Timelines for 1279



8th January 1279

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Within the last month the cities of Templeton, Worchester and
Edmondly have had a change of leadership. The groups taking power
apparently have similar aims to the Levellers in Durholme. The most
recent uprising in Edmondly was not as peaceful as previously, Lord
Barnwell's castle was stormed, he leased his knights on the poorly armed
masses, many of whom were quickly slaughtered. Due to the lareg numbers
though the peasants prevailed. Lord Barnwell is being held for trial.
Warwick is peaceful and contented under it's new rulers, the
peasants now work lands which are their own. Many nobles though have
left the area taking their goods with them.
In Durholme the group of armed men that recently attacked the
levellers struck again, this time at Arthur Hamsley an active leveller.
He was killed along with his wife and children. Jack Symmonds, leader of
the levellers is deaply saddened.
Posters around the city urging the wealthy to attack the
levellers are being put up. The city guard suspect the nobles may have
been behind the attacks. The levellers have moved to a larger warehouse
as numbers attending meetings are steadily increasing. The churches of
Ishmund and Myras have announced their full support of the Levellers and
have been attending meetings whilst the Kerrimanians spit at the "common
filth" as they name the Levellers.
The famous theif catcher Griffon Van Aklentrake arrived in full
view into the city five days ago for reasons unknown, people tend to walk
away from him, half expecting to see a crossbow bolt arriving but he has
remained unchallenged.
Over the last month whilst people have been preparing for the
yule tide festivals the number of caravans has increased. Since the
council meeting to try and protect the caravans many have been heavily
guarded and have arrived and left Durholme safely. However, smaller
merchants who couldn't afford to increase their guards are still
suffering as their caravans dissappear without trace. Jason Heath,
formally a member of the mercenaries guild has displayed anger at the
incompetance of the mercenaries guild to protect caravans. He and
several other members of the guild have left and started up a group known
as THE FORCE. They are offering to provide protection at reasonable
prices for caravans. So far they have been successful in accompanying
merchants to Jorvick, Newcroft and the west.
Judge Trenchant recovered from his recent collapse and enjoyed a
Yule festival with the Prince Bishop and other distinguised guests.
However, just after the New Year he was attacked by a group. One of his
guards was killed, the other managed to call the city guard who arrived
just as the villians fled. Trenchant hasn't commented on the mugging, he
seems not to have suffered much more than a bang on the head and is
expected to give a public announcement soon.
Golgul the Necromancer has been quiet for a while, there has been
no news of his whereabouts or activities which may be worrying.
The Cult of Saurdan has been growing in Cumbria. Reports of
"mutations", people with terrible disfigurements and undead are flowing
in from thoses lucky enough to escape the cultists.
William Earl of Cornwall has called upon his barons to invade the
Siren Islands held by the Normons. The King of the southern kingdoms of
Albion has told the Earl to stop but the Earl has carried on, paying no
heed to his leige lord. The Normons have dclared that should the Earl
threaten the Islands they will plan a full scale invasion of Albion.
Further news hasn't reached as far north as Durholme yet.
Many more gnawed bodies have been found in villages around
Durholme. Surviving villagers claim that giant rats the size of humans
apperaed from no-where attacking their homes. Some claim that even
larger rats, the size of ogres but moving more slowly just arrived and
caused total distruction. Guards who investigated the areas saw no rats
although the villages were destroyed by something and there were gnawed
bodies around. They say that there is no need to worry, there are no
such things as giant rats.


9th January 1279

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For many years now a small toll has been charged to merchants
travelling through the Rovac lands, this has been acceptable as in return
for the tolls the Rovacians have guaranteed safe passage, unlike around
Durholme no caravans have dissappeared in this area. Merchants have been
more than happy to pay the tolls asked.
Merchants recently though have been complaining as the area where
tolls are necessary has increased substantially, as have the tolls. To
add to this, the people charging the tolls, are only allowing through one
guard per merchant, cos the routes they patrol are so safe they don't need
These new rulings have upset smaller merchants who cannot afford
the tolls. Some merchants who have found that the toll bands have
extended onto their normal trading routes are also angry. As for only
being allowed one guard, the merchants say that they need more than one
guard to the toll lands and then a large guard after them, so why can't
they take their guards through with them?
These troubles along with the fact that many caravans around
Durholme have vanished has again forced up the price of goods. The
council's ruling to patrol the roads and heavily guard some Caravans has
reduced the number of disappearing goods but still some caravans are
disappearing without trace.
Goods in Durholme are very expensive. Merchants travelling
through the Rovac lands have complained to Durholme about the increase in
tolls but Rovac lands are outside the cities juristiction.

How will this affect characters? Food is no problem as most of
this comes from farmers who are just around the city, however, armour,
weapons, cloth and other goods that have been brought in from further
outside the city have gone up in cost (by approx. 15%). More
disturbingly, exported beers from places such as Newcroft and Jorvik
have also gone up, merchants claim that as it costs more to protect
caravans travelling into Durholme they need to charge more for the
goods. A black market has started up with people bringing in goods
through other channnels to make the most of the increase in prices. The
mercenaries are doing well though as they can charge more danger money
for guarding caravans.

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 18:03:58 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: TIMELINE update

Message from an anonymous Leveller:
Brothers and Sisters in Struggle:
What does this Dork-wan Lafidius think he is?
'I am the law'?

Anyone who wants to admit to being a bloated, corrupt,
useless anachronism that exists purely to stop other people enjoying
themselves has serious personal problems.

Or is this merely an unfortunate delusion of a would-be autocrat?
Is this not, indeed, the very same Borquan Lafidius who, I hear, would
sup from the diseased honeypot of any mouldy old sow who happened to be
passing, merely to increase the cleanliness of his otherwise-foul mouth?
Is this not the very same Borquan Lafidius who, on a particularly bright
day, would run from his own shadow if it appeared slightly bigger than him?

Well? And this is the kind of figure who is supposed to command respect
amongst the toiling masses? When all he can do to distinguish himself
from the masses of decent people is to sink to depraved depths at which even
the filthiest inhabitant of the chattel-houses would pale? How long can
we tolerate such corrupt insolence from our oppressors? How long will we
allow them to mock our subjugation, to taunt us with the knowledge of
their strength of arms:
( "bring your mates, I'll have you all..." - I can hardly
bring myself to repeat the scoundrel's words...)
...without taking arms against them once and for
all, to punish our cowardly overlords who hide behind their steel and
uniforms, to finally overcome the only real enemy - our own indolence?

How much more will the decent folk of this once-fair land take? How much
more corrupt, bellicose and braggardly must our enemies become, before we
recognise them for what they are - not our protectors, but our
eternal foes?

Join the cause, brothers and sisters, or hear their mocking laughter
forever in your toil-induced grave.


16th January 1279

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The following notice has been put up around the guard houses of
"It has come to my attention that some members of the City Guard have
retired in order to join private organisations such as the Levellers and the
Force. Although this is individual choice, Durholme needs to be protected
and have effecient law enforcement within the city walls. Only by
having well trained, highly motivated and well equiped central forces
will we succeed. Any soldier who has doubts at all with the city guard,
then I would be more than happy to address this.

Kaldor Erradan, Acting head of the City Guard.

Lord Hanson and Augustus Quin (rich merchant) were both broken into last
week, a card with a hooded figure on it was found in both houses and lots
of money was stolen. In the city the night after someone was giving out
clothes and bread to the poor, with each gife a card with a hooded figure
on it was given out.
Lady Elizabath of Haddon Hall was besiged by her serfs after she
raised tithes to cover a gambling debt. Lord Glenfiddich came to her
rescue with some guards, many peasants were cut down, the others have
gone back to work, but it looks like the trouble isn't over yet.
There were two attacks on people over the week. One known
Leveller house was attacked, the new leveller guard managed to hold off
the attackers and succeeded in taking one alive. Unfortunately he took
some poison before he could be questioned. He was wearing a symbol of a
five pointde red star around his neck. Another non-leveller house was
attacked, there were no guards present and all the family were
butchered. One of the dead bodies had ahd his right ear cut off.
A young lad was found unconscious in the steet on Monday, he has
been identified as Tomlin. He cannot remember the incident and is at St
John the Hospittaler's now. Guards are asking for witnesses. It appears
he was acting as a messanger for the Levellers.
News from the south has reached Durholme, the Normans retaliated
against William's (Earl of Cornwall) attack on their islands by invading
the south of Albion. The King of the southern kingdoms managed to force
them out and back to Normandy. He is presently raising troops to invade
Normandy for revenge. The Prince Bishop has agreed to send a forec of
his men, they are being joined by some city guard and some mercanaries.
The force left Durholme two days ago, headed south.
The Leveller's now in charge of Warwick have reduced the number
of arms and city guard in the area. They claim they have no need for
such things as they have no enemies and the money could be better used
for feeding the poor. The sacked guards have been found other jobs.
Trade routes are freer this week thanks to Jason Heath's group of
mercenaries. However prices remain high (10% more than usual).


16th January 1279 b

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Information concerning the break in at the Temple of the Seeker's
of Knowledge which happened before the yule tide has been released. The
person who entered the building and was captured is being held
responsible for the deaths of two scribes who he killed whilst trying to
escape. The burglar has (after careful questioning) been identified as a
drow, the bodyguard to the Drow Ambassador. He has already broken into
the temple once before during the war to steal artifacts and inforamtion
for the Drow nation. This time he was trying to steal a box which
Sunderland Jones was researching. This box had been found by Kylon, Sir
Kate and Sunderland in the Mathemagician's tower. The Seeker's are said
to be horrified that people have broken into their Temple trying to steal
important information and artifacts, especially the Drow who have only
recently been allowed freedom in Durholme. The Seeker's after having
extracted all the information possible are handing over the drow to the
authorities for punishment.
The box has vanished, Sunderland Jones was mugged. His muggers
were thought to be powerful undead (vampires?). Were they in league with
the drow? The Seekers are asking for any information as to the where
abouts of the box as they believe it may be harmful. This box is nothing
to do with the one that was found on the roof of the Temple several
months ago.

Re: TIMELINE (cont.) 16 Jan 1279

This drow was certainly NOT under any circumstances the bodyguard to drow
ambassador. I am the bodyguard to Talukin of N'urnt. And I am certainly
not being held captive by the Seekers.

I trust the renegade will be turned over to the drow for fitting
punishments to be bestowed upon him. His actions are nothing to do with
the official drow presence in Durholme and he will be dealt with as a

Raven of the Imperial Guard, on behalf of Talukin of N'urnt.
Black Guild

Re: TIMELINE (cont.) 16 Jan 1279

He will be tried by Durholme Law as the crimes were comitted in
Durholme, I am sorry about the mistake in his identity, that was one of
my scribes making an error when the report was released, the full
information will be given out at his trial.
Geraldine Missive,
Head of the Seekers

Subject: Clasified Ad.

The message below was posted in the news group, I assume it represents
some sort of poster a character put up in Durholme. Just for your
information, the following words will have been written over it in blood.

We do the killings here, we will kill you if you interfere with
our business. We don't give more than one warning.
The Assassin's Guild

Underneath the poster hangs what was probably once a body, but it has
been severly mutilated and brutaly dealt with. There is a large symbol
carved deep into the chest.

Do you find that some people anoy you? Is there someone whos making your
life a missery. Wouldn`t it be nice if they quitly dissapeared with none
of those awkward questions, or any of the hastle/danger involved in
doing something about it your self. If this is indeed the case i feel
you would be happy with the service we offer.
Whats more for a limited time there are major price reductions:


peasents 5 - gld crowns
revolutioneries 25 - gld crowns
Heros 100/250 - gld crowns
Magicians 250/500 - gld crowns
Politicians Only 50 gld crowns
Law Men 50 - gld crowns
Rulers 1000 - gld crowns

We guarente you won`t be disapointed! Anyone who wants this service
mearly needs to write to the below address.
Please note that those prices are per head, however group disscounts can
be obtained after negotiation.
Assassins `R` US Co.


23rd January 1279

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Chaos broke out at the Church of the Balance, yesterday.
Lorewardens and Priests of the Circle have been struck by a mysterious
affliction. Some are incapable of speech at all, whilst others are unable
to make themselves understood. They all seem very distressed however, and
it appears that something has been stolen from them.
In what appears to be a related incident, at around noon the same
day, all spiritually active individuals experienced what can only be
described as a minor spirit-quake. Compiling reports from different
groups, the Seekers have determined that it was centred on the meeting
hall used by the Levellers for their meetings.
The Levellers have taken over Newcroft and replaced the city
guard there, no further news has yet arrived.
Judge Trenchant is back in the court rooms judging, however, many
have commented on his new founded leniancy towards the poor and lower
classes, whilst his rulings to the rich have become very harsh.
The city guard heard a disturbance at a warehouse near the river,
when they entered they found broken weapons and blood everywhere. On the
floor were two symbols, one a red star and the other a curved dagger shape.
A leveller house was attacked, again the Leveller guard were
there and managed to capture one of the attackers alive, it was the son
of a well known merchant, he has been handed over alive to the authorities.
A hooded man handed over a valuable signet ring known to belong
to the merchant Augustus Quinn to a peasant on the street, the city guard
found the peasant with it and took it back.
Several Seeker deaths have occurred over the last week, when
Geraldine was questioned she said that it had been entirely their own
choice. Questions are being asked, six deaths in a week is a bit
excessive even allowing for research into shady areas.
A fresh outburst of gang violence has broken out in the last week
in the area around the Goblin and the Blue Rose. Citizens are warned to
stay out of these areas.
News has reached Durholme that the vanguard of the Lords of the
south and the first major forces raised from the southern kingdoms have
departed from southampton to recapture the Siren Islands and from there
they plan to invade Normandy in retaliation to the Normon attack.
After the attack on a priest of Myras and a few more incidents
occuring in the more seedy areas of Durholme, a letter was sent to the
authorities claimimg that the attacks would continue as a punishment for
the sins of the citizens of Durholme.

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 11:16:23 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: TIMELINE 23 1279 cont

Reports of the destruction of whole villages in Cumbria nad the
mutilation of their population have been streaming in. The Cumbrian
authorities condemned the cult of Saudon which has been extremely active
and has raised a detachment of Cumbrian soldiers to quell the cult of
Two more Seeker deaths have occurred, the authorities tried to
speak with dead to find the cause but it didn't work, one seems to have
died of old age, having become visibly ancient over the last few weeks.
Geraldine Missive again says it was by their own free choice.


24th January 1279

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After the Drow that broke into the Seekers admitted that his
mission had been to steal a box and if possible kill the Head of the
Seekers, Geraldine Missive has declared the following:
"No Drow are to be allowed in the Temple of the Seekers, nor are
they to be allowed access to any information they may seek. The Drow
that broke in has admitted that his mission was known to other members of
the Drow and that they had agreed to it. No Seeker shall from now on aid
any of their race."


6th February 1279

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The cold weather encompassing the City of the Prince Bishops has brought
many modes of life to a standstill. Gang violence seems to have been
quelled as soon as it started by the prompt actions of the city guard.
None of the demons seen in the past week have been sighted further.
The cold has brought other problems with it and many peasants have been
discovered dead both in the streets and homes within the city. The deaths
seemed to be related directly to the cold weather with some corpses being
Even so, the so called "Guild of Assasins" were implicated in the
mutilation and murder of two men said to be the leaders of outlawed street
gangs. The corpses of the men were found suspended from the statue in
market square. Many witnesses who saw the bodies before they were removed by
the city guard seemed too shaken by the sight to comment in detail about
the state of the bodies. Apparently a message carved into the bodies
read "Only we kill here. If you value your life, take heed.".
In a Levellers meeting this week Jack Symmonds hiighlighted the case
of the demotion of the ex-Captain of the city guard, Rowld, as "Just
another example of the type of justice that occurs commonly in the City
of Durholme. Leuitenant Rowld has publically denounced the Levellers as
being hypocritical.
Intense screaming at Prebends bridge on Monday brought local people
and city guard to the area at midnight. Three men, as yet unnamed, were
said to have been attacking another unidentified group, yet, as this group
scattered, the men failed to give chase. Witnesses say that the men fell
to their knees screaming for forgiveness from a "Lord Almack". Later that
morning, priests from the church of humact were baffled as the bodies of
these men appeared to be spiritless and could not be lain to rest.
A Levellers spokesman has condemned the war in Mormandy as being an
ill-planned venture, displaying the cruelty of many nobles who sent
their servants uncaringly to be slaughtered. No further news has as yet
been heard from the forces besieging the walled town of Calais.

Other news:
- Rumour has it that the village of Ushaw Moor has been attacked and
virtually destroyed by the cult of Saudan, god of tourture. A city guard
scouting party returned with news to confirm this although the city guard
have stated that they can easily handle this situation and that Durholme
has nothing to fear from this cult. Even so the Churches of Humact and
Circle of Balance have decided that they will aid the guard in the
erradiction of the cult that "violates all humane concepts".
-The people of Newcroft are said to be enjoying a far fairer governing
under the rule of the Levellers. This week the Major of Newcroft has
reassumed his duties after his disapearance last week, although he is
said to bee in poor health.

