and unholey insurrection during the winter
of discontent the city of Durholme has seen over a month of peace. The
elementalists have apparantly settled their differences and everything has
calmed down. The city is still in a state of marshall law, however the
extreme law enforcement imposed by chief Justice Trenchant last Febuary has
been suspended.

The Blue elementalist guild, half destroyed by internal squabbling and
rouge brown mages is under reconstruction, relations between the Brown
and Blue guilds are still described as icey and few members of either
guild are seen alone without a bodygaurd. The new leadership within
the Blue guild have warned that the guilds ex-head Varnon Speak is
still at large and beleived to be in a state of "extreme derangement with
psycotic tendencies".

The Seekers of Knowlage have officially finished their investigation into
the ruins of the church of Astolon masterminded by Dr Sunderland Jones
and the building has been boarded up, it has yet to announced if it will
be put to some new purpose. Many of the artifacts that dissapeared with
the fleeing priests are as yet unrecovered.

His Divine Highness Prince Bishop Hatfield held a special celebration
parade and day of feasting at the beggining of April to mark his victory
over the preists of Astolon, it was declared on official holiday all
across the city and surrounding lands and was intended to draw a line
under Durholmes recent troubles.

The legendary immortal warrior Albanac has been seen in the city several
times within the last few weeks, what the crusader against the terrible
demon the Brollican beleived slain last summer could be doing in the city
is unknown.

A strange celt going by the name of 'Slasher' has been seen cruising many
of the cities seedier taverns picking fights with various street toughs,
it is rumoured that he has bragged about how he intends to fight and kill
the berzerker BOTY.

Finally the recently founded 'Brolloc Inn' set up by a group of drow along
with the knight Sir Segallion is doing roaring trade, taking buissiness
away from their rivals 'The Greedy Goblin' and 'The Red Warlock'. The
chewy spiders are said to be a particular hit with the punters.

IMPORTANT, Ian McRedie wants in character backgrounds from all Third year
goodbyers who have not as yet supplied one, or you will not have a good
reason to save the world now will you!


3rd May 1278

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Things in Durholme continue to be quiet, a party sent out by the Merchant
mage Khaniar to rescue his kidnapped son returned at the weekend but were
arrested just outside the city by the city gaurd on suspicion of being
involved with the outlawed evil cult of Sourdan who kidnapped the son in
the first place. They were all later released and it is not clear weather
they were succesfull or not.

There have been reports of fighting between the cult os Sourdan and
members of the church of the Circle of Balance just outside the city
although this is as yet unconfirmed.

The body of the notorious gangster "Thrandock Carvemup" who has been in
hiding from the city aurthorities for several years now was found
disimbowled outside the personal residence of Borquan Lafideas this
morning, Captain Lafideas was reportadly delighted at finding the remains
and commented that whoever killed him had not come forward and claim the
large reward that was on Thrandocks head.

Also this week the bodies of three warriors known to be the bodygaurds of
the wealthy "Trader in used goods" Rezeeg Yemils were found face up in
the river with knifes in their backs, Rezeeg himself has not been seen since

Very quiet (for Durholme), very suspicious.............


10th May 1278

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A huge explosion rocked the city this morning and plumes of smoke have
been rising up from the hill all day, the center of the commotion is the
Blue elementalist guild which appears to have been partly destroyed in
some kind of magical blast. Guild mages and helpers have been fighting
the fires caused by the explosion all day, bits of shrapnel were sprayed
all over the hill landing on the Mercenary guild, the Red and White
guilds and the Temple of the Seekers of Knowlage. The cause of the
explosion has not yet been established.

Also this week the priest "Idracab", once outcast and traitor to the
church of Astolon has re-entered the city for the first time in nearly a
year after his previous banishment. He has been in conference with the
Margraive Corrigan all week and their is a rumour that he is requesting
permission to re-open the ruined temple.

