Timelines for 1282


12th January - peace in Rovak but war in Ham.

19th January - The witchfinders get jobbed

26th January - what Prime Material Plane? (A dark shadowy figure was also there)

1st February - dead people rain from the skies

9th February - the Dread Pirate Nobbs is captured

17th February - Oddbins opens its doors

24th February - quiet in the library - NOT!

2nd March - A man looks out from a tower.

9th March - mage guild politics and lizzards in a pit

16th march - the lizards try to get out of the pit

27th April - The Aspect surrounds Durholme

4th May - The city braces itself for war

8th June - is also missing!!!

15th June - Bing! Bong! The Aspects dead!!

23rd June - All good things...



The Witchfinder General surveyed his men. The grim lines of somberly dressed warriors led by the platoons of trained witchfinders, of whom none had less than a dozen kills to his name. The army stretched along the road, grim and determined in the early morning drizzle that was threatening to turn to snow. he turned to his leiutennant:

"Is everything in readiness?"




Reports from Rovak indicate that the Rovakian army has taken back roughly half of the land Durholme held as a protectorate after the Bayazid affair, including the rebel area. Word has it that this is part of some kind of official deal between city authorities and the ruler of Rovak. However a stable peace seems to be holding at the moment.

Concern has been expressed by a number of people about the fact that the alchemists guild has not exploded for quite some time. Professor Prollhanger was unavailable to comment on this as he was allegedly busy with a new project which presented no danger of explosion whatsoever.

With the departure of the besieging armies and the relative peace in Rovak, the city has recently send a force of militia reenforced with city guardsmen to re-take the village of Ham and drive the demons from the surrounding area. The village has been recaptured and a defensive barracks set up there but the demons are still fighting a guerilla war out in the deeper forests. The new head of the mercenaries, commander Grayson Carlyle, commented that this was providing plenty of job opportunities for youths who would otherwise end up up to no good on the streets.

The citys Mewlip population is on the rise again with the lack of people applying for hunting permits. Especially they have been noticed hanging around local taverns, where it is rumoured that they have been seen to drink as much as half a pint of the local ale and still be on their feet. Travellers from the north have reported seeing strange lights coming from long deserted woods, and of green - eyed monsters stalking in the dead of night. Much of it has been put down to recent tensions over Celts and Goblins.

News has reached the city that the Witchfinder general, accompanied by a large portion of the Glorious Witchfinder Army, is coming to Durholme after being disturbed by reports of sudden surges in guild memberships, increasing elvish population and many bizarre events which have not been adequately sorted out. City authorities are prepared to offer them every assistance in their task.

Carnelian has stepped down as head of the Blue guild due to undisclosed personal reasons. the guild are electing a new head.

The church of Waukeen it threatening to take legal action against the church of Astalon if compensation is not forthcoming. The church of Waukeen claim that the Astalonians have introduced a mystery illness to members of their clergy. the symptoms are said to include painful fingers and toes, headaches, nausea and vomiting. The Astalonians claim that thay cannot be held responsible as the Waukeenites knew what the Astalonians were suffering from when they agreed to take them in. The illness appears to have cleared up in the last few days however.

Some men were apprehended one night recently attempting to set fire to the market square with burning pitch. Two of the men and several city guardsmen were badly burned during the brief fight which led to their arrest. Astalonian authorities claim that this was yet another scheme of a notorious Sordanite whio is now known to be responsible for at least a half dozen killings over the last 6 months. A reward of 200 crowns for his capture has been jointly put up by the astalonians and the city guard. In a similar incident a body was found with its intestines ripped out in an alley near the notorious Greedy Goblin tavern and the message "Feel the pain" written on a nearby wall in blood.

On a lighter note, Mr. Blanney a local grain mearchant has finally sold his controversial green and white stripey cart and purchased an ordinary one. Asked why, he claimed that it was a good cart but had had its day.

The church of Morpheus has been advertising restful sanctuary and interpretation of dreams for any who are interested. the church is located in the upper floors of a quiet house in the south quarter of the city.

The church of tern poy has also made an announcment this week. Brother Nothing rented a beer barrel in the market place and proclaimed that the doom of the city was nigh, and that it was time to prepare for the inevitability of oblivion. He was mostly ignored.