Right that's it. The interactive is in the Goblin thiis Wednesday at 7pm.
There will be a night adventure (short (about 1/2 hour)) for characters
hired in the goblin (anyone is welcome to monster) and I may be correct
in saying that it is essential for anyone wanting to character on Gav,
Tel and Jason's adventure on the 11th (Sunday) to go to this.


13th February 1279

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Kaldor erradan
The head of the city guard has retired! Draconis has made his intention
to retire known for quite sometime but he finally officially stepped down
from his position this weekend. The current acting-head of the city guard
Kaldor Erradan was named to succeed Draconis and will assume ALL his
responsibilities as from this week. The Prince Bishope has announced a
banquet in the honour of the new head to be held on the 23rd of this
month, at which Errand will be formally knighted and swear his fealties
as head of the Guard.
The rival mercenaries guild known as "The Force" has been officially
disbanded after it was found to be a corrupt bandit-type cartel led by
the fugitave Jason Heath. A reward has been issued by the guard for the
capture and return of Heath to Durholme. Consequently the Head of the
Mercenaries guild Commander Hardcastle has been cleared of all crimes
relating to the missing caravans and other loss of merchandise.
However, in response to the continued high tolls being charged to
merchant caravans passing through the Duchy of Rovac, the Merchant
Adventurers Guild has despatched a party to Rovac to investigate the
situation. Preliminary information seems to point towards a large
well-organised force of bandits, running regular patrols throughout a
large part of the Duchy. All information from merchants who have
encountered these bandits are also requested to forward any information
they hold to the Guild.
On Saturday a large force of Circle of balance and Humacti
spiritwarriors and lorewarderns accompanied a sizable city guard
detachment out of the city in the direction of Ushaw moor. A city guard
spokespersonsaid that the force was sent to dispatch, with minimum
risk of guard and priesthood personell if possible, or
disuade the cult of Saudan from advancing any nearer Durholme. Today the
spokesman announced that the guard had struck a decisive blow against the
cult virtually wiping it out. The only casualties were 3 injured guard
and the death of a particularly psychotic Humacti (who died whilst wading
knee deep in undead (a Humacti dream)). Although the cult has been
defeated and broken and the main guard and church forces have returned,
a score of guardsmen remain aiding members of Humact and Circle of
Balance in the destruction of undead and any remaining cultists. "The
city has nothing more to fear from the Cult of Saudan", said the
spokesmen. The new head of the Guard, Kaldor Errand, expressed his
pleasure at the satisfactory operation.
Rain has swept through Durholme washing away the settled snow but
causing the level in the river Wear to rise to near flood conditions.
Fields around Durholme are badly flooded and some minor roads are still
impassable as are the major trans-pennine routes.

Other news:
-The latest reports from the invasion of Normandy is that, after a few
breeches of its defences, the walled town of Calais has lost much moral
and the King of South Albion is confident of either a surrender or
capture of the city by the end of the month.
- Many bands of orcs have been seen by recently around Durholme. The
scouts guild reports that they are being driven south by Celts of the
clans MacDonald, MacDuff and MacMurder.
-The city of Warwick (currently under leveller's control) is reported to
be in minor unrest after rumors of the death of Earl Guy of Warwick seem
more likely to be true.

That's all folks. Interactive at the Goblin at 7pm on Wednesday (and I'll
attempt to turn up on time and have a printed timeline (so you all don't
have to strain to read my writing). We also have 2 new 1st year refs
(Alasdair and Matthias) but they have been briefed not to listen to any
wingings about levels and +20 utterdeath swords so try it at your peril!
This timeline has not been checked so expect typical and traditional
mistakes (except for gaurds!).


20th February 1279

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It was announced at noon today that the mass ban on the Drow has been
lifted. After a long high council meeting over the weekend involving
evidence from several drow the authorities have official lifted the mass ban.
HOWEVER, because of the illegal actions of the former ambassador Talukin
N'urnt and those of a Drow of the first house Tarill N'uatha any Drow
belonging to either of the houses N'uatha or N'urnt will be arrested and
deported from the city. This selective ban of these houses will continue
until representatives from the underdark have convinced the Durholme
authorities that these mere fugitives and have been delt with justly, or
until they are returned for the trial of Durholme justice.
To help the authorites with the implementation of this ban any drow
wishing to enter or live in the city must visit the citadel where they
will be questioned under truth as to thier house membership. An official
Durholme pass will then be issued to each Drow. Any found in the city not
possessing one of these passes will be assumed to be a member of the
banned houses.
Last week the city guard raided the houses and arrested
ten men known to be levellers on suspicion of them being members of a
group know as the hooded men. This group is said to be a gang of
thieves who attempt to give out the belongings of nobles from who they
have stolen to mere beggars and peasants.
On last friday heavily armed Prince Bishop's men accompanied by the soon
to be head of the city guard and Jatha'que (however it is spelt) marched
into the butchers shop owned by Rory "mad dog" Mckinnon. Two customers
who witnessed the "raid" said that Mr Mckinnon pulled out a pair of meat
cleavers and charged madly at the group of warriors.
Kalidor Erridan defeated him effortlessly and managed to subdue him without
any bloodshed. Mr Erridan then apoligised for the intrusion and said that
he was glad that he could protect the lives of the citizens of the city
from dangerous men such as this.
On saturday judge Trenchant who had recently recovered from a heart
attack was taken ill again and is now in the hospital of St Johns. He
is in a serious but stable condition and for his own benifit a number of
Prince Bishops men are present to make sure that no one will disturb him.


27th February 1279

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Last Friday the Prince Bishop Hatfield held a banquet to
formally instate the new head of the city guard. Kaldor Erradan was
dubbed "Sir Drachensburg, Knight-protector of Durholme" in front of a
gathering of Durholme's finest citizens and a few hangers-on.
Drachensburg swore his loyalty to the city of durholme and the Prince
Bishop on the famous sword "Dunelm -heart of the city-". However,
according to many reports, no-sooner had the feasting begun than an
unwelcome guest intruded upon the banquet and proceded to read out a
heretical message. Many of the details of this message are confused but
apparently the "herald" was sent by a Lord Almack who claimed to be the
real Prince Bishop and who advised those there that he was in possession
of the famous Sceptre of the Prince Bishops which disappeared under
mysterious circumstances 5 years ago. Although many of Durholme's most
powerful citizens were present no-one appeared to have the ability to
strike down the heretic has he read out this blasphemy. Indeed, even the
Prince Bishop himself was temporarily rendered immobile by a force of
great power said by a few of the more coherent priests present (see
post-script 1) to be akin to that of the Sceptre. Having issued an ultimatum
for the return of Durholme to Almack's rule the herald was attacked by an
enraged Prince Bishop and was "forced" from the banqueting hall. The Prince
Bishop then called for a show of confidence in his legitimacy as the the
ruler of Durholme and recieved a unanimous cry of support from all within
the hall.
Having recovered from the previous night's festivities many
high-ranking priests reported a mysterious spiritual flux occuring for
the good part of 2 hours on Saturday night. Although his disturbance
seemed to emminate from many directions an area around Newcroft was said
to experience a particularly strong disruption.
Alarmingly, Sunday saw a trickle of dishevalled Newcrofters
entering the city of Durholme claiming the downfall of Newcroft had
occured. Apparently a vast army of undead had appeared during the night
and easily overrun the city slaughtering people indiscriminantly. Those
left with their lives have apparently fled. Many Newcrofters blame the
rulership of the Levellers which left them ill-defended and uncapable to
hold the city. Immediately a state of martial law was declared and the new
head of the city guard Sir Drachensburg arrested all known members of the
levellers in Durholme on suspicion of being involved in a plot to cause the
downfall of Durholme. After a lengthy interrogation Jack Symmonds, head of
he levellers, was released and made a statement declaring that regretably the
Levellers had been infilitrated by the cultists of Lord Almack. Those found
to be untainted were released by the city guard (cultists were destroyed) and
Jack Symmonds urges all to co-operate with the city authorities.
Reports from scouts throughout Monday substantiated
Drachensburg's worst fear, that an army of undead was approaching the
City of Durholme from the east. The exact size of this horde is still
uncertain although reports suggesting that it excedes 5000 minions were
distressingly common. During all of Monday emergency evacuations of local
villages were instigated cummulating with the sealing of the city in
preparation for a siege at sundown on the same day.
The return of the sun's light this morning illuminated a scene of
nature's desecration surrounding the city. A hideous force of undead minions,
all in varying states of decay, had completely encircled the city of the
Prince Bishops. Banners flown from the besieging army were identified as
being a collection from those units lost during the war with the Pyrokin
and countless military ventures beforehand although some previously
unseen banners of an ominous nature were interspersed within the force.
These were in the form of a blackened skin canvas upon which was carved
"There is only one REAL way of life".
Durholme, unlike Newcroft, is not without its defences and
the Prince Bishop has immediately set a war council headed by Sir
Drachensburg and Borquan Lafideas (head of the citadel guard) and all
able fighting and spiritual/magical using citizens have been conscripted
The War council succesfully stopped a dawn raid from the besieging
army and launched a counter attack but was overwhelmed and suffered the
loss of 20 city guard and 7 from the churches of Humact, Azrael and
Circle of Balance. No further action has been made from either side since
and each appeared to be measuring up the other. A curfew has been imposed
on the city under the current state of martial law. No citizen uninvolved
with the defence of the city is permitted to be on the city streets after
sundown and those involved with the city's defence but currently not on
shift must be off the streets by 10pm. Regular city guard patrols in the
city ensure that these curfews are kept and that no internal infiltration
of the city by the enemy will take place. To prove their legitimacy in
the defence of the city all conscripts and defenders of the city wilol be
issued with a permit that allows them the 10pm curfew (COLLECT YOURS
appears below).
This timeline was written (in character) at midday on tuesday the
27th of February 1279. There will be an update on the latest situation
before the interactive on Wednesday.
Other (far less important) news - that which was gathered before the
siege of the city took place:

-Orcs of the severed hand clan were spotted in Glantree and Androh heading
-Villages surrounding Durholme could be seen to be spewing forth dark
clouds of smoke where they had been raized by the undead horde. So far
the authorities believe that Chester-le-Street and Cross-gate moor have
undergone complete destruction.
-The two celtic tribes of MacDuff and MacDonald were spotted in the
northern reaches of County Durholme but have ventured no nearer Durholme.
Many celts appeared to be suffering from a disease known as Ost-Valt's
syndrome causing loss of sanity and the inability to shave (not that
celts shaved anyway). This disease is know to be spread by a rare mite
which infest a certain species of forest dwelling ferret and was
rumoured to have near-annihilated the celtic clan MacMurder. (I thought the
timeline needed a little cheery news :) ).
-The Merchant Adventurers Guild have reported an intensification of
the violence in southern Rovak. Pyrokin are reported to be raiding fairly
indiscriminantly on caravans and local settlements. The last heard was
that Rovak increased military prescence in these areas....

....Ooops, we've been cut off.


28th February 1279

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With the banishment of light from the land of Albion last night
the Undead army besieging Durholme launched its first major attack. A
simultanious assault was made on the east and west walls. Rank upon rank
of zombies marched forward to the foot of the walls placing huge
semi-rotten scaling ladders against Durholme's first defensive bastion.
After a brief flurry of activity from Durhome's archers the arrows
stopped flying from the walls as the effect they had on these walking
dead was extremely minimal. On-lookers watched in horror as from the
zombie ranks flesh-less skeletons in an odd assortment of archaic armour
emerged scaling the ladders rapidly. Then the sound of a horn, bright and
clear above all the confusion, snapped the defenders into action as the
premeditated defence plan of the war council was put into action. Ladders
were forced from the walls and boiling pitch followed being ingnites
seconds later. The walls of the city were cast in a lurid orangy-red glow
like the stain of fresh blood. Acrid smoke rose from the burning mass of
semi-consumed flesh and yet movement was still scene amoung these charred
figures. The assault re-ensued with the same tactic being used and twice
more before being succesfully repelled for the third time in as many
hours. the remains of the undead army dropped back and stared with empty
yet malevolent gazes at the soiled faces of Durhome's brave defenders.
Shortly after midnight the defenders of Durholme were called to the north
wall where, assembled in pale luminescence, two scores of wraiths drifted
near-silently towards the walls chanting softly like the last breath of
the dead. Upon reaching the walls the signal was given by Sir
Drachensburg and the heads of the churches of Humact and Azrael began
their own counter-chant. Tghe north bastion glowed a pure and defiant
white. The wraiths halted momentarily, flinching from the brilliance,
but then resumed their slow advance reaching the foot of the wall and
yet not slowing. The priests increased their chant. The first etheral
rank, already passing through the wall, were caught in a blinding
explosion of all the spectral colours and they disippated. The second
rank continued their advance and met the same fate. The wraiths faltered
and gave up an anguish cry, which chilled the heart of even the bravest
warrior upon the wall, and were gone.
The rest of the night passed in ominous silence and as the fisrt rays of
dawn permiated the eastern skies there was an easily detectable breath of
relief from the defenders. However, shortly after dawn the undead rank
opposite the main city gate parted and between the two flanks marched a
large black cloaked figure flanked by apparitions that chilled the heart
-2 vampires! 200 yard from the gate the cloaked figure through back his
hood and in a ringing voice as cold as any north wind addressed the
defenders. "I am Almack! I am the TRUE Prince Bishop of Durholme. My
throne was stolen from me many years ago and I have come to reclaim it.
As the current imposter refused my peaceful offer of returning the city
to myself I will be forced to take it by force. Hear me Durholme! Hear me
and repent. All your sins will be taken from you. I will take your life
and my right. You will be taught the error of your ways this one last time!"
During the speech all magic and spirit directed from the defenders
against the Liche-like apparation that declared himself Almack was
reflected by Almack and his minions with apparent effortlessness.
Sir Drachesburg lifted his voice crying - "Prince Bishop Hatfield is the
true Prince Bishop, we reckognise you not. Durholme will survive and you
and your unnatural allies shall be cast down befiore the city all proving
you rfalse claim!". This brought a cheer from the defenders and new hope
arose on the walls of Durholme.
Almack retorted "Then you shall surely die, as you have no allies!". With
that 5 bodies were flung to the ground and Almack turned and vanished
into the rank of undead. The bodies were later recognised as being those
of messangers sent by magical means to get help from other cities in Albian.

The rest of the day has been calm with neither force making any move but
the moral of the defendes appears high.


1st March 1279

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At about 9.30pm on Wednsday (according to the nearest ranger at the time)
WALL OF DURHOLME. A vampire leading the attack caused mass terror and the
primary defense of Durholme began to falter. In those moments of
confusion many brave citizens were slaughtered by 3 score skeletons that
managed to mount the bastions. Indispersed with these fleshless animated
corpses malevolent ghouls hissing and spiting immobilized many of
Durholme's guardians leaving them to the non-existant mercy of the arcane
swords of the undead raiders. At that time it appeared that a significant
breakthrough of Durholme's primary defenses was assured. Yet even in this
time of terror a group of valiant churchmen prevailed against the fears
of the other defenders and forced the vampire back with ancient liturgies
dripping from their mouths in a steady candence. With the leader
vanquised the priests empowered the speedy recovery of the defenders from
the unnatural paralysis of the undead. Whilst the balance was slowly
tipping more in favour of Durholme the captain of the Citadel Guard
Borquan Lafideas arrived with a large detachment of militia raised from
the ale houses of Durholme. The sheer vigour of the new arrivals, and some
interesting abilities a few of them possessed, helped to cut down the
animated minions of non-death. Captain Lafideas himself forced back half
a dozen skeletons singlehandedly. Calling to the defenders heroically he
pressed the remaining undead from the walls. Just as the last undead fell
from the wall a shaft of pure darkness sheared the night air embedding
itself in the heroic captain's mailed sleeve. Although the wound appeared
superficial the captain gasped, rolled his eyes and toppled backwards
into the arms of his most trusted retainers. He was quickly rushed away
to the hospitalers and although he is know to still be alive the severety
of his injury is uncertain. Since that incident it has been rumoured that
Lord Almack was seen near to the walls just at the time of the captain's
Thursday saw a new tactic emerging from the camp of the undead.
Giant war machines of some arcane construction were wheeled to within
site of the city. At noon on the same day large spiritually empowered
boulders where flung at the city's outer walls. The priest maintaining
the battlements were then put under perminant strain to keep the walls
floundering under the assault. Sir Drachensburg, the head of the city
guard, order a return fire from the Dwarf war Machines which still
resided in the city since the Pyrokin war. A few of the undead crew were
crushed but only one machine was damaged as they appeared to be protected
by powerful necromancy. Half-way through the afternoon the undead army
again changed tactic flinging debris over the walls. At first the
defenders were at a loss to explain this strange tactic but upon close
inspection of the missiles they were found to be dead and diseased
bodies. These were being scattered amoung the buildings within the city
with no regualrity. A watch of priests was set-up where upon the siteing of
one of these bodies thses priests would located it an dis-infect it as
well as laying it to rest. Unfortunately with small minor attacks
occuring periodically the preists were too few to find the bodies and so
a constant vigilence has been ordered on behalf of the populous. Anyone
seeing a corpse in the streets should not approach it but report it's
location to the churches of St John the Hospitalers and the circle of
Nearing dusk on the same afternoon the REAL Price bishop Hatfield
visited the north gate and, although many attempts were made on his life
by the besieging army, he was adequitely protected and made a rousing
speech firing up his support throughout the defenders and condeming the
dis-honourable tactic of disease spreading being used by one claiming to
be a prince bishop. "No true Prince Bishop would make such a foul and
dishonourable strike against any enemy and especially his own populous."
Hatfield proclaimed to the entrenching hordes and the defenders alike.
This brought a cheer to the ranks of the defenders. Lord Almack made no
Last night a major offensivbe was made against the main gate with
ramming devises of many different types being employed by the undead.
Although still hard pressed the defenders surmounted a decisive use of
magic from all the guilds of Durholme and irradicted many of the undead
ranks that attempted the attack against the gate.
Nearing midnight, however large fires sprung up in several warehouses
within the outercity. All the remaining troops were untilised to counter
tyhe blaze but it wasn't until near sun-up that the flames were finally
This morning, on inspection of the reckage, Sir Drachensburg
annonced that this had been a deliberate sabotauge attempt on the food
supplies of Durholme. Many of the reserve rations had been destroyed and
although the Citadel houses many food supplies an immediate rationing of
foodstuffs must be undertaken. Moral has dropped some what as a
consequence of this news. Drachensburg went on to say "It is the beilef
of the city authorities that there is a faction within the city working
for the undead and plotting the down fall of the city. If anyone has any
innformation about this they should report it to high ranking members of
the Guard or the Price Bishop's men on pain of death. This is a serious
matter of high treason!"
Since then the undead army has continued it's showering of
durholme with corpses punctuated by small attacks at differening areas of
Durholme's defences. Militia shifts are back to normal but all members of
the militia and those aiding the city should be ready to drop everything
to come to the city's defence in an instant.
No news from elsewhere has permiated the city since Monday and
although many people are confident that the Price Bishop and the city
authorities can deal with the situation there is a sense of fear and
morbid depression begining to permiated the ranks of the defenders. Hope
of a quick solution to the current crisis seem very far-fetched.