Trade in the city appears to be booming, with the debts incurred over
the war period last year being paid off more rapidly than ever
expected. This suggests a rapid expansion in Durholme's economy. Crime
however is a different matter, during the near anarchy that gripped the
city this Winter the background level of minor crime was very low
indeed but with the renewed peace in the city numbers of thefts burglaries
and assults have risen dramatically.

Other News........................
-The famous explorer Dr Sunderland Jones has been gripped by fits and
shivering while confined to the temple of John the hospitaller this week.
The priestesses of the temple say that Dr Jones should be well again in
time for his regular visit to the tavern tonight. -The Beserker BOTY has
slain his rival "Slasher McNasty" in a bar brawl that took place in the
Greedy Goblin last week. Shockingly though onlookers report that the
famous Berserker had to resort to cheating to beat his opponent. There
is speculation he was just trying to impress his wife, who was present at
the time. Tut-tut-tut.


18th October 1278

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At the weekend, Gwydion, the lieutenant of the notorious Golgul
was successfully captured and brought back alive, he is now being
carefully questioned about the whereabouts of his dark master, if he
survives the questioning there will be a trial.
Many people have been talking about a bright light seen moving
across the sky at speed on the evening of July the 3rd, astrologers say
it may have some importance now. Villagers to the north of Durholme
claim something landed near their village but after a brief search the
local militia claimed this to be untrue.
The great generosity of Helmton Valgaurd (resident wealthy merchant of
Durholme) has again been demonstrated this week as he donated a large sum
of money to the church of Humact. This will be used to ensure that
their warriors are well equipped to counter the evil menace of
necromancers and the undead.
The Temple of the Seeker's of Knowledge was broken into last
night, the alarm was raised but the intruders managed to escape before
their identity was discovered. It is believed they were trying to open a
vault where several magical items that the Seeker's are investigating
were being kept. Nothing was taken. If anyone has any information
please report to the militia, this is another in the series of recent
break ins. It is almost as if there is a large amount of organised
crime in Durholme rather than the clumsy one off burglaries of previous
The church of Astalon is offering a large reward for anyone who
can bring them "Bob" or "whitey", the black elementalist, to them. He is
wanted for murder in the Greedy Goblin last wednesday. Several posters
giving a description of the villan are round Durholme.
The race of magical mountain "elves", or Akar, have been seeking
sanctuary in the city after the magical protection over their lands was
taken down last week, this has given rise to a new wave of protests by
the Durholme Freedom Fighters.
Many people have been complaining about the plague of mice, mice
in varying stages of decomposition have been appearing in strange places,
it is rumoured that the Prince Bishop himself was mightily disturbed at
finding one in his soup on monday. The Seeker's of Knowledge say they
don't know of anything like this happening before but they believe it to
be due to some sort of magical interference.