People like him always are.


Dear all,

Timeline 19/1/1282


Badly bleeding, Carl Stainforth limped on through the mud. It had seemed such an easy job at the start. Just sign on as a temporary extra sword for some special mission of the Witchhunters. Be part of a huge force going to do some simple work hunting down a few wierdos and renegade mages in some northern city somewhere. Thats what Carl and his brother Vlad had heard anyway. You even got a natty black uniform for the duration. Now Vlad was dead, along with a lot of other brave men, and the battered remnants of the Glorious Witchhunter Army just hoped they could make the next town before too many more of the wounded died...


Rumours have been leaked that a new business venture is shortly going to be opening up in Durholme. Details are sketchy but it is rumoured to involve a new sporting activity involving Mewlips. It is hoped that this will encourage the breeding of more mewlips thus increasing the population and reducing the danger of Ravshek uprisings.

There was a disturbance by the river-side yesterday when a local fisherman, Alfred Moore, was found brutally murdered in his hut. Reports suggest that his wife found the deceased's head in his bed, left arm in the milk churn, right arm in the coal scuttle, the left and right legs buried in the vegetable patch, and the torso in her young daughters cradle.

Wanted posters have appeared for one "Cullen trapspringer", wanted for questioning over the illegal killing of a mewlip in the vicinity of the Greedy Goblin tavern last week.

The witchhunters army was escorted into the city late on Tuesday this week by a contingent of Prince Bishops Men returning from New Durholme. Apparently the army was ambushed on its way up by a large force of elementals and scarecrows, led by a group of mages. Over half of the army was slain, and the Witchfinder General is missing, presumed dead. After consultation with the Margrave, it was declared that Rhaul, Sunbeam, Kellan, Torloth and D'Rhule were wanted for questionning in connection with this attack. Acting head witchfinder Gothmog said that this attack showed that the witchfinder generals suspicions of dangerous powers loose in Durholme were well founded.

There have been more reported sightings of the ghost of king Harold of the 7 shires wandering the countryside of the shires in "a mad and tormented state".

The Duke de Grenham has announced this week that his "Council of Honour" has finally been formed. Names of the members have been announced, including: Morpheus, Sgt. Valdour, Domino, Manfred, Catherine, The Duke himself, Aaron, Scorn, Robin and Lord Hubert Willow. the council aims to promote truth and justice, and to fight evil wherever it may lie. Sceptics remain dubious that the council will actually achieve anything though.

There was a scene just inside the south gate on Friday, when a cart bound for the 7 shires was inspected routinely by the gate guard. The carts contents, a large mass of gelatinous material, was seen to extend a pseudopod and pull in and ingest the head of the gate guard, before eating its way through the side of the cart, splitting onto smaller gelatinous mounds of various colours, and creeping off down various drains into the sewers. Authorities are concerned.

The church of St. Johns has recently been struck with the same disease that previously afflicted the church of Astalon, and the church of Waukeen. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and painful and elongated fingernails. Also an aversion to bright lights. A spokeswoman for the church said that the disease was clearly not natural in origin, and they were searching the church for some foreign source of their malady.

The Blue guild are still stalling over election of their new leader. There seems to be a lack of a definite candidate though there have been several rumours.

Word has leaked out that the infamous pirate Nobbs is finally dead. Apparently a couple of green elf warships came to the aid of a mearchant being boarded by this scourge of the seas, and were able to sink his ship without loss to themselves. Unfortunately the mearchant ship also sunk in the fighting. Survivors rescued by the elves are being sorted through by the Astalonians to determine who are pirates and who are mearchant seamen, but Nobbs was not numbered anmong the survivors.

It is rumoured that a Grey mage is looking for funding for the starting of a service for delivering letters and small packages to distant places quickly. Based on the use of teleport spells, this could lead to a revolution in inter-city communications. A name for the service has not yet been announced.

Lightening struck the Temple of Bast on monday evening. Fortunately no-one was harmed and the damage to the temple was minimal.

There was confusion this week as a group of people appeared in the marketplace out of thin air. There was no explanation for this and by the time authority arrived the people had dispersed, though some were recognised as locals of the city.