5th March 1279

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Over the weekend the entrenched undead army without the outer
city walls has launched a series of attacks with increasing success.
Although all the breaches made were valiantly stoppered by the acts of
Durholme's defenders the outer walls were only designed to be temporary,
the REAL defence being from the inner walls of the peninsula. Friday and
Saturday saw the etherial raiders mounting multi-focus pincer attacks
under the cover of darkness with siege engine barrages during the
daylight hours. The nature of the barrages is also changing. During
Friday the missiles launched into the city were largely the diseased
corpses of one thousand year old fleshbut duuring the first part of the
weekend balls of flame, both physical and enchanted, have begun to pour
into the city destroying many a building.
At the peak of the attack on Saturday night when fires were
raging unchecked in the outer city (within the outer walls) of Durholme,
since all manpower was required in repulsing the undead from the walls,
it seemed certain the defenders would fall to attacks from both within
(in the form of fire) and without. However all the elements combined to
save durholme it seemed. As, even at this point of almost certain
destruction, the balance was turned as water streaked from the sky
dampening the raging fires leaving steam rising from the embattled
The outer walls held. Sun-rise on Sunday saw the charred remains
of many a residential building and of merchant warehouses within the
outer city perimeters. During the day, rain still pouring from the sky,
the defenders rushed to strengthen weakened wall sections, to clear
rumble from the the streets and to tend the ever increasing numbers of
wounded. All the while the undead beyond the city walls glowered
malevolently through their long-dead eyes. Their ranks were not depleated
but had grown. With every casualty unattended rose from the battlefield a
fresh corpse in zombie form.
By midday, after a morning of little activity from the beseigers,
a sodden thumping sound arose from the undead ranks. The sound permiated
even the drumming of the rain, it's cold, lifeless beat echoing hollowly
through the emptied city streets. The beat carried on throughout the
afternoon until the sun dipped below the horizon and then still onward it
At sun-fall the Prince Bishop Hatfiled appeared on the North wall
and stared out at the lifeless gathering beyond. Although he looked drawn
and haggered there was hope in his gaze which reflected in his voice as
he called his subjects to continue the long and painful struggle for
their survival. "I pledge all that I am to the cause of Durholme and
more. I fight to save you all and I never sleep. For sleep would be the
death of Durholme. Have heart all ye stalwart folk. Bear your arms
against the oppressor. Believe in me and you shall never fall!"
The defenders gave a roar of support and although bedraggled, each and
everyone gathered there lifted his heart from the place where it had sunk
to over the last few days of the siege. Since they had hope they had
life. They weren't about to give that up.


5th March 1279 b

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All throughout Sunday night the droaning of the undead worsened
allowing only the deepest sleepers sufficient rest. There were a couple
of small scale attacks mounted upon the weaker sections of the wall but
nothing the defenders couldn't handle. Consequently, the shift system of
the defenders was re-instigated although those off-shift found it
increasingly difficult to sleep and many helped out with the clearing of
wreckage, now sodden and cacked with wet mud, from the inner city.
The rain continued its steady downpouring throughout Monday and
both combatants faced each other on several occasions as small skirmishes
occured between attacking undead and small counter-attacks from a mixture
of Durholme's priesthood, guardsmen and elementalists. All the action was
underpinned by a hollow long-dead droaning and a constant dry beat,
mimicking that of the living heart, that eminated from the army of the
At midday the apparition calling himself Lord Almack appeared in
front of the main city gates, declaring his all to familiar claim to the
throne of the prince bishops. Whilst he spoke the all too familiar words
the real Prince Bishop appeared upon the walls flanked a gaunt, but
seemingly recovered, Borquan Lafideas (Captin of the Citadel Guard) and
Sir Drachensburg. Denouncing Almack as a twisted, fleshless mockery of
the prince bishops the Prince Bishop addressed his troops:
"Durholme will shortly be free from the oppresion of undeath and the
hideous heretic which now stands before our gates will be banished from
us forever."
With a cry of fury Almack struck out a might bolt of spiritual power at
the Prince Bishop. Seemingly unworried the prince bishop pointed at
Almack as the bolt disipated 100 yards from the walls. "This oppressor
shall be brought to justice. Have faith in us my loyal retainers, we
shall be victorious."
Almack stood motionless for a few moments then turned and stalked off out
of sight.
As night began to fall the Prince Bishop returned to the walls.
This time he mounted the south wall and spoke privately to his generals
and captains. Minutes later the captains were dismissed and returned
smiling to their units. The prince bishop then stared out of the bleak
land now inhabited by undeath as the defenders started to run frantically
around as if seeing to preparations. The undead droan still hung in the
air but this sudden flux of activity stifled its oppresion.
At midnight, a horn blared two miles to the south of Durholme.
this was answered by the horn of a retainer to the prince bishop.
On this signal the main gates of Durholme swung open to admit the escape
of a large force of guardsmen and a selection of warriors of various
religeous orders, including Ishmundi who had been seen only rarely during
the recent actions.
Undead surged forward to crush this force, a vampire at the head
of rank upon rank of zombies skeletons and ghouls. The force of Durholme
mechanically arranged itself to meet this force. Seven warriors of the
church of Ishmund in a wedge formation took up position at the head of the
column which fanned out in a protective manner. The vailant Durholmers
marched forward to the force that dwarfed them by sheer weight of numbers.
As the vampire approached the front of the Durholme contigent it
paused and called a halt to the undead ranks and smiled maliciously at
the column. "Finally, you have come to surrender.", it hissed. Sir
stepped forward flanked by brother Kylon of ishmund who headed the
Ishmundi wedge.
"It is you who should surrender for I swear that with my own bare hands I
would crush the life from your bones were I not conscious that that would
deny the pleasure of many who would rather do it.", growled Drachensburg
who indicated Kylon with a nod. The churchman started an archaic chant
and the Vampire flinched and gave ground. The wedge moved forward as the
guardsmen flanked it pushing towards the stationary undead ranks.
As the vampire wavered the churchman drew a sword that
immediately burst into flame casting its hungry glare upon the vampire.
The vampire retreated, flinching in pain but as it backed away from the
sword a shaft of piercing black streaked from the ranks of the undead and
embedded itself in Kylon's leg. The churchman faltered and the vocal was
broken. The vampire drew itself up and casting a malicious glare at the
startled Durholmers repelled life force with a sweep of its hands. The
wedge broke and the guardsmen nearby lost heart and retreated. The
stationary undead ranks lept into action pileing into the Durholmers and
driving them back. The vampire reached out and grabbed the stationary
Kylon wrenching back his head and glaring evily into his eyes. As his
head was bent back the vampire leaned over the bared neck, mouth wide,
fangs gleaming. Before the fangs were sunk into the flesh of the
churchman a flail swept past in a wide arc crashing sickeningly into the
face of the vampiric minion. The vampire dropped it's quarry and was
overrun by warhorses of a southern breeding.
50 Knights of Rovak had swept through the ranks of undead from
behind and had joined with the out numbered Durholmers to clear a passage
back to the main gates. Earl Lucas de Higham, Lord Lieutenant of Rovak,
grapsed the unconscious form of Brother Kylon of Ishmund and spurred his
horse to pass through the hastely opened gates of Durholme. Sir
Drachensburg, the mighty Dunelm in his hand, re-entered the city with the
remaining Durholme attack force and the gates were closed quickly before
any counter action could be made.

Since then the rain has slowed down to a constant drizzle and,
although the droaning of the undead has ceased there are now regular
large attacks on the city by the undead army. Even with the extra Rovak
knights the defenders are finding it increasingly more difficult to hold
the outer walls and a plan of retreat to the peninsula has been
formulated by the authorities for use if a major breach should occur.
Within the city, supplies are scarce and the river is too poluted
by the undead to be of any use for drinking. Rationing is very tight and
prices of many foodstuffs have tripled.
4 Cultists have been uncovered by the authorities and publicly
executed following interogation. These men were supposedly responsible
for the fires in the food stores last week. The authorities now believe
that all cultists of Lord Almack have now been removed from the city.


Undead attacks are increasingly successful and nonm-combatant durholmers
are being evacuated to the peninnsula. Many defenders report that the
walls may not hold out the week.
Information supplied by the Rovakian alies suggest that the advisor to
Price William of Rovak was killed by pyrokin and that Rovak and the
pyrokin are at war. The Prince bishop thanked Rovak for their support but
said that any pyrokin in the city were not involved in this action and
were protected under Durhomlme law.
Two more cultists have been executed for thier involvement in a night
action against Guardsmen who are guarding the sewers of the city. Undead
briefly broke through the sewers during the night but were repulsed with
help from Humacti priests.


8th March 1279

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Wednesday night saw a major breach openeing in the South wall of
the outer city. Although the defnders fought back and managed to slow the
undead advance, the increasingly overwhelming undead numbers and the
shoddy state of the outer wall ment that they could just hold it long
enough for an evacuation to be undertaken. By 9.30 most of the
non-combatant citizens of durholme had retreated, with all the belongings
they could carry, to the protection of the inner bastion of Durholme.
This inner wall, that surrounds the penninsula containing both the
citadel and the Mathemagicians tower, plus some high ranking religous
buildings, is almost as ancient as the city itself and survived the
pyrokin assault only a few years back.
Although most of the citizens of Durholme managed to retreat to
the penninsula many were trapped within their guild buildings, the
elementalists and seekers refusing to leave. Even the infamous Greedy Goblin
was overrun by the invading army although the patrons managed to
breakthrough the undead to gain entrance to the inner city.
Even so, many units of the defending militia were cut off by the
tide of undead sweeping through the inner city. In fact, the evacuation
of the merchants guild building (which took too long, as many merchants
wanted to relocate all the contents of the building) undertaken by the
9th arm of the militia was too late to make it to the pennisula. As the
fleeing merchants approached the gates they were intercepted by 2 score
skeletons and the gates had to be closed. Just when it seemed that a
bloody end for the merchants would be inevitable a shining apparition
lept from the walls and charged into the skeletons. The figure was
dressed in full, burnished-gold plate mail its face covered by a full
face helm of ancient design. With effortless swings of its mighty
greatsword it cut a way through the milling undead releasing blue fire to
consume the long-dead minions. Some of the more devout Durholmers claimed
that it was Astalon come to Albion in human form to save Durholme in its
direst hour. Within minutes all the skeletons were eliminated and the
apparition was gone. The gates were hastly swung open alowwing the
merchants and militia entrance before being closed for the final time.
Inevitably many militia gave their lives so that the evacuation
could be a success and the lives of others were spared. The preisthood of
Astalon gave a memorial survice in their honour at dawn on Thursday.
During the night of wednesday, as the undead rampaged through the
outer city to come before the wall in preparation for an assault later on
in the week, many of the guilds still occupied were besieged. The seekers
of knowledge and all of the elementalist guilds are still held, although
some fear it is only a matter of time before Almack himself attacks them
and they may fall. Throughout the night various explosions of magic and
spirit have been seen and detected around these guild buildings. One of
the most spectacular explosions was that of the "new" Alchemist's guild
building (built two weeks previously). Although this building had been
emptied a high ranking Alchemist said that because of the rush, many of
the ongoing experiments had had to be left where they were. The
incandescent glare caused by a multi-chemical meltdown lit up the whole
of the Durhome area for 5 minutes, vapourising any unfortunates (mainly
undead) within 500 metres of the building. Needless to say, the
alchemists were extatic as tiny droplets of gold were flung from the
wreckage by the explosion. "Unfortunately", said the spokesman "we left
the formula within the building. At least the explosion has left us a
large area to build a bigger guild building after the end of this siege.".
Others are not so happy with the way the siege is going and
depression has reached an all time high. Many "end-of-the-world-is-nigh"
cults have built up although they are now illegal since the authorities
saw that they were grinding the moral of the defenders even lower.
Things are still looking bleak for the city but the penninsula
should hold for months (not that the food reserves will) and the guild
buildings still inhabited can always be evacuated magically, or at least
it is beliveved that they can (i.e. elementalists can gate betwwen their
building and the penninsula).
The city is preparing to grit its teeth (metaphorically speaking)
and win through this siege. Many people still have faith in the Price
Bishop and his generals (and those that don't have not admitted it openly).