26th October 1278

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Last Friday the border post on the Jorvik road was attacked by a small
group of men, apparently led by a Black elementalist, resulting in the
deaths of most of the border guards. The attackers were last seen heading
north into the lands of Durholme.
Several hours later a small party of troops from the city of Jorvik
arrived at the border post claiming to be in pursuit of a dangerous
fugitive from their city - a Black elementalist by the name of Carstein.
The Prince Bishop has granted permission for several of the Jorvik
soldiers, accompanied by a lance of the Prince Bishop's Men, to continue
their pursuit within Durholme lands.
The church of the Circle of Balance this week claim to have
struck a decisive blow against the powers of Sourdan, restoring the
Balance to the west of Durholme.
A small blackened human form was discovered this week on the roof
of a building near the Temple of the Seeker's of Knowledge. The
alchemist's Guild studied the remains and stated that they were human and
had been burnt in some intense flame, the corpse having probably lain
undiscovered for the past week or more. Another similar corpse was found
this morning lying in a pile of fresh straw at a stables. Anyone with
any information on these crimes or missing friends or family please
report to the militia.
The church of Astalon and the militia are still searching for the
murderer Bob, anyone holding information to his whereabouts will be well
rewarded by the church.
Five people thought to be members of the thieves guild were
captured on monday, this is the first breakthrough into the guild for
several months. It is suspected there is an informer somewhere, however
before they could be questioned, two of the men were found dead with
cross-bow bolts through their heads.
Several merchant caravans have now gone missing, they have
disappeared without trace, no bodies of the mercenaries guarding the
caravans or the merchants themselves have been found. This is becoming
serious as many caravans travelling to several locations including
Newcroft have vanished. Merchants are becomming increasingly worried.
The Durholme Freedom Fighters broke into the building that the
city provided for sanctuary for the Akar, they pinned down several of the
Akar (who still remain mysterious, no one is quite sure what they are,
they are often known as mountain elves), and branded them with the
initials DFF whilst taunting them with racial remarks, the militia
arrived before most of the Akar were hurt. The Akar are very upset about
the incident and a member of their council (the Zi) spoke about trying to
find a home with the brown elves who are woodland creatures more like
Early tuesday morning a large group left the city in an attempt
to hunt down the necromancer Golgul, it seems that his lieutenant Gwydion
under duress gave the location of Golgul's whereabouts. The group
consisted of several Circle of Balance priests and knights, a large group
of Humacti lead by Father Gunther, several elemantalists and various
other mercanaries and hangers on.



26th October 1278 b

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News came back into the city yesterday evening that the party who
went out to challenge Golgul at Esh Winning failed. Over half the
remaining members since the war of the church of Humact were wiped out as
they charged into battle against the undead, the circle of balance also
lost huge numbers meaning that both these powerful churches have their
numbers reduced to the smallest level in years. Not only did the Humacti
and the Circle of Balance loose most of their best fighters and high
ranking priests but the heads of both churches are reported to have
fallen during the battle. A few elementalists survived and used their
remaining magics to gate out taking with them the bodies of Father
Gunther (the head of the Humacti), the head of the Circle of Balance, and
a few others so that their bodies wouldn't be left for Golgul to raise,
but they hadn't enough power left to bring everyone back. Also managing
to escape the slaughter was the Prince Bishop's witch-hunter (Jathaca
whose name we can't spell). Upon returning to the city it was found that
the heads of both Humact and Circle of Balance were infact just alive,
the city awaits to hear if they will recover or not. Rumour says that
Jathaca is standing by ready to carry out a ressurect should it be
necessary, but the Humact may not appreciate having the head of their
church resurrected!
Upon hearing the news Sir Kate and several morvanan knights,
Kylon and a large number of the temple of Ishmund, Sunderland Jones of
the Seekers and a few remaining circle of Balance people left at great
speed for Esh Winning to try and face Golgul and bring back any dead.
They arrived back early this morning in very bad tempers having found no
trace of all the dead or Golgul and his minions at Esh Winning. This
seems to be the last straw and many people are pledging to destroy Golgul
once and for all or die in the attempt!
A ceremony for the Humact and Circle of Balance deaths will be
held as soon as the fate of the heads of the churches is known.


28th October 1278

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Father Gunthor, Head of the church of Humact came round late
yesterday but is very week and has been drained by some of Golgul's
creatures he came across, he is refusing to talk about the failed attempt
on the Necromancer. Unfortunately, Morrode Blackwith, Head of the Circle
of Balance passed away due to his wounds, at the request of the church he
was resurrected by J'athaque, the Prince Bishop's witch-hunter and is
slowly recovering.
The Circle of Balance are holding a memorial service this morning
for their dead, in the afternoon they will be meeting to choose a
representative to stand in until Morrode recovers, this is an important
decision as the person they choose will also be Head of the Council of
Churches. The Church of Humact held a celebration for their
many members who died gloriously fighting against the evils of
necromancy, unfortunately some of the late Humact appeared at the Church
as zombies which spoiled the event somewhat, it seems Golgul has a dark
sense of humour. It took several people to restrain Father Gunthor,
despite his wounds, who had been carried to the service. The Church of
Humact have made no comment as to whether someone will be standing in for
Gunthor or not.