It has been said that a mysterious purple skinned being of unknown race is being held in the Citadel. Who or what he is and what his business is are unknown but the city authorities seem to be taking an interest in him.

Another new business venture is soon to start up: A contingent from the merchants guild is to start a group selling unusual artefacts at premium rates around the city. Known as "Oddbins", this group hopes to get some cash circulating in the stagnant Durholme economy.


Carls body was laid to rest alongside that of his brother Vlad in the St Johns Mortuary. Unfortunately they had reached Durholme too late for him, and for many of the other wounded warriors, especially as half the citys healers were themselves sick with an unknown illness.

Kneeling by the mass graves, Gothmog, acting head witchhunter, silently vowed revenge.


Dear all, TimeLine 26/01/1282.

Early on Thursday morning it was noticed by anybody who happened to be looking in the appropriate direction that the Mathemagician's Tower had changed colour. Usually a spooky, yellowy, greeny colour, it spontaneously turned actinic blue. There has been no statement made from either the Tower or city officials, and theories that this is because of the sudden disappearance of the rest of the Prime Material Plane are unfounded. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

The motley band of adventurers that returned from the sewers of the city on Saturday night were publicly honoured by the Prince Bishop and the Margrave on Sunday morning. The survivors were given, in addition to wages, a small gem each on behalf of the Prince Bishop. There was also the unveiling of a statue that was build as a memorial to Brother Temporus and Ochre, the two who sadly did not return from the quest. The ceremony ended with a speech from the Margrave, which finished, "They died in the service of their city, and their sacrifice has saved all of our lives. Let us never forget them." A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

There have been reports of giant, purple fly-like creatures outside the city's larger taverns, most notably the Crusty Lobster and the Red Warlock. What exactly they are, and what they want, as well as most other relevant information is currently unknown. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

The Nixies in the city have been trying to help against the possible future water shortage by creating blocks of ice. These blocks are then transported to where they are required, where Fire Elementalists await the arrival so that they can melt the blocks. Representatives of the Prince Bishop say that she is pleased that these two, usually opposed, groups have been able to put aside their differences for the good of the people. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

The four Elementalists that were taken into custody last weeks have now been released without charge. Rhaul, Sunbeam, Kellan and D'Rhule have made no comment as yet about their questioning, but Gothmog, the acting head Witchfinder, has released a statement, apologising for any inconvenience caused to the four. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

A poster has been seen in several places around the city advertising, on behalf of Some Time Entertainment And Leisure, the new 'sport' of 'Ten Mewlip Bowling'. The poster reads thus: Ten Mewlips are nailed to planks so they cannot move, and arranged in a triangular shape. Contested lob a spiked ball from a set distance away. The winner is the person who knocks down the greatest number of Mewlips in two bowls. In the event of a tie, the contestants will either re-bowl at a fresh set, the money is split evenly, or the winner is determined on the roll of a dice depending on the competition. Dependant on the level of competition, entry to a game will cost 10-50 crowns, and half of the money taken for the game will be given as prize money. Equipment will be supplied by Some time Entertainment And Leisure. The management do not accept responsibility for any injuries caused, though they do reserve the right to forcibly evict troublemakers with extreme prejudice. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

A random whore dressed in a chain-mail dress was seen speaking publicly in the city a couple of days ago. She told everyone who would listen, in a very loud voice, that she thought, "It is all the mages' faults." After this, she was dragged away by city officials for disturbing the peace. It is suspected that she was speaking of the sudden loss of the Prime Material Plane. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

Reports that Mr. Blanney, a local grain merchant, has bought a new cart to replace an old green and white stripy one seem to be exaggerated. The offending cart has been seen in the city recently, despite the rumours that it 'had had its day'. Mr. Blanney has not released a statement. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

The purple skinned stranger that appeared in the Greedy Goblin tavern two weeks ago is still being questioned inside the Citadel. Reports are that the creature referred to itself as Fenix, but all other information is non-existent. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

The Blue Guild have finally elected a new head. Rumours that the new head, one Gellance Mirrorshade, is actually a member of the White or Black Guilds are unfounded. A dark shadowy figure was also there.