10th March 1279

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Early evening on Friday saw unrest in the camp of the undead,
as the sun dropped from the horizon. They were preparing for an assault
and by the looks of it an extensive one. Rumours within the inner city
(now the only part under the control of the city authorities (except for
some of the guild buildings still standing)) whispered that more undead
were being raised by the thousand as many priest reported another
spiritual flux akin to that felt before the begining of the siege. The
inner walls were relatively untroubled by the mere probing attacks that
had taken place before this gathering. As for the guild buildings, the
elementalist guild buildings appear to still be holding as the different
guilds helped each other out by gating inbetween buildings as the usual
anti-gate defences are dropped sporadically to allow this. Nothing has
been heard from the Seekers although the building still stands proud and
the Merchant adventurers are even making counter attacks and sorties.
At eleven on Friday night, the undead assault began in ernest.
The magical and spiritual wards, supported by a blend of ancient and
current knowledge of some Durholmers, cut down rank after rank of zombies
and skeletons sending up incandescent and illuminescent flares
accompanied by a crescendo of torturous explosions. The undead were held
in check all night but by morning the defenders were begining to tire and
the undead tried a new tactic. Several wights and wraiths attacked at
vairous points in a wedge formation focusing their spirit on small
sections the defences whilst two vampires aided the attacks by attempting
to peel back the magical defence. Durholme's defenders gritted their
teeth and crossed their fingers. The defences held, their ancient
bastions resolute against the current crisis.
Dawn on Saturday left the defenders still engaged against the
besieging army. The battle was currently at a stalemate. Many thousands
of undead had been destroyed but undead were still surrounding Durholm e
in their tens of thousands, reinforcments appearing in a constant stream
from the south. Many defenders, at various points in the battle where the
fighting lapsed slightly, squinted to the south-west where a column of
thick smoke could be seen rising from a hill several miles away from the
city. Many claimed excitedly that allies from Jorvik had come to the
defenders aid and were assaulting the undead reinforcements. Others just
wrote the hope of as "pointless", instead suggesting that Almack's cultist
were further pillaging small farmsteads in the area.
At various points throughout the morning, when the strength and
condition of the walls hung in the balance, strange irridescent flashes
exploded at the point of weakness, both throwing back the besiegers and
strengthening the walls. Many say that this was a result of ancient
magics placed upon the wall at its construction over one and a half
millenia ago. Although magic of its kind is not recognised by current
mages the seekers may have the answer but since access to the seekers is
currently impossible (as many wards have sprung up about the building)
the cause of these flashes is unknown and Durholmers just thank their
deities for the aid.
Lunchtime Saturday saw no current end to the undead assault and
the wall's defences were steadily weakening, the strange flashes occuring
more regularly but being less effective. During a lull in the fighting at
about 2 hours after midday, the Prince Bishop Hatfield appeared on the
North wall of the inner city with his generals and trusted advisors, Sir
Drachensburg, Borquan Lafideas, de Selincourt (the PBs representative to
the council) and Margrave Corragon (I don't know how to spell half of
these names but you'll have to just bare with me on that). In his hand
was grasped a rod of shining gold topped with a ball of the purest platinum.
The craftsmanship was of an unequalled quality and as it was held the
entire artifact pulsed with a keen potency. The entire effect was that of
a sceptre carved from pure rays of the sun's light.
As the Prince Bishop began to speak, power flowed from the
sceptre halting the undead in their tracks and lending immense weight to
the voice of Durholme's ruler. The words echoed and re-echoed around all
the buildings in Durholme in whatever state of disrepair they happened to
be in.
"In my hand I hold the jewel of the crown of Durholme, the origins of
which are lost in time. This artifact is the key to the security of
Durholme. Since its theft 5 years ago Durholme has been secretly, the
less secure for that loss.
This happy day that which was lost has been found. Plucked from where it
lay entrapped by the iron fist of the traitor, our oppressor -Lord Almack."
At this point he raised his left hand and thrust it into a bag carried by
de Selincourt dislodging an apparition of dreadful inhumanity. Raising
his left fist he held high the head of what had long been dead - now
twisted into an agonising sneer by the forces it had seeked to rule.
"This is the head of that foul apparition which was Almack, lord
no more. It saddens me to discover that this head once belonged to the
son of Robert de L'Isle, himself son of Robert of Stitchill (the seventeenth
Prince Bishop since the founding), Anthony de L'Isle who was though to have
died at birth. May it be known from now, that this Almack was never a
Prince Bishop having been rejected by the Sceptre of the Prince Bishops
and threatened the security of our fair mother city, Durholme."
With those words still upon his tongue he lifted high the sceptre
bringing it down in a shining arc to contact with teh head he held in his
left hand. The head burst into a golden orb of irridescence fading
slowly into nothing to reveal the empty fist of the Prince Bishop Hatfield.
"I am the true Prince Bishop by blood and by fate and it is my
great joy to be able to immortalise the name of Ranald of the Prince
Bishops men for his ultimate sacrifice during the recovery of the Jewel
of Durholme!"
He held the sceptre high above his head, its maginificence
blinding to the eye.
"To those who aided in the recovery of this item I give my
highest gratitude and the the thanks of the city. Let it be that they are
recognised for their achievement and that they recieve the reward they
most certainly deserve. I would like to meet again with these brave heros
after the restoration of the city. Until then, my countrymen, we have
unfinshed work to complete."
He turned to his generals nodding his head. Orders were barked
for units to reform and prepare to quit the inner walls for a
counter-attack of the inner city.
"Now, my friends, into the city for to cleanse the remaining
abominations from our beloved land."
With the light of the sceptre at the head of the force the
defenders streamed in good order from the city through the main gate. The
undead backed away from the light of the sceptre that encompassed the
whole force. Those touched the glowing irridescence were instantly
vapourized, their spirit returning to its correct place in the realm of
the dead.
Vampires fled in an attempt to escape as the minions of undead
were steadily cleared from the city by the glowing embodiment of the
sceptre in the emmassed of the defenders. Wraiths and wights along with
all the foul undead apparitions fell to the might of the defenders as
peasant fought beside warrior, priest beside scout. The heads of all the
guilds were in good order including the Mercenaries the Balance and the
Ishmundi, Brother Kylon this eyes glinting fiercely having now fully
recovered from his earlier injury. As the guild buildings were overrun,
mages joined in the swarming defenders adding their magic to that of the
sceptre. Even the seekers exited their building to join in the cleansing.
The erradication contiued well on into the night with the undead
having been destroyed all the way to Newcroft.
As the sun rose on Sunday the authorities were organising all the
Durholmers into parties responsible for differing duties of restoration.
Some priests and warriors were dispatched to clear all the surrounding
villages of foe prior to resettlement. A sizeable force accompanied the
nights of Rovak to the south to help clear up the undead there (although
Durholme is yet uninvolved with the war currently thought to be raging
between Rovak and the Pyrokin of the Iron tower). Aparently the King of
Galantree has joined in the war effort against the pyrokin of the house
Pherouche holed up in the Iron tower. The remaining
Durholmers were organised to rebuild the city, first clearing it all
(cleansing been untertaken spiritually by Humact and Azrael) and then
rebuilding. Moral is high and Durholmers are all seeming to group
together in an heroic to help each other in the rebuilding of their lives
and livelihoods.

With the undead army gone, things are nowhere near normal, with
the rebuilding only just starting and the ruins to sift through for
possessions as well as loved ones to bury. Durholme will be rebuilt a new
city. Harmony appears to reign amoung its residents. Could this be
attributed to the legendary power of the sceptre?
Whatever the future, the present shows the good that can be
achieved by cooperation amoungst citizens against unnatural corruptions
and for a common cause of wellbeing.

As many a bard's tale ends "they all lived happily ever after"

..................or did they?

That will be decided in years to come.



23rd April 1279

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The last month and a half has seen much hard labour undertaken by most of
the residents of Durholme. Since so much was destroyed by the undead
incursion many streets of the city have had to be demolished and
completely rebuilt (even the greedy goblin needed a new paint job for its
front door). The authorities have been working to their optimum to
provide temporary accomodation, amenities (although not all that many of
Durholmes citizens had these before) and all-too-scarce food.
It appears that many of the major cities of northern Albion were
similarly troubled by undead although by no way to the same degree. Thus
even Jorvik had little food reserves to offer Durholme. The mindless
trample of the undead during the war saw total destruction of crops
livestock and livelihood and many refugees from the surrounding regions
have come to Durholme to build a new life. This has brought its own
problems, since most of the refugees are woman and children and the
relatively small number of Durholmers who died (estimated to be about
900) in the war where working men. This has lead to severe overcrowding
and limitation of food supplies. Racial tension has also been
accentuated with the reemergence of the Durholme Freedom Fighters with
some members killing molesting any non-Durholmers. This group is outlawed
on pain of execution but there isn't enough guard to enforce everything
and those that there are are organising the rebuilding of Durholme. As
such crime is high and is rising nearly uncontrollably and the city
council is considering imposing a curfew to help combat crime.
Although some traders and artisans are back to business many
Durholmers who lost their homes and more are still enrolled in a
rebuilding scheme with the city guard whereby they help the rebuilding
and are supplied with temporary accomodation until they can be found
As a result of the rising crime many nobles who are still rich
enough, along with anyone of financial standing, are employing body
guards and mercenaries for personal protection. Since money and food
is scarce all round many mercenaries work for relatively small amounts
or maybe even for food and lodging. It almost seems to the authorities
that these people are building up thier own private armies.
Even so some lucrative offers for mercenary work have been seen in
its new guild building and in the surviving taverns around the city (and
some of the new ones). One example was a plea for mercenaries to aid the
blue guild in the retrieval of an item which it obviously values. A more
bizaare example was that of the notice (here reproduced in full) :
"Earl Lucas de Higham, Lord Leuitenant of Rovac, wishes to hire reliable
mercenaries for a missio that will aid the Rovakian cause against the
evil House Pherouche. Mercenaries will be WELL paid."
In fact, the Prince Bishop of Durholme has announced that though no
formal aid can be given by Durholme to help Rovac in its time of war
Durholme will support it in every other way it can.
Things are certainly slow moving in Durholme this season.
Still, the authorities are making the best of a bad lot and ensure
the citizens of Durholme that all will be back to normal before winter
and with the benefit of a true Prince Bishop in possesion of his
sceptre, they are promised a fruitful harvest of their labours. There
is much sceptisism amoung the citizens, some even going as fars as to
demonstrate openly. These are put down quickly by the authorities "for the
protection of all citizens against a riotous minority".
Other news:
The black elementalist guild was thrown in turmoil a few days ago by
the apparent disapperance of the guild head, guild I'm sure some scheming black Mages didn't mind> (I don't know his name
but it could be Cormalian?). Reports are sketchy but at first it was thought
that he had been kidnapped or assasinated but after a matter of hours he was
found slightly wounded. An official statement from the guild states that
the upset was caused by an experiment that mis-fired, and the head of the
guild was "only slightly wounded", and has recovered fully.
The Alchemists guild have been given a substantial loan by an unnamed
benefactor to rebuild thier guild building on the slightly extended empty
site of the last one.
The Seekers of Knowledge have been proud to announce that no
vital artifacts were lost from its guild building during the war as the
building was unbreached.



30th April 1279

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The end of April finds the city hard at work. The undead hordes have
greatly damaged the crops and lands of the people of Durham, and all who
can have been set to work in the fields, and in the rebuilding of the
outer city. Although the inner city survived relatively unharmed -
except for the targets of the traitor cultists - the outer city has been
decimated. The rebuilding of houses is the greatest priority, followed
by the successful planting of crops. It has been said that a crop
failure would bring Durholme to its knees, as food supplies are low and
prices high.

Morale is mixed in the city. Although power has been restored to the
Prince Bishop's line, many feel that the situation was not handled well,
and unrest is growing. Crime is rife, particularly in the outer city,
and although the City Guard has not as yet imposed a curfew, there is
still talk of this as a viable option. There has also been a surge in
racist attacks against non-humans - the city guard are confused by this,
as it was reported only last week by Sir Drachensburg himself that the
DFF had been crushed and the organization destroyed. The attacks have
largely been beatings and robbery and so far no casualties have been

The situation was further complicated this Saturday when a group of
bandits and theives, outlaws all, gained access into the city following
an incident involving a number of patrons of the Greedy Goblin. It is
believed that these persons were not only responsible for this act, but
for a group of orcs entering the city the same day, and far more
seriously, for the death of a number of City Guard, although these
charges are yet to be proven. The authorities are very anxious to talk to
those persons involved, and anyone who might have information concerning
the incidents.

The war in Rovak continues - the tide of the battle, previously in the
elven favour, turned recently when a large entourage from Glantri was
dispatched to help Rovak in its efforts. From Durholme, a number of the
St John's healers traveled south to aid Rovak - some have returned,
speaking of the atrocities that the pyrokin have committed, often
including torture, rape and, in some cases, ritual sacrifices of
hundreds at a time to their fire-lords. The Prince Bishop is now
speaking openly against the House Pherouche, and declares all his
support to the Rovac effort. He regrets, however, that due to its
weakened state, Durholme cannot give any more aid. The other houses of
the Pyrokin which are represented in Durholme have refused to comment.
Meanwhile Earl Lucas de Highem, representing Rovac in the city, has left,
travelling north on an information-seeking mission. His second in
command, Corroyahem d'Alembert, has been left in his place.

The war in Normandy has also turned tide - previously, the forces of the
continent were beating back the Albion standards but now they seem to be
retreating. Albion troops have recovered much ground, and although the
fighting now seems to have reached a stalemate, commanders of the forces
are confident of a victory in the forseeable future. Calais is now
firmly held, and is being used as the base of operations for the troops.

A small ceremony was held yesterday for those persons who aided in the
final defeat of Almack some weeks ago. Each was personally given an
identical octagonal diamond by the Prince Bishop himself, and assured
that the city was indebted to each and every one of them. The Prince
Bishop was said to be genuinely thankful for the act, and took time to
listen to the personal accounts of the adventurers themselves. He seemed
particularly interested in the heroic accounts of a small goblin who was
present, it is said.

[For those that would have found out in character] A person by the name
of Fannel was killed last week in Yorvick, and is believed to have been
murdered by a gambling and loan shark. No-one is being sought concerning
the incident.

And finally, the local Series Players League of Annual Trollball (SPLAT) was
held this weekend, with a stunning victory of 9-5 to one of the teams.
However, the team in question was unable to distinguish itself from the
other, and so, after much heated discussion, it was decided that both
teams had had a good laugh and that who won was of no importance, so
long as all the surviving players got drunk afterwards. The goblin whose
head was used in the game was unable to comment.



7th May 1279

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As the sun finally begins to warm the city through the spring showers
things seem to be looking for the better for Durholme. The rebuilding
work is proceeding well, with many of the city's convicted felons being
put to hard labour. Volunteers, paid workers and punished alike are
bending backs to bring the city back to its former glory. The Prince
Bishop has been personally thanking some of the workers, and extending
his heartfelt thanks to all involved. With the luck of the Gods, he
said, the city should be back to its position as a major force in Albion
by the time harvest comes. Until then, however, with the forces
depleted and the workforce engaged, the city will be in a weak state.

Jack Symmonds has been heard publically speaking out for the people to
help in the effort - he is said to be pleased with the Prince Bishop and
the way he is handling the rebuilding. "The Prince Bishop Hatfield is a
man to be admired, and a good leader - for a capitalistic, monarchistic
dictator." The authorities have not commented.

The crime that was rife in the city over the last couple of weeks has
been brought down to a managable level. Most noticably, all but one of
those sought concerning the incident a week and a half ago have been
arrested and found. It is believed that they were tricked by some higher
power, and although their acts were still greivous crimes against the
state, they were perhaps understandable. The city guard are still
searching for "some guy in a skirt" for questioning.

The terrible overcrowding is also being brought under control, with new
houses being built in the outer city, and many of the huge number of
refugees leaving with work partys to their home villages around
Durholme, to begin rebuilding there. However, food resources are still

On the down side, there have been outbreaks of disease amongst the
populace, with large numbers contracting the previously rare Yellow Pox -
the symptoms being putrid yellow boils on most areas of the body, which
become very itchy and uncomfortable, often bursting messilly. The
disease is very rarely fatal, or permanently damaging, and is only mildly
contagious, but St Johns have not been able to cope with this outbreak
and are at a loss to explain it.

There is also a continuing number of attacks on non-humans reported - the
city guard have been blaming this on the remnants of the DFF and assure
the public that these will not continue now that the DFF heirarchy has
been smashed.

There was some chaos in the newly built Alchemists guild on Thursday,
when, after a minor explosion, one of the leading alchemists in his field,
a talented man by the name of Tipler, was seen running out of the
building, in a great hurry as if pursued - but was not. After seeing
this, anyone in the surrounding area ducked - however that large
explosion that people have come to expect did not take place. Tipler has
not been seen in the guild since, and the heads of the guild are anxious
for news of him.

The wars in Rovak and France are both proceeding well for the allies of
Durholme - the Rovakians seem to be gaining a foothold in the battles in
the burning lands, and the troops in France are gaining ground steadily.
However, as always, there are reports of terribe deeds and atrocities,
particularly from the Rovakian wars where reports of torture,
dismemberment and massacres by the pyrokin are getting ever more
frequent. Again the Prince Bishop has spoken out against these acts.

And finally, on a lighter note, a major discovery was made over the
weekend during the rebuilding. An ancient tavern was discovered in the
outer city, buried and bricked up in the basement of a building now
destroyed. The tavern is believed to be at least 500 years old, and many
important discoveries have been made. In a back room written in a
strange script, was much information, scribed on crumbling parchment.
The wise men of the city believe it to be a history of the city and will
hopefully be able to decipher it over the next few weeks. They have
already discovered the meaning of the two words scrawled on the wall in
blood - they proclaim loudly, "BEWARE ALMACK!". The authorities, again,
have not commented.
The owner of the building has decided to open the tavern back up to the
public, once excavation has been completed. He has said that the beer,
however, will have to be changed.



8th May 1279

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Sorry this didn't come out sooner, but we were busy being Goblins at
Quest Celtai....

The Scouts Guild is rife with rumours at the moment. Strange tracks
have been discovered in the western hills, and local taverns are filled
with stories of weird noises in the night. Rumours say its anything from
Almack returning to DRAGONS!

On Friday, (yes i know its wed) a detachment of PB's men and
experienced Pathfinders from the Scouts guild went out to investigate
these rumours...

Notices have appeared around the city...

All sellswords and adventurers who want to earn an honest wage, apply
to the Black Guild. Regular pay, accomadation provided.

Cormallion Darkmaster.

When questioned about this gathering of mercenaries and adventurers,
Cormallion is rumoured to have answered " I have taken the warnings
Durholme has recieved in earnest, and am attempting to create an
effective fighting force to protect the guild... and the city of course."


Alll questions answered tonight.


10th May 1279

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Oh yes!!! We the evil ones are invading the timelines again.

WEdNesDAY night...

'Lord' Cormallion graced many of the local taverns looking
formercenaries and adventurers to swell the ranks of his 'DARKFORCE'.
Many patronsexpressed an interest and were directed to call on the Black
guild in the morning. (All characters who wish to sign up, please
e-mail me and we fill you in on pay etc.)

Local hero and all round nice guy Bob, pulled a drowningman out of the
river. This man when revived claimed to be a scout of the detachment of
PB's men sent out to investigate the strange occurences in the West.
The scout babbled on about how they had discovered Golgul's army on the
march to Durholme. Scores of undead, strange giant skeletal birds, and a
pure white Balrog carrying an iron stave were mentioned. The Balrog's
stave belched fire and acid which annialated...anhialated...SMUSHED! the
PB's men, the scout survived by diving in the river (seems a popular
escape route for scouts et al). Before he escaped, he said he saw that
something large and covered was being pulled along at the rear of the army.

