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15th January 1280

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The city is shrouded in white, a snowy blanket covering all from the lowest hovel to the highest mansion. Even the Tower of the Mathemagicians stands covered in white powder, its magnificence truly shining as the starlight falls upon its snowy flanks.

The peoples of Durholme gather on the Green before the tower. A huge fire burns in the centre, whole cattle being roasted by a score of attendants. The mood is one of celebration - for this is the night of the Midwinter Festival.

Meat, wine and mead are passed from hand to hand in the jostling, happy crowd. With the harvest better than had been expected, food is aplenty on this night and all the city is invited to join in the merrymaking. And it seems that all the city is indeed present - the pickpockets and prostitutes have more business than they can handle, and the crowd is happy and merry. The Poor and the needy of the city join in with the celebrations, bellys full after the parcels distributed by the Merchant Adventurers Guild on order of the Margrave. From the still-locked library of the Seekers to the Red Elementalists guild, where an eternal flame still burns brightly in rememberance of all those magic users who have died within the city, the peoples of Durholme are happy and content - food in their bellys and drink in their hand, the midwinterfest is a happy time for all.

The snowy winter has not all been happy, however. The master gleeman known as Joviality was found dead not two days before midwinter floating in the icy river Wear. The body showed no signs of trauma or violence other than the juggling balls stuffed into his mouth, and a single fire club placed somewhere that the sun don't shine. Authorities are at a loss, and many other parties have expressed an interest and outrage in the killing, including the Red Elementalists guild and the Alchemists guild.

Also this midwinter was found the body of Frenhalt al Makor, a nobleman and trader of Durholme goods, who was apparently attacked whilst hunting for game. Rumours of branded orcs seen in the area around the time of death have been banded around, and have gained some credence - especially since this is not the first such incident related to the goblinoids. However, many have pointed to his large gambling debts as the cause of his murder.

A number of fires in and around the city were reported over the yuletide period - some buildings were gutted despite the best efforts of rescue workers and helpful citizens. The ambassador to the sea elves, Fluvian II, has issued the following statement -

"We hold the pyrokin responsible for these damaging fires which have taken place over recent weeks. This underlines the danger inherrent in the pyrokin presence in Durholme, and to maintain relations with Rovac and my own people, all fire elves shoud be expelled from this city; naturally, we will be doing whatever we can to improve the situation."

The war in Rovak has, however, ground somewhat to a halt. Some news has filtered through, in particular praising the selfless efforts of the band of Green elementalists who travelled down to Rovac to fight for the human side. The pyrokin House Verouche have abandoned nearly all military activity for the duration of the cold, wet weather, giving the human forces a well needed foothold.

The churches of Waulkeen, Morvana and Kerremar expressed outrage this week at the descecration of graves within their consecrated grounds. Several bodies have been dug up, mutilated and thrown back into the unfilled grave. The Council of Churches yesterday began putting up posters urgently requesting any information on this sacrelidge. Nobody has been able to lay blame, or find a reason behind these apparently random mutilations, although they have, in some rumours, been connected with the shortage of work-able donkeys in the Palatinate. Nobody seems quite sure how this connection was made, however.

Further news has come in from the Earl de Selincourt, currently travelling in the far off Duchy of Rotheray. He has found a family whose line has, in fact, less connection to the Prince Bishop's line than his own - however, the head of the household, a Lord Bluis Heaton, is a studier of geneology and lineage, and has information which may very well prove vital to finding the new Prince Bishop; and soon.

The snow again begins to drift groundward, and falls sizzling upon the glowing embers of the huge fire. The people of the city have moved homeward, exhausted and exhilerated by the dancing and feasting. With the harvest good, and the stone walls of the city now fully repaired, the citizens of Durholme can sleep soundly and securely tonight, and for some nights to come.

For while many dark and dangerous things lurk outside, Durholme's walls - and those walls made up of the hardy souls who man them - can, it seems, always keep them at bay.


(baZilicain the scribe)

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22nd January 1280

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As the sun set on the cold Monday eve all was as normal. Profits had been made, mouths had been fed, the world seemed at peace. Darkness fell and brought with it quiet.

Darek lay on a palet in the church of St Johns the Hospitaler, his leg still throbbing with pain from the injury he had obtained earlier in the day. Dropping those huge wooden scaffold poles was a big mistake - the crack was audible as his leg bone broke . But still, the hospitalers had eased the pain, and told him that the leg would be fine and he'd be walking within a month.

A noise came to his ears - scratching, sniffing. He strained to hear where it was coming from - and his ears told him it was coming from the privvy. He turned on his side - wincing with pain - to look at the privvy door.

A rat poked its head around the corner, and looked up at him lying in the bed. Its red eyes and yellow teeth stood out in the light as it sat, motionless but for the twitch of its nose.

Darek grabbed a pillow and threw it at the rat, hurling a curse after it. The pillow missed the rat as it scampered out of the privvy and under Darek's bed. The pillow hit the door to the privvy and it slowly swung open.

Darek's eyes filled with panic and horror as the screeching increased a thousand fold as a horde of rats, more than he could ever have imagined, came pouring out of the sewer and across the floor in a sickening, writhing, filthy black tide.

The rodents were too numerous to count as Darek swiped at them, left and right, his leg screaming in agony. But it was to no avail, and he felt them nipping his skin as they began to climb up the leg of the bed.

A thousand mouths tearing at his skin, Darek began to lose conciousness through pain, and terror. Blackness beckoned - and Darek welcomed it.


The tide of rats that overwhelmed St Johns on Monday night caused much damage to the property, and caused the death by heart attack of one injured labourer. Many others were bitten, and there are fears for their health - contact with rats frequently resu lts in terrible diseases and many are rightly worried.

Soon after the swarm began to invade, however, the rats seemed to loose all sense of purpose. Reports of screams from the sewers are numerous, and rats began to boil out of many neighbouring drainage systems. A number of guilds and churches reported inv asions, and even the citadel was affected.

The priests of St Johns have been desparately trying to restore confidence in their church; they acted quickly to move their patients out of the building and into a nearby site. Men and women have been working around the clock, scrubbing the walls and f loors of the old building to remove any trace of the rodents. However, public feeling is not exactly happy with the hospitalers at the moment.


The church of Azrael has been recruiting mercenaries and adventurers to pursue and destroy bands of cultists belonging to the Vivamortis cult. The cult of undead worshippers is outlawed on pain of death and a number of expeditions over the past few days have proven successful. Indeed, brother Karlstar who has been leading the sorties has been praised by the authorities for his work, and promoted to Prior by his superiors for bravery and valour in combat.


The group known as the Mystic Celebration opened the doors of their rented warehouse for the first time this week. Their first production, known as The Legends of St George, was met with great success on Friday night as the company performed to an audien ce consisting of the Margrave Corrigan and a number of other guild and church heads. The company is now performing three times a week, with entry charged at half a crown - and is said to be well worth the fee.


Bizarre news hit the city yesterday with reports that a corpse belonging to a well-known merchant from Glantri was discovered. His death was caused by a large number of greivous, and apparently self inflicted, wounds. The authorities are making no state ment, but they are rumoured to be baffled as to how he managed to stay concious enough inflict such gross damage upon his own person. There is no history of madness in the man's family but news is circulating that he may be connected with the dead gleema n known as Joviality.


A spokesperson for the Church of Elgrun made an announcement this week in an attemp to dispell rumours that the church's mission included the destruction of all other clergy. Father Marrick said yesterday -
While the Church of Elgrun has held, and always will hold fast to its religious tenets, we acknowledge that all peoples are free to follow whatever religious beliefs they please. Reports of outholding the worship of other gods as heresy are grossly exage rated. Such worship is only regarded as heresy _within_ the confines of the church of Elgrun. You have my personal word that we will take no action against members of any other religion in Durholme, unless they commit acts against the city, the people, or the Church of Elgrun.
Other church news came in this week from Yorvik, and the church of Astalon. Apparently, during a service in the temple there, the High Priest, George Beck, went mad, saying "Astalon is the god of weak-minded fools". He then proceeded to disrupt a large proportion of the congregation and clergy present before he was overpowered by the remaining priesthood. On escortment to the cells he collapsed and upon examination it is rumoured that his body appeared to have been dead for over a week.


There was some disturbance in a number of villages near Durholme this week as folk of the village of Berghaus spooke out against the city authorities who apparently did nothing to protect them from a mad, invincible warrior who wrecked the hamlet and seve ral others in the area. The matter was not helped after the collapse of the estate of Corgus, upon which the villages stand, after Lord Corgus died leaving no heirs. It is runoured that his wife ran away from the estate and was later found dead under su spicious circumstances. The two incidents are reported to be not entirely unconnected.


Good news came to the city, however - Sir Grillepain, a well-known and respected Lord of Rovac, entered the city amongst celebration and thanks. He is reported to have brought with him much money and goods, and is reported to be settling in the city for some time. It is believed that the war drove him north and that he believes Durholme to be a better place to live. Sir Grillepain is well known for his generosity and many of the poor are hopeful - however rumours of spates of madness running in his fam ily are circulating.


As Darek's body was lain upon the bier on his lord's grounds, his wifegave his cold and lifeless hand one last kiss before she backed away, and the torch bearers lowered their brands to the ground and set the dried wood alight.

She did not know, as the flames reached into the night sky, reflected a thousandfold in her tears, that in that kiss he had given her one last gift.

The evils that rats carry upon them were already working and multiplying in her skin and her lips. Within a week she would be bedridden, sores weeping all over her body. And within a fortnight her stubborn refusal to visit the church of St John would ki ll her, as she lay in bed, her skin yellow and in tatters on her gaunt frame.

But she did not know this, and merely shed a tear for her loved one as his ashed spiralled into the sky.


(baZilicain the scribe, 22/1/1280)

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28th January 1280

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The sun dawns on a clear, fresh Tuesday morning. Many of the traders and workers of the city have been active for hours when the first rays of daylight touch the highest peak of the Mathemagicians' Tower.

From within the depths of a red guild a mage begins to chant, calling upon his power, and the power of those around him, to merge and combine in an awesome diisplay of magical energy. The chanting continues, near every member of the Red Guild joining in this ritual of magic. And then the power is released, and on a single command spoken by two dozen mages a jet of flame bursts its way from the top of the building, climbing into the newly-bright sky and rivaling the sun in its intensity.

At exatly the same time as the jet of flame arises another ritual of magic is completed within the confines of the Blue Guild. Fanning the flames, a wind with the force of a dozen gales catches the burning column and twists it around and around. The two forces combine, one feeding the other, as the glowing column begins to take a form upon itself.

Upon a hillside outside the city a group of people have been performing a ritual of their own for some hours now. Their own energy is now released, and the witches' coven calls upon the natural forces of the land to aid them. A thousand voices join theirs as every creature of nature around Durholme, from the small fieldmice to the galloping horses, call out to the powers being released.

And as these three forces join as one, the fire, the wind, and the power of nature, the form of the column of fire can finally be seen. With a flap of its wings, the huge, flame-filled eagle, a hundred yards in wingspan, takes to the sky. Up and up it spirals, guided by wind, by fire and by instinct. The firebird rises and becomes but a speck in the sky, still glowing like a newborn star, before it flies to the east with unimaginable speed.

The people of Durholme, held in rapture by this spectacle, can only gape in astonishment as the firebird shoots off towards the sea.

The remarkable events at dawn on Tuesday were followed by news of much note from the Margrave Corrigan. It was announced that owing to their exemplary behaiviour over the last few months the ban on black elementalism has been lifted on a trial basis. The entire black guild can be considered to be on probation, and any breaches of city laws by the guild or by individual members will be dealt with most harshly.

The official Prince Bishop's Rat Catcher, Borric the Weasel, has taken a small contingent of 'volunteers' from the city guard down into the sewers to investigate the recent upsurge in the rodent population, and their invasion of human terrirory last week. Particularly they are searching the area around St Johns, where the rats first emerged, and also around the area under the citadel and Mathemagicians' Tower.

The clergy of St Johns have been busily trying to clean their church after the rat invasion. However despite their best efforts much of the populace has lost faith with the hospitalers and are turning to other means of healing.

A fire-worshipping cult was destroyed at the weekend by a group of adventurers from Durholme. The cult had apparently been responsible for the large number of fires and forest fires in the area, which have since stopped. A large number of villagers from the area lost many of their crops and food supplies, but have been offered food for them and their families from the church of Elgrun in Durholme if they will give fealty to the god. Many have taken this offer up.

Also along the lines of religion, a minor stir was caused in some of the religious orders today when the rumour spread that Artick the Incomprehensible, a controversial sage and seer, may be visiting Durholme in the near future. A spokesman for the Circle of the Balance is reported to have said "Oh bloody hells! Not that rabid psycho.'"

When asked in an official capacity the spokesman made no comment.

Reports have come in of a large number of orcs that have been terrorising lands to the south of Durholme, particularly in the region of Applemoor. No reasons for their sudden presence has been put forward.

Also a mystery is the reason for the dissappearance of Epson Eddard, a leading member of the Alchemists guild, who has not been seen for some days. Posters have been put up around the city asking after his whereabouts, offering rewards for information - rumours are that he has absconded with guild secrets.

The Enforcers, the group of theif-catchers set up by Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer, have caught another notorious member of the underworld. Known to many as 'The Rattlesnake' this master of crime is reportedly responsible for much of the crime in the city over the past few years. JdWSS has praised his Enforcers for their work and assured the citizens of Durholme that soon the streets will be safe to walk again.

The same cannot, unfortunately, be said for Newcroft, where many undead have been seen walking the streets, particularly after dark. These have been said to attack anyone they see, indiscriminately. City guard there have given no reason and are said to be baffled.

After the dissappearance of the firebird the citizens of Durholme went back to their everyday tasks and continued their lives. All were baffled by what had happenned, and rumours quickly sprung up as to the reason behind the flight of this creature of fire.

But questions asked are not always answered - not easily, anyway. Some of those who whispered about the bird in taverns and alleyways would someday learn the truth - but not through mere gossip.

And those who already knew - they remained silent, and continued with their own affairs.


(baZilicain the Scribe, 28/1/1280)

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4th February 1280

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In the darkness of the early hours of Monday morning a figure moves. Without a sound, less visible than a shadow it creeps across the deserted market square. It knows that there will be noobody around for some time; the watchman has just passed in his patrol and will not be back for a while. And even then he will not, most likely, see this dark figures' work.

Moving more subtly than the human eye can comprehend the figure works its way across to the statue that stands in the centre of the square. The Margrave Corrigan, head of the Merchant Adventurers' Guild and temporary warden of the city, sits carved in stone on a lifeless steed.

The black-clothed figure leaps agilely up on to the podium, taking great care with the well-wrapped bundle in its arms. Laying the bundle on the horse's back the figure begins its work.

Within minutes the figure is gone and once more the market place is empty. In the darkness nothing can be made out of the figure's work - only the reek of gore remains.

Dawn approaches.

The disturbance in the market square on Monday morning was quickly and quietly cleared up and the traders went about their business. Rumours abounded, and many talked of a rogue Azraelite priest who rampaged to the south of Durholme killing many good men, and later being slain by his own rebellious band. The Church of Azrael has made no comment on the incident.

However the undead forces that Azrael strives to destroy have been, it seems, proliferating of late. In Jorvik a necromancer was publicly executed recently - it seems that he had been in the area for a while but had not been taken seriously until the massed a large assault on a village. The city guard spokesman for the city said that it was necessary and that whilst all belief systems are equally valid, if anyone else tried it they would get a short, sharp decapitation.

Closer to home a small house close to the Red Guild was the source of some activity last week - in the early hours of the morning the alarm was raised by a man running the lengh of the street screaming at the top of his lungs. It seems that the house in question - rumoured to belong to a one-time pyrokin embassador to the city - had become the source of a number of undead. Several rotting corpses walked out of the house on their own accord and made their shambling way through the streets. They were quickly dispatched by the city guard but a search of the empty house showed no reason as to their appearance.

Another disturbance in the city occurred last night, when city guard were called out to a house in Tower Street, just opposite the Mathemagicians' Tower. On arrival they found the house in ruins, as if devastated by an earthquake. Two corpses were discovered in the ruins - one was Jack Scrumpy, the owner. The other body was identified as Bernard Salmon, a merchant from Jorvik. Ironically, the house had recently been built on the site of the house of Hugo "the sorcerer", which was mysteriously destroyed following Hugo's execution for witchcraft at the hands of the witchfinder Hobnob.