Early this morning, a great procession gathered outside the Citadel. Including various important people, the reason for it was unknown to anyone who was not invited, and to most who were. Gathered there were the Council of Churches, the heads of the Elementalist Guilds, heads of minor Churches, heads of other Guilds and a few people who just turned up to see what all of the fuss was about. The procession left Palace Green and proceeded to the edge of the city, where the void could still be seen, defeating several bands of what have become known as 'Void Creatures' along the way. When they arrived at the void, the head of the Church of Ishmund threw a small, black object into the void. Shortly after this, everybody in the city felt as if they were quickly rising, followed by a loud rumble and then the earth shook, as it had about a week ago. Everyone was knocked to the floor and the sewers started to spurt water everywhere. When people recovered from the shock, they noticed that the rest of the Prime Material Plane was back. There was general rejoicing in the streets (despite the quite unpleasant rain) until officials of the Margrave decided that everyone had been happy enough and broke up the party. It is still raining. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

People who had good vantage points when the city was returned to its Plane report of a small contingent of the 'Glorious' Witchfinder Army camped outside the city. It is assumed that they had been waiting for the return of the city. Witnessed can generally say little more, other than laugh as the Witchfinders were also rained upon. Estimates are that there were a couple of hundred in the Army. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

With the return of the city, reports have started to come in from other areas of Albion. Most notable is that villages and caravans in the Celtic lands are being destroyed by unknown assailants. Witnesses say only that the attackers were clay like and had green, glowing eyes. A dark, shadowy figure was also there.

It is still raining. -- Chris Cunliffe, There isn't a single law of nature that energy cannot flaunt and break. Welcome To Geddon - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~effilnuc

Dear all, Timeline 1/2/99


There has been an outbreak of Ergot poisoning in the city reported in the last week. Caused by improperly stored grain developing a fungal growth, symptoms include hallucinations leading to violence, self mutilation and in extreme cases death. A common hallucination caused by the toxin is that of changing into an animal.


Reports reached the city over the last week of a rain of bodies from the sky. Very decomposed these bodies were accompanied by a shower of mud and sewage, a person who may have been living when he landed but he landed on a steeple, and an excited kender hauling desperately on a piece of string tied to his own leg, who bounced. Apparently this occured at the same time Durholme returned from its sojourn in the void. Humacti, Azrealites and Deathwatch have rushed to interr and lay to rest the corpses, fearing necromancy, but the Astalonians have appealed to people to keep them until they have had a chance to check them off against their missing persons files.


Bathers in the city are currently enjoying 'Water Week' at the Green Elementalists Guild where each day one of the pools is being opened to the public for free. Guild leader River Wilde hailed the event as a great success and promised to make the festival a regular event in the city. "People who haven't been near water in years have taken a bath this week!" he commented "The pets pool is proving a huge success, though at times the undines are having to work hard to preserve the peace."

+++ At noon each day in the market square a white robed figure can be heard extolling the virtues of absolute pacifism. On saturday a bunch of trouble-makers decided to interrupt the oratory with some knives and clubs. In spite of some intial verbal abuse and raising of weapons, they were soon sitting in rapturous attention. Questioned after the speech, one 'Nails' Thrungor commented "I woz just ded mad all the time but now I can be ..err.. peace..ful. Peace is gud. I don't wanna hurt nobody no more. We's just gonna eat and drink and party." +++

The theatre of the Mystic Celebration have announced that free shows are being put on in the theatre for 9 days as a sign of respect and mourning for Phantom. There is a great swathe of black cloth accross the stage and the members of the theatre will be putting on all of Phantoms favourite shows. On the 9th day there will be a depiction of Phantom's life and deeds.


The infamous Grey mage Liam was seen in Durholme this week. he was unwashed and pretty much bathed in blood and carrying a great big stick. he walks throw the town to the temple of balance and could not be questioned by anyone just as if he was sleepwalking. +++

Rumours continue of the strange mud-men in the northern lands. This week they appear to have destroyed a village in the Celtic lands.