1st November 1278

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More caravans have disappeared in the Durholme area without
trace. People are starting to question the ability of the mercenaries
guild to provide adequate guards for merchant caravans. Anyone with any
information about the missing caravans should contact the head of the
mercenaries guild who will reward them handsomely.

A message to the city from the church of the Circle of Balance
reads as follows:

I thank everyone for their good wishes, and hope to return to
duty (at least in a limited capacity) as soon as possible. I pray that the
person appointed to stand in for me receives good guidance from The Balance, and
that all the people in Durholme support him/her in his/her efforts to reunite
the Council of Churches.
I also swear that I shall not rest until Golgul
is made to pay for his crimes against The Balance and the people of this land,
and I increase the reward on his head.
I remain in service of the Balance,
High Reverend Holiness Morode Blackwith, Priest-Ambassador of the Circle of
Balance to the Prince Bishop of Durholme, the Merchant Adventurers' Guild and
the Kingdom of Brancepeth, Emissary to Newcroft, Missionary to the Celtic
wastes, Member of Durholme City Council and Head of the Council of Churches.

Two more burnt corpses have been found in the city in different
places. They both display the now characteristic features of being burnt
in an intense flame so that only a blackened doll like form about 4ft
high remains. Again, there was no fire damage to the surroundings and
the Grey Guild say that there was no magical residue. The bodies are
completely unrecogniseable, if anyone is missing family or friends could
they please report it to the militia.

Over the past week people in the city of Durholme have been
having disturbed nights and troubled sleep. This has happened to such a
huge percentage of the Durholme population that it is starting to be
questioned. Many people also claimed that it went beyond not being able
to sleep and that they'd actually suffered from vivid nightmares and were
trying to avoid having to go back to sleep. If anyone can think of
something that may be causing this please tell your theories to the
Seeker's of Knowledge. The head of the Seeker's, Geraldine Fitzwilliam,
claims she has never seen or heard anything like it, but she will ask
Sunderland Jones to see if there are any records of similar events in the

Thomas Muckleworth, a militia man, was found to have killed
himself by hanging yesterday. However, an observant PB man who was at
the scene pointed out the large T rune branded on Thomas' face which made
things look suspect. A priest was brought in to question the body as the
murder of a member of the militia is a serious matter. Nothing could be
found out, someone had already laid the body to rest. The militia
refused to answer questions, some believe that the thieves are
retaliating for their members who were captured last week, others think
that the militia found a thief informer in their midst and decided to
make an example of him.

Well see you all at the interactive, as people in Durholme have been
having nightmares and trouble sleeping, if your character was in the city
over the last week it's quite likely that they've been suffering too.
Time to bring in sleeping potions, scouts!


8th November 1278

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A statement was posted around the city yesterday from Idracab the
high priest of Astalon. the contents of the message were:-

If the mage known as Bob or Whiteface is truely repentant for his
crimes, as he has claimed in the past, and if he wishes to return to the
favour of the church he must present himself at the temple of Astalon in
a penetant manner. A suitable punishment has been decided by the
priesthood and Astalon so that he can be truely set free of his crimes.
If Bob decides to redeem himself then the priests of Astalon have all
sworn to protect him from all but the punishment that Astalon has seen
fit to provide. This I swear upon the holy relics of the church is true
and may Astalon bear witness to my statement.