Soon afterwards, a large group of assorted undead, teleported into the
Red Warlock. After a brief fight, thanks to Kylon's flaming sword, there
was only a spectral figure in armour left. This tried to tell the bar
something, but was soon silenced by Kylon, who proceeded to question it's
Similar visitaions occured arround Durholme and many deaths have been
reported. The PB himself is reeling from a visitation of his own. A group
of wraiths appeared in his quarters which he immediately set about
righteously smiting with his sceptre. The last managed to gasp out the
message which all the other visitaions had issued...

Golgul, King of Albion,
Issues this challenge to the Prince Bishop Hatfield

To meet on the ancient field of Nevilles Cross and do battle with
whatever paltry forces you can muster.

There was no official statement from the PB, but it is believed that
an emergency council meeting has been arranged....

Here endeth the Lesson...HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!


17th May 1279

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TIMELINE kind of thingy. What has happened since Wed 8th, (the last

An official statement from the Prince Bishop was posted around the
city on Wednesday the 15th, it read.....

The pretender King of Albion, Gogul the necromancer
has issued an ultimatum, that if we the people of
Durholme do not meet him on the field of Neville's
Cross by Wed 5th of June for battle, then he will
attack our fair city. He has given his word that
he will not move his army nearer to the city until
then, and has of now, kept his word.
A council meeting is being held on Mon 3rd of june
where the final desicion on the matter is to be made.

I give you this assurance, Gogul will not set foot
inside our city, as long as I live. Do not fear his
undead horde, for they are nothing compared to the
power of the scepter of the Prince Bishops.
We survived the attack by Almack and his undead
legions, we will survive this new threat!

Prince Bishop Hatfield.

Other rumours.... it seems no one has been able to scout Gogul's army
yet, It is certain that he is camped on a hill overlooking the ancient
battlefield of Nevilles cross but a huge ring of undead standing around
the camp have stopped any scouting of his forces. The white guild of
elementalists stated that the sent some alcar, which being invisible to
undead, should have been able to scout the army, but the failed to return.
Repair work on the defenses of the city have been carried out in
earnest, and yet again marshall law has returned to Durholme. A curfew is
in place and the militia are recruiting all those not involved with the
repairs. Many peolple from the outlying villages have taken shelter in the
city, especially those from Ushaw Moor, and this has put even more of a
strain on the food supply.
There is an air of expectancy all over the city, the future looks
bleak, many people feel they couldn't survive another siege.

......More to follow.


27th May 1279

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A few things to say...


The city is once again threatened by the forces of the evil and undying.
Morale is low, and all are concerned that Durholme, already on the brink
of poverty, will never be able to recover from another attack. As such,
all hope is placed in victory over the necromancer Golgul, and most
Durholmians have braced themselves for yet another battle.

The Circle of Balance has issued the following statement:

"The Circle of Balance is disgusted by the undead forces outside Durholme. We
call upon all the churches and people of Durholme to unite and work together to
rid the area of this menace.

Blessed is The Balance,
High Reverend Holiness Morode Blackwith, Priest-Ambassador of the Circle of
Balance to the Prince Bishop of Durholme, the Merchant Adventurers' Guild, and
the Kingdom of Brancepeth, Emissary to the Celtic Wastes, Curator of the Shrine
to Sainte Adam-Ada (Praise Be Upon His Name)."

Other church leaders have stood by this statement and pledged to help in
whatever way is possible.

News has also reached the city from the Celtic lands that a mad
tribesman, as yet unidentified, has single-handedly wiped the mainland
clan Macbeth from the face of the earth. There are no surviving
witnesses but surrounding clans saw a hugely-built, unstoppable maniac
screaming curses at the name Macbeth throughout the glens. No-one has an
explantion for this, and no-one cares.


3rd June 1279

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Monday dawned, a dark and gloomy day, only two days remained until
Golguls ultimatum ran out. People went about their buisness as usual but
everywhere a sense of forboding hung in the air. Many people looked to
the newly repaired inner wall and offered a prayer to the gods that it
would be enough.
About midday, a cloudbank rolled across the city and seemed to settle
overhead, deep rumbles could be heard and the air was close and humid.
The soldiers on the battlements, keeping an eye on Golgul's encampment
were the first to see the unholy birds slowly, almost gracefully, glide
out of the clouds over head. Ten huge skeletal birds bearing riders
swooped low over the city, alarm bells rang and troops ran to the
battlements but by the time arrows were notched, the birds had flew back
into the clouds. No damage was done by these birds, they only dropped
messages wrapped around small stones. A few minutes later the ten birds
swooped low again to drop more messages, this time the stalwart defenders
loosed volleys of arrows at the unholy creatures. Where the arrows struck
home, the creatures seemed unharmed, and on the next pass, unearthly
laughter could be heard from the riders.
This bombardment of the city continued until one of the birds strayed
too close to the tower of the church of Humact, and a bolt of spiritual
energy shot out and sruck the creature, leaving only shattered bone and
burnt feathers to settle on the city. The other nine unholy birds climbed
away from the city and into the clouds.
By mid-afternoon the clouds had parted, and once again the sun shone on
Out of character, because of the great number of messages delivered, most
people probably could have got one to read, or was told by someone else.
The messages were all the same and read as follows....

Peoples of Durholme,
My quarrel is with your foolish leaders.
You have my word that if you leave the
city, you will not be harmed.

Fear not my vassals.

King of Albion.


5th June 1279

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Tension is running high in the city due to the immediate threat of
Golgul's undead horde. On Monday the council of Durholme met to discuss
the city's plight, rumors about what decision they came to are wild and
improbable, one of them being that the Newcroft representitive suggested
the city make an alliance with Golgul against the Pyrokin of the Iron tower.
The council hasn't as yet, made an offical statement.
On Monday night Sir Drachensburg secured the black elementalist guild house,
with a large squad of heavily armed city guard and a contingent of grey
elementalists. The entire black guild has been imprisoned, and it is
rumored that 'Bob', a well known black elementalist, was questioned
'intensely'. No explanation for this action has been forthcoming. Also
Darkforce has been disbanded.
Tuesday was heralded by alarm bells around the city as undead were
spotted on the road between the city and Nevilles cross. Reports indicated
that a small force of undead led by the Balrog, were blockading the
narrow defile close to the city. The city guard was put on alert, and the
militia was ordered to the battlements. There was no further movement
from them, so Sir Drachensburg ordered the militia to stand down, but
watches were doubled on the city wall.

On wednesday, the day of Golguls ultimatum, the dawn sun struggled to
shine through the thick cloud. Alarm bells sounded as a huge flock of
some thirty carrion started to bombard the city with rocks. The dwarven
siege engines replied by sending huge enchanted bolts at the undead
birds, a few were hit and plummeted to the city, but most stayed out of
range. The bombardment carried on for an hour but little damage was done
and casualties were few. Once again Sir Drachensburg called the militia
to the walls, and at the sound of war drums from the undead at the
defile, the forces of Durholme were mustered.
Golguls army marched towards the city, the slow thud of roughly 4000
zombie and skeleton feet filled the air. Behind the main column came
skeleton cavalry and a group of 50 or so demons led by the white balrog
brought up the rear. In the armies centre rode Golgul himself, in a
mass of wraiths, ghosts, mummies and ghouls.
As this army approached the Pince bishop rode towards the western gate
at the head of a force of 20 prince bishops men, lorewardens and spirit
warriors of the churches of Humact, Ishmund, Morvana, Azrael, Kerimar and
Gedrenti, fell in behind as the force passed through the city.
Sir Drachensburg and about 1500 militia joined the massed force of
Durholme as they reached the gate. The Prince bishop was stoney face and
held his sceptre, Durholmes hope, aloft to a cheer that shattered the
air. The gates opened and the defenders marched out to face Golgul.

The two armies faced each other in the narrow strip of land between
the city and the defile, the whole of durholme watched as, as one,
Golguls horde marched forward, weapons held aloft. The defenders of
Durholme stood ready to meet the attack. As the ranks of zombies
approached within twenty feet they stumbled forward at a charge, the tide
of undead swept against the durholme line but it held. At the centre, the
Prince Bishop invoked the power of the sceptre and advanced into the
enemy destroying hundreds of zombies and sketelons in his wake. Skeleton
archers on Durholmes left flank loosed volleys of arrows into the fray,
they seemed to be targeting the Prince Bishop's advance. As soon as the
first arrows left the bows, a wedge of 15 Humacti lorwardens broke from the
flank and charged the skeletons who numbered in the hundreds. The wedge
crashed into the archers who recoiled but stood until out of nowhere, some
80 mounted mercenaries led by Westron Hardcastle, yelling and whirling
his sword overhead charged the archers in their flank. On the opposite
flank the combined forces of the other churches rode to the enemies rear
to deal with the demons, the balrog and three greater demons took the
challenge and the fighting was fierce.
At the centre the Prince Bishop was cutting a swathe through the ranks
of the unliving, Skeleton, zombie, wraith, mummy and ghoul all fell
before his might, as he headed for Golgul at the centre.
The onlookers on the walls cheered as the undead Horde faltered, the
archers on the left flank were destroyed and the humact and mercenaries
pressed their attack onto the undead cavalry that was riding to support
their now fallen comrades. Durholmes line was now advancing and at the
centre of the battle the Prince Bishop had reached Gogul and his retinue.
The battle seemed won but then a huge magical explosion erupted at the
enemies rear and what was left of the forces of the churches of durholme
were engulfed in burning vitriol. The demons had formed a wedge behind
the white balrog and with their concentrated power it was hurling bolts
of death and destruction almost randomly. Golgul and his retinue routed
to the rear and his army fell into disarray. The prince bishop advanced
on the demon wedge, his army following.
From where the forces of the churches of Durholme fell, ashining
apparition appeared in full plate armour wielding a burning mace. From
the battlements cries of 'the balance!' could be heard, and the
apparition attacked the Balrog. Sir Drachensberg spurred his steed and
charged to the aparition's side, he arrived just as it fell and was
consumed by the balrog. Drachensberg fought bravely but the now glowing
Balrog crushed his head with it's claw and broke the mighty sword Dunelm
into pieces.
The Demon wedge advanced on the faltering Durholme line, but the Prince
Bishop met the challenge. " Begone foul creature of the..." he cried.
The Balrog belched forth a gout of black vitriol from his iron stave,
and the prince Bishop screamed as his body dissolved. At this the forces
of Durholme routed back towards the city, many fell to bolts of dark
magics from the Balrog.

The remenants of Golguls army camped on the battlefield and began the
task of raising more troops......


12th June 1279

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With IT forced into the box and the lords of dream given physical form
once more, the said lords were able to expend a considerable amount of
their power in undoing a lot of the bad that IT had caused. By first
creating a split in time, just before the destruction of the Faery realm, at
8pm wednesday 5th of June, and then sending a huge amount of dream magic
along the timeline the party were in, to change everything that happened
since 8pm on wednesday into a dream. The other timeline where durholme
fell and the world suffered 50 years of tyranny under IT's forces still
exists, but in a paralel universe. In this alternate reality, IT was
defeated by some time travellers, and the re-instatement of the old gods
enabled the human race to gradually claw back domination of the world.
So what does this mean to characters in OUR Durholme? No characters
(except those actually on the 3ygb), actually died, the forces of IT
never arrived, so never attacked the city, so they didn't trash the
greedy goblin or kill/capture everyone inside.
What did happen is this......

After the defeat of the army of Durholme and the death of, amongst
others, the Prince Bishop, Golgul set about the task of rasing more
troops for the sack of Durholme. At 8pm exactly, the watchers from the
battlements were amazed to see the white Balrog suddenly drop to the
ground, and a shining apparition rise into the sky. The three greater demons
and fifty lesser demons looked around a bit bemused and then charged towards
Golgul screaming as they smited their way through the hordes of confused
undead. Golgul managed to recover his wits and formed up a part of his army,
the rest seemed to stand around or act in a random fashion. Then with a bright
flash of light a portal opened between Golgul and Durholme and out rode
fifty warriors in resplendant plate armour inlaid with patterns of leaves
and golden suns. The warriors lowered their lances, banners fluttering in
the breeze, and charged the necromancer's rear, shouting "the Queen!". The
hordes of unliving seemed to ignore these warriors, but on seeing them the
demons vanished back to their own plane, it is reputed by some of the
soldiery standing on the battlements that the largest of the greater
demons was heard to say " Bugger, I'm not fighting with them blooming
Faeries again." just before he left.
Golguls army was soon routed by the warriors, who then trotted towards
the city gate, banners held high. The city gates were opened and the
Margrave Corrigan welcomed the warriors and thanked them for saving
durholme from almost certain doom. The leader of the warriors, said,
"och, it was nothing, we were just paying back a favour," (in a really
bad irish accent), and introduced hiself as Lord Locrannon, Champion of
the Seelie Queen. And thus, contact between the realm of Faery and the
Realm of mortals was officially re-made.


15th October 1279

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Sun dawns on a city standing tall upon a peninsula of unyeilding rock,
surrounded by a winding river gleaming in the early sun. The great Tower
of the Mathemagicians catches the sun and for miles around dominates the
landscape. The citadel also stands proud, defiant, indestructible...

Thus stands Durholme, the finest city in all of Albion.

But a closer eye reveals that all is not well. The walls of the city are
damaged, and many houses and streets have been reduced to rubble. The
citizens of Durholme work with great strain to restore the city, to man
the walls, and, most importantly of all, to work the fields so that
thousands will not starve. All able-bodied citizens have been conscripted
to work in the city militia for one day in every seven, and the city guard
is looking for permanent recruits to bring the city's defence back up to
strength. Also, a newly-formed elite troop of cavalry is being formed,
approved most heartily by the authorites, and have proved very effective
in protecting outlying villages and hamlets from raiding bandits. The
city is however still under marshal law, and there is a midnight curfew in
place, which is being rigidly enforced.

But the best estimates say that there will be no famine. Despite the
tragedy that ruined Durholme's crops earlier this year the great show of
work the citizens have put into the fields, coupled with a particularly
good growing year, has meant that food for the winter will be tight, and
staple foods will remain rationed, but all will have enough. Authorites
predict that the walls will all be at full strength within a few months,
and that the city will be restored to its former glory by the summer

Duties and taxes coming into the city have been reduced in a bid to get
more trade, and this seems to be working. Much trade has been coming over
the mountains from the West from the kingdom of Andrasti, and also by sea
from the eastern lands and Seven Isles, who have been providing many ships
and much timber. Durholme, Newcroft and the still-troubled Glantri have
formed a pact of mutual support in these times, to aid trade between the
three states and help all recover from the troubles. This has proved most
profitable so far.

But all is not well in Glantri - following the assasination of the royal
family in May, there was a brief, bloody fued that ended only recently
with Kormil Dorchenter taking the throne only after eliminating or buying
out all his opponents. Dorchenter has, however, so far proved to be a
fairly good - although harsh - ruler, and appears to want the best for his

Further to the south things are not going so well. The Rovacians fight a
continuingly hopeless battle against the fire-elves, the Pyrokin House
Verouche. Many people predict defeat by spring - although the Rovacians
will fight to the end.

But Durholme cannot help - the memory of war is too fresh in the people's
minds. Who cannot remember the terrible events of the spring...


The city stands at dawn, the Tower of the Mathemagicians gleaming in the
sun - and reflecting off thousands upon thousands of swords, pikes and
spears. The city is surrounded, the fields trampled, the outer city
destroyed - by Golgul, the evil necromancer and raiser of dead, and his
five-thousand-strong horde of zombies, skeletons, wraiths... His power
increased by the Dark One which cannot be named, he storms the city for
one last time...

The forces of Durholme ride out to meet the charge. At its head, the
brave Prince Bishop, spiritual leader of the city, and Sir Drachensburg,
the greatest hero known. With his holy sceptre in hand the Prince
Bishop, fighting alongside Drachensburg wielding the mighty sword Dunelm,
scythed through the abonimable army, thousands of brave men following in
his wake.

But Golgul sent to meet them a force that none could stand - a white
Balrog, striding through the forces as though they were but weeds. Sir
Drachensburg charged forth to meet the creature, and although he struck
the Balrog with mighty Dunelm he was overcome and killed. Golgul
committed his foulest act and raised the form again - with no soul, to
work his own bidding. There were tears in the Prince Bishop's eyes as he
struck down his freind and companion - before turning to the Balrog
himself. But the Balrog could not be stopped. Even the Price Bishop,
mighty in the extreme and aided, by great wonder and spiritual strength,
by the Balance itself - the embodiment of the god of the Prince Bishops -
was overcome and defeated.

Golgul and his forces exulted, and when darkness fell charged the city
again. But just as it seemed that there was no way to stop them...

A shining white aparition rose into the sky as the power of the Dark One
inexplicably left Golgul forever. The Balrog collapsed to the ground and
vanished, and Golgul's army were soon overcome now that their power was
gone. A shining regiment of knights and warriors from the Faerie realm
appeared from a great rift in the sky and, as they aided the forces of
Durholme, the army of Darkness was vanquished from this land.