Proffessor Prollhanger today made a statement to the effect that there was no cause for alarm, that the situation was perfectly under control and that it was in fact nothing to do with the Alchemists guild anyway. Many people were inclined to wonder exactly what was under control, but everyone couldnt help noticing that the proffessor was missing his entire left arm and hand.


About 2pm on Saturday a bolt of blue light was seen to strike the temple of the Balance. According to reports a junior priestess was hit by the bolt and is at deaths door.


This week the Astalonians have begun their search of the city for the infamous Sordanite, often referred to as "the Scar" due to his scarred face. There have been no positive results as yet but as Ranulf Wolfguard said, "We've only just begun".


Apparently someone is trying to organise a force to go and attack a region of a neighbouring power which has become a training camp for some new "super warrior", or so rumour has it. Details of the country they are in and the forces planning the attack are sketchy, but among others the Council of Honour and the Grey Guild are allegedly involved. The Duke de Grenham issued a statement to the effect that the Council of Honour would not act against these forces until it had more information. Apparently the city is sending out scouts. Some say to Rovak, others Galantri, others Andrast.

+++ The entertainers guild are sad to say that their lead minster, Meg, has left Durholme to seek her fortune in the South. The new head, one Tag Bresun, hopes to continue what she has started and make it prosper in years to come.


Business is taking a turn for the better with the Mewlip Bowling Company. Their prices have been slashed to only 1 crown basic entry to encourage participation, and the Mewlips have been taught humorous ways to fly all over the place when hit.


The citadel reporrts that the birth rate is up this month, allaing fears of population decrease in the city. It is hoped to send missions to recolonise some of the outlying villages in the spring.


A raid on a warehouse, organised jointly by the Green elves, the Astalonians, and the Hawks, has turned up a nest of thieves and asassins. Most have been taken in for questioning by the Astalonians but it is believed that they may have been behind the recent elf asassinations. Their leader has not been identified and it is believed that he may have escaped.


It has been said that the Seekers are keeping a bizarre creature looking like nothing so much as a large floating eye with attatched tendrils. Comments have been made about the seekers recruiting anyone these days.


Small purple lizards have been seen scuttling about the city. They have occasionally attacked people but they were reportedly quite weak and no-one was seriously hurt. Authorities are trying to track down their source, suspecting their unlicensed breeding as a new fashion pet for the rich in spring.


Another body fell on the city on Wednesday at noon. This one fell from the sky over the marketplace when it was most crowded. It was the body of a warrior, massively wounded by many blows but with an expression of peace on his face. Pinned to the body was a note. Those nearby read it:

"This city has one month to make reparation for the attack on our people and to return that which was stolen from us and hand over the Morvanian, Throrrite and mages responsible. Otherwise we will kill our hostages. If our demands are not met in a further month everyone in this city will be as dead as this man who defied us."

City guardsmen took the note up to the citadel. The body, identified as Adam of the church of Ghedrent, has been turned over to his church for a burial with full honours.


Mark (+ several other contributors)

From C.J.Cunliffe@durham.ac.uk Tue Feb 9 23:20:05 1999 Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 18:02:44 +0000 From: "C.J.Cunliffe" <C.J.Cunliffe@durham.ac.uk> To: Treasure Trap Society <Treasure.Trap@durham.ac.uk> Subject: TimeLine 9/2/99

The pirate Nobbs has finally been captured after attempting to murder a patron of the Greedy Goblin tavern. 1000 crowns has been rewarded to Dorphin for the capture, and the hanging is scheduled for the weekend.

The purple skinned stranger known only as Fenix has now come out of the Citadel. The Margrave has announced that people are to cooperate with the stranger as far as possible, and that he has been granted full citizen status.

There were a number of fires in the city last week. Nothing important appears to have gone up, but the Astalonians are investigating. A random whore in a chain mail dress insists that it is all the mages' fault.

Posters have been seen throughout the city stating that a Black Mage known as Noctis Moribund is wanted by city authorities for a short talk. It is stated that she will not be under arrest, and authorities would prefer that the conversation were voluntary.

The Seekers Of Knowledge have offered a reward for information about or the extermination of any of what have come to be known as 'Gooey Blobs'.