A day's holiday was announced in Nottinghyme on Monday with the appointment of a new First Minister. Most unusually, the minister elected was High Lord Tarna of Cardyll. However, a statement was issued explaining that the move was only temporary and intended to strengthen the still-recovering city until it had recouped its losses.

This news was brought up by Romnet Worboot, the Nottinghyme trader, who also brought other news of some note. Epson Eddard, the alchemist who went missing from the Durholme Guild recently, had been found on the road to Jorvik, slain, amongst a group of bandits. It appears that Epson had joined the bandits and was using his skills, and secrets stolen from the guild, to scare travellers into paying for their lives. Eddard's replacement, Vee Dysan, has been appointed as the third in command at the alchemist's guild.

The library of the Seekers of Knowledge was opened on Friday, after the Black Guild was released 'on parole' from its punishment. Immediately people flocked to the building - however the seekers appear to be busy with another task. On Tuesday night the stars and planets were arranged in a cunjunction that only occurs approximately every six thousand years. Talk is of this being the herald of great events to come in the near future - however a popular old wives' tale states that when such a conjunction occurs it means absolutely nothing and has no significance at all. Storytellers are dissapointed.

Boric the Weasel has continued his search of the sewer system, and has given some interesting news on emergence. He could not trace the source of the rats - there appears to be quite an epidemic of the things down there - but he has discovered, in the deep and uncharted sewers of the city, a room that has been used recently for purposes unknown. He has not said much about this room other than it was completely empty when he found it and has been deserted for a few weks at most. He does not believe this to be connected with the rat incident.

The rat emergence at St Johns has promted much interest in alternative medicine. Several healers have started business around the city and some even appear to be making enough to live on. In particular, Dr Voldi has set up a small room just off the market square where he is offering to treat all manner of ailments at reasonable prices. However, the long-established reputation of St Johns appears to be winning through and they are becoming more popular for their treatment again.

A man by the name of Gwion of Cassell has been, over the last few weeks, spreading tales of an inheritance up for grabs. A wealthy man, he has no heirs and wishes his property to go to those who deserve it. As such he has concealed much of his wealth with people and objects around the city and is releasing clues as to its whereabouts. The first clue, still unsolved, was released last Wednesday, and read -
What goes into battle as a warrior should,
Takes a blow like a warrior could -
But does not die like a warrior should.

Gwion has said that the next clue will not be released until the first has been solved and the first prize claimed.

A shortage of seafood has hit some traders somewhat badly; fish is scarce and Wilson the fishmonger has run out of potted shrimp. This is being blamed on a large amount of mud that has been flowing down the river over the last few days, causing fishermen to do bad business. However, the effects of this seem not to stretch beyond the seafood industry, and food is still plentiful.

The Margrave Corrigan has praised again the efforts of those who seek the lineage of the Prince Bishop. The Earl de Selincourt, last heard of to the west in the kingdom of Estoria, is apparently making good progress, as is the Seeker Seigfried, whom the Margrave has given his backing. The populace is now hopeful for an end to this search soon.

As the first rays of the sun enter the market square a crowd is already gathering by the statue, staring open-mouthed at the sight before them. Many look queasy, some have lost their breakfasts already.

Strapped to the Margrave's chest is a cat. A tabby cat - but that can hardly be seen through the gore and blood.

The cat has been strapped back, limbs asunder - and in a horrendous mimicry of the fire-eagle that soared above the city last week the feline blood-eagle is displayed to the city thus.

And below this sickening sight a message is scrawled, written in blood and gore, the writing primitive, and dripping, but still clear.


The small pool of blood on the paved ground begins to work its way to the sewers.


(baZilicain the Scribe, 4/2/1280)

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11th February 1280

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To the south of the Palatinate of Durholme the country of Rovac stands. This land, once proud and strong, now lies near defeat, shattered almost irreperably by the war that has racked the realm for over a year.

The pyrokin House Verouche, based in the Iron Tower, a monolithic structure of immense proportions near the Dragon's Teeth mountain range, have ravaged the human land for twelve months and, with the departure of winter making their movements common and bold once more, believe themselves to be near victory. Albion can only look on and watch.

But Sunday nightfall saw a dramatic turn of events. Pyrokin forces all over Rovac suddenly withdrew from battles and fights to converge on Monday morning in a huge force near the Eastern Sea. The fire-elves then marched south in large numbers and with great speed to reach the town of Aquondel on the coast south of the borders of what was once Rovac by late afternoon.

The green-elven town was destroyed before dawn.

But when the sun rose another movement of troops was underway. On the north borders of Rovac a force of human troops was had been hastily arranged the previous day. Three dozen brave fighters of Rovac had begun a march that was nearly a sprint, striking south and west. Led by the fearless Corayahem d'Allembert, with the powerful water mage Hironimous Welles by his side, the force sped into the pyrokin-held lands, destroying what opposition they encountered. As the group came within sight of the Iron Tower a large force of pyrokin came out to meet them and it appeared that the group would surely perish. But as the superior numbers of the red elves forced the humans into a tight knot Hironimous began to chant a long and delicate spell. Holding aloft what appeared to be a glowing chalice he screamed the final words of the incantation as the humans were engulfed in burning elven magical fire.

For a moment there was nothing as a glare, brighter than a thousand suns, erupted from the chalice. Then a spherical wave of wind-blasted water sped from the scene, engulfing all those who beheld the sight. The blast was immense, knocking rockfaces from the mountains and flattening forests. The Iron Tower was engulfed and disappeared from sight as the sphere of water began to fall to the ground.

And then, rising up from the centre of the fray, a huge column of steam and water climbed high into the sky, reaching up into the atmosphere, flattening out at its peak to hang in the sky like a parasol sheilding the land from the sun. Seen for leagues in all direction the cloud of vapour was witnessed by thousands.

And then the rain began to fall.


Seemingly unrelated, last night the citizens of Durholme were shaken by what appeared to be an earthquake of some kind. However, while all living creatures across the palatinate were affected, there seemed to have been very little damage to buildings or property - in fact it is doubted that they were shaken at all. Worst affected were priests, clergy and those with powers over the spirit realm. Many churches have taken this as a sign from the gods that something important is soon to come about; others have said that it is but the first in a series of retributions for Durholme's sins.


Further rumours that the sage and seer, Artick the Incomprehensible, is coming to Durholme have been confirmed - and most likely some time next week. It is unconfirmed that a spokesman for the church of Astalon said, 'A week?? We won't have nearly enough boiling oil ready by then...' Many other churches have shown some... anticipation at Artick's visit.


The city of Lanchester is in mourning this week. Last Friday, their ruler met with a tragic and fatal accident when out hunting. The death sent the city into a small amount of disarry, but the city council swiftly responded by unanimously agreeing to give the visiting High Lord Forgil of Cardyll the position of Regent until such time as a true blooded heir can be found.

Other news from outside the city borders is that a small united force of Celts from different clans banded together against a Necromancer who had appeared in the area, seemingly from nowhere. Many Celts died in a terrible and bloody feud but so too did the Necromancer and his constructs.


Two bodies were found today near the dockyards. Both were unmarked but to all accounts appeared to have died in great pain and fear. City guards are somewhat mystified, and are asking for any assistance in their enquiries.

A man was found dead near the Church of St Johns last week - reeking of alchohol he had suffered many greivous injuries, being hacked nearly to pieces. Authorities were puzzled that he appeared to have been dead for some time but had not been there the previous day.


A group of farmers, supposedly representing some unofficial pig-farmers' guild, was seen on Monday approoaching the city guard's building with demands of some sort. Many appeared to be quite irate and even frightened. They were taken inside the building and left quietly some time later. It is unknown as to what they were doing.

Related to the city guard the Margrave announced last week that the Silver Daggers are to be used in patrolling the roads and lands to the North and East of the city, while Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer's Enforcers are to patroll the South and West. Both groups have proven to be efficient in their work and the Silver Daggers have shown themselves to be an effective and swift group in dealing with troubles outside the city walls. This patrolling began on Saturday.

Less fortune has befallen the group known as the Silver Panthers. They were discovered on Monday night to be responsible for a number of threats and, in some cases, firebombings on taverns and shops around the city. They were also charged with theft and murder, and after a short and conclusive trial were charged and sentenced to hang in the morning. However, their leader, going under the alias of Garwen Duvancy, was found dead in his cell in the morning, killed by numerous sword blows. The authorities are at a loss to explain how the attacker entered or left the cell. When they examined the body and removed the mask that he customarily wore the guards found a strange, eight-pointed tattoo. It is suspected that he was part of some cult of chaos, and that he got what was coming to him.

The rest of the Panthers were executed at dawn. The Margrave Corrigan took the opportunity to openly thank those citizens who had discovered the Panther's whereabouts and alerted the authorities.


As the water hit the land and those upon it the pyrokin forces still standing fell to the ground screaming in agony. The rain, made thick as paste by magic, clung to their red skin and infused them with the agony of a human on fire. Many clawed themselves to death as the deadly rain fell, exploding in clouds of fire that did nothing to halt the drops. Those that survived were scarred for life and gladly laid down their arms, morale and hope shattered.

The human forces that still fought on across Rovac were virtually unaffected by the rain and, given some days, would quickly clear up the last of the resisting forces, and begin the long and tearful task of rebuilding their home.

The Iron Tower began to rust with thousand-fold speed. All elven forces within sight of the tower had died in that initial blast and did not see their feared home collapse into rubble. By midday all that remained of the Tower was a huge pile of red dust, blown to the four winds by the fresh breeze that swept over the newly-won land.

But of 'Jahem, and the mage Welles, nothing was to be seen.


(baZillicain the Scribe, 11/2/1280)

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19th February 1280

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Overhead the sky is overcast but in the hearts of a small group of travellers the sun is soon to break through. Led by a woman who to all who behold her seems to have lost her mind, they approach the town of Belmont. The day has been a long one, and filled with fate - on this day the mighty sword Dunelm, shattered by Golgul's evil magic, was reformed at the very forge that once created the magical blade; the forge of Weyland, smithy to the Gods.

Also on this day the two halves of the Sceptre of the Prince Bishops were found; smitten in two by the terrible White Balrog in the summer. But although they had been reunited they could not be joined as one.

As the party approached Belmont their guide led them down a track to a field where a lady bent to the ground, gathering herbs and flora for her kitchen and to use for healing.

Leanora Venturer was somewhat startled by the group as they approached her. These travellers hailed from Durholme and seemed to be on a quest of great import. Battle-weary and tired, one alone seemed to be exultant upon espying her - a lady dressed all in white who went down on bended knee when Leanora proclaimed her name.

Then Aggie, the group's guide, held out the two golden halves of the sceptre. "It says, you fix it!" she told Leanora, as the pieces were handed across. Leonora took them with trepidation.

As the two halves touched her hands the sun broke through the clouds and a beam of sunlight fell across the scene. The sundered halves became whole once more as Leanora's hands touched the golden metal and as if lit by the heavens the sceptre shone with a light full of hope and glory. Aggie fell to her knees in confusion as Sunbeam, the lady in white, arose and proclaimed to Leonora, "Hail, Prince Bishop of Durholme, for so thou art!"

And as this occurred it was known in the hearts of those who watched that the time of searching was over. All fell to their knees as Leanora held the sceptre before her, filled with a power she had before known not. As she touched the heads of those who knelt in front of her they felt their wounds and weariness healed. All who observed heard voices from on high, voices which sounded as the voices of all hopeful souls and deities, proclaiming for all to hear that the savious of Durholme had been found.

And all joined in the chorus as the voices proclaimed;

Hail Leanora Venturer, Saviour of the City and Jewel of the Land!

Hail Leanora Venturer, Prince Bishop of Durholme! Hail!


On Friday began the ceremonies that welcomed the new Prince Bishop back to Durholme. The crowds were cheering as Leanora came to the Citadel gate and was greeted on bended knee by the Margrave Corrigan and Anthony Flambard. Aggie stood by her right hand, holding the sceptre, and Sunbeam by her left. Her voice was heard by all as she said, "I come to this city with the Sceptre of the Prince Bishops, and by my line and by this stave I claim my heritage.

The Margrave arose and shouted to the city, "I have held the leadership of this city in the stead of the Prince Bishop but now she comes to me, proven by line and by sign from the Gods. Hear me now as I welcome this Lady as the true Prince Bishop of Durholme. Hail Leanora Venturer!"

As the echoes of that hail died down a man wearing the emblem of the silver daggers stepped forward to join the scene. From his scabbard he drew a sword and, holding it carefully by the blade he offered it to Leanora. Taking the hilt Leanora held the mighty blade Dunelm aloft and turned to the still-kneeling Anthony Flambard. "With this blade, the Protector of Durholme, I name thee Lord Protector of the Palatinate." But as she offered the hilt fo Flambard a gasp cut her short as two other figures stepped forward to join the group.

Surrounded by shining light, those who had beheld them before recognised the shimmering form of the Prince Bishop Hatfield, and by his right hand the heroic Sir Drachensburg. Drachensburg stepped forward to Leanora and, insubstantial as he seemed, took the blade Dunelm in his hands and held it above his head one final time. Without a word he looked up at the magical metal before offering the hilt to Flambard. Recovering from the shock of this appearance Flambard took a grasp of the hilt and held it aloft, its now-fiery blade pointing to the sky as a flamebrand lighting in the summer sun.

Then, as the crowd watched Hatfield, stepped forward to greet Aggie, still holding the sceptre. Her sense restored, Aggie seemed nevertheless unperturbed by the sight and, grinning happily, nodded her head to this great man. Hatfield smiled, as if to one he knew well, and silently mouthed the words, 'Thank you'. Aggie handed him the sceptre, and Hatfield turned to Leanora.

As Prince Bishop stood face to face with Prince Bishop the sun once again broke through the crowds. Hatfield handed the sceptre and those who stood there were bathed in light. As one voice, Margrave, Flamebrand, Silver Dagger, Sunbeam, Madwoman, Knight and Hatfield called to the world, proclaiming the leader of Durholme.

All Hail Leanora Venturer, Prince Bishop of Durholme! Hail!


After the ceremonies on Friday afternoon, the city was in a state of celebration. The streets were alive with happy citizens as a street party enveloped the whole city. There was singing and dancing, bonfires raised where whole cattle were roasted and distributed. Numerous speeches were made by various important people to a crowd that half-listened; one in particular caught a few ears, from Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer, who said that the city could now celebrate in this glory, and he wished Durholme the best of luck, as he departed from the city. True to this speech, he left without much ceremony on Monday morning, disbanding his Enforcers and thanking the city for its help. His destination, apparently, was Novgarod, a far-off city where great profits are to be made in wax-trading.


Authorities have announced the first 200 crown win on the lottery! Vildus Loxen, a cloth merchant, was this weeks eventual lucky lottery winner, netting a new record win of 212 crowns! Vildus was understandably 'overjoyed' at his win which followed a bad season of trading. He plans to give up the materials trade and retire to a large house on the coast. Initially, two people came forward with the winning ticket number of 92, but Vildus soon proved the only legitimate ticket holder. The other claimant, who has not been named by authorities, is understood to run a small printing press which has been seized by the authorities.

When asked about problems of ticket forgery, Filo Longstride of Lion & Unicorn Enterprises said "The real tickets are quite distinctive and protected against forgery. As far as I know no forged tickets have been on sale to the general public. Anyone concerned can have their ticket validated at the central law enforcement offices."


On Thursday night, the green-elven ambassador's human Guard of Honour was found dead in the embassy. An examination of the body suggested that he had been dead for several weeks, although friends had seen him only the previous day. Also in the green-elven embassy, the ambassador's advisor, Jaws, was detained by the city guard on Monday night after casting several spells of great power - spells which, according to reliable sources, should have killed him in the casting. Later when the city guard checked on him they found only as stagnant pool of water in the corner of the cell.


Quite unexpectedly, the capital city of Glantree came under quite a severe attack by a horde of undead this week. The city militia managed to rally quite swiftly but owing to their ill-prepared nature they sustained heavy casualties. Officials have no ideas as to what the sudden surge in the numbers of restless dead is caused by.