In an incident that is believed to be related the Goblin known as
Stab and the kennda known as Teasel were both released from the city
dungeons on Friday. They are believed to have been questioned about the
previous conduct of Bob and about his possable hideout. Both seemed to
have been treated well and to have enjoyed the incident. There are
apparently some interesting shiney things and fungi in the city dungeons.
A successful prosecution for unfair trading was brought against
Antonius Bek a well known spice merchant this week. It has long been
rumored that Antonius has been giving short measure to all but his noble or
richest customers. The charge was brought by Frederick Cooper the
landlord of the New Inn but it is believed that the cost of the case was
met by an unknown benifactor. Lord chief justice Trenchant who presided
over the case handed down a fine of 50 crowns. Frederick is said to be
happy with the verdict but is annoyed at the lack of conviction in the
Those near the Circle of Balance temple on Monday night heared a
great disturbance. When all the shouting had died down it became clear
that an ex-priest that had died in the failed attempt on Golgul had
returned as a White. The beast was finally destroyed by the priests at
the gate after reinforcements arrived from inside the temple. A message
from Golgul was found after the incident. It is believed to have been
intended for Morrode. The message said:- Morrode I find your threats
hollow and unconvincing. Last time we met you did not seem concerned at
my activities and your friends seemed to have enjoyed my company. I look
forward to our next meeting and do bring along that wonderful circle of
A statement was issued by the Humact church yesterday saying that
the High priest of humact Father Gunthor will be retiring from his position
and will be replaced by a new High priest that is believed to be
travelling up from Winchester. No comment has been heard directally from
Father Gunthor and there was no reason given for his retirement. Nobody
from outside the church has seen Gunthor since he was injured.



8th November 1278 b

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(sorry I found some more stuff!)
Geraldine Missive of the Seeker's of Knowledge has declared that
she belives the recent burnt corpses to be related to coded messages
appearing round the city. The Seeker's have translated the messages and
seek further information. They read as follows:

"Something will shortly be in our hands, let the rebirth begin,
lord val."

"Destroy Kurtz, he knows of my identity and the item and must
not be allowed to pass this information on to anyone. Let the rebirth
begin, lord val."

As Kurtz was known to us we would like to reach him before anyone
else does, if anyone has any information please let us know. Has anyone
heard of a lord Val?
Geraldine Missive

Last thursday two villages were destroyed by unknown assailants, the
Seekers found that on exposed bones there were several odd carvings.
More disturbingly was the fact that a similar body was found in the area
around the Greedy Goblin yesterday.


15th November 1278

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A caravan was attacked yesterday on the road from Jorvik.
Several bodies were found, their exposed bones strangely marked, but not
all the caravan guards have been accounted for. The caravan is rumoured
to have been carrying an item of value belonging to the Grey
elementalists guild - the well known elementalist Rhoquerillioan Rhaul
was, apparently, particularly upset by the news.
Last friday, Lord Glenfiddich and his bodyguard were murdered
just off the road to Jorvik by a group of bandits with the aid of a perty
of adventurers from Durholme. His son has tracked down the group and was
reported to have been seen yesterday in the city.
The Mathemagician's tower was reported to have been open for two
days, during the time it looked different but has now returned to
normal. Three people entered, Sunderland Jones of the Seekers of
Knowledge, Kylon of the church of Ishmund and Sir Kate, Knight of
Morvana. They all claim the tower was empty apart from a box that the
seekers are now studying. After they entered Geraldine Missive of the
Seekers placed a protection around the tower so that no one else could
disturb it, she claims it was in her duty to protect the place. It is
now closed again.
The nightmares that have been causing people within the city to
lose much sleep are still continuing, no cause has been found. Several
people have left to visit relatives in the hope they will sleep more
Black shapes, neither spiritual or magical have been appearing
throughout the city, they seem to be unharmed by attacks. They have only
been reported as causing trouble, no one has been injured apart from
people feeling in panic and injuring themselves.
Dipso of the Red Warlock has been announcing that he has a large
Beer trade set up with the Seven Isles.