But the city of Durholme is still in mourning. A statue has been erected
of the two greatest heroes the city has known - the gilded figures of the
Prince Bishop Hatfield and Sir Drachensburg stand proud and tall in the
market square, and all who go by remember with honour these great figures.
Many other good men died that day, and in the wars that preceded it, and
all are forever indebted by the city for the ultimate sacrifice in the
name of Life.

But since that day, life carries on for those rebuilding the city. The
faerie contingent stayed for many weeks to ensure that the city was in no
grave danger, and then departed, leaving some of their number behind;
including two entrepenuerial sprites who have opened up a faerie
restaurant - business, apparently, is booming. And, somewhat
inexplicably, the city has suffered from a plague - of _good_ dreams,
heralding the city becoming proud and strong once more. With hearts in
good cheer morale is high and all are proud to be from Durholme.


Inevitably following in the wake of the battle there have been other
troubles, but none that have been beyond the scope of the people of the
city. A major Orc attack against the city soon after the final battle was
apparently only averted because it clashed with a snot-flicking contest,
and more recently a cult of undead-worshippers, calling themselves the
Dragonsborn (a cruel play on the name of the city's great hero), was
destroyed by a party of adventurers from the Red Warlock tavern, led by a
blind man of great power. Other events have gone unnoticed but none that
were done in the cause of the city have gone unthanked.

St Johns hospitalliers have said they are at a loss to explain the small
number of dead bodies that have been found around the city, with no signs
of death on their person. They have, however, told the citizens not to
worry - a plague is out of the question.

And so the autumn begins. The citizens of Durholme, led now by the
Margrave Corrigan (head of the powerful Merchant Adventurers Guild) must
rally together to face the winter. But although the walls may be broken,
and the people may be troubled, the Spirit of Durholme will live on in
their hearts forever.


22nd October 1279

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The city of Durholme - standing astride the river on its peninsula of
rock. The tower of the Mathemagicians stands most prominent, and across
the Green of Palaces is the sprawling, mighty fortress that has never, in
its centuries-old history, been taken by an enemy.

On the door to this citadel stands Dave the Ogre, seeing in another day of
guard duty. This had, for some reason, been easier since Dave took the
job - standing seven feet tall and with power in his arms enough to bend
steel without noticing, Dave seemed to generate an air of... if not calm,
then at least nervous submission...

But now, as he opened the gate of the Citadel in the pre-dawn gloom, Dave
bowed down on his knee as a man rode out on horseback. Wrapped up in a
dark cloak, the advisor to the late prince bishop rode out of the fortress
and out of the city with little more ceremony than that. De Selincourt
remembered the feast the night before, a sharp contrast to this, quiet,
fog-enshrouded exit...


The Margrave sat at the head of the table, de Selincore at his right hand.
The eating took priority for the audience of advisors and men of import -
until the speech. Margrave Corrigan bade good fortune to de Selincourt on
his mission, one that the hearts of the people of Durholme would be
following every step of the way.

His was the quest to find the true heir of the Prince Bishop's line.

De Selincourt, according to all sources 7th in line himself, had vowed not
to rest until the city was again watched over by its true spritual leader,
and was to set out the next day to the west in a search for the truth.
The Margrave was grave and serious as he wished de Selincourt luck
and health on his travels - his face showed his sincerity, reflected in
that of those who sat silently, watching the men of power.

But two men at that meal, perhaps, knew something more than the others.
Sunderland Jones, recently made head of the Seekers of Knowledge in
Durholme after Geraldine Missive had died of a heart attack after the
strain of the summer, had entrusted Seigfried, sitting to his right, with
a task himself. Seigfried - with the help of Almeric, his right hand man
- was to search the records of Durholme, and use whatever resources he
could to find information about the line. This also had been wished well
by the Margrave, but was being carried out without the ceremony that de
Selincourt's mission had attracted.


Dave straightened up and watched the rider dissapear into the mist. The
sky was light - dawn would arrive soon. And although the armies that had
threatened the city were gone there were still many remnants of the forces
of darkness - undead under the control of Golgul's human servants, minor
demons attracted by the huge demonic presence in the summer, and many
other creatures that may not even have a name. But the militia, and the
city guard, under the new leadership of Anthony Flambard, were slowly
rounding up the forces and making the countryside a safe place again.
Things had been harder since the faery fay had left - the faery ambassador
Shaemus Renkubane had informed the people of Durholme that they were
needed to fight in the summer war against the unseelies. For reasons
unknown, Bob, a well-known black elementalist, also left with the faeries
- and appeared two days later, looking very battered and bemused, with
Shaemus and a small retinue of faeries, proclaiming victory. The gay fay
have been a bright addition to the city, when moods have, of late, been so

Rumours that undead have been seen on the old Faulconbridge estate outside
the city are unconirmed, and the authorities say there is no need for any
worry or concern, and that there is not, repeat not, a vampire on the
site. The Faulconbridge estate has been abandoned for nearly thirty years,
but over the summer the gardens have been tended and the house, once
derelict, seems to be showing signs of occupation. Nobody has provided a
reason - in fact most people seem to want to avoid the area.

But the fight against undead seems to be improving - not least with the
investiture of Father Sable, from Rovac, as head of the church of Azrael
in Durholme. Karlstarr, who had been temporarily acting as the head, was
glad to step down to a higher authority. Father Sable's first act was to
declare to the people, with great ceremony, the canonization of one of the
city's greatest heroes. Father Sable announced to the people that the
free citizens of Durholme, and in particular the followers of the church
of Azrael, should strive to follow in the footsteps of Azrael's finest
warrior - Saint Cadian.

Another blow was struck for the forces of good at the weekend at the
little-known village of Amersham, to the south of Durholme. A group of
cultists had apparently unwittingly summoned a demon who demanded
sacrifices in blood. The exact details of what happenned are unclear, as
some seem to claim that the demon was false, and merely trickery -
however, the party who returned to Durholme, claiming victory over the
demonic forces, insisted that the demon was real, and universally praised
the late Jarek Demonslayer.

But despite these grand deeds, for the citizens of Durholme life carries
on. Crops are looking good for harvesting - despite the inexplicable
disspearence of a number of scarecrows from the fields - and the people
are happy. However many food stores have suffered damage from mice and
rats, as many household and warehouse cats have gone missing over the last
few weeks. A plague amongst the feline kingdom has been ruled out, and
many people suggest that some sick individual might be responsible...

And life goes on. Trade is good, business is better than many had feared,
and even the weather has been kind. Many look forward to an answer to the
question of who shall be the new Prince Bishop - but for now Durholme
stands tall and proud nevertheless.


And dusk falls over the city. The people of Durholme sleep safe tonight -
the nightmares of the undead have gone, replaced by the good dreams of
life and happiness. Watching over the city stands the citadel - its
watchers always watching, the guards never sleeping. And at the gate, as
always, looking over the city, as solid as the citadel wall itself,
stands, seven feet tall, the mighty ogre Dave.

A mouse begins to scuttle across his unmoving foot...

...and then thinks better of it.



29th October 1279

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Upon a hill, surrounded by a dark forest, the monolith stands. Black as
night, its identity is unknown to the population of Durholme - perhaps
no-one knows what it represents.

Then there is a flash of light. The woods are shaken, and lit up in the
glare - but the monolith reflects no light, still as black as the dark
side of the moon. Near to the monolith a figure has appeared - wrapped in
a black cloak, gleaming white raiments underneath - face pale, teeth
glinting. The few who have dared come to witness this take a step back,
even though they already stand a hundred paces from the figure.

The one who stands alone throws his arms back and calls out, a string of
words that are incomprehensible to those who watch. With another mighty
flash he is surrounded by a ring of shining white figures, human-shaped
but devoid of physical form. The alkars rise up into the air, as their
caller - next to the monolith and inside the ring - chants unknown words
and sounds. The alkars begin to spin - faster and faster they turn,
becoming soon a halo of light and power. The ring begins to contract, the
monolith caught in a tightening belt of energy, the lone figure obscured
from sight. The ring reaches the edge of the monolithic cube and sparks
begin to fly from the points of contact. A gutteral wail, like metal on
metal, eminates from the scene, growing louder and louder. The watchers
place their hands over their ears, screwing their eyes shut against the
growing light...

And then there is a collossal explosion, a burst of light and sound that
blows the observers from their feet. As they recover they look up to see
- the monolith is gone, as is the ring of light. All that remains is the
one sole figure, crouching in the centre of a ring of dead earth. They
watch, none daring to approach, as the figure straightens. Some will
always say that a wave of fatigue crossed that face, so intense it nearly
drove the figure to the ground once more - perhaps it did. But if that
was the case the figure shows no sign after a second as he throws his arms
back and breaths a great gulp of fresh air - his razor-sharp teeth
catching the afternoon sun. With a wave of his arms, his figure becomes
tranclucent, appearing to be little more than smoke, before vanishing in a
puff of wind.

Those watching, mouths agape, can only stare.


Little is known of what exactly happenned in those woods on Sunday -
However it is known that a cult of some description was nearly destroyed,
but that Gillian, sole daughter of Anthony Flambard, new head of the City
Guard and successor to the legendary Sir Drachensburg, was murdered by the
cultists. Many have pointed to the black guild, and rumours abound that
the guild had kidnapped Gillian for purposes unknown. These was only
strengthened when, on Monday, at almost exactly the same time that the
monolith vanished, Flambard (known, from his temper, as Flamebrand)
himself marched with a sizeable contingent of guards and mages of all
guilds (except black...) to the black guild's buildings. The doors were
opened to the might of Flamebrand's men, and shortly afterwards, all
members of the black guild in residence were marched out, held by heavy -
iron - chains. They have not been seen since. The building has since
been under heavy guard and nobody has been allowed into the building on
any reason whatsoever.

The other mages' guilds, along with most of the prominent figures in
Durholme, have universally comdemned the actions of the black guild.
Kasper Wintergulf, speaking for the White guild, made an announcement to
the public after the arrests saying -

"The Black guild have never done anything good for this city and never
strive for anything other than money and power for themselves. They are
nothing but a dangerous internal threat to the stability and welfare of
the city and we would all be better off with them banished from the
Palatinate of Durholme."

Other guild leaders agreed with this statement with varying degrees of
shrugs and mumbles.


Matters to the south have not been improving. The country of Rovac still
fights a crippling war with the Pyrokin, and news has come to the city of
a plague striking the cities of Nottinghyme and Lanchester. Various names
have been attached to the disease but most common are the Shivering and
Greyskin Fever. Attacks on the cities by tribes of orcs and goblins have
only served to compound the problem. Durholme has offered sympathy to the
cities but little else can be done. As a result of these troubles trade
from the south - previously Durholme's main source of income and
prosperity - has slowed to a trickle.

However, trade with Andrasti and Estoria in the west, and the Seven Isles
from across the sea, has kept Durholme in good stead - indeed, these
states, together with Newcroft and the now stable Glantri, are all
profiting from a mutual trade agreement. Matters were aided by the
arrival in the city last week of Joshua de Witt-Scott-Spencer, new head of
the Merchant's guild, currently looking after the affairs of his
cousin, the Earl de Selincore, during his absence. Joshua de
Witt-Scott-Spencer has publicly spoken about his intentions to increase
trade in and out of the city, and has announced his plan to abolish the
reputation for theivery and robbery that Durholme has gained over the
years. Most people that listened to the speech he gave have said that
although it was very stirring and confidence-inspiring it was actually as
unfeasibly long and silly as the man's name is.


There was some trouble in the Grey guild last week as the quarters of a
minor grey elementalist were burnt to the ground - authorities say that
arson is almost a certainty but they have no motive or explanation for the
murder of Storrin Hob. The city guard would welcome any information on
this matter, and the Seekers of Knowledge have also expressed an interest
in the case.

The Seekers have also been busy relocating all their stock to the brand
new library - although the building was not destroyed (as most buildings
in the outer city were during the sieges) the grounds were damaged
greatly, and the foundations were apparently unsafe. The Grey guild has
taken the opportunity to move their headquarters to the site previously
occupied by the Seekers, and over the summer many more buildings in the
outer city have been moved or rebuilt.
[For a full list of what's where in Durholme, e-mail or speak to me!]

The scout's guild (rebuilt and redesigned with a whole host of new back
doors) have stated that they wish to stop uncontrollable and dangerous
selling of potions, poisons and acids. As such, all of these items will
no longer be allowed to be sold without the guild's permission and at the
guild's prices. Any scout found abusing this rule will be severely
punished - severe punishment usually meaning the loss of one or more
hands or feet. The guild has stated that this ruling counts if the potion
is administered by any person other than the scout who owns the potion -
however administration by the scout in return for money has not been ruled


The watchers straighten up and look around for any sight of the figure on
the hilltop - but he is nowhere to be seen. The afterimage of the glare
of the halo still in their eyes they make their way unsteadily back to
Durholme. Following the dissapearance of the monolith the forest will be
scourged by the city guard, and the remaining cultists swept up and
destroyed. The forest will, maybe, become a safe place again.

But with the burning in their eyes they do not see everything. Standing
many feet tall, arms hanging down as long as their legs, the dark brown
urvines - snouted and eyeless - quickly retreat under the canopy of
leaves. And, standing in a dip at the top of a steep, muddy slope, stands
another figure. Made of metal, the construct stands motionless. Its
orders - "guard this path".

And so it will, although its masters are dead.

Till, through rust, it falls apart forever.

Which will be a terrible shame for the family of birds that have
made their home on its shoulders...



30th October 1279

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The Prince Bishop Hatfield has released the following statement:
"The Drow are no longer welcome in the City of Durholme since they have
been plotting against the balance of power. Any Drow found within the
city boundaries or surrounding area will be executed without trial."

Commander Hardcastle (head of the mercenaries guild) has been
arrested in connection with the disappearing of caravans to and from
Durholme. Since his arrest no further caravans have disappeared. A
thorough search of the Guild building followed although the city guard
have not released any information concerning this as yet.
Jack Symmonds, Head of the group know as the Levellers, has released
a statment reporting that another levellers house was attacked in the last
week by what he suspects as a group of militant nobles. He also told of
another group of militants, as yet unidentified, who entered the house during
the fray attacking combatants on both sides. The leveller's guards
succesfully repelled both sides and although no one was captured Mr Symmonds
urged the city guard to protect the streets more effectively.
Following reports of demonic appearances in a seedy Tavern known as
the Greedy Goblin, more demons have been sighted in the area of the city
gates although members of the church of Astalon were on hand to deal some
of the demons. The church of Gedrhent has sent some specially trained
knights to deal with some demons who are still on the loose. These demons
are said to be small but the city authorities have recommended that
anyone sighting these creatures should avoid contact with them and
contact the church Gedrhent forthwith.
The Black Guild has released the following statement:
"The guild is delighted to be able to accept the mage known as "Bob" as
a full member of the Black Guild of Mages in Durholme and we hope to
get into contact with him as soon as possible."
Unofficially it is rumoured that Bob has power of which none within
the guild have neither seen nor heard of before.
Captain Rowld of the city guard has publically thanked the
organisation known as the Levellers in connection with the apprehension
of a certain Baron Carlov who was caught in possesion of several illegal
Some local peasants have been complaining that the city guard have
been taking back "gifts" bequeathed to then by hooded strangers. The city
guard have yet to comment upon this subject.
Other news:
-Reports have reached Durholme that the Siren Islands have been
recaptured by armies led by the King of the South. The king has begun a
siege on the Norman coastal town on Calais and is confident that it will
fall within the week.
-Earl Guy of Warwick has not been seen for weeks in his home town and it
has been rumoured that he has been ill. The Prince Bishop extended his
sympathies to the family of Lord Guy.
-No word has been heard from the village of Ushaw Moor for 4 days now and,
although many Durholme people would count this as a blessing, the City
guards from Durholme who were sent to investigate have not yet returned.
Refugees from Bear and Broom park have entered the city seeking
protection from what they describe as "random and brutal killings" that
have occured in their villages.
-Durholme is current recieving some of the coldest weather in the last 10
years with snow as deep as 2 foot in places, many rural areas have been
cut off from the city and the authorities advise residents of Durholme
not to travel outside the city if at all possible.

Right. That's it this week. I'll try to shortern it next time but many
things are happening. As you may have noticed Zak has retired from her
position as a full time ref (work stress and all that) and so if you want
to bother any refs it will be myself, Si or Al. Thanks to her for doing
all the timelines before this one (as it is time consuming).

If anyone has any problem with this timeline then they can get stuffed.
Seriously though, I'm sorry if it has caused anyone great distress but
life isn't always fair, is it?


5th November 1279

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It is the night of Semain. A small, dark shadow detatches itself from the
rafters of the barn which is its home and glides down, down, out of the
door. Ahead of it is a building - a popular one at this time of night.
Often it has heard laughing and singing from within its walls. But there
is no singing on this night - only screams of terror and fright can be
heard. For this is the night that the dead walk the streets.