Other news from outside the Palatinate - Elemental guilds across Albion are reeling today from the startling and unprecendented news from further south. In an unexpected move, both the cities of Nottinghyme and Lanchester have outlawed any practice of any magic within their boundaries. All elementalists have been declared 'witches' and are subject to burning. Response has not been long in following. In Nottinghyme, the Red and Black guilds reacted immediately and violently, yet by eyewitness accounts the elemental attacks were distressingly ineffective against the soldiers sent to seize the guilds. In protest, all elven ambassadors have withdrawn from both cities in protest of the action. Durholme Guilds have condemned this action and authorities have said that they have no intention whatsoever of doing the same.


A man was found babbling to himself with fear at the doors of the church of Humact yesterday morning. After he had been calmed down enough to speak rationally, he could only speak of some kind of 'dark stalker' that had filled him with fear and stolen the soul of his friend. Upon arriving at the home of the friend, Humacti lorewardens found the body. It was unmarked save by an expression of fear and pain.


With remarkably little ceremony, Artick the Incomprehensible, the mighty sage and seer, arrived in Durholme on Tuesday. He was confronted by a small wall of priests from various churches all bearing "implements of purification". He did not seem dismayed though and spent the next three hours expounding great wisdoms to them until they realised the error of their ways and got some sleep, allowing Artick to enter freely.

Also on the religious front there was some disturbance after the meeting of the Council of Churches that took place on Monday. It was to be held on Friday but certain events caused it to be postponed. All the church heads unanimously welcomed the new Prince Bishop as the spiritual head of the city. However after the meeting was over a group of many heads of the churches marched out with a small force of armed guards and forcibly entered the Church of Elgrun. There they arrested the priest of Elgrun that was found there, and after some time, burned the building to the ground. Two priests of Elgrun were publicly burned at dawn the following morning and authorities are looking for any others for questioning.


Leanora stood looking out of the window of the citadel, the high building affording a magnificent view of the city below, and the Mathemagicians' tower standing over it. This city of Durholme had somewhat fallen into her hands, but she did not feel loathe to take it. There was so much that needed to be done here. The city was prosperous, to be sure, but the wounds from the summer's wars ran deep.

She thought of the sceptre that lay now in its pride of place in the throne room. That 'holy hitty-stick', the focus for all of the power of all of the people that had held it before her - all of her ancestors for centuries. She knew that since it had been broken it had lost so much if its power, but it was still infused with spiritual energy that was beyond her grasp. In time, she figured, she would learn of its power, and in the mean time, it could help her run this city which it had been running for so long a time.

The official ordination was to be on Friday, followed by a banquet in her new home at Bishop Aukland. A palace, all of her own! She had never even seen it before and now she found out that a banquet was being held there. Still, she had been assured that it was being taken care of, and she could enjoy the feast as if she were a guest of honour. Two laidies-in-waiting were joining her and she was, truth be told, quite looking forward to it...

The churches had greeted her with open arms, the people had welcomed her into their lives, Flamebrand had sworn his life to her and the Margrave seemed somewhat pleased to relieve the burden he had been carrying. Could she live up to these expectations? Could she really rule this proud and glorious city?

As she looked out the sun set in a golden blaze, the clouds reflecting the colour and lighting up the land. The Tower blazed in the golden light, and her thoughts went back to that symbol of power, the sceptre that gave her this city. So many others had it helped, so many others had stood here watching the tower, that she could not fail. The city would help her, and she would help the city, as they both went on to the future that awaited them.

As Leanora watched, the sun set on a city at peace,
a city made whole,a city restored.


(baZillicain the scribe, 19/2/1280)

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26th February 1280

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five days after the official coronation of the new Prince Bishop, her grace
Leonora Venturer. A feeling of immense optimism for the city's future is
the dominant feeling amongst the majority of the citizens of Durholme, as
many people believe that a new era of wealth, power and prosperity is
about to start for Durholme and the Palatinate.

In a speech at her investiture, the Prince Bishop said that the 1280's, a
decade which has started so promisingly, with the finding of Hatfield's heir
and the end of the terrible war in nearby Rovac, would be a time of great
growth and hope for all the people of northern Albion. She was presented
with many gifts including an ornate golden lamp studded with rubies from
the Red Guild. Conflagracia Flambard, its head, said that this was to
signify that Durholme's flame has been lit again.

After the ceremony there was a great banquet held in her honour at her
official palace at Bishop Auckland on the Friday night. From all accounts
it was an extremely successful night with few speeches and much merry-making.
A Ritual of Peace ensured a largely trouble-free event.


In the city the terrible sieges and the grave hardships of the past year
already seem to be getting consigned to the annals of history, as the
Margrave Corrigan announced on Saturday that the Martial Law in the city has
been lifted. He also revealed statistics detailing trade and supplies in
the city which show that Durholme's re-building of itself is advancing at a
healthy rate. He said that news of the new Prince Bishop was bound to
encourage more merchants and traders to come to the city and said that a
new head of the Merchants' Guild would be announced soon, following the
departure of Joshua de Witt Scott Spencer last Monday.


This very morning, news has arrived from the south and west that High Lord
Cwyll of Cardyll has been dispatched from his homelands and is on his way
to Durholme with a small embassy. Officially the purpose of this visit is
to welcome the new Prince Bishop and to maintain a friendly position
between the two states. However, rumours abound that the High Lords were
slightly put out by their apparent omission from the guest lists of
Leonora Venturer's coronation banquet.

Considering the recent expulsion of all mages from the Nottinghyme and
Lanchester, the two cities newly under the High Lords' control, it is not
clear just how welcome the High Lord will be in the city. After an
emergency assembly of the Mages' Council last Wednesday night, a statement
was issued thoroughly condemning the expulsions and offering sanctuary for
any persecuted elementalists. It appears that several such mages have come
to Durholme to take up this offer. The statement declared how fortunate
all Durholme's elementalists were to live in such a fair and just city.

Also at the meeting, Kasper Wintergulf, head of the White Guild, publicly
welcomed back the great white battle-mage Cair Paragon, who was returning
to the city for a while. Cair Paragon had brought back strange news from
Caledonia where it was reported that the necromancer who had been recently
harassing the Celtic lands, had used some sort of skull rod or wand in his
rituals, but following his death, no such item had been recovered.


City guard were called out in force a couple of nights ago, to the home of
Augustus Spod, a high ranking member of the Blue Guild. Apparently, during
the night something had triggered a magical thief alarm he had set up.
Augustus had hurried downstairs but only caught a glimpse of something he
described as "a tall stalking shadow". He sent a slyph after it but it
failed to return. He also reported his cat's death and the theft of some
spell components he was working with, including the eye of a recently
departed hero called Jarek Demonslayer.


Following a number of minor disturbances, there was also an emergency
meeting of the Council of Churches. The meeting was delayed however,
because strangely everybody got different times and dates for it. However,
when the meeting finally convened yesterday, it was unanimously decided
that Artick the Incomprehensible, the infamous sage and seer, should be
banned from the city and a group of Kerrimanians were dispatched to see to
the task.

Also at the meeting, the minor church of Fenris was forced to make a
public apology for one of its spirit warriors using a spirit bolt against
the two representatives of the Balance told to keep an eye on Artick.
Accusations of the Balance exercising powers beyond their jurisdiction
were quashed by a statement issued by the city guard which said that the
churches had been granted a special dispensation in this matter alone.

Finally at the meeting, Fr Tarrak Whitlore, head of the Balance, was sorry
to announce the tragic death of Fr Primus, one of the most influential
members of the church over the last decade. Fr Tarrak said that Fr Primus
had died bravely on a very dangerous quest, but would be eternally
remembered for his inspirational sermons.


A small force of heroes set out from the still kingless Glantree two days
ago and were successful in finding and slaying the necromancer responsible
for the attack on their city last week. However, in attempting to do
justice, all but one of the adventurers were slain. The survivor, a
certain Shara the Undeadslayer, claimed that she had managed to take the
necromancer alive but that he had died on her return visit. Upon examining
the body, no cause of death could be established.

More locally, two young boys from the village of Esh Winning claimed to
have seen things which appear to be zombies from their description, up and
moving in the area. The sheer distance involved adds little weight to some
claims that the events are connected.

The amount of reports concerning necromancers and undead only this very
year, has been a grave cause of concern for the city, but the Council of
Churches has hastened to assure the city that matters are in hand, a fact
substantiated by the recently near destruction of several undead cults in
the area including the once very dangerous Viva Mortis cult.


Other inexplicable reports concern recent strange happenings in the
woods around Durholme. A few days ago there was a terrible fire to the
south which completely destroyed a large tract of woodland. However last
night, some large explosions rocked the woods to the east leaving little
more than scorch marks. City guard are at a loss to explain either but
everything from pyrokin to dragons are being blamed.


The Brewers' Guild which enjoyed a period of flourishing under the
infamous dead/disappeared (no-one knows what) Dipso M'Aniac of the Red
Warlock, is being brought back into the limelight by its new head, Garth
of the Greedy Goblin. He is reported to be involved in negotiations with
the Brewers' Guild in Jorvick concerning the possible exchange of guest ales.


A new arrival to the taverns of Durholme who has been making himself very
conspicuous, is the legendary Captain Redbeard Rum, the veteran seaman and
explorer. He has recently come to Durholme in his ship, the Banshee, to get
supplies and to seek for people to join him on an epic voyage of adventure
and discovery and has been roaming the taverns looking for other such
foolhardy people.

And finally... the Durholme lottery was this week won by a peasant from
Applemore called Ronald Butterham. Large groups of peasants called Dave had
descended on Durholme over the weekend after hearing a fortune teller's
prediction that one such would win it. The fortune teller in question, a
certain Mystic Meg, is reported to have said that anyone can make a mistake.


Right, a reminder that this Saturday there is an adventure by Steve
Oswald, Kris Brown, and Ali called "Candora's Box 2 1/2" or "Candora's
Box bites back" or something. 10.00am at the armoury.

Also, Al still has a pair of trousers he found and Ian Macredie has a
36D bra found after the banquet !



5th March 1280

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the Prince Bishop's return; but, as ever, there is a fierce buzz of life
pervading the city and there have been many events and occurences this
week which, while some are quite ordinary, others seem downright

Crowds gathered this morning at the southern city gate to watch the
arrival of High Lord Cwyll of Cardyll and his embassy. Reactions were
mixed but no-one could deny that the group was very impressive and that
the disciplined, efficent and orderly armsmen were a spectacular sight.
The High Lord has been offered rooms within the citadel and is currently
resting after the long journey before a more formal meeting with the
Prince Bishop tomorrow.

This wasn't quite as remarkable as the sight seen at this gate four days
previously however, when a horse calmly walked through the gates bearing a
body with a funny hat on. It seems that the guards were at a loss to know
what to do and two followed the horse, reporting that the horse delivered
the body to the temple of the Seekers of Knowledge before leaving the
city and galloping off into the countryside.


Following his expulsion from Durholme, Artick the Incomprehensible, the
mighty sage and seer, is reported to have said "Mwaa urg urgah. Guaack."
Many people have taken this to mean "My wisdom shall not be denied to
Durholme and I shall remain here, just outside the city walls, ready to
share my words with those that seek me out. Oh, and if you could bring a
pot of shrimp with you, that would be great."


On a more shocking note, what is believed to be the remains of Fluvian II,
the Sea Elf ambassador to Durholme, have been discovered in some woods to
the south of the city. A group of Silver Daggers, patrolling the countryside
were alerted by some peasants to a strange scene in some local woods.
In a small clearing were found about six or seven large puddles of water
with clothing, later identified by the Sea Elf embassy as belonging to
Fluvian and some of his companions.
The Sea Elf embassy has clearly been shocked by the discovery and, with
the help of the city guard and the Green Guild, is investigating the matter.
Lord Bru T'Aquatonic has been appointed the new ambassador to the city.


Also outside the city, there have again been terrible occurences in some
of the local villages. In one village to the north-west, an entire village
which had only just been recovering from a food shortage, was suddenly
struck down by some mysterious illness which the Healers have been at a
loss to explain. Many people are voicing rumours that a new terrible
plague is about to strike the palatinate as punishment for Durholme's sins.

Worse still, several villages have been attacked by large numbers of undead
and rumours are saying that another necromancer has emerged from nowhere.
Concern is mounting that there might be a larger, more coherent attack any
day now and, following the last two sieges, the city would be in little
state to repel it. In a joint initiative, the Council Of Churches is
sponsoring a large taskforce of mercenaries and adventurers to hunt down
the necromancer before any attack comes.


Back within Durholme, the Margrave Corrigan has announce that a Census of
the city and the palatinate will take place later this year. With some
exceptions, these have been held every ten years and as this year is 1280,
and particularly after the sieges of the last year, the Prince Bishop and
the city council have ordered the census to firmly establish the current
population and resources of Durholme and the surrounding area. The Margrave
said that the precise dates of the Census would be announced soon.


Last night, the city guard set up an ambush for the strange stalker that
has been sighted a couple of times recently and notably at the home of a
blue elementalist. The ambush failed however and reports are confused, but
it seems that the Stalker appeared and managed to slay ten city guards
with uncanny ease before disappearing.

The city guard have told the Mages Council that this is clearly a problem
for them to solve, but the mages themselves have been beset by a sudden
plague of elementals in the city. Over the last few days, some of the
citizens of Durholme have been terrified by water, earth and darkness
elementals that have appeared round the city. They haven't actually harmed
anyone, but they appear to be looking for something or someone.
All elementalist guild building in particular have been scrutinised by
the undines, gnomes and shades but the elementals haven't been going to
directly opposed or directly associated guilds. Even the white guild has
had nine small gnomes looking at it.

There has been an emergency meeting of the Mages Council at which, all the
Heads of the Guilds, and particularly the heads of the Green, Brown and
Black guilds, vouched under truth potions that none of them and, as far
as they knew no-one in their guilds, had been responsible for the appearances.
Despite this, it is felt that there is some tension between the guilds at
the moment.

There has been one casualty however; a certain Philemon the Frenetic of
the Green Guild. This powerful companion to Heironomous Welles during the
Rovaci War, noted for his love of causing devastating ice-storms, walked
outside the Green Guild and dispelled the large Gnome that was outside.
A few days later however, he was reported to have been coming out of the
guild when he was set upon by four large gnomes who crushed him down to
a bloody spot on the ground. Since then, no-one has tried to dispel any
of the elementals.

There was no Durholme lottery last week as Filo Longstride of Lion and
Unicorn Enterprises explained that their printing machine had temporarily
broken down. He gave an assurance that the problem would be remedied soon.


On Monday, a crowd of people outside the Hospitallers of St John were
mysteriously soaked with water by a figure wearing a Harlequin mask who
had been standing on the hospital's roof. He vanished over the rooftops
before anybody could do anything and the authorities are at a loss to give
any explanation.

Finally, the city witnessed an incredible sight ten days ago which people
are still talking about in some wonder. Late in the afternoon of Sunday 23rd
February a blinding bolt of pure light, looking something like a comet,
shot across the sky above the city, temporarily blinding those who looked
straight at it. Astronomers noted that it was heading due south and
Astrologers said that it was a great portent of things to come. More than
that and they weren't saying...


Okay - Daniel's adventure this Saturday, turn up and
have a great time. 10.00am at the Armoury.

Note to all characters who play Silver Daggers: Note that
your duties will take up a lot of your time so you won't
have as much time to do downtime as you otherwise would.



7th March 1280

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released an official statement in which it reiterates that the Shades,
Undines and Gnomes seen around the city are absolutely nothing to do with
any of the Guilds and are clearly some unguilded elementalists' doings and
are hence a matter for the Witchfinders.

Sightings of the Elementals are becoming less frequent now, but a few have
still been seen around, particularly near the Elementalists' Guilds and
curiously near the Greedy Goblin tavern. A few Gnomes have been reported
out in the countryside too and Marie, Head of the Witches' Coven, has made
a complaint to the Brown Guild.

There has been another slight casulalty too when Tantric Napalm, high-
powered member of the Red Guild, dispelled a Shade that he discovered
inside the Guildhouse's courtyard a few days ago. Yesterday, he was found
in his room, a quivering wreck, shaking with utter terror and it seems he
will probably not recover for quite a long time.