After the escapade a couple of weeks ago, the Andrasti borders have now officially been closed. There has, as yet, been no statement made on this matter.

Strange rat-like creatures have been seen floating out of the sewers this week. Similar in size to large children, they have all, thankfully, been dead. A reason for the deadness of them, as well as their sudden appearance, is currently unknown.

Some Time Entertainment And Leisure would like to announce that one Sebastian has won this weeks Mewlip Bowling. He has been congratulated by the sponsors and given his prize of forty crowns.

Small purple lizards have been seen throughout the city this week. What they want, why they are here, what they are, and where they came from is currently unknown. They have been flocking towards warm areas of the city including the Shrine to Kakatal, the Elemental Guild of Fire and the Pyrokin Embassy.

Travellers have been avoiding the Celtic Lands where it is said that they mysterious clay men destroyed villages. These rumours are unfounded, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The dark, shadowy figures seem to be on the decrease from when they were first noticed a couple of weeks ago. Nobody knows whether this is because they are becoming better at hiding, or have simply left.


OOC point - from now on new rules for 'Laying to rest' will apply. The new rule is as follows - Any priest can lay to rest anybody of their own faith, but no other faith. In exception to this, Azrealites and Humacti may lay anybody to rest, and are in fact the only people who can lay to rest an atheist etc.

-- Chris Cunliffe, There isn't a single law of nature that energy cannot flaunt and break. Welcome To Geddon - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~effilnuc

Dear all, Timeline 17/2/1202


The day dawned. A bright, clear sunrise, the first for weeks. The suns golden rays warmed rooftops across the city that had known the chill of winter for too long. In the market square, a scaffold and noose had been erected, a poignant reminder of the price of treason that required no further explanation.


Bandit activity is on the rise on the road from Yorvik to Nottingham. Several mearchant caravans as well as small groups of travellers have been attacked and robbed. Arguments are reported to be happening between the mearchants, Rovak military and Nottingham guard about who should deal with the problem.

Oddbins, the trading group, have officially published their prices for items currently in stock around the city. These include:

Mastercrafted weapons/armour: double the normal price.

Spell scrolls: 150 crowns per level of the spell.

Potions of Mana: 100 crowns per dose

Potions of resistance: 200 crowns per dose

They hope that this new advertising campaign, coupled with new money being invested, will help boost business.

Kasper Wintergulf has publically announced that he and some companions are going to embark on an epic adventure to hunt down the legendary "Questing Beast" of legend which no-one has ever brought down. He has apparently discovered some old manuscripts purporting to show where the beasts last known lair was and is inviting any brace people who would like to take part in this great hunt to apply to the White Guild. Food and drink will be provided throughout the hunt, but people come at their own risk.

A tribe of goblins has moved into an area on the outskirts of the 7 shires, presumably taking advantage of border disputes with Rovak.

The Alchemists guild have reported that one of their junior members, one Fay Cobbin, has gone missing and would reward anyone who gives information about her wellbeing.

The Black and Red guilds have each announced that they will not be teaching their spells of any level to members or affiliate members of each other, following allegations made by the red guild that the black guild were attempting to infiltrate them.

The council of Durholme will be meeting this friday in full session to discuss diverse matters. Any decisions made there will no doubt be passed on down to the lowly citizens of Durholme as and when the authorities deem it appropriate.

The infamous pirate Nobbs was hung on Friday morning in the market square. Asked if he had any last words, he was heard to reply:"Yes, yes, I'm innocent, I'm just a humble mearchant, look, look its all been a horrible mistake, I want to Waaargh..hhk!"


OOC bit: Adventures: Adventure refs, Ian has asked me to remind you to send to him summaries of all adventures well in advance of them actually running, so that he can clear all the stuff in them. Also, adventure refs: please could you make sure you are prepared to sort out rules issues at the time of the adventure, as stuff thats happened is very difficult to make un-happen afterwards.