The bat, however, cares naught for the patrons of the Greedy Goblin. It
cares not that they panic inside, as the dead walk amongst them, and the
sprits of those departed play havoc with the natural world. It cares
naught that many will see their own deaths tonight - and that some will
meet it.

The mammal flies off, in search of food.

In search of blood.


Rumours abound around the City of Durholme that the Geredy Goblin, the
tavern of great repute, is an evil place, and a place of terrible deeds.
After the appearance last Wednesday of Legion - a figure claiming to be
the embodiment of all those who have died in that tavern - many have
claimed that it is because of evil work, and that the spirits will never
rest. More still have claimed that the beer has been poisoned of late,
and blame the illnesses of the city on the establishment. After Legion
and his minions many find it hard to refute these claims.

The Black guild, imprisoned last week for the activities of one of its
members, were released on Friday. All the members of this guild are said
to be outraged at their treatment, and proclaiming that this was neither
just nor called for. However, they have been allowed to continue their
work, and their building has been opened up again.

The Green guild has also been in the public eye, as Hironimous Welles,
head of the guild, has spoken in outrage about the situation in Rovak..
Stating that he can no longer tolerate the injustice, he has set out south
with a small band of a half dozen or so green elementalists to fight the
"evil, despicable, conniving, foul, disgusting and evil" fire elves. The
city has, of course, wished them the best of luck, but they are unexpected
to make much impact on a situation which is, for most, already foretold.
The Pyrokin elves have almost annihilated the human forces - however with
the coming of winter, and the determination of the Rovac forces still
fighting, they are not expected to see defeat before the New Year.

Also in grave crises are the cities of Nottinghyme and Lanchester, as the
plague that has struck there tightens its grip further still. Of much
greater concern is the spreading rumour that the strongest healing prayers
of many churches seem to have little, if any, effect on the Grayskin
Fever. More recent reports have also revealed that cases of the Shivering
have spread as far as Jorvik. The problem is compounded further still by
an apparent increase in the frequency of Orc attacks in the affected

The only heartening news in this dark time is the positive
action taken by other cities in the area. Support has flooded
into the suffering cities from close neighbours like Derby and
Birminghyme and even as far away as Cardyll and Plymuth.


Good news has reached the city, however - news has arrived from the Earl
de Selincourt that he has discovered a vital link in the trail to finding
the true Prince Bishop, and that he is now travelling to the estate of a
nobleman in Estoria whom he believes may be of the bloodline. The search
continues, however, as he does not believe that this family contains the
true line - but that it lies closer to the line than any other contenders,
the closest yet discovered being, in fact, de Selincourt himself.


The seekers of knowledge were mournful to announce this week the death of
one of their number - Sunderland Jones is said to have conducted a
memorial service himself to mourn the loss of Athelstan Rolfsson, a
"promising seeker who had done much for the seekers and could have done so
much more". The circumstances surrounding Athelstan's death are unsure and
the seekers would welcome any information.

The seekers have also began investigating recently one of the sites around
the city uncovered during the first seige. The tomb of Greyhoof the
celtic warrior was rediscovered by the party that eventually destroyed
Almack the Lich-lord and pretender to the Prince Bishop's throne. In the
interests of knowledge a group of seekers is being sent out to discover
what they can about the life of this remarkable warrior of old.


Two nights ago strange happenings went on at the building of the Church of
St Johns. Just before midnight, two zombies and a ghoul apparently tried
to break into the building and began to cause havoc, frightening patients
and staff. However, the priests of St Johns, amongst the most powerful in
Durholme, were able to destroy the undead before anyone was hurt. Later
in the night, however, a man apparently tried to break in - however, on
encountering a ward set up that night he alerted those present and was
chased off into the night. Any information regarding the incident would
be recieved most gratefully by the hospitalliers.

Nearby, on the same night, a dwarven digger was jumped upon in an alleyway
and beaten to the ground. He was not able to identify his (human)
attackers, and was left bleeding, his beard in shreds. He is now
recovering in the damaged St Johns building. A connection between the
incidents has not been ruled out.

In an attempt to combat crime in the city, Joshua de Witt-Scott-Spencer,
new head of the merchant's guild, has put together a band of fighters
known as the Enforcers. This group has been escorting caravans and
important persons around the palatinate in an effort to bring more
confidence and trade into the city. Merchants have welcomed this move,
and look forward to a nwe realm of prosperity under JdWSS. Even if he
does have a silly name.


The bat flies low over the now silent building, the taste of blood fresh
on its tongue. The rabbit was a weak one, but its blood was good and the
bat felt full of energy. It rose high, towards the moon - its half
face, unseen by the blind creature, looked down and illuminated the land.

But there were other lights, and noises, on the land - swooping down, the
creature detected many humans, standing around a circle of strange stones.
One in the middle was chanting and screaming, another lay down on a rock
nearby. The rest seemed to be entranced with the proceedings. But as it
moved round, the bat saw another group approaching. As it circled, the
bat listened to the humans meet, and fight, and slay one another. The bat
had never had want to slay its own kind - the sweetest blood was from
other creatures.

After the commotion had ended the bat lost patience in the affairs of
humans. It flew off, towards its home in the barn, full of the taste of
blood and the feeling of one who is contented. Humans could strut, and
chant, and fight - the bat cared not. It knew that humans had no effect
on its life and never could.

On the way home the bat met another.

It had never before felt anything to a member of its kind, but this bat
was different. It was alien. It was an abomination.

It was human.

The bat flew off, avoiding the invader with all its wit, and alighted in
his barn, nervous and afraid.

The bat slept as, outside, the vampire flew on to other things.

/ \ \^/ / \
// ~~~~\/~~~~\ . /~~~~\/~~~~ \\
\ ### /


6th November 1279

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The black guild formally and publicly spoke out this morning stating that the treatment of its members, and of the guild as a whole, was unacceptable and against its rights as a guild of Durholme. They recieved some support, albeit unnofficially, from mages and craftsmen of other guilds who feared that the same treatment may happen to their own guilds if the authorities were to go unchallenged.

The statement was met with another from the Margrave later today informing the Black guild that the matter would be addressed and that a council meeting was being planned within the month to discuss this situation. Until this meeting, however, the Black guild would be granted no authority as a guild, and have no voice on the council or on the affairs of the city. This is, the Margrave stressed, only a temporary measure until the state of affairs can be discussed fully.


The seekers of knowledge are said to be investigating the reported appearance of the ghost of Sir Drachensburg, the recent hero of Durholme, at the Greedy Goblin last week. He was apparently looking for his blade, Dunelm, and was disturbed that it could not be found. City guardsmen have been combing the area where Sir Drachensburg fell for some time now but have not reported any success.


The rich and well-known noble and merchant Duke Garrantil von Ratzen entered the city today with great ceremony - he brings with him a large caravan of food, clothes and medical supplies. These are much needed in the city right now and he is said to be staying in the citadel as an honoured guest. Many people, however, have been hearing rumours about his past activities in Jorvik and Rovak, where it is said that many years ago the Duke lead an underground cult of undead worshippers to undermine and destroy the authorities there.


(baZilicain the scribe 6/11/1279)

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12th November 1279

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The moaning of the nearly-dead is heard throughout the city when the songs of the dawn chorus should have reigned. Hundreds have succumbed to the plague and hundreds more will die also before the deadly disease passes on - but no-one can tell when that might be. Fears are that none will survive, and that the whole city will be dead within weeks.

So stands the once-strong city of Jorvik.

The man staggers through the streets, his skin on fire and his face a mask of pain and dread. The Grayskin Fever has him seized, as indeed it seems to have its grasp on the whole of Jorvik. Yesterday he had tried to break through the quarantine at the east gate - a hundred desparate men and women had stormed the gate, screaming for release. The guards, however, had not let them past, attacking the unarmed peasants with sword and spear. But they were not heartless fiends - they knew full well what would happen if the plague was let loose to the world. There were tears in the eyes of the hardiest man as he fought the diseased masses.

The man had then stumbled into the church of St Johns. But still they could do nothing for him. The place was packed - men, women, children, elves, dwarfves - the only ones that seemed to be absent were the green, blue or white elves, apparently unaffected. And of those infected, none could be treated. The hospitaliers had told them - foolishly - that the disease could indeed be treated, but only within bare minutes of being affected. Many now pour into the church, hoping in vain. And it is not only the diseased that fill the church - many come in wounded, more every day, as the now-regular orc attacks on the surrounding villages, and on the gates of the city itself, claim more victims.

With the spread of the Grayskin Fever in Jorvik the people of Durholme are nervous of strangers, and rumours abound that the plague is spreading north, and may even have a foot inside the city. Some say that the supplies and trade coming in to the city may be contaminated, and that even the beer we drink may contain the fever. This has, of course, been firmly put down by the owners of the various taverns around the city, although rumours that the profits of the Greedy Goblin, the most famous tavern in Durholme - and perhaps Albion - have dropped recently are spreading.

Grave news came to the city on Monday. A messenger rode into the city from the lands of Estoria, to the west, witht the news that the estate of the nobleman Samel d'Aubet had been razed to the ground and the entire family slain. The family d'Aubet was, according to all sources, the closest link yet found to the throne of the Prince Bishop, and was to be contacted by the Earl de Selincourt, on a mission to find the true heir, last week. No news has come in of the Earl de Selincourt himself.

On a related topic the Seeker of knowledge known as Seigfried, entrusted by the Seekers to hunt down the line of the Prince Bishops, announced on Friday that he had discovered an old, little-known document, drawn up only five years ago, listing many sons, daughters and siblings of the Prince Bishops over the years, since the very first Prince Bishop was appointed in the year -2. He says this document is invaluable to his research and is hopeful about the future.

However two days after he made this announcement Seigfried was set upon by a group of men who beat him to the ground. He escaped with only superficial injuries but was unable to identify his attackers. He has said, however, that such people who do not want to see the throne filled once more are evil and contrary to the purposes of Durholme. He is continuing his work, and has vowed to do so until it is done. The Seekers have all praised his work in this and wish him good fortune.

The group known as the Enforcers - set up by the new head of the Merchant's Guild, Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer - have heralded success as they apprehended a well-known theif by the name of Derwan. He has been known to the authorities for some time but only now has he been caught red handed, as he bumbled an attempt to burgle a warehouse that was being guarded by JdWSS's men. dWSS has claimed this a victory for his men, and that he will have the streets of Durholme clear before you can say Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer. Many people believe him.

But for now crime still proliferates. A member of the scouts guild was found on Monday floating face down in the river, and had been brutally beaten around the head. The scout's guild council have declared this a cowardly and pointless murder, and are investigating the matter most thoroughly.

There was commotion at the Greedy Goblin last Wednesday when a celt, apparently known to many people of the city, attacked another celtic elementalist, supposedly without provocation. The attacker was apprehended by the city guard but was found to be missing the next morning, leaving behind nothing but a ragged hole in the wall of the jail. The elementalist is said to be recovering at St Johns, and is stable, but nervous. Both parties are wanted by the authorities for questioning.

It is unclear whether or not this incident is connected to the activities in the North - by some reports large clans of celts have been gathering and roving the countryside north of the border. They have not, however, shown any sign of hostile intent towards each other, and have not tried to cross the Great Wall in force. Indeed, they appear to be avoiding any large places of habitation at all, and their paths are not predictable. Everybody is at a loss to explain this.

There has been much talk amongst the high powers of the city about the approaching council meeting. It has been called to see to the matter of the Black Guild and their crimes, although there are many other matters of importance to discuss, including the hunt for the line of the Prince Bishop. The date has been set for the 27th day of this month, venue to be announced.

And finally some small amount of gaity was brought to the city at the weekend as a man going merely by the name of Joviality - previously unknown in the city - began performing for the crowds in the market square. Far more than the usual tricks of the gleeman this fellow has produced some dazzling shows with his apparent command over fire and flames. Mages are at a loss to explain his tricks, as any who witness them proclaim that there is no magic involved. He has drawn large crowds every day, and appears to bring fire swooping from his arms, and bursting above his head. Many a curious watcher has stumbled back, after getting too close, with singed eyebrows and blackened face.

And, apparently unrelated, posters have been appearing around the city proclaiming the coming of the Mystic Celebration. This is by all accounts a travelling theatre which has come to Durholme now that the trouble has passed in order to perform for the people of the city. Much activity has been seen and heard about a warehouse to the west of the city, although no-one has been let in and the actors are keeping very close to themselves so far.

The news that military help was coming to stem the attacks of the orcs is of little comfort to the man as he staggers through the alleys, skin the colour of rain-laden sky and no life left in his eyes. He wanders the dying streets, meeting only the sick, and laying down he rests his head in the gutter. He knows, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he will not wake up tommorrow - and that same part begs for the relief of death.

As his eyes close he sees a vision - an hallucination, perchance. A black-robed figure stands over the city, hands outstretched as men and women rise up to meet him, leaving their mortal bodies forever.

The man stretches out his arms and rises to meet Azrael, standing over the city of Jorvik.


(baZillicain the scribe)

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19th November 1279

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The market square is packed. The stall owners are mixed in their opinions - some are envious of the stealer of their limelight, but most are cheered by the extra trade. For there is one space in the square - an area in the middle where no-one will stand, or even come close. For in this space stands the gleeman known only as Jovialty.

The crowd gives a collective gasp as, with a backwards flip, he lands lightly on his feet mere inches away from the statues of Sir Drachensburg and the Prince Bishop Hatfield. When the smoke clears - as with all his acrobatics, a burst of flame appears whenever he lands on hs feet - the crowd see him standing, hands held high above his head, muttering something. His words get louder, and the crowd can hear his speech...

"...I bring forth this flame, the heat of life, envelop these heroes in the glory that is theirs and watch as before thine eyes they EXPLODE!"

And with that the statues are engulfed in flame. A huge orange fireball rushes up the two figures, leaving their golden figures glowing in the light of fire. And like a phoenix the gleeman leaps out of the furnace, somersaulting as if propelled by the force of the blast and landing once more, yards from the statue, hands in the air, to the tune of loud and heartfelt applause.

"More!" they cry, "show us more!" - and the gleeman is not one to dissapoint an audience. He laughs, pulls off his brightly coloured hat and throws it high in the air. Doing a quick forward flip while his hat is flying he catches it in mid air and flings it to the ground with all his might.

The crowd are flung back with the force of the explosion. Huge bursts of fire rocket from the ground reaching skywards and the ball of flame reaches as far as the nearest members of the crowd.

And when the flames are over, and the smoke has cleared, Joviality is gone.


The Temple of St John has been a hive of activity this week as the priests and healers have travelled far and wide across the country. The cure for the Grayskin Fever that squeezed the city of Yorvik to within an inch of its life has been found - and the Hospitalliers have been distributing it freely with the invaluable aid of the magical guilds. Gating and teleporting, they have distributed the cure freely, and instructed others as to how to cure the populous. The threat from the fever is now at an end.

The Hospitalliers have not, however, made it clear as to who gave them the cure. They have said that the persons responsible know who they are, and are to be forever praised.

But they are still looking for a cure to the strange deaths that are occuring around the city. A few people have been found dead in the streets and in their homes, with no clue upon them as to the cause of death. They are, however, continually repressing rumours of plague.


With the plague all but cured the city of Yorvick is struggling ot get back into order once more. There has been some unrest folowing the East Gate massacre where many people of the city were mown down by the city authorities. The quarantine has now been lifted but animosity still remains. The city guard at Yorvick have apologised profusely for incidents such as these but still claim they were entirely nescessary.

However the problems have been getting better since the orc attacks have stopped. The orc clans seem to have had enough of pummelling the city now that it is recovering and moved on. The guardsmen of Cardyll have also left the area proclaiming that the good work they have done there is no longer needed.

The problem of crime in the city are amongst those which are to be discussed in the approaching council meeting. Also on the agenda is of course the status of the Black Guild, who are kicking up a fuss again about their treatment. The Margrave has announced that this will be discussed fully at the meeting on the twenty-sixth day of this month and until that date the matter will not be discussed.


Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer has spoken out once more about the level of crime in the city. He claims that his Enforcers have been very successful in keeping down crime and that soon Durholme will be a crime-free palatinate. The city authorities, however, appear to be reserving their opinions of de WSS and, in a bid to lessen the crime rate have empowered the church of Astalon to seek out and report lawbreakers. This is yet to prove its worth but many are hopeful, particularly since the recent rise in crimes such as graverobbing amongst the recently dead.

Many groups seem to be following the path set up by the enforcers and setting up parties of mercenaries to protect caravans and rich merchants as they travel around the palainate. One notable group is the Silver Panthers, who are offering a cheap and friendly protection service. Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer has said that his Enforcers are trustable and dependable and these Silver Panthers are mere newcomers. The leader of these silver panthers, one Garwen Toltron Duvancy, has said that at least he doesn't have a silly name.


There was much commotion over the weekend as Duke Garrantil von Ratzen, the well-known merchant that arrived in the city two weeks ago, was attacked as he left the city to go on a hunting trip with some friends. Little is known of what actually happenned but reports are that the party was ambushed by a group of orcs. These foulspawn had somehow evaded the scouting party that accompanied the friends, and specifically attacked the Duke. Most of his companions escaped with their lives, and spoke of orcs with greater skill than normal, and branded across their heads. No more news has come, however, and the matter is being investigated by the city guard.