12th March 1280

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It's around midday on Tuesday, and Filo Longstride of Lion and Unicorn
Enterprises, the company responsible for the Durholme lottery, stands on
the townhall steps in the marketplace to announce the winner of this
week's jackpot. After last week's suspension of the lottery, receipts have
been down, but he has voiced a hope that things should quickly return to
normal. A smile plays on his face as he watches the eager masses thronging
around him, hanging on his every word.
"162 crowns to the lucky winner with ticket number 11 !!"
Filo waits expectantly as the crowds desperately check their tickets...


Earlier, the Margrave Corrigan came to the marketsquare to make some
other public announcements to the people of Durholme. He declared that the
census of the city would take place on the two days following the holiday
on the 21st of this month, the Vernal Equinox. On either the 22nd or the
23rd, all citizens of Durholme and the palatinate will have to report to
official scribes in the city townhall, or in various towns in the area, to
give full details of themselves, their professions, their families and, if
applicable, their produce. Heralds have been sent throughout the
Palatinate to spread the news and the Margrave said that failure to do
attend the census will result in a heavy fine and people have been urged,
with the promise of reward, to inform the city guard if they know of anyone
not attending the census.

The Margrave then announced that new law reforms would soon be coming
into place in the city and said that further details would be given out
later. He also announced the new head of the Merchants' Guild as one
Tarwell Gratton, a long time member of the Guild.


The High Lord Cwyll of Cardyll and his entourage have suddenly left the
city giving no reason for their swift departure, while at the same time
news has also come in that the Cardyllian High Lords ruling Lanchester and
Nottinghyme have both abdicated and returned to Cardyll. Both these cities
are in something of a state of confusion at the moment as new rulers are
yet to be appointed.
Explanations for the High Lords' actions abound but stories have come in
that Cardyll itself is currently having internal problems with a lot of
recent rebel activity.

The Mages Council is said to be pleased at the High Lord's departures and
have expressed hopes that mages will be allowed back into Lanchester and
The Council has also noted that the recent spate of elementals in the city,
and particularly the appearances of the "dark stalking thing", have all
seemed to have died away and it has said that their efforts to investigate
matters have clearly scared away any unofficial elemental dabblers.


Out in the countryside, all the inhabitants of the village which was
recently reported to have contracted some sort of plague, have died. The
village, which was sealed off as healers tried to solve the problem, has
been burnt to the ground in the hope of destroying all traces of the
disease. None of the healers involved appear to have contracted any
disease and it is hoped that this is one strange isolated incident that
won't happen again.

Better news however is that all the necromantic activity in the area
appears to be dying out. The Council Of Churches has announced that one of
the groups of adventurers it sent out, successfully destroyed the
necromancer who was causing so much trouble in the local area and they have
told the adventurers in question to remember to come to the Church of the
Balance to receive their reward.

Reports coming in appear to suggest that the necromantic activity that
has been causing problems throughout other parts of northern Albion is
also dying away somewhat and authorities in other cities are reporting
that they have the problems contained. There has been considerable relief
in the city about all this as the first anniversary of the siege of
Durholme by the Lich-lord Almack comes around.

The Council has also been pleased to announce that Artick the
Incomprehensible, the infamous sage and seer, has finally left the area.
He packed up his camp on Sunday morning complaining that he just couldn't
lay his hands on any potted shrimp. Before he left, he proclaimed to the
whole crowd of people who had sought him out; "So much has been accomplished !
But beware the sleeping dragon that lies below the surface of you thoughts.
Who do you think is playing with your desperate souls ? Follow the path
that lies behind the calmer side of the city." Nobody has yet been able to
provide an explanation of what he means, but some have said that it is a
warning to the whole city.


Marie, the head of the Witches' Coven, has recently announced the opening
of a new community centre for all the poor and needy of the area. The
centre, which is located a short distance from the city, was founded with
money generated by the lottery and is run by the witches.
Anybody in genuine need is very welcome to go and receive food and medical
care and temporary lodging and money if necessary. The Witches have
publically appealed for any donations of money, irrespective of amount, to
help the centre continue to do its good work.


Gwion of Cassel, the eccentric man who has hidden much of his wealth
around the city, has released another riddle as a clue to the whereabouts
of more of his treasure. It goes:

I am justice.
I am the height of justice.
I hold justice's sharp sword.
Though I hold it in none of my five arms.
I stand upright though I have no feet.
Who am I ?

Apparently, this should lead to some place, person or thing in the city
where the prize can be found or claimed.


There have been some rumours that Sobriety M'Aniac, niece of the late
Dipso, and daughter of the famous ale merchant Deeteeus M'Aniac, has tried
to buy the infamous Greedy Goblin tavern. Apparently her offers have been
turned down however.

There was a strange scene in one of the alleyways near the Goblin on
Monday evening when a man wearing a Harlequin mask threw some pies at
people in the street. The man disappeared over a wall and incredibly
evaded all his pursuers. Reports seem to suggest that this was the same
man who threw water on a crowd outside St John's last week. The city guard
have said that it is clearly a harmless madman who will be quickly
apprehended when he next appears.

Yesterday a tall, balding man wearing yellow robes plunged to his death
from the roof of the townhall. People in the marketplace reported seeing
him on the roof of the hall and heard him clearly shout "I can fly !"
before he walked off the edge and fell straight down fifty feet to land
with a sickening crunch on the cobbles below. Before his body was taken
away by guardsmen, a lot of people commented on the fact that he had a
strange eight pointed mark on his cheek which many people took to mean
that he belonged to some strange cult.

Another strange occurence is that a message saying "Bob is a Chaotic Git
and deserves to die. I hate him I hate him oooooooooo. ooooh aaaaarg" has
appeared in red paint at several locations around the city this very
morning. A seargent of the guard is quoted as saying "There're a lot of
nutters about at the moment."


Nobody stepped forward and there was a sense of frustration in the crowd
gathered around Filo Longstride as people tore up their losing tickets and
stalked away muttering.
Filo announced that the person with the winning number 11 ticket had
until midday on Saturday to come forward to claim their prize otherwise
half would be given to charity and the other half would be added to next
week's jackpot.
With a grin he added; "Remember to buy your tickets soon for next week's
draw - remember; it could be you !"
Lion and Unicorn Enterprises are clearly doing well...


20th March 1280

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And in the great chamber in the heart of the Brown Guild a meeting was
going on. Johan Frarndale, the stout, grizzled veteran battle-mage, elected
Head of the Guild last summer to succeed the retiring Chaliss Blackamoor,
was chairing the gathering of the Guild's senior five mages.
They had a lot to discuss; the plethora of gnomes seen in the city
recently, the mysterious visitor Johan had received earlier that day and
the... other business. Johan waved a hand;
"Gentlemen. If you would all be seated then we shall begin."

But they never did get to start the meeting...


The city is preparing for the holiday of the Vernal Equinox tomorrow;
decorations are being hung up and people are in a good mood as the sun
dawns on a bright, clear day; a welcome change after the torrential
downpour of the night before. Spring is coming, Durholme is relatively at
peace and the Prince Bishop is enjoying a fine start to her reign.

The reconstruction of the damaged parts of the city has finally been
completed with the both the city's inner and outer walls restored to more
than their original strength and the many destroyed outlying buildings and
houses of the city rebuilt.

The Seven Isles have been instrumental in supplying a great deal of the
wood for the work after their agreement with the city made after last
autumn's council meeting. An agreement was reached between the Seven Isles
Mercantile Association and the city authorities that, in exchange for help
in gaining logging permission on nobles' lands upstream from Durholme on
the banks of the Wear, the Association would give the city a quarter of all
the wood which comes down the river to Wearmouth. This has provided much
valuable wood for Durholme which has good relations with the Seven Isles.
The Seven Isles, noted for their strict ethical conduct, stressed that all
influence brought to bear on the nobles by the city must be entirely
legal, fair and appropriate.


The city census will be happening this weekend and it is expected that
the important results of it will be made public a few weeks after the city
scribes have gone through all the information. People who are unable to
attend the census have been instructed to leave details with their
friends, families or guilds.


News has come in from Nottinghyme and Lanchester that new rulers have
been appointed from the city councils. The new Sherrif of Nottinghyme has
announced that all mages are to be welcomed back to the city and
Lanchester is expected to make a similar announcement soon.

The High Lords of Cardyll, who had temporarily ruled over these cities
with their fierce no-magic-user laws look like being overthrown from their
seat of power in the great south west city of Cardyll. A substantial force
of rebels calling themeselves the "Free Cardyll" movement, strongly backed
up with groups of outlawed elementalists, have taken over many towns in
the High Lords' kingdom. Unhappy at the High Lords' strict laws, many
people are joining the rebels every day and it is expected that they could
completely take over Cardyll within a couple of weeks. Already two of the
High Lords have been captured and executed.


Many of the mages who had fled to Durholme during the persecutions are
now returning to their home cities, but some have elected to settle in
Durholme, pleased at the strength of its elementalist guilds and the
stability of the city. The Mages' Council announced earlier this week that
all were welcome to stay and they are pleased at the growth in numbers of
their guilds.

The Mages' Council had much more shocking news to announce this morning
however. Last night, Johan Frarndale, the head of the Brown Guild and the
four other senior members of the guild were all murdered in a meeting
being held late last night. Reports are very vague with the Guild
revealing little of the exact nature of the deaths, but it appears that
some people or monsters of some kind materialised in the meeting and cut
down the mages before vanishing into thin air.
The bodies of two other fairly senior members of the guild have also been
found dead in an alleyway near the Seeker's Head inn and the Brown Guild
is in a complete state of utter shock, disbelief and mourning.
Investigations are currently underway, but with almost all of the senior
members of the guild killed, it is unclear who will be appointed the new


There have been strange happenings at the Green Elf Embassy as well where
a large explosion was heard two days ago. There were quite a few
casualities and the embassy is reported to be very worried. Lord Bru
T'Aquatonic, the chief ambassador has issued a statement saying a
substantial reward will be given for any valuable information regarding
the happening.

Shortly before dawn last Saturday, a substantial group of Humacti Knights
were seen to ride out of the city to the west. News came in shortly
afterwards that a small group of adventurers had successfully managed to
slay a powerful vampire at the ruins of the old Faulconbridge estate.

The Council of Churches has said that they think this marks an end to all
the necromantic activity which was happening in the Palatinate and indeed,
nothing of that sort has been reported for a while now.


The Silver Daggers have been able to find no culprits for the recent
spate of forest fires in the woods to the south of the city but a
representative of the Merchants' Guild has announced that he is delighted
to say that the Silver Daggers have been instrumental in keeping safe all
the merchant caravans and convoys near the city.

It would appear that more cities need a group of elite, mounted guards
like the Silver Daggers as reports have come in from Carlisle in the north
west that many caravans belonging to the wealthy mercantile Middleton
family, which controls much of the trade in that part of Albion, have been
getting regularly attacked and completely looted by what appears to be
well organised groups of bandits.


Marie the Witch, head of the Witches' Coven was the surprise winner of
last week's lottery and has said that most of the money will go into the
charity pool which is funding things like the witches' new community centre.

The winner this week was Lucky Jack of Lucky Jack Fortunes and Forecasts
Enterprises. Lucky Jack was reported as saying that he was always
confident of winning due to his ability to see into the future. He is now
offering lottery readings to citizens of Durholme where for 1 crown he
will forecast whether five numbers chosen by the customer will be winners
or not.
It has been discovered that Lucky Jack Enterprises were set up on the
same day that the winning ticket was announced this week and that Lucky Jack
had, up until that moment, been known as Unlucky Jack the Beggar.


The Theatre of the Mystic Celebration, which opened in town last autumn,
has declared its opening series of plays about the life and legends of
St George to have been a great success with the citizens of Durholme. Even
the Prince Bishop herself has been to the shows and has apparently been
greatly entertained.
The Theatre, which is under the protection of the city, has announced
that it will be starting a new series of more enchanting and mysterious
plays to celebrate the coming of spring. The entrance fee is still a fixed
half crown for the thrice weekly shows.


Suddenly there was a fierce crackling of energy in the air and the Brown
Guild's council chamber was suddenly filled with large figures armed to the
teeth. They swiftly descended on the five mages who were savagely cut to
bloody pieces in spite of all their variety of quickly activated magical
The five corpses were all decapitated and the blooded figures vanished
into thin air, as quickly as they had come.

There was more work for them to be done tonight...


Remember, see Joe Platt for a place on tonight's
little Night Adventure.

Provisional 3ygb dates look like being 13th - 15th June.



23rd April 1280

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The chill wind whipped its way kinkily through the musty,
fusty and downright dusty attic. The man wrapped his cloak around him
but for all that it was 100% cotton and drip-dry, it could not shield
him from the chill that was in his heart. How many of them had fallen
now? How many had not gotten back up again? Why were they all so
clumsy in the first place? The answers to these questions did not matter
now. All that mattered was that he was still alive.

Unbeknownst to the man, his every movement was observed. The
thousands of citizens in Durholme were acutely aware of his every move
through the strange mystic phenomenon known as Tymeline. Further, his
safety was ill-assured for he had appeared at the beginning of the
Tymeline and that was an omen akin to putting on a red shirt and appearing
in early Star Trek episodes....


It has been a quiet week in Durholme. Many of the more notable
citizens have ceased to exist. Whilst the more pessimistic members of
society - who never get invited to parties 'cos their conversation is
less than entertaining - predict that this is the calm before a
particularly nasty storm (the sort that blows open the shutters of
windows and knocks pictures to the floor), the city guard are enjoying
a pleasant spell of competance.

Small children are running through the streets with carefree
abandon and the more mature populace enjoy the brief moments of
sunshine (which is all you can expect in Durholme) with a satisfying
pot of shrimp. Even the Red Guild got into the spirit of things
by holding a barbeque and inviting round the members of the Green
Guild. One of the senior green guild members is recalled to have said,
"Damn good fry-up, maybe we've misjudged the pyromaniac gits. Can't
quite place the meat tho'.... Tastes like chicken."


It what appears to be an unrelated incident, the Brown Guild
have reported yet more members missing from their guild.


A quite joyful spirit has also descended on the city of Newcroft.
Several spontananeous street parties were held in which the people
celebrated not having been overrun by undead, pyrokin, demons, small
furry creatures called Clyde and generally stuffed whilst waiting for
the heroes of Durholme to save them.

The celebrations were short-lived as on Tuesday a large force
from Sunderland descended on Newcroft and devastated it. This dramatic
and unwelcome turn of events was all the more suprising given that a
strong peace treaty had recently been signed between the two.

When questioned on this matter, the Sunderland representative
replied, "Ack, ack ack ack. Ack!". This has been widely interpreted by
political commentators to mean, "Do not run. We are your friends!"

Newcroft is holding Durholme indirectly responsible for
this tragedy.


The man - whose name was a mystery and pretty much likely to
remain so for the rest of his life (not long) and beyond - gave a
sudden start (for which the officials disqualified him from the race
). Discouraged, he didn't notice the figure slip into
the room behind him.
"Hello, I've just slipped into the room behind you." said the
figure in a voice that would have scared small dogs and ponies.
Whirling round, the man raised his bow. His lip quivered but
was out of arrows. "Stay back! I'm warning you...."
"Of your little bow?"
"No. The floor in this attic just isn't safe. Watch."
The man jumped up and down and the floor creaked ominously.
Then it gave way and the man plunged to his doom.
The stranger frowned, "Bummer. I guess that means there will
be no Lottery winner this week."


Best wishes to you all, MrD.


29th April 1280

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the sun dawning brightly on his great house outside Bishop Auckland, but
things rapidly started deteriorating.

At his daily meeting with his personal scribe he was informed that the
value of his properties in the south of the Palatinate had fallen again.
Then, shortly afterwards, he was informed that three of his most trusted
bodyguards had been found dead on the estate. Lord Farbagest was starting
to regret getting on the wrong side of... that Man.
The morning's mail brought a surprise however. There was one message
which he read and and re-read before tossing it on the fire. He called for
his riding cape and his horse to be saddled and, with barely a word of
explanation to his bewildered servants, set off at a gallop across the
moors. He had thought things couldn't get much worse and now he had a
glimmer of hope.