If any characters want to buy stuff from Oddbins, go Mewlip bowling, or go on Kaspers' hunt, please let us know in time for the ref meeting. My adventure: Contrary to popular belief, my adventure is running on the 27th not the 20th. Titled "Handsome is..."it should be about 4th level. Please see Andy K, my brother, Duncan or Si Childs about charactering (certain characters are not suitable due to plot)

Timeline additional:

Reports have been coming in from around the city that several mages and some other people have dissappeared for short periods of time apparently at random. All such people were then seen to return to the place they dissappeared from a few minutes later. Some were heard to mumble something about clay statues and translucent figures. A few looked terrified.

Dear all,

Timeline 24/2/1202


15th assistant investigator of the Seekers of Knowledge Gillbert mused at the stone thoughtfully. "Black, flecked with white" he noted in his big leather bound personal notebook. "Neither warm nor cool to the touch. Perfectly round." He had to admit he was stumped; he couldnt seem to see any way to proceed in the investigation of the stone which had been given to the seekers by an anonymous source. Clearly a spiritual artefact; probably of no great power. Hmmm... Perhaps if he were to try heating it... Gillbert put the stone aside and reached for his magnifying lens. Out of the corner of his eye, it seemed as if the white flecks in the stone glimmered for a moment...


At Midday on Saturday, a bolt of lightening was seen to strike the roof of the temple of Balance in the city. The Church has announced that one of their senior priests the most revered Father Frederick was struck by the blast, which apparently passed straight through the temple roof and into the central chamber, and is in a critical condition.

Concern has been expressed about the finding of the body of a man of ill repute in the wharf area of the city. Mr Arthur "Scab" Dobby was found in an alleyway totally white as if all the blood had been drained out of him. A pair of pinprick marks were found on his neck. He has been laid to rest by priests of the Deathwatch.

The Pyrroken embassy has announced that it would like people to be on the lookout for "fiery humanoid creatures", some of which were sighted last week in the infamous Greedy Goblin Tavern. The pyrokken advise people not to attack the creatures but to contact the embassy, who would like to try and communicate with them.

The decisions made in the Council Meeting have now been disseminated among the general populace. Issues agreed upon include:

) The churches of Tern Poy and the Aspect have been declared illegal within the city and Palatinate. Anyone found worshipping either of these abominations is under statutory sentence of death.

) The city is to fully re-map and purge its extensive sewer system, long thought to be a lurking place for vile creatures and criminals. Forces are being gathered over the next week to drive out all creatures from the citys veins.

) In order to pay for this and diverse other activities, an additional tax is being levied on all who dwell in the palatinate. The tax has been set at 15 crowns per capita, to be payed over the next three weeks at a rate not less than five crowns per week, no exemptions.

) The head of the Black guild, Damian Drachmal, has been removed from the City Council due to his persistent disgraceful behaviour. Wether the black guild as a whole will retain a seat has not yet been disclosed.

) In response to alleged insults in the council chambers, the head of the brown guild Furnock of Furd has expelled all blue and green elves from his guild and refuses to teach them any further brown spells. He has also issued a statement to the effect that his actions are aimed specifically at the elven embassys and in no way reflect the relationship between the brown guild and the blue and green MAGICAL guilds.

The nation of Andrast has recalled its ambassadors from Durholme. The final act of the head ambassador was to release a statement: "Due to the unprovoked atrocities carried out by forces of Durholme against defenceless villages in Andrast, and due to its persistent persecution of our national religion of the Aspect, the Govrnment of Andrast finds that the following measures have been forced upon it:

All major churches of Durholme (with the exception of St John) are hereby declared illegal in Andrast and worshippers will be met by the same death penalty imposed on Aspect worshippers in Durholme.

All citizens of the Palatinate of Durholme within Andrast have three days to leave before being placed under similar sentence of death."

Two days later, a large force of Brown elves was reported moving into the Dragonstooth Mountains from the Northeast. Using Gnomes, they have begun erecting a line of earth fortifications all along the border between Durholme and Andrast. Even optimists cannot deny that war appears to be brewing.

A citizen found murdered with his head missing on the riverbank near the Greedy Goblin has been identified as Mad Trev, otherwise known as Mad Bob, Mr. Hat and a variety of other names. Citizens have been advised not to travel alone in the area until the murderer has been apprehended. Anyone with any information on the killing should contact the Astalonians.

There was great commotion at the Seekers library on Monday evening. A great deal of screaming and shouting and