It is said that this attack occured at exactly the same time as yet another explosion on the top floor of the newly-placed alchemists guild; however, since such explosions in this building are common there is little bite to this rumour.


The market square is once again silent. No-one will speak, no-one dares. They all merely stand there, staring dumbly at the space where Joviality should have landed.

The ground, slightly scorched, shows no sign of the gleeman. The crowd begin to mutter quietly, thinking that this was no way to end a display - he should at least have the grace to show hs face. Some look around at the nearby houses and rooftops but no clue is to be found there.

From the back of the crowd, a small child begins to cry. As if this was a signal the crowd loses its silence and once again the chatter and talk of the market is heard.

But now the chatter and gossip is stifled somewhat, for everybody wants to know what has happenned to the gleeman - but nobody can give an answer.

Joviality is nowhere to be seen.


(baZilicain 19/11/1279)

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26th November 1279

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"Fish! Fish! Fish!!"

The cry echoed through the streets of Durholme, the whole sun-washed and frosty city hearing the call. In the market it was as loud as anywhere - but this, for once, was not the call of the fishmongers. This was the call of all the city.

Wilbur, walking quietly through the market with his teacher, heard the people calling. Immediately he perked up, interested in whatever could unite the people. Listening to Balmorrow may be a valuable learning experience but it was as dull as mud.

He straightened up, amid the confusion, and ran into the crowd that was forming across the market place. A thousand cries of "What is it? What's going on?" were repeated again and again as, in the centre of the crowd, a breathless man sat down to recover. Wilbur heard him speak.

"In the river... silver and glorious... bigger than a man!! They were coming.... coming to the city..." Panting, the man gave his story.

But Wilbur was no longer listenting. With the speed of a curious child he darted through the streets, heading for the bridge. He looked over the edge, to the river below... and his eyes opened wide with excitement.

With a leap he was standing on the wall of the bridge. "They're here! The fish are here!" he cried, laughing with ecitement, "They're here!" Filled with the adrenelin of limelight he did a stunning backflip, landing once again on the wall - but no-one in the gathering crowd was looking at him.

In the river, at least a half dozen, silver, gleaming fish, as big as a man and with noses like bottles, leapt out of the water, laughing as if they were human.

Wilbur had never seen one before - but he knew one thing. They looked like fun.

Before Balmorrow could stop him he ran down to the water and leapt into the river.

The strange occurences in the Wear on Sunday almost brought the people's mind off the dissapearance of their other source of entertainment - the gleeman who could control fire, Joviality. Rumours of his whereabouts abound, and talk is of everything from illusionists and fire mages to drow and even Mathemagicians. Indeed, the red elementalists guild have expressed a great interest in any information regarding his whereabouts, as have the seekers of knowledge and the alchemist's guild - but nobody can answer their questions.

Still, when entertainment is demanded, entertainment is got. The Red Warlock, newly refurbished and extended, is holding a 'night of jolity, singing and much merriment' on the fourth night of the next month, in a bid to steal trade away from the still-suffering Greedy Goblin. Reports of tribes of branded orcs walking in to the Goblin on some Wednesday nights are not exactly helping the pub's case.

Another large, heavily guarded caravan came in from the south today, bringing food and cloth from Glantri. The head of the Merchant's Guild, Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer, has once again praised the efforts of his Enforcers, who helped repel an attack of bandits some miles outside the city walls. The merchant who brought the goods, Fulbar Paisalot, said - "The Enforcers' escort arrived just in time to help us repel the bandit attack. I hope that these men continue in their work and bring much goodness to the city with the great help of Joshua de Wiss... de Witt Scappp... de Witt Sconnts... this truly fine fellow."

However, JdWSS has been unable to comment on this complement, as he and the other powerful men and women of the city prepare for the council meeting. The Black Guild has been a hive of movement and intrigue as they prepare for this fateful meeting. Other matters to be discussed are thought to include the recent plague affecting the southern lands, and the continuing war in Rovac.

Fulbar Paisalot also brought news from the south. The Rovacian war has apparently taken a turn for the better, although details are not known. A man who supposedly hails from Rovac came up with the caravan, and met with Corayahem d'Alembert, the Durholme representative for Rovac. Corayahem was later seen bidding goodbye to the man and riding north with much speed. Nobody is sure as to the reason for his leaving.

The fish - somebody had called them Dolphins - swam amongst each other in the Wear at nightfall, long after Wilbur and the other children had been towelled off and scolded. They spoke to each other in a strange tongue, and those who lived close to the river could hear their strange and inhuman talk long into the night.

What they said, nobody had known.

Why they were here, only they knew.


(baZillicain the Scribe)

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3rd December 1279

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It is cold and wet when the group begins to assemble outside the tall, defiant Tower of the Mathemagicians. Many come armed, most do not, but still they look to be a fearful crowd. As a clock in the distance strikes the hour of twelve one man steps to the front.

Prior Justus, head of the church of Humact, has a face of fire and anger. Turning, he faces the crowd that watch him expectantly. They are a mixed group, many are the clergy and fighters of Humact, many are lay worshippers, some even are from other churches such as that of Azrael.

The crowd is quiet as Justus speaks.

"Freinds!! Brothers and sisters! We come here today with united purpose!"

As indeed they did. For Prior Justus was at this place with but one thing in mind - that which he had vowed to strive for from the day he entered the clergyhood. The abolition of the living dead.

As the Prior speaks the crowd hear Justus' mission and aims. They hear how, inside this tower, this supposed bastion of strength and power, resides a creature with no right to move upon this earth. Inside this tower is an abomination.

Inside this tower, claims Justus, is Xaroc the vampire.

As Justus' speech winds down the Humactis begin to form a rough semi-circle around the door of the tower, pulling their cloaks around them as the growing wind and rain tug at them with a thousand tiny barbs. Justus steps to the centre of the half-ring and raises his hand. In one he holds a wooden stave, sharpened at one end. In the other he holds a gleaming longsword, blessed in the name of Humact. Hands held high he begins to chant an ancient ritual, his voice fighting against the rapidly-worsening weather.

The arc of priests join in with the chant, their voice combating the storm and projecting itself over the watching crowd. Louder and louder the chant becomes, and Justus appears to lose himself in the voices, his face a mask of pain and concentration.

Finally he screams the last words of the ritual. Falling to his knees the cry resounds around the mighty walls, cut off by a tremendous crash of lightening and thunder that is felt in the very ground. The flash is blinding, and it takes some seconds for those around to regain their sight. And when they do...

...Justus still kneels, staring at the great door, still closed, as inpenetrable as it has ever seemed. As another crash of thunder echoes across the city the Humacti priests look to one another, and to Justus, who stands once more, sword held with purpose but the stake loosely hanging by his side.

The watchers begin to wander off, muttering to themselves and covering up against the rain.

After the storm on Friday had abated, and the church of Humact had appeared to run out of no-effect rituals, Kasper Wintergulf, head of the white elementalists' guild, made a public decleration on the subject of Xaroc the undead mathemagician. Prior Justus was still standing outside the tower when Kasper spoke on the Palace Green to a group made larger than his own by the somewhat better weather.

"The matter has been brought up in the higher echelons of this city of the Mathemagician and Elementalist known as Xaroc. I wish to make the following statement about the status of Xaroc and his connections within the White Guild.

"When Xaroc was living and breathing he was indeed a member of the White Guild. However, he became a member of the undead over two hundred years ago and sealed himself in the Mathemagicians' Tower until only a few years ago. During this time his membership to the Guild has lapsed slightly and he did not regularly pay the guild his yearly guild fees. As such, at some point in the intervening years his membership was revoked.

"At no time since then has he had the support or help that a Guilded elementalist can expect from the white guild. However I am entitled to my own personal opinion which is that Xaroc the Mathemagician has done nothing but good for this city and its people. We need look no further back than last month when he destroyed the black monolith that stood outside the city, left behind after Golgul's fearful hordes were defeated. This is neither the first nor the only incident in which Xaroc has helped the city and I feel that he deserves the respect of the people of Durholme."

The sodden and solitary figure of Prior Justus made no further comment.

Yesterday, the second day of the last month, marked itself for some time as a day of death and punishment... In the market square flames licked high once more but this was not the tricks of Joviality. A man known as Hugo was publically tried and burnt as an unguilded elementalist by two witchfinders who recently came to pursue work within the city. Lighting the dried straw and wood was a small halfling who seemed really quite excited by the whole thing.

As the trial continued the man known as Hugo let out a truly fantastic story which was heard by the masses but little was believed. Apparently his father is Floris DeLacy, a silk merchant in the city who came by something known as Candora's box a few months ago and has since been studying it with his son. Doing so they both gained access to a powerful form of spirit/elementalism but did not actually draw power from the box. Hugo decided to go off and try out his new found powers, and set himself up as some sort of lord, much to the annoyance of his father.

During the course of this he was found by the witch-hunters and apprehended.

On that same Monday there was an underground explosion at the Delacy home in the cellar where Floris and Hugo worked on the box and the house subsides into a crater. City guard have searched the remains of the house and found the remains of the merchant, but no magic box.

After the burning a public hanging took place. A group of eight men had been caught by clergy of the church of Astalon and were proven to be part of a major smuggling ring that stretches from Durholme to Yorvick. Authorities claim that the ring has been destroyed as far as Durholme is concerned but they are still looking for a merchant of furs who, they say, may have valuable information.

After the executions the Margrave Corrigan spoke to the crowds claiming that these executions proved that the days of crime in Durholme were numbered. He also announced the relaxing of the rationing, reducing it to the very scarcest staple foods and goods only, due to the unexected good turnout of the harvest and trading. The food available to the citizens of Durholme are now barely different in quantity and quality than those available before the two seiges that occurred last year.

Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer also made an announcement about the increased trade and profit of the city but after the herald took four attempts to get his name right nobody could take him seriously.

But not all is content amongst the higher ranks of the city. Sunderland Jones, recent head of the Seekers of Knowledge, closed down the Seeker's Library to the public in outrage at the unfair treament of the Black Guild at Tuesday's council meeting. He has publicly stated the following -

"At a rather heated and farcical council meeting last night it was decided that the Black Guild of Elementalists would not be expelled from the city and those within the guild that are guilty of crimes would be punished, a move to which I give my entire backing.

However, it was decided that ALL Black Elementalists (even those that have committed no crimes or acts against the interest of the city or it's people) must at all times carry enough metal to stop the use of their magics and that City Guard is given free access to the Black Guild House (to search, question and confiscate as they see fit).

These actions I cannot support, and I feel they endanger the freedom of all the guilds within the city.

I therefore regret to inform the citizens of Durholme that the Library and Museum of the Seekers of Knowledge will be closing it's doors and withdrawing it's services from the city from midday today in a show of support to the Black Guild of Elementalists."

As the statement suggests, at 12 O'clock last Wednesday the doors of the Seekers' Library were closed, sealed and warded by the priests. Seekers' work at sites of interest to the Seekers and city was stopped and the priests returned to the Library. There is now an air of tense silence around the usually busy Library and courtyard.

Also in the aftermath of the meeting, the group known as the Silver Panthers have affiliated themselves with the mercenaries' guild and agreed to pay a certain amount of their earnings form their protection and guarding business, which, by all accounts, is prospering.

The magnificent creatures known as 'Dolphins' left on Friday night. Many people claimed to have been able to speak with the creatures, and have reported that they are inteligent and playful beings. They did not reveal their reason for being in the city or their reasons for leaving so promptly. They did, however, play frequently with those children of the city who were brave enough to swim in the freezing water of the Wear. Some say that the dolphins left in anger after one of their number was killed and eaten by an unidentified person on the Friday evening - others merely say that they left because they had done whatever business they had come to do. More still claim that they were frightened off by yet another explosion at the alchemists guild at Friday noon, but this hasn't picked up much support.

In any case, they left on Friday night, and the last humans to speak with the creatures reported their last words to them, in every case, to be 'So long, and thanks for all the fish.' No reason has been put forward for this.

News has come in from the south concerning the activities of one Hironomous Welles, head of the Green Guild, who had been presumed dead after he marched down to the Duchy of Rovac to help in the war against the Pyrokin House Verouche. Reports are coming in that Welles and his small group have had their first contact with the enemy. It is rumoured that they had spent several days engaged in a ritual near the Rovac front line. During a recent attack by the Pyrokin, the Rovacian fighters were ordered to retreat, and Welles and his team stepped onto the battle field. The Pyrokin seemed to falter in confusion, and then began charging across the open ground. The seven elementalists formed into a line, raised there hands to the sky, began chanting and as they did ice flowed along the ground in front of them freezing everything within its path. As the ice touched the first Pyrokin, he froze solid and rigid. The ice swept on freezing more Pyrokin as it went. When a quarter of their number were struck down the Pyrokin turned and fled from the battlefield and the tide of ice.

A cheer rose among the Rovacian troops as the Pyrokin departed. Suddenly the flow of ice stopped as blue magical fire danced around two of the mages. The cheering stopped to be replaced by screams of pain as the unfortunate mages were consumed by the fire and their own over use of magic. Clearly exhausted and without saying a word Welles and his remaining companions marched off the battlefield.

With this pyrrhic victory the tide of battle seems again to be changing although the human forces have been decimated and still have little hope.

As night falls the Tower of the Mathemagicians still stands silently, its secrets still intact. The tower, made of stone, seems oblivious to the chantings and rituals that were carried out before its walls this day. And its supposed inhabitant?

Xaroc has not been seen since he, with the aid of the pure white alkars, banished the black cube that blighted the landscape. Where is he? What is he doing? What are his intentions?

The walls of the Mathemagicians' Tower stand silently, answering the questions of no man.


(baZillicain the Scribe, 3/12/1279)
(Timelines and more at http://www.dur.ac.uk/~d512y3/sttuff.php)

[OK, here's a brief recap of the events of the council meeting on Tuesday night. Please note - the following is Out Of Character (OOC) and, unless otherwise mentioned in the timeline or IC will not be known by characters. Obviosly NPCs who were there will know what happenned.

I will make the first bits brief and to the point, as a large number of people were there. The last two points were not brought up IC because we ran out of time so I shall mention them more fully.

- Reports were made on the hunt for the line of the Prince Bishops. A fair old raucus was raised about why we needed a PB and what good did they ever do anyway? The council also started raising a fuss about what kind of bloke the Margrave was until Anthony Flambard (Flamebrand) started shouting and waving a big pointed thing.

- Some stuff was said about the crime in the city and the matter of hired protection groups such as the newly created Silver Panthers was brought up. It was voted, and passed, that these groups should have to affiliate themselves to a guild or bog off home.

- The Yorvick rep thanked the church of St John for their help in wiping out the Plague and the hospitalers in turn thanked both the elementalist guilds who aided the distribution and the anonymous persons who gave them the cure.

- Some reports were made on the Rovacian war to the effect that the humans are not in a good state, but with the onset of winter things are looking up. Durholme gives full moral support but can offer little else.

- The Black Guild... After much heated discussion, and after Drachmal, the head of the Black Guild, had taken a truth potion and sworn on a Humacti sword of Truth, it was decided that the Black Guild as a whole had committed a wrong concerning the actions of Bill the elementalist and their treatment of him. After some time a vote was pressed - the result of this was that from that day forth, the City Guard would have complete access to the Black Guild at any time, and that all Guilded Black Eles, whilst outside their guildhouse and within the city walls, _must_ carry more than three daggers weight of metal. Unsurprisingly Drachmal was not best pleased.

(After this vote we had to call Time Out rather than getting Kicked Out...)

- Church Business. Sunderland Jones issued a report given to him on behalf of a member of the Seekers of Knowledge which comprised of a report on a church that has recently formed in the area. The church of Elgrun, stated the report, is concerned with the natural balance of things and with the cycle of life and growth. However, the opinion was put forward that some of the beliefs that were central to the creed of the Elgrunites were worthy of some concern from the other churches in Durholme, in particular the belief that Elgrun is the one true god and that worshippers of false gods practice heresy.
The concern of the seekers was duly noted by the council.

- Any Other Business. Alaister Macglaughlan, ambassador to the Seven Isles, asked for the Isles to have lumber and logging rights on the land upstream of Durholme along the Wear. The offer he made sounded reasonable to the council and the motion was passed.

I think that's it. If anyone has any additions, suggestions or even (god forbid) corrections, feel free to tell me! Otherwise I'll see you all tommorrow for the last interactive of term... (sob)

The last adventure of term is this Saturday (7th?) and the OGM will be following that evening, in Marys East JCR. To get there, either ask a Mary's girl (popular choice) or just walk in the main door and turn left. If we're not making enough noise for you to be able to find us then Treasure Trap is doing something wrong...

Anyway hope you all had a good term. If I don't see you before, have a groov(DELETE)(DELETE)(DELETE)eat Christmas and I'll see you in the new year!

Ciao, baZ .-. ]

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