Behind a large rock, at a lonely place on the moors a figure waited. It
knew that he would be here soon and, sure enough, here came the noise of
horse's hooves.
As the rider galloped past a small knife flew out from the figure's
hiding-place. It struck the rider in the back and he keeled over and fell
into the mud with a splash. The figure grinned and dragged the body over
to a pit as it watched the horse canter away.

Lord Farbagest had thought things couldn't get much worse. He was about
to discover how wrong he was...


Durholme is enjoying a relatively peaceful spring. The weather is warm
and sunny and the city is in a good mood. Albion is free from wars and
remarkably, there don't appear to be any sieges going on anywhere at the
moment. Certainly nobody looks like threatening Durholme with war or strife
over the next few months and people are saying that the ancient "Curse of
June" must have been a jinx caused by Prince Bishop Hatfield and his family.
It has been said that one of his ancestors did something terrible with some
fish and ever since, there has been a curse on his family. With the Prince
Bishop's lineage passing to a new line it seems that the curse has
apparently been lifted...


The most recent troubles to have come to an end is the civil war down in
Cardyll. The "Free Cardyll" rebels have successfully captured the capital
with almost all of the population coming over to the rebels side. The High
Lords' Armsmen all bravely, some would say madly, fought to the death and
there were severe casualties on the rebels' side before the day was won.
All but two of the High Lords have been captured and executed. Lorca and
Cwyll managed to escape and the countryside is being scoured for them but
it is feared that they have got well away.
A new city council has been set up based on the elected heads of the
city's guilds who will jointly rule over the people. Mages have been
welcomed back to the Cardyll area and the people are now beginning the slow
process of rebuilding a country ravaged by civil war.


Here in Durholme, Iona Si'Raglan, as the most senior member of the guild
currently in the city, has been appointed acting-Head of the Brown Guild
after the horrific murders of over half of its members a month ago. After
no less than nine mages were slaughtered over the course of two days,
there has now been no other occurences. All the remaining members of the
guild went into hiding for several weeks, but have now all returned to the
guild house which was kept guarded and warded in their absence.

Authorities are at a complete loss to explain how and why so many mages
should be so quickly killed and why none of the other members of the guild
have been harmed. It is rumoured that some magic items disappeared from
the guild on the first night of the murders, so that could be a motive.

Iona has announced that the guild is currently trying to discover the
whereabouts of the Brown Mage known as Ralph. He is described as broad,
stooped, bearded and "a bit eccentric" and was fairly senior in the guild
but he disappeared from the city last autumn and no-one knows where he
went to. She has asked that any relevant information be passed on to her.

She also announced that the Brown Guild of Newcroft was sending one of
their senior mages to Durholme to take over as Head. The mage, Furnock of
Furd, is expected to arrive later this afternoon.


The Brown Guild is not the only mages' guild to be having problems.
Kasper Wintergulf, head of the White Guild, has just announced the
disappearance of Mastermage Osmund Briden, one of the most senior members
of the guild. He has been missing for two weeks now and the guild is very
concerned for his safety.


Though no other mages have been getting butchered recently, there has
been a rather worrying spate of murders recently with a dozen people all
found with their throats slit around the city. The attacks appear to be
completely random and the murders are being investigated. Everybody from
merchants to peasants have been killed. Most notably of all, Professor
Cliff Ludmin, head of the Alchemists' Guild has been found dead. Also,
Lord Farbagest, a noble living to the south of Durholme, was found
horrifically murdered in the hills. His family have sworn to find the
murderers responsible.

A spokesman for the City Guard said "Well at least we're not under siege
at the moment."

The city census went very well at the end of last month and Margrave
Corrigan said that all the details are currently being collated. Important
figures are expected to be released soon.


A ship called the "Enterprise" has arrived at the Durholme docks with a
small band of adventurers aboard. They have been telling tales of
discovering strange new lands and have been entertaining the patrons of
many of Durholme's bars.


Lord Farbagest came round with a start. He appeared to be in a pit, he
was tightly bound and his head was face down in a basin. He tried to
struggle, but couldn't move an inch.
"I'll give you anything ! Money ! Lands ! Power !!" he screamed as he
desperately tried to see his assailant, "I'll double what..."

His screams were cut off as his throat was smoothly slit and his life
blood started gushing out into the basin and overflowing onto the earth,
staining it a dark crimson.
The figure standing over Lord Farbagest idly wondered whether he would
die of the slit-throat or by drowning in his own blood first.
But he had other work to do. He jumped out of the pit and was off while
Lord Farbagest, his neck making a strange wheezing and bubbling noise,
spluttered weakly as he breathed his last.


On that jolly note, I'll see you in the Goblin tonight !

Lots of love,


7th May 1280

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The roof of the Inn was not comfortable but the figure hidden in
the darkness did not mind, it gave an excellent view. He had been lying
there wrapped in his cloak for some hours while below him in the warmth
the drinkers got more and more happy. Lying next to him were many strange
devices, but the crossbow, that was a sight to behold. It was beutifully
crafted, and deadly, oh yes this crossbow was undoubtedly deadly.

The figure saw a rectangle of light appear on the ground beneath
him and reached for his bow......


In the city all is quiet it is late when Furnock of Furd finally
arrived, it had been a slow journey, now he was here he went straight to
the brown guild. The guild door opened and he was ushered in. His job was
to advise the new Guild head in her difficult task ahead, for now that
Iona Si'Raglan had been officially pronounced head of the guild the
rebuilding must commence.

It had been a trying time for all the members of the guild what
with the murders, they had hoped that the coming of the new head from
Newcroft they would all be able to relax, but Anna Yregid had insisted on
meeting Iona straight away and had gone to the Greedy Goblin to find her.
As she stepped into the tavern and found Iona she had felt terribly ill
and collapsed onto the floor nver to move again.

On the streets the city gaurd have redoubled their efforts to
aprehend the apparent serial killer who has been going around slitting
throats. A representative of the gaurd said "Durholme is a rough place,
but we can't let someone go around just killing people can we?"

The Silver Daggers are adjusting to the loss of a troop of
soldiers killed by orcs at the weekend. The scene of the battle was said to
be absolute carnage with dead horses and men lying scattered among the orc
corpses, praise must go to the annonymous Silver Dagger who held the
bridge on the border while his comrades got reinforcements.

Nearby the village of Muddy Waters must be seen to be very
unlucky. The villagers had thought there troubles to be over when the
Frost demons that had been terrorizing the village had been heroically
slain by a roving group of adventurers. However that very night huge
earthy creatures had erupted from the ground under farmer Smiths barn
killing twenty chickens and a sheep.

Similar reports have been coming in from many outlying villages of
terrifying creatures appearing from nowhere, some earth as in muddy
waters, some apparently made entirely of water but by far the worst are
the black shadows that appearin the dark.

A terrible attack was made on the green elf embassy last night.
Several fires started spontaneously around the compound. The blaze was
huge and two green elves were killed and maby injured before it was
finally brought under control. The ambassador Lard Bru' Taquatonic was
said to be furious and has been heard muttering about how he would wipe
them out once and for all, just who the mysterious them are is not known
at the present.

Tristan was happy, he was also very drunk. It was his birthday and
he had been out with some of his colleugues from the red guild drinking
all evening. Theyed all left and it was time for him to go home too. He
got up from his table and picked up his chair which had somehow fallen
over as he got up. Her steadied himself on the table and walked out the

The crossbow bolt hit him in the back of the neck and drove
through his throat. Tristan fell to the floor and rolled over, as his
sight faded and his last breath rattled out of his throat he saw the
strange unhuman dark form leave the rooftop. He thought he saw a flash of
green from the figure as the loight caught him, but what did it matter


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A couple of announcements to make,

Firstly the confirmed dates for the Third Year Goodbye, Friday
13th June to Sunday 15th June.

There will be a weapons make prior to this and the Armroarer will
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7th May 1280 b

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A substantial reward will be given for any information regarding the
demise of the Brown Guild in recent weeks. Investigators are particularly
keen to learn of anyone who saw a mysterious visitor enter the Brown Guild
on the day that five of the most senior Guild leaders were killed.

Please call at the Brown Guild where we shall be most interested to hear
from you. Iona Si'Raglan.


7th May 1280 c

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Beltane bonfires and booze

The Grand High Witch is pleased to invite the good people of Durholme to a

celebration of the festival of Beltane. All are welcome but must bring a

bundle of firewood - given the recent dry weather we are looking forward to

some excellent fires - and some booze.


14th May 1280

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appeared to materialise for a brief moment before changing into something
else in the forest of forever dancing flames.

It was cold on the hilltop, bitterly cold, but the ruins of the old
watchtower and the warmth of the fire brought some protection from the
biting wind that blew down from the northern reaches. The old man pulled
his cloak closer around himself and took a swig from the dirty bottle.

About a mile to the south-east he could see the lights of the city
twinkling in the fog. He couldn't go there, he knew that, and even on this
ancient spot he wasn't even sure if he was safe or being watched. Glancing
around, he saw the strange standing stones about a hundred yards away to
the north. They'd been there for as long as he could remember, on this old
flat hill. The stones brought back memories. Many years ago he and his
three great friends had walked up here to enjoy the view when the
watchtower was still in use. They had stood by the stones and sworn their
blood oaths to be brothers for all eternity. Now he was the only one left.

Maybe they had been foolish in what they had all done, but it had seemed
right at the time. They were young and craving power but, in different
ways, had turned away from it. Karlstarr was the first to die; apparently
he had joined the Azraelites but was strangely killed. Then Gustav had
been found dying in the woods, horribly hacked to pieces. The reports of
the frightened peasants who witnessed it all made him shudder. Then
Bardolph, poor stupid Bardolph; he had thought he would be safe with his
new life and his new identity. How hideous he had looked when the old man
had found him last week. Bardolph's last, frantically whispered words
confirmed what the old man had feared.

He was the only one left now. It was his turn now, but had he managed to
evade notice ?

The Brown Guild entered a further state of turmoil this week as the
newly appointed head of the guild, Lady Iona Si'Raglan was tragically
slain whilst out questing over the weekend. Some people have said that she
was foolish to be out of the city when the guild is in such a precarious
position and that she will be much mourned and greatly missed. A memorial
has already gone up in the Brown Guild in honour of the dead mages.
However there have also been mutterings that she was the one who was
responsible for all the deaths, to bring herself to the top of the guild,
and her death was punishment from Grome.

Whatever the truth, and the investigators have reached no answers, the
fourth new head in under a year was appointed yesterday. Suceeding Johan
Frarndale, Anna Yregid from Newcroft and Iona herself, Furnock of Furd was
yesterday invested as the new head of the guild. Like Yregid, he too was
from the Brown Guild of Newcroft and was originally to have been made head
to succeed Frarndale, but pulled out at the last minute. Reports have said
that he had some sort of premonition and was apparently proved right when
Anna Yregid, his replacement, mysteriously died on her arrival in Durholme
two weeks ago. It appears that Furnock finally agreed to come and merely be
a senior tutor and adviser in the guild last week.

The death of Iona has changed all that however and he has finally agreed
to become head although many people noted that his previous reluctance
seemed to have all but vanished at his investiture yesterday and that he
seemed fairly relaxed. Gamblers are already taking bets on how long he
will last however.
In his speech of acceptance he said he hoped that he would be able to
lead the Brown Guild of Durholme back to full strength and that he hoped
many of the northen Brown Guilds might be able to spare a senior member to
join the Durholme guild. He also praised the infamous mage Bob who has
joined the guild as a tutor for the tremendous work that he has been doing
for the guild.

It appears that Lady Iona was one of a group of adventurers who, led by
the Sea Elf ambassador Lord Bru T'Aquatonic, defeated a large group of
fire cultists on Saturday who are believed to have been responsible for
the death of the previous ambassador Fluvian II.

A great cloud of steam appeared over the woods to the south-east of
Durholme that afternoon at the same time when some kind of fire-demon was
believed to have been slain. This was followed by a great clap of thunder
and torrentail rain for the rest of the day and Lord Bru released this
"The killers of Lord Fluvian have been found and slain and the Lords of Water
are clearly pleased about it. Also the great sea-elf city of Aqoundel is
being fully rebuilt now thanks to much help from the northern cities
including Durholme and particularly to the Seven Isles who have supplied
much timber and architects for the work."
Apparently a sea-elf delegation is currently in the Seven Isles capital,
Hagensfjord, discussing possible new trade links.


Outside Durholme, it has been discovered that the village which
completely sucumbed to some kind of plague a couple of months ago before
being burnt down, was actually full of worshippers of Elgrun, Lord of Decay,
the god of disease and pestilence.
Nothing has been heard of this dangerous cult for a while now and it is
hoped that all traces of it have disappeared from the city.

The large elementals which were terrorising several outlying villages
last week have also disappeared and it is hoped that we have all seen the
back of them.

In the city there was another large explosion at the Alchemists' Guild
which has completely blown half of the roof off. There hasn't been
anything quite so bad for a while and Professor Prollhanger, the new head
of the guild has been reluctant to explain the causes.

Parts of the city's drains have been blocked this week causing some
parts to overflow a bit onto the streets. Another plague of rats has been
feared but Borrick the Weasel, the Prince-Bishop's official rat-catcher
has been down the sewers and said that it appears to be caused by part of
the sewers strangely collapsing. The city authorities have promised that
they will be repaired soon.


The lottery was this week one by the family of one Ranulf the Astalonian.
They were said to be extremely surprised seeing as they'd never actually
bought a ticket but had discovered one in their home with the winning
number on the morning of the draw. Filo Longstride of Lion and Unicorn
Enterprises has examined the ticket carefully and declared it to be genuine.
The winning family have guessed that one of them must have bought a ticket
and then forgotten about it. Whatever the case, they are now quite rich
although there have been some mutterings about fraud from some disgruntled

Recently there have been some strangely good catches of shrimp and
Wilson the Fishmonger has declared that he is selling potted shrimp at
bargain prices. Many people in the city have been taking him up on his
offer and enjoying shrimp for the first time.

Wilson is not doing as well as Maisy's however, the Faerie restaurant
that opened in the city nearly a year ago. Run by two very friendly
faeries called Maisy and Pepper, they have been very popular recently for
their exotically sweet food. Maisy is reported to have said that everybody
starts getting a craving for this kind of food in the early summer.


Finally there have been strange happenings at the Theatre of the Mystic
Celebration. For the last two months it has been running a series of old
and mysterious plays about the ancient gods which have been received very
well by most of the people who have gone to see them, although some people
have said that they found them rather spooky.
Suddenly however, they closed their doors last week, refunded all
tickets sold and have declared that they will not be opening again in the
immediate future, whilst giving no reason.


The old watchtower was ruined in the Pryrokin wars. The old man didn't
know why it hadn't been repaired. Maybe the position was too vulnerable.
He had heard that the witches still came up to the stones on a few nights
in the year. Some things never change.

The peasants who witnessed Gustav's death had said that large, screaming
orcs had materilaised out of thin air and hacked him down where they
stood. Bardolph's last words confirmed a similar death, but with that
sickening difference. The old man shook his head sadly that he hadn't been
able to do anything about it. Who knows how Karlstarr had died ? Enquiries
to the church had proved inconclusive.

It was too late to turn back the clock, but the old man thought he might
be able to evade the future. Too late, he had realised what was happening
and cursed the day that foul mark had appeared on his cheek.

A sudden noise made him turn round. The sight turned his limbs limp as
he looked upon the giant orcs that appeared out of the fog. He tried to
run but found himself trapped in a corner of the old tower. The old,
familiar voice rang out to greet him.

"You were always good at hiding weren't you Rico ? This will be your
last time I'm afraid. The others are dead and now you must join them. This
is the price for your lack of loyalty."

The old man closed his eyes and died without almost a sound as the blows
rained down upon him. With his last thought he suddenly realised how he
had been found; it was almost too simple.


Tonight's is the last interactive until 11th June.

3YGB pre-adventure "Strange Bedfellows" Sunday 8th June.

The 1997 3rd-Year-Goodbye Friday 13th - Sunday 15th June !!!!