15th November 1278 b

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It has been reported by the citadel guard last night that there
was an attack on the city's dungeon. The cell holding the Necromancer
Gwydion was attacked in an attempt to kill him. The attacker was a
powerful vampire and was only stopped at the cell door by the priests of
the circle of balance and Humact who were there at the behest of
J'athque. Several guards and a spirit warrior were injured in the attack.
Gwydion was not injured and seemed terified by the whole affair.
Judge Ansdel of Newcroft was arrested and exposed as being
corrupt by the Newcroft militia. He had been taking bribes to influence
the verdicts and punishments recieved in court. The militia revealed that
they were acting on evidence recieved but would not name their source.
A ringing sounded last wednesday throughout the city causing
terror and panic. It is believed to have eminated from the tower of the
Mathamagicians. It has been popularly linked with the Mage Bob.


22nd November 1278

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A council meeting was held last night, not much information has
leaked out yet, but it seems that Lord High Chief Justice Trenchant
collapsed and is critically ill at the Hospitalers. Rumours say it is a
heart condition sparked off by a note he received during the meeting.
Council members are refusing to speak on the matter. A fit punishment
for the outlaw Bob has been agreed and will be declared by the church of
Astalon shortly.
The grey elementalist Roul was arrested last night, along with a
group of 6 people who are said to have knocked over a market stall, the
curious thing is why are these six people being kept under close guard by
orders of the Head of the City Guard?
There are three vacancies on the Council of Churches for minor
churches, applications should be made to Morode Blackwith, Head of the
Circle of Balance.
News from the council meeting shows that the missing caravans may
have been attacked by large rats, this cunning plot was devised by Borick
the rat catcher who is wanted for questionning, also part of the crimes
is a box which is burning the caravans whilst the rats take out the
guards. Any news on this should be reported to somebody!
Judge Ansel, from Newcroft is to be retried in Durholme, this
will be delayed somewhat until the condition of Lord High Chief Justice
Trenchant is known.

A message from Golgul was delivered, it runs along these lines:
"From Golgul, servant of the darkness, To the people and Councillors of
Expect attacks and recrimminations to continue until my
lieutenant is released and we are both pardonned."
Gwydion is to undergo a trial.

Father Gunther has stepped down as Head of the Church of Humact,
his recent episode with Golgul has left him unable to carry out church
duties. He has been replaced by a new priest who recently arrived from
An organisation called the "Levellers" have bought a warehouse in
the city, which they are using as a meeting place. They claim to
represent the common people and are offering them better lives. The
leader Jack Symonds has been drawing huge crowds and has inspired many.
His oratory skills have drawn flocks of people from outlying villages
around Durholme.
The Prince Bishop is rumoured to be in ill health again, his
leadership abilities are being questionned.
The D.F.F. (Durholme Freedom Fighters), have stepped up attacks
over the last two days. They have again attacked the building where the
Akar were being sheltered. The Akar Zi (their councillors) have
addressed the city of Durholme
"You will need our help soon as we are the only ones able to deal
with the powerful magical item that is empowering the evil that is
spreading from the south, yet when we ask for shelter we are constantly
attacked. Your promises meant nothing, we are returing to our lands as
we hear our fathers have reinstated the wards, when you need our help and
have realised the danger at last then you will have to grovel. You will
have to bring the heads of those that have attacked us to bargain with."
The worrying thing is that it was thought that the D.F.F. were
reducing in numbers and money, however, somebody must recently have been
funding them as the new attacks have taken place with swords and shields
rather than the sticks and daggers they have used in the past.