11th June 1280

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June has finally arrived in the ancient city of Durholme. On the gatehouse
of the city's great Northern gate a guard was on duty. His name was Elron.
Elron was a simple soul, a guardsman like his father, who did his job
reasonably well and complained about little. He had only been a soldier
for eight months and had known little real combat.
It was Wednesday, around noon, and Elron had been on duty for over an
hour. He tried to peer through the sheets of rain that poured out of the
dark clouds overhead. The weather had taken a strange turn for the worse
after the previous week's glorious sun. It'd been like this since Sunday
afternoon and didn't appear to be holding off much.

As Elron gazed towards the northern reaches of the Palatinate he suddenly
thought he saw something. Some kind of dark mass moving slowly over the
hills and valleys to the north. The mass covered the horizon and great
shapes appeared to tower above the black waves at irregular intervals.
Elron gaped and his mouth dropped. His spear fell out of his limp hand as
he continued to simply gape in disbelief as the dark mass continued to
roll over the land towards the city. As it approached, Elron thought he
saw the mass was made up of many different figures of vaguely humanoid
shape. Great swords and axes poked out of the ranks and foul carrion flew
overhead distantly making eerie screeches.

At the same time as Elron saw all this, the rain started to clear a
little; but he still did not notice the figure approaching him from behind...


The last few weeks have been fairly uneventful in the city. The weather
has started to improve and the citizens of Durholme are looking forward to
celebrating the festival of the Summer Solstice in just ten day's time.

The strange branded orcs which have caused some havoc in and out of the
city over the last few months haven't been seen for quite a while now and
there have been no more problems with undead appearing in the city. The city
guard have started closely watching all the city's graveyards throughout the
nights to ensure no more graverobbings or any necromantic activities, the
like of which have been something of a problem recently. The Circle of the
Balance has conducted several large rituals at the city's graveyards to
ensure that all the bodies lying there have been properly laid to rest and
will never rise to disturb the living. This has been done before but the
efficacy of the previous times has been called into question.

The rituals were overseen Fr Morode Blackwith, head of the Circle of the
Balance in one of his first public appearances since he was severely
smited by the terrible white balrog nearly a year ago. He was assisted by
Fr Tarak Whitlore who has been acting head of the Balance since last summer
His High Reverend holiness Morode Blackwith, Priest-Ambassador of the
Circle of Balance to the Prince Bishop of Durholme, the Merchant-Adventurer's
Guild and the King of Brancepeth, Envoy to the kingdoms of Glantri, Estoria
and the duchy of Rovac, Missionary to the Celtic wastes, Curator of the
shrine of Adam-Ada (praise be upon his name), (rightful) Chair of the
Durholme Council of Churches and Member of the Durholme city Council of War
is said to be completely recovered and is sadly able to recite his full
title again.

News has leaked out of the citadel that the Prince Bishop has recently
been struck down by some kind of mysterious disease. As the Prince Bishops
have always been immune to normal illnesses this has come as something of a
shock and was being kept quiet but somehow word has got out.
In view of this, the Prince Bishop's representative, the Earl de Selincourt
has released the following statement: "The Prince Bishop has indeed become
suddenly afflicted by some kind of fever but we are currently unable to
determine the exact causes of the illness. It does not appear to be
entirely natural and so the Prince Bishop has been transported to her
place at Bishop Auckland where it is hoped she will be fully cured."
All of the Prince Bishop's Men have gone with her along with a detatchment
of the citadel guard and several priests, mages and healers.


Furnock of Furd, head of the city's Brown Guild has been pleased to
announce that the guild is well on its way to recovery after the terrible
happenings of late April and May. Guild numbers have recently risen to
seven, just under half of its normal complement, after it received two new
members in the last fortnight. No more misfortunes have befallen the guild
and it is hoped that everything has returned to normal. A new senior tutor
to the guild is believed to be coming up from Jorvick soon, after the
current temporary head tutor, the infamous mage Bob, comes to the end of
his four week tenure.


There were strange happenings in the market place last Sunday afternoon.
In the middle of a torrential thunderstorm, with much lightening flashing
overhead, a small group of figures suddenly appeared between the statue of
the Margrave Corrigan and that of Prince Bishop Hatfield and Sir Drachensburg.
Some of them were heavily armed, one was certainly a goblin and one of
them was dressed all in black with a pale face, strangely marked, and with a
pointed crown sitting atop his head.
Some of the local people present at the time screamed or fainted and
shouts went up that the foul necromancer Golgul had returned when he was
supposed to have been killed last summer. After this brief confusion
however, it turned out that the group of people was merely the mage Bob
with a group of companions. There were dark mutterings from several of the
people present however, with some saying that Bob looks a lot like the
feared necromancer and that it was an easy mistake to have made.

Earl Clarence of Harewood, the head of the Church of Walkene, has
announced that a major new trading route is being established between the
city of Winchester in the south. This will provide much new revenue and
also bring in some of the luxury goods that Winchester is famous for.


There has been a terrible fire down at the docks recently when a boat
called "The Jolly Sailor" went up in flames two nights ago. The boat is
believed to have been owned by a sailor who plied the Newcroft to London
trading route including several ports inbetween. The captain and all the
crew are believed to have been killed in the fire which is being
investigated by the dock authorities. A spokesman is reported as saying
that it was probably caused by an accident on board and fortunately no
other ships were caught in the blaze.

Also at the docks, the infamous hero Thorag Red-Eye has arrived on a
boat coming over from Norsca. The famous giant-slaying warrior, was has
become something of a legend in his own lifetime, is apparently going to
be staying in Durholme for a while before going off on some new quest.


Outside the city there has been shock amongst the small village
community of Marketon to the south-east of Durholme. Not long after their
market had closed on Sunday afternoon, one of the locals found all five of
their local group of druids slain near their sacred grove. The bodies had
been well hidden and there is much mourning for the druids who had been
well loved by the local community.


The repairs have been completed down in the city sewers after a part of
them collapsed three weeks ago. It appears that some people had been
digging down from the city above in that area and had tried to go on
digging further. The house above the collapsed area had belonged to a
local metalsmith who had become rather secluded over the last few months
according to his neighbours. He also disappeared two weeks ago and the
city guard are now wanting him for questioning. If anybody knows the
whereabouts of Tellish the metalsmith they are asked to report to the
guard. Tellish is described as a stout man with a very scarred face.

Possibly as a result of all the happenings down in the sewers, or maybe
for some other reason, Borrick the Weasel has declared that the rat
population in the sewers has gone down. This has prompted outrage from the
local dwarvish community who have declared that the quality of rat in the
city is going down at an unacceptable rate. A large proportion of the
Dwarven Engineers' Guild has gone on strike as a result and are tramping
round the streets with axes and ale shouting for more fatter rats.
Gryffydd Silverbeard, the head of the Guild, has simply said that if a
dwarf doesn't get his rats then he won't be a happy dwarf.


The figure behind Elron hit him hard on his shoulder. Elron came about
with a start. "Wake up Elron ! The captain'll have your head if he catches
you sleeping on duty !" Elron looked up and saw his friend Kermil.
"The dark army ! Monsters ! Siege ! Save the city !!" Elron gibbered. He
waved his hand towards the north and shook Kermil's arm.
"Huh ?" Kermil said puzzled. Elron looked over the battlements and gave
another start. The rain had nearly stopped, the sky was clearer and there
was no sign of any kind of approaching horde coming towards the city.
There was a farmer leading some cows however, who returned Elron's wave.
"You've been dreaming again Elron !" Kermil laughed as Elron got to his
feet and picked up his spear.
Elron shook his head. It has all seemed so real ! He took up his
position and looked all around the distant countryside, unravaged and
empty except for a few peasants and their animals.
He shook his head again. It must have been a dream he reasoned and he
tried not to think about it any more. Durholme was safe. For the time being...


Interactives start again tonight in the Greedy Goblin for
now and the next two weeks as well.

3ygb this weekend !! Get cash or cheques to Gareth tonight.

See you,


17th June 1280

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cloak and stepped into the busy, but not crowded, room. The tavern was
bustling with drinkers, the ale was flowing amongst the regulars and a
group of travellers stood in the corner laughing with one another.

The newcomer hung his cloak by the door and walked over to the bar.
The barman turned to greet him.

"A new face, sir? And where do you hail from?"

A man who had been sitting alone stands up and flips the barman a coin,
offering the beer to the stranger. "Oh, the south? What news from Rovac


We left York early Wednesday morning. The cavalry had been assembled
pretty much at the drop of a hat, and the infantry not long afterwards.
The YEF they called it - Yorvik Expiditionary Force or some such thing.
Apparently one of the members of Yorvik council had been invited to
Skipton Castle, there was some trouble going down there or something. So
he suggested that a small show of arms might not be a bad idea. Well,
we'd just been celebrating the filling of the new barracks and all, so the
commanders thought, well, why just a small force? So they sent half the
army, it seems! Bit of excitement for the lads, anyway.

Well, we marched on into Rovac. Next thing we knew, these heralds
approached us at the front and started proclaiming, 'What's going on
then?' So, we told them as what we knew, and off they trotted. I reckon
Rovac must have been on its toes, because it wasn't Friday night before
the beginnings of an army from themselves started joining ours.

The word got around quick. Saturday afternoon, there we were, thousands
strong, about ten miles outside Skipton, when all these Andrasti horsemen
came riding in. Apparently they'd seen the Rovac troop movements, and had
also seen the last few Redskins moving into Rovac again. So half their
forces went to nip their flanks, and the rest came trotting on down here
to see what the beef was. Of course, we hardly knew, so we just all got
together and had a bit of a do round the campfire. Well, why not?

So Sunday morning comes. We awake and start moving forwards, when all of
a sudden this huge great big purple thing throws itself up in front of us!
It was like a huge dome or something, all purple and swirly. And we
couldn't get through for the life of us. So we just circled it and sat
and waited.

Two hours later, pretty much, it fell down with a thump. Just, gone like.
So we marched in.

The place was a mess. Dead green things, like orcs but with these marks
on their heads, all over the place. And harder than orcs, by my guess.
And deader, too.

The only things still moving were these five guys. One was a goblin,
well, the lads nearly killed him on sight! Then there was a drow, a
smurf, and some thing that looked like an elf but wasn't blue or green or
anything. She was a nervous one. And only one human among them.

So there never was a fight in the end. We all went out on the beers with
the survivors (Well, the commander, he pretty much insisted on hearing the
whole story) and this is what happenned.

The smurf, he did most of the talking. Zephyr, or something, his name
was. He said that loads of them had set out from Durholme to come down
here on Friday to stop something big happening. Some Golgul bloke - you
know the name? Well, for some reason he was going to open this portal
and bring loads of these orc things through from some other plane or
something. I dunno. Anyway, they all came here to kill him.

By all accounts they'd had a hell of a time. They'd set off with some
plant in their midst, who'd done in one of their number on Saturday. Bob,
the guy's name was. The way they spoke about him it sounded like he was
famous or something. I reckon he's gonna be missed. Anyway after a
number of fights they got to the castle at Skipton where they met a huge
number of bods who'd also all been picked on by Golgul. The host, he
tried to do some ritual to stop him in the morning, starting off by
putting that ward up. But Golgul turned up and killed the bugger, and
sent everyone off to the far corners of the world or something. Except
the Durholme lot, I think he kept them behind to gloat or something.
Apparently they knew him from before. Old friends.

Anyway, there they all were, trapped inside this ward, with all these orcs
trying to kill them. Undead, too, by all accounts. It was some ghost or
somthing coming along that finished off a warlock called Iggy. But they
managed to blast their way through to Golgul anyhow. There was a big
mosh, and loads more of them died. Some lady called Rose caught the wrong
end of a spell, and some demons did for a fire-priest called Amroth.
Demons! Facing demons - now that must take vigour. A Brother Nathaniel
(a holy man, must have been a good person) also bought it from a massive
blow to the back. A scout called Jinx met her end too, and some warlock
called Ronin - although apparently his body vanished just as soon as he
died. Dunno about that myself..

So there they were. The few survivors, surveying the wreckage, when this
freaky wooden structure starts glowing and stuff. Apparently it was some
multi-dimensional structure, a singularity in the space-time continuum,
causing a localised disturbance in the planar travelling system, but it
looked like a pile a' sticks to me. Whatever. They smashed it up.

And that was the end of it. The little one, Topsy, didn't look like the
kind of thing that could kill a fly, let alone a powerful necromancer.
The drow certainly could. And the goblin - well, he stank, and you had to
watch your pouches around him. The human looked kind of sad - I think he
lost a close companion that weekend. But the deepest of them all was the
Smurf. The way he was talking, like we wasn't really there. It freaked
me out no end.

Well, that was that. We gave them all a big pat on the back, let them
recover, and watched them gate off back north. And, well, since we was
abroad anyway, we figured we may as well travel around a bit. So we came
up here too.


And with all that going on down south, what do we find going on up here?
Nowt. You've got those dwarves still hollerin' about getting more rats,
although they seem somewhat subdued - I here there was a bit of a barmy
last week! Haw haw! And what else? These signs up all over the place,
saying, 'Join the Society of the Black Rose, Appropriate Skills Needed,
Training Available, be in the Greedy Goblin on Wednesday Night". Sounds
dodgy if you ask me.

If there's anything getting people concerned, it's that PB of yours.
Still ill, they say - well, good health to her and all but you wouldn't
see anyone this panicked in Yorvik. Shows you like her I guess.

Anyways I've gotta go. I told the lads I'd meet them about now, they all
want to get moving back down to get home, although can't say I'm in any
great hurry myself.

Well, good to be talking to you. Oh, and thanks for the beer, I'll maybe
buy you one back sometime! Look me up if you're ever in Yorvik, yeah?

What? Oh, no problem. Although I've no idea why you want to write it all

What did you say your name was? Oh, right. Yeah, I'm Darek, pleased to
meet you. Better go. Oh, and say bye to that barmaid for me! Haw haw.


With another wave the roughshod figure makes his way to the exit of the
bar. The man who had been writing all this down tucks his parchments
inside his belt and sits down to think about it all over a pint of beer.
The bustling goes on around him as, after a while, he pulls out the
parchment again and writes a little more at the top, and then a final
four paragraphs at the bottom.

After this, he thinks, I'm going to retire. This public proclamation
business was fun, but someone else can carry the torch from now on. One
last time, he thinks. One last time.

With a flourish he signs his name at the bottom and writes the date,
absently doodling his trademark goblin face. With a sigh, he folds the
manuscript and stands up. Clearing his tab with the barman, he walks
through the bustling tavern, only pausing at the door long enough to look
back upon the drinkers. They were all in merry mood, yet he felt somewhat
distant. The ending of a job - and facing retirement.

Smiling, he turned from the tavern and, with the laughter and merriment
saluting his departure, left to post his report to the city for the last




24th June 1280

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cloak pulled tight around itself. The wind blew down the alleyways and
ginnels of the ancient city and rain spattered on dirty window-panes.
Ahead the figure saw an old sign swinging creakily above a doorway. Some
light spilled out and noise was heard from within. A crude picture of a
bloated goblin stuffing itself with food could be made out on the sign and
the figure nodded to itself with satisfaction. It stepped through the
doors into the hazy air of the tavern beyond.

Out of the cold street, the figure found itself an empty table in a
corner and sat down. There were many other people in the bar, mostly human
with the odd elf or dwarf. To the left a group were playing dice and some
noisy rogues were drinking heavily to the right.
At the bar a tall man with short dark hair was talking to the burly
barman. "I'm just going out for a moment Garth; but I won't be long.
Look after the Goblin for me please." The barman nodded; "Don't you worry
Alackrow; everything'll be just fine."
The tall man seemed satisfied and after glancing round the bar, wrapped
himself in his cloak and walked out of the tavern.


As the city finishes celebrating the Summer Solstice, good news is
coming into the city from all directions. The news that the terrible
necromancer Golgul has been slain down in Rovac has spread throughout the
north of Albion like wildfire. The Margrave Corrigan has announced that
the branded orcs, which were apparently allies of the necromancer, won't
be troubling the city any more. In a statement, he said "Punitive action
has been taken, striking directly at the source of these creatures and we
don't expect to hear of them again for a long time."

Other good news is that the Prince Bishop has made a complete recovery
from her strange illness which afflicted her a fortnight ago. The Healers
of St John said that they received invaluable help from certain
individuals, especially a mysterious elf who had found some ancient
chalices of healing and a group of adventurers who helped retrieve the
thrice-cursed Liber Bubonicus, an unholy text of the disease-spreading
Elgrunite cult. The artifact, believed to have been the source of the
Prince Bishop's illness, has been completely destroyed and the Prince
Bishop has returned with her retinue to the city.


There have been many strange goings-on in the city this week. Early on
Monday morning, the guildhouse of the Black Elementalists was raided and
it is believed several items have been confiscated. That same day one of
the most senior members of the guild, a mage called Fred, was burned in
the market square for being a priest of Llolth, the most evil of the
thirteen elemental Lords of Darkness. As her worship involves blood
sacrifice, it is banned in the palatinate. The Black Guild has been warned
not to associate itself with Llolth in any way.

Whilst on the lines of darkness, it has emerged that a new unit of
soldiers has become affiliated to the city guard. To be known as "The
Hawks", they are made up of twenty elite Drow warriors, a present from
Lord Nuathar, a drow ambassador to the city. The warriors have ritually
severed all ties with the Drow and are under the command of several senior
guards captains. Whilst many people have voiced grave reservations about
the unit, it has been assured that these drow will be utterly loyal to the
city. They have been receiving hard training from some Silver Dagger
captains over the last few months but will not be associated with the
elite cavalry unit in the future.


In the market square of the city a tall, bearded man has been preaching
loudly to any who will listen that all people should lay down their
weapons and live more peaceful lives in harmony together. A few people
have been agreeing with him and, after publically destroying their swords
or spears, now sit and listen to him talk.

Wilson the fishmonger has been offering free "Extra-large Duncal Raba
crowns" to anyone who buys ten large pots of potted shrimp. He says that
they are accurate replicas of the crown worn by the famous Mathemagician
1300 years ago.

Marie the Witch, the head of the Witches' Coven, has announced a new
orphanage opening next to their community centre. She said that it was
sponsered by a most kind donation from the late mage Trillium Rose and
that the centre will be named after the generous benefactor. Some people
are calling the fortunate orphans "children of Rose".


A local fisherman had a terrible surprise this week when he found a body
floating down the river with a dagger in its back. Most people have said
that this isn't an uncommon occurence however, but it was a surprise to
many when it turned out that the dead person was the infamous scout
known as Stab the Goblin, who helped save the city from the liche lord
Almack and was a regular at the Greedy Goblin tavern. The fisherman has
said that the dagger was of a very strange design and the barman of the
Greedy Goblin has said that Stab will be greatly missed. The owner of the
Goblin, another scout known as Alackrow, has not been seen for several
days now and people have been wondering where he has gone. He was
normally seen around the city at some point every day.

As some people die or disappear, so it seems that others re-appear.
Dipso M'Aniac, previously owner of the Red Warlock inn, has suddenly
turned up in town over a year after he disappeared in one of the city's
sieges. He is vague about what has actually happened to him but was
pleased to find that the Red Warlock is back in the family's hands, having
been recently bought by his niece, Sobriety M'Aniac.


The rioting dwarves in the city have been calmed down after a few
unfortunate deaths and a large supply of fresh rats has arrived from
The cause of the lack of rats appears to have been discovered in what
might well be a related incident because the church of Humact has recently
been plagued by a horde of zombie and skeletal rats. Prior Justus and his
priests have been busy exterminating the pests.

Besides rats, there was also a brief carrot shortage out in the
Palatinate over the last couple of weeks but fortunately the problem seems
to have been resolved "but no thanks to the bad tooth fairy and her
friends" according to a farmer's spokesman.


The figure watched the tall man walk out of the tavern and then it
walked up to the bar for a drink.
It saw posters on the wall; one asking for information about a certain
missing metalsmith and another one inviting people to join something
called the "Black Rose". The notice proclaimed that the first meeting was
postponed until this coming Wednesday. Sounds interesting...

The figure returned to its table and caught snatches of conversation
from around the bar. "...can't believe that Stab's dead..." , "...isn't as
good as it used to be..." , "...cost me only twelve crowns..." , "...you
wanna know what I really want ..." , "...quiet in here tonight...".

Some come and some go. Oh yes indeed. It was good to back.


Cheers for having me as head ref for the last few months !
I know I've been shocking at getting this out in decent time
so here it is on Tuesday as a nice surprise !!
I hope you've enjoyed everything and I know that Si and his
refs will do a great job. See you down the Goblin as ever
for one last time this year,
Jules. 24/6/97


14th October 1280

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The sun rose over the sleeping city, everything was peaceful
(funny how it always is at the beginning of a timeline?)
Children played in the courtyard of the Children of the Rose Orphanage,
the staff were just preparing breakfast as a knock came upon the door.
Old Mother Ardra went to answer it, outside on the door step were 5
baskets from which emanated an unpleasant smell and a high pitched
wailing. Looking into the baskets the babies inside looked somewhat
different with a slightly green tinge to their skins. Oh well someone has
to look after them. She looked down the street to where a group of girls
were trying to surreptitiously walk away.

The Greedy Goblin tavern has come under interest this week as the
deed of ownership has gone missing, the renowned merchant family of
Lycanth has used much influence and many lawyers to obtain a new deed of
ownership to the popular tavern.

An announcement was made by the Margrave Corrigan thanking the
Silver Daggers for their assistance in the previous years troubled times
however it has been decided that now the city is at peace once more the
groups services are not needed anymore. It is assumed that the group will
return to working for the Mercenaries guild once more.

Father Mortarian spoke out mourning the loss of two brave knights
of Azreal who have gone missing recently Brothers Stab and Allacrow were
brave and couragous fighters for the church and they shall be missed.

The house of the notorious black mage Bob is apparently still a
site of strange goings on, a large black presence was seen to envelop it
for a few hour before disappearing, a lady in white was seen running from
the House.

The circle of Balance made the strange proclamation yesterday
that they "Deny all knowledge of the Iconoclasts" what this means is not
entirely certain as the speaker withdrew after making this announcement.

A man was found dead in a gutter by the dockside last night. He
exhibeted symptoms of extreme frostbite despite the mild weather. The
church of St Johns are looking into this subject.


A few OOC things. Matt Maddock has resigned from reffing so he can play
his charactor so please don't send him ref related matters.

Due to the new ownership of the Goblin many new patrons are expected in
the bar, the word has gone out from the various guilds and churches to
recruit people to swell there ranks.

The ref team will be setting up some Technical refs these will be people
who no the system well and whom you can ask questions concerning Non plot
related stuff (rules questions etc..) There word is nearly as much law as
a normal ref, ask them in favour of us.

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21st October 1280

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The Sun rose over the city its golden glow warming the heart of the
people. Particularly warmed was the heart of Adric the Brown. He was
overseeing a working party of Gnomes mending roads and he had been
up since 5 this morning. The roads around the village of Fir kew were
indeed in need of repair but he wondered why it couldn't have waited a bit,
besides he was getting a cough now.


As people lay in there beds not wanting to experience the cold
morning an explosion rocked the city. A great white cloud hung over the
Alchemists guild and a white powder was settling over the surrounding
buildings. Already bruised and battered Alchemists were picking themselves
up to survey the damage. The white powder appeared to be flour, so no gold
yet then lads never mind eh.


Outside the city in a field a set of tents and stalls were being
erected. This was the site of the Annual agricultural fair. Farmers were
flocking in from miles around to enter there vegetables for the various
competitions. Farmer Smith had been seen struggling along the road with a
parsnip that must have been six foot long! Many people of the city
attended the fair also as it was usually a good day out and a chance to
buy vegetables and stock that might last for weeks.


A was seen being escorted out of the city by some of the Guard, he
kept shouting "No you must understand I'm Bayazid, I'm a mathemagician"
Many people found this quite amusing. Apparently he had walked up to the
Grey guild announced himself as Bayazid the Thunderbolt and promised to
teach the Mathemagics. He had not been able to prove himself though and
when he refused to leave was escorted out of the city.


Alarming rumors have been circulating as to possible side effects
from potions, The Alchemists guild were unfortunately unable to comment
(we think that white covered figure was an alchemist anyway!) The scouts
guild however made this announcement "No comment" which was nice of them.


Since the Silver daggers left the City Guard and took a pay cut
there have been several people resigning from the group, The Mercenaries
guild has expressed its desire to keep the Group together. A group of Drow
known as the Hawks have been seen around the city often with City
Guardsmen, performing the less savoury duties of the guards. Apparently
this group are working with the city guard on a voluntary basis, They are
However official Guardsmen and there word is as much law as any Guard
(well maybe not quite as much, but only a little bit less.)


An Alarming report from a mortuary in Durholme as a body that had
been lain in state disappeared from its place overnight along with a large
quantity of embalming fluid. Strangely there appeared to be no forced
entry, though the door had been unbarred. One of the Morticians said "I
don't know it was as if the body just got up and left...."


The Churches of Humact and Azreal have both demanded a public
apology from each other for the attack made on their members made in the
Greedy Goblin Inn last week. The situation has been made worse by the
refusal of the church heads to speak to each other during church council
meetings, where the church of Azreal is sitting in as the minor church


That great marketing genious Wilson the Fishmonger has set up
another scheme after the success of the Dunkalrabe crown give away. Now:
Buy one Potted Shrimp and get a free Scary Bob Black Cloak (one cloak per
visit only)


Niktus the Brown elf was very pleased with himself the road
mending scheme had worked well and he had been paid for the idea. He
wondered if any of the other guilds would take part?




28th October 1280

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The sun rises through the thick fog of morning, at the wearmouth
the dock hands are already busy loading cargoes onto a sleek green elf
clipper. A shout goes up as another vessel slides into the docks. With a
huge crash the Ship hits the harbour edge and stops inches away from a
collision with the clipper. On board the ship all is quiet. The
harbourmaster takes a team up to investigate. The inside of the ship is
carnage, their are dead bodies all over the deck with their throats ripped
out. There doesn't appear to be anyone alive on board.


The Church of the Mystic Celebration has announced the
recommencing of its shows, Notices have sprung up and lights have been
seen in the theatre. The first show will start next month.


The Scouts Guild have officially denied all knowledge of side
effects of potions bought at the scouts guild.

The Town crier of the city made the following announcement after
shouting OYEZ repeatedly as they do. The City of Durholme has made an
official alliance with Bayazid reborn soul of Selim the Elucidator.

Bayazid has set up in a tower near to the rovac border and has
hired several aides. He has announced that he will begin teaching some time
in the next few weeks.


James Sadre a mage of the blue guild was found dead in his room
last night, scattered widely around his room in fact the guild is scraping
him from the walls and will arrange a funeral when they can find enough of
him to warrant it.


A group of fifteen Celts have arrived in the city seeking a shrine
of the mother goddess. It is believed that there is an old shrine to this
goddess somewhere in the palatinate and they are expected to have it
reconsecrated soon.


Reports are coming in from Hogshame to the north of a goblin army,
many goblins have been seen pulling seige weapons and vast carts. The
citizens are said to be worried and are preparing for a siege.


Shamus the Fey ambassador to the city has announced a three day
party starting this sunday night. Everyone is welcome and should go to the
fey embassy on sunday.


Ludwig von Zuul has moved into the old Lanchester Manor House.


Wilson the Fishmonger has retracted his offer on Scary Bob cloaks.
He is now however offering Full action Stab the goblin models with
retractible dagger. Available only at Wilsons when you buy the legendary
Potted Shrimp!


Reports are coming in from Rovac Shepards of a huge Black Wolf
slaughtering sheep. The Rovac shepards guild have put a 5 crown reward
out to anyone who kills this menace.


Sir Eileen of the Church of Morvana attacked two stall holders in
the market today and had to be dragged away by the city guard. If it had
not been for the alertness of one of the Drow Hawks in stopping the
incident so soon it is thought that one of the Stall holders would have
been killed. Thankfully Both victims are recovering well in the church of
St Johns. Eileen is still being held by the City Guard.


OOC note.
If anyone casts a brown spell they get a very unpleasant taste in their
throat and must cough after saying the vocal.

Oh the little things that keep us refs happy.



4th November 1280

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Timeline by Si ...

The Sun rises over the town of Hogshame. Many fires burn outside
} the hastily erected walls. Huge weapons of destruction stand around the
} city, there goblin crews tightening straps and adjusting the aim. The
} citizens cower behind their palisades in the hope that some miracle will
} save them, but no one comes to rescue them.

} _______________________________________

} Meanwhile their is much rejoicing in the far away city of Cardyl
} which has just announced its new status as a Democracy. Following the down
} throwing of the High Lords of Cardyl, Peasants are rumored to be flooding
} into the region to take advantage of its equal rights policy.

} _______________________________________

} Closer to home the Large Black wolf that was terrorising Rovac
} shepherds seems to have moved on, it is not known where it has gone too
} but Durholme shepherds are preparing for the worst

} _______________________________________

} On Friday night another large explosion was heard emanating from
} Gilesgate and the city was once again covered in flour. The Alchemists
} guild have no responsibility for it. The explosion seems to have centered
} around a bakery, but the blaze spread to adjoining buildings, no survivors
} were recovered however the green guild were instrumental in putting out
} the fires before they spread any further.

} _______________________________________

} The Brown Guild of Durholme have released a statement saying that
} they are baffled by the spate of illnesses affecting Mages casting brown
} spells, they are looking into it.

} _______________________________________

} Durholme Border guards on the Rovac border have reported a number
} of Rovac guard posts left abandoned. No reason for this has been given by
} the Rovac authorities.

} _______________________________________
} A spate of fights has broken out between the followers of Azreal
} and Humact, due to this Followers of both churches have been banned from
} the Red Warlock and Seekers Head inns. The Red Warlock has also banned
} members of the Grey Guild after their antics on Monday night.

} _______________________________________

} The Scouts guild are mourning the deaths of six senior members of
} the Guild including a senior Pathfinder William Orissa. The bodies of the
} scouts were found in a house on Elvet amongst signs of a struggle. The
} Authorities are treating the deaths as suspicious. Several other scouts
} are missing and the Guild is worried for their safety.

} _______________________________________

} Prisoners from the City Jail staged a breakout last night. The
} Guardsman on duty, John Johnson had just been promoted and it was his
} first night guarding the Jail. The populace is warned to look out for the
} five prisoners still at large: Timothy Aranson, Starbard Highbrow, Casper
} Jones, Garick Williamson and Toby Shaw.

} Hopscotch the annoying kender hero has been released from jail
} prior to the breakout after pleading self defence to the murder of patron
} of the Red Warlock.

} _______________________________________

} A grudge match has been arranged between two mages of the grey and
} green guilds, it is to take place in the Mud wrestling arena at the Red
} Warlock a week today.

} _______________________________________

} Wilson The Fishmonger that purveyor of all that is tacky has
} announced a new offer. Free with each 4 pack potted shrimp, An Amroth
} instant Tinderbox and Mamas Belt(tm) set. Sales in Potted Shrimp have
} apparently soared and Wilson is thinking about diversifying.

} _______________________________________

} An old man with a beard was found dead behind The Greedy Goblin
} Inn it appears that he froze to death, but there were also signs of
} teethmarks found round his neck. The City guard have taken the body in for
} investigation. Any one who knows the old man should come forward to help
} identify him.

} _______________________________________

} Strange blue lights were seen in the sky north of Durholme
} last night. The Elemenatal guilds have said that they do not know what the
} lights are but they don't seem to be magical

} _______________________________________________________________

} OOC, Please don't use the Mailing list for sending random
} messages/snowballs etc. If you want to send something on the mailing list
} send it to the TTsoc account and they will forward it if they think it is
} relevant.

Al .-.
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" If not replaced or upgraded before this date it may suffer
unpredictable side-effects at the turn of the millenium.
For more information see - http://www.dur.ac.uk/~d512y3


11th November 1280

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The Sun rises through the fog of a thousand campfires, the people
of Hogshame have spent a sleepless night preparing for the worst. In town
square a group of men are forming up ready to lead a last suicidal attack.
The Men on the walls just look out, their arrows spent and their hopes
gone. The Goblin Siege weapons are primed and ready to fire awaiting the
command of their leader. The large Figure nods at the nearest crew and the
fireing starts....
On a hillside overlooking the Town a force of mercanaries surveys
the land. Time is not with them, as they lead the charge screaming down
the hill they know that they cannot possibly arrive in time.


The Town square is crowded, everyone is looking at a body that
swings from a pole. There is a note attached to the corpse, it says "Don't
worry we just want to talk."