29th November 1278

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News is coming in that Earl Guy of Warwick no longer holds power
over the city of Warwick. He was deposed in a sudden but relatively
bloodless uprising of the common people in the area, who have now put
their representative in power. The Earl still seems to have limited
control over the city but any important decisions can only be made by
consultation with the representative, and ex-baker by the name of
Geoffrey Hammond. Most people in the city are said to be happy with the
change which has resulted in a reduction of taxes and a reduction of the
estates owned by most nobles in the area, parts of the land having been
given to the serfs who have worked it all their lives, the rich are laso
being taxed more.
The Durholme militia are questionning the strange tale told to
them by a party of adventurers who returned to the city with a corpse
after the weekend. The party were apparently hired to protect the body
(once a Mr Grumbleton) and failed miserably. Maybe the money they were
paid to protect him should be given up to the militia? If anyone has any
knowledge on the matter they should report to the authorities.
Again, more caravans have disappeared even with the increased
guards. The caravans have been going from all around Durholme, not just
on the route to Newcroft. The scouts continue to be baffled, some of the
troops patrolling the Newcroft route have been sent to guard other routes
to Jorvik, Jurna and the coast, this means that they are fairly thinly
The meeting house of the Levellers was attacked on monday night.
A group of black clad, masked men broke into the buildings and killed two
of the levellers in their beds before the alarm was raised. In the fight
which followed one of the masked men was killed and some of the
outnumbered levellers wounded. Fortunately a patrol of the city guard
then arrived but the men escaped. The body they left turned out to be
the son of Baron Kerr, who had long been known for contempt of the lower
Jack Symmonds, head of the lvellers expressed his horror at the
incident and the massacre that was avoided due to the city guard. He has
started to recruit a levellers protection force offering a better rate of
pay than the city guard, only asking members to attend all meetings. He
has said that although the city guard do its best to protect the
followers they are poorly led, under equipped, under trained and under paid.
Sunderland Jones, the famous Archivologist and right hand man in
the Seekers was "mugged" and badly beaten up by a vampire and several
ghouls. The reason for the attack is as yet unsure, they obviously
weren't out to kill him. Sunderland is recovering in the Seekers Temple,
attended by hospitalers.
A large winged creature was seen circling the Prince Bishop's
residence, it is reported to have sent huge balls of fire from its mouth
at the buildings, however they are well protected and the fire was unable
to reach the area. Two Prince Bishop's men were badly burned and spoke
about dragons, the large mythical beasts which are said to have inhabited
Albion in the beginning of time. If the rumours are true it will be the
first sighting in many years, the dragons were thought to be extinct.
In Newcroft a number of churches have voiced their support for
the levellers group in the city, as has the head of the Newcroft Blue Guild.
What was once a body, but had undergone horrific brutalities was
found pinned in the central square this morning. The nails and hair had
been ripped out, the body covered with burns, the intestines were missing
and all fingers and toes broken. The face, no longer resembling a human
was distorted in pain. Carved into the chest were the words
"Assasination was not his business, don't make it yours"
Below this was a strange sybol. The Militia arranged for someone to
speak with dead on the man, there was no response.



5th December 1278

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It appears that Lord Chief High Justice Trenchant is going to
pull through, and survive the attack he had at the council meeting. He
is still recovering, but is now stable and in his right mind.
Rumours say that the Seeker's have captured somebody breaking in
their temple last week, Geraldine Missive is refusing to comment.
Nothing has been reported to the militia.
Sunderland Jones, Archiveologist, has recovered from the beating
he took from a vampire and several ghouls last week. He has made a
statement saying that they stole a box from him that he'd found in the
mathemagician's tower when it was open. He believes it was Golgul's work
but has no proof. He says he wont rest until the box is recovered.
The church of Humact are said to be annoyed at a Lord Jurna, it
appears that he offered them a large sum of money to help repair the roof
of their temple, in return they allowed him to use the sword of Truth on
an adventuring party. Lord Jurna swears that there was lots of treasure,
the party just didn't bring it back. The party say they have either lost
it, misplaced it or had it stolen, the matter is unresolved. Lord Jurna
has been to the militia, but as the events may not have occured in the
Durholme land there isn't much they can do. He is now appealing to the
PB's representative, rumour has it that he spent the last of his money
trying to organise this effort to recover his money, and without it he
cannot afford to run the Jurna estates. The levellers are amused by all
this, Jack Symmonds has offered to share the land out fairly amongst the
peasants for Lord Jurna. He claims that this way, Lord Jurna can keep
his title, and his lands will belong to someone else so wont cost him a
penny. Lord Jurna is unconvinced, he believes maybe the levellers were
involved in the disappearance of his treasure.

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