Suddenly there is a commotion, someone screams and points at the
Mathemagicians Tower, it visibly Flickers, for an instant it is as if it
is not there anymore and then it is back.


The Notorious Knight Fred was defeated at Bannockburn last night
by one Robert, also known as Bruce.


In Hogshame the people watch transfixed as a swarm of goblins rush
at the walls, they are mounted on strange bouncing creatures with large
teeth. They careen wildly and attack each other before bouncing into the
forest from which various squeeks and crashes can be heard. A Goblin
wearing a pair of black wings is being pulled back on a large catapult.
The crew slip and he flies forward into a body of wolf-riding greenskins.
The wolves howl and attack everyone nearby. A catapult fires and the large
barrel flies directly upwards before descending down upon the fleeing crew
and exploding in a shower of blood and limbs.
The Goblin general looks on in despair and shakes his head. He
turns to his crack bodyguard who are standing behind him picking there
noses and fighting each other. RIGHT Lets get em he shouts and charges
toward the main gate, a horde of creatures wielding a huge treetrunk run
to the gate and start pounding it. Almost simultaneously a Huge rock drops
from the sky squashing them. There is a large boom and a shower of metal
on the hill top where there used to be some sort of tracked vehicle.
Things aren't going well. The General shouts for his shaman. The ragged
creature dressed in skins starts waving his stick and hopping about on one
leg, then his head explodes. The Goblin Balista fires and a bolt flies
straight at the walls and the bag stuck on the point explodes in a
spectacular fashion, unfortunately the walls in question were those of a
small farmhouse behind the city.
The force of mercanaries charges into the rear of the army and the
greenskins scatter. Leading the charge is an Imposing man wearing full
plate armour and carrying a huge shield. He wades in hacking and goblin
bodies fall apart around him. Equally impressive is the woman behind him
she is wielding a huge axe and screaming war cries with a mad glint in her
The Goblins are routed from the field. It is not sure whether their
own machines did more damage than they did themselves. One lone catapult is
left standing.


Nearer to home the brown guild has announced that they have
stopped the mysterious cough and it no longer happens when they cast.
Cynics think that it stopping may not have had anything to do with them.


There has been a small rise in crime in the city despite the
actions of the Church of Astalon which has made more arrests this year
than any known in recent history.


The Blue Rose has shut for the week owing to all their staff going
down with the flu.


Alarming reports are coming in from Rovac. Forts and cities have
been attacked by an unknown force. In the early hours of the morning a
large force of elementals attacked and destroyed many buildings.
Casualties are low but structural damage is crippling to the state
which was already weakend from the long pyrokin war.


Reports are coming in from Durholme border posts of eyes watching
them through the night. Many guards are worried and morale in the border
guards is low.


The Citizens of Hogshame are welcoming and shower there saviours
with flowers and for some reason cabbages. Outside the town two figures
can be seen examining the last remaining catapult. They are recognizable
as Hopscotch the notorious Kender and Dot (she of the large axe).
Hopscotch is climbing on the catapult as Dot utters the immortal lines,
"What does this do" and pulls the lever. Hopscotch is missing presumed


OOC stuff.

Brown spells do not make you cough anymore.
The curse of the Iconoclasts has stopped, everyone was cursed last
week they are now ok.
Anyone whose charector visited the Blue rose at anytime last week
has Flu, cough a lot.
Any magic or spirit users can see an alarming haze around the
Mathemagicians tower.

If anyone has any wooden coat hangers they don't need the
Wardrobe could really do with them.

If anyone is on this list but doesn't want to be, or knows someone
who does want to be but isn't can the let me know please.



18th November 1280

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The sun sets upon the tired city, lights spring up in the windows
of buildings and the sounds of music rise from many taverns. At the
Theatre of the Mystic Celebration a queue is forming of people eager to
see the show, and at the bargain price of a groat who can blame them.

But it has been an interesting day, There was an explosion at the
alchemists guild and the city was briefly covered in wooden cows. A
spokesman from the guild said he was very sorry but that they have to keep


In the Market square today a priest of Humact stood up and
denounced the church of Azreal, saying "Azreal is not a god he is a tool
of Humact. Worshiping Azreal is an Abomination and the followers of this
Cult should be burnt!"
The church of Azreal has demanded an apology so far none has been
Grafiti has been springing up all over the city, it mostly
concerns the abilities of the church of humact to deal with undead, but
there were a couple stating that the author would be the god of Death, and
others suggesting that Azreal smells of Poo.


The market square has been a busy place recently, on Sunday a man
started denouncing the church of Morvana and stating that if too many
people joined noone would ever have any children and we would all die out.
Sir Danya a house Knight of Morvana was reported to have taken offence at
these remarks and leapt at him with the express intention of strangling
him. The man ran away after the crowd restrained the attacker.

Refugees are flooding in from the besieged towns of Rovac, they
bring tales of mass destruction at the hands of huge magical creatures.
Many of the leaders of rovac have been assasinated in there sleep. The
refugees say that the attackers wore the embelam of a white seven pointed
star on a black background. This is the embelam of Bayazid, who claims to
be a mathemagician, the city council is discussing its alliance to Bayazid
as we speak.

Wilson the fishmonger has announced two new offers this week, buy
a Garlic potted shrimp and recieve a free Emrys Doll with genuine garlic
clove, Buy a Family pack of potted shrimp and get a free Macbeth cloak,
though people are advised not top wear these yet as the paint is still


The body of a young man was washed up in the wear this morning,
the city guard are treating it as a suspicious death.


Several important people in the city, including the head of the
Circle of Balance and the head of the Mercanary guild have reported break
ins to there houses. Nothing was apparently taken though.


A caravan crossing the western mountains was set upon and
destroyed by orcs last night, the Merchant Adventurers guild has expressed
a worry as this has been a relatively safe route up until now.


In the evening gloom, a figure cloaked in shadow slips into the Grey
Guild. Unseen by the members of the guild, making merry at the end of the
days work, he moves with purpose to the offices of the great mage Rhaul.
The sign on the door reads Head of Guild, but this doesn't stop him.
Minutes later he reappears with a package under his arm and vanishes
into the night.
As the sun sets, the guildhouse quietens and the mages sleep,
unaware of what has occured.


As the sun sets a light appears in the northern sky, more join it,
a swathe of blue light glows in the sky. People stand in the street
looking north in wonder, the light slowly fades and the people return to
their former activities.


OOC stuff.

Firstly please don't send ref stuff to Daniel as he has had to stop being
a ref due to other time commitments.

With the new charector sheets now being spread around the society we would
appreciate it if you could bring your charectors to the refs to sign when
you finish a column (leval)

And finally for the freshers. We occasionally need people to play monsters
and NPC's in the interactives, if a ref asks for your help it would be
really great if you can help them.


25th November 1280

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Shepard set out to gather his flocks. Arriving in the field he looks down
aghast at the devastation that lies before him. His flock are scattered
all over the field with great bloody wounds. Falling to his knees he asks
Ishmund where is the justice in that.

All through Glantri and the Southern reaches of Durholme the
situation is mirrored.....


A crowd gathers in the market square on a raised platform seven
figures stand, six of them looking towards the central figure, a man
dressed in brown, He speaks....

"In the Year of the Cow, oh doom! doom! for the Tower for it shall
fall under the might of the seven who shall stand, their combined power
greater than the sum of the separate parts. Blood and fire shall rain down
from the skies, oh great woe in the west again! The Citadel, it hurts my
eyes to look upon it, the seven meet to plot but they know not, The Dark
One returns!
But the moon shall rise full out of turn, the ground shakes, a
star falls from the sky, a mighty rainbow, a black fog, heralds of the
five travellers..the...the....arrrrgggggghhhh!"

The man falls to the floor and the others gather round him looking
worried. A heavily accented voice cries out, he is dead...he has no
As the voice rings out the clouds part and the sun shines through
brightly into the market square.


The Council of Durholme have officially declared war on the forces
of Bayazid, the Forces of Durholme are marshalling and people are flocking
to the banners.
Bayazid has been exiled from the palatinate and forces will be
dispatched to march on his tower. In the Southern regions of Durholme
villages have come under attack from forces of scarecrows, the Hawks have
been particularly praised for their actions, if it had not been for a
group of hawks the village of appleford would have been completely
destroyed as it was the villagers escaped unharmed whilst very little
damage was done to the buildings.
The City has offered a bonus of 5 groats for every scarecrow
killed. Farmers in the south are complaining that many of there scarecrows
have been vandalised and burnt.


Twelve bodies washed up at the were yesterday they were in varying
stages of decomposition. The city are worried about the amount of bodies
turning up in the river, they still have no more leads on the body found
last week any information should be turned over to the city guard.


At noon on Monday the Mathemagicians tower on Palace green
opposite the palace dissapeared for a full three seconds before
reappearing. The city officials have expressed worry about this strange


Many caravans have been attacked crossing the western mountains.
The merchant adventurers guild who supply the caravans with guards have
said that the targets appear to be those carrying weapons or metal ores.
This has unfortunately lead to a shortage of weapons especially with the
marshalling of the forces, the price of all weapons has gone up by one
crown. The Dwarven Engineers guild seeing this trouble have put up the
price on dwarven weapons by two crowns.


The Temple of Azreal was on fire yesterday, apparently someone
threw a parcel in through one of the windows and it exploded into flame.
The fire was put out reasonably quickly but a lot of damage was done.
The church is blaming the Humactis. A group of Azrealites from Carlisle
arrived fully armed in the city yesterday and are staying at the temple.


OOC stuff.
Please can you keep OOC info to yourself, this especially applies top
background stuff and things from monster briefs. I know several people who
have been told stuff from adventures by monsters after the adventure which
they shouldn't and didn't want to know, myself included. So please if it
information that may be relevent to anything at all don't discuss it on
the NG. Thank you.

This Wednesday is a full moon IC.



2nd December 1280

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The banners snapped in the early morning wind, the assembled men and
women standing in their groups and brigades, awaiting the order to march
to the south.

In front of the army, Captain Flambard, head of the City Guard, paced
back and forth, awaiting Captain Anvil of the Mercenaries Guild. When he
arrived, they engaged in a brief conversation before Flambard stepped on
to the hastily-erected platform and began to address the troops before him.

The troops seemed to be brought from an entire spectrum of the city.
Farmers armed with pitchforks were there, forming a large rabble to the
east. A large contingent put together by the Mercenaries guild formed
the significant part of the army, formed up in brigades of a hundred
strong, including many bands of fighters from the powerful merchant
families of Durholme. Peron the Grey Mage led a variety of mages of all
colours in a single band, and many churches were out in force. A
disciplined unit of City Guard were there, standing smartly to attention
as their Captain faced them. And, at the front of the impromptu army,
tabbards and shields shining in the early light, stood a Lance of the
Prince Bishop's Men, standing out in their obvious strength, confidence
and discipline.

Flambard spoke. "Men and women of Durholme! We are all aware why we
must gather here today. Bayazid the Sorcerer must be defeated.

"Rovac is in great need. The forces of Bayazid, mathemagical constructs
in great numbers, must be defeated ere they wipe out our allies. Already
weakened by the Pyrokin war, Rovac will fall unless we lend our aid.

"Indeed we have more pressing aims. For reports are arriving that a
large force of constructs are this moment crossing Glantri with the
intention of attacking Durholme.

The murmurs that rippled across the less disciplined quarters of the army
were quashed as Flambard spoke again.

"Friends - Citizens of Durholme - we march now. We march to fight the
enemy - the terror that is Bayazid the Sorcerer - may his name forever be
cursed! Your battle cry shall be Durholme - Durholme - DURHOLME!"

That final cry was echoed by the masses - two thousand throats yelling
for their home. And with that the march began. The vanguard was taken
by the Prince Bishop's Men, led by Seargeant Zachariah, marching in
perfect formation. The City Guard followed, and the rest marched on
behind. Ahead of all marched Flambard, talking battle plans with Anvil.
And already over the brow of the hill were the scouts of the army,
surveying the land ahead.

Durholme marched to war.


A group of Humacti Warriors was seen leaving the Greedy Goblin arguing
loudly and headed towards the Temple of Azreal.

A blue elf was found in the street earlier on in the week, catatonic with
terror. Witnesses say that his face was a mask of fear and that his hand
were stretched out in front of him as if pressed against a wall.

A riot occured in the market square with many people fighting and shouting
comments about 'stuck up mages' and 'unprovoked attacks' The riot was
stopped by the timely intervention of a squad of City guard. The gaurdsmen
remarked that that it was hard work in the guards with the rise in crime
and losing half their number to the army.

A farmstead in weardale was attacked by a large group of Goblins, many of
whom weilded swords of Rovac design and wore armour made of toughened
leather, the farmstead was destroyed and much of the family owning it were
killed along with all the lifestock.

A bounty of 20 crowns has been placed on the head of the large black wolf
that has been terrorising sheep in the southern reaches of the palatinate.

Rumours are coming in that the citadel of Orchalt in Andrasti (west of the
palatinate) has been over run by orcs.

Construction has started on what would appear to be a huge new house in
the salubrious end of the city. The foundations are almost finished
already so it looks like construction is moving quickly.
Notices have been appearing (well someone has been putting them
up, they didn't just appear...) about the city offering well paid work for
any who wish to help in the construction. All those who can do useful work
should apply to the foreman at the construction sites.


Barely a league had passed when three scouts came running down the hill
towards the Captains. The army halted as Anvil, Flambard and the scouts
rapidly exchanged words. Then, turning, Flambard ordered the army to
march double time to the top of a large, flat-topped hill.

As the army cleared the brow of the hill, the land to the south began to
show itself. Fields ... moors ... forests and copses ...

And an army marching northwards with frightening speed.

To the troops the approaching force seemed to be made of a tide of
darkness. Various groups could be seen within the ranks - the vanguard
was composed of a troupe of scarecrows, their ragged straw bodies
billowing as they marched onwards. Behind them marched a brigade of
shades, a mass of darkness marching with perfect order. To the watcher's
left the shimmering of undines marched, and to the right, whilst no troops
could be seen, the ground rippled as gnomes tunnelled onwards, tearing up
tree and dyke as they passed.

Scouts reported to Flambard; at a best guess there were five hundred
constructs of various sizes. The humans had the advantage of number and
hill - but the constructs had magical powers.

As the army approached they began to pick out details. Each contingent
was led by an enormous one of its kind. The leading scarecrow was dressed
in sturdy plate, and two red eyes glowed beneath its helm.

The entire force was led by an enormous figure on a jet-black horse.
Brown and black shimmering armour surrounded it, and his entire form
glistened with dampness. In one hand it held the reigns of the trotting
beast and in the other, an enourmous spear, twelve feet in length, shone
with light that was not light, like a black star on a white night.

As the force reached the bottom of the incline, Flambard recieved
reports that smaller forces were moving in to the east and west. Anvil
left with a force to the east and a slightly smaller force, led by Piter
Vermont, double-timed it towards the west.

The enemy began to climb the slope. Flambard arranged the troops to meet
the forces - the more tangible scarecrows would be met by the trained
troops, while the gnomes would be met by the mages and priests, together
with many of the merchant family armies. On the left would stand the
remainder of the mercenary army and the militia, to meet the shades and

As the enemy drew closer and closer, Flambard withdrew back between the
lines, standing behind the Prince Bishop's Men's sheild wall, preparing
for the fight.

Durholme was at war.


OOC stuff.

Bad news for mages I'm afraid, all mages have the level of there elemental
power less mana. I.e. if you are a huge green mage with a kilt and
Elemental power 8 then you have 8 less mana than usual. If you are a small
grey mage with a cold and Elemental power 4 you have 4 less mana. etc.


4th December 1280

Index For 1280 | Main Index

The city was this morning rocked by a huge explosion. A mushroom shaped
fireball covering half the sky was seen rising to the north of the city.
Joint statements from the magical guilds indicate that a huge surge of
magical energy rushed across the city, coming from the north, seconds
before the fireball was seen and that several magical explosions had taken
place as certain enchanted items appeared to overload. Runners from the
armies attacking Bayazid reported that alot of the elementals in Bayazids
army were destroyed by the explosion, but that reinforcements were quick
to arrive. So far, no official explanation for the explosion has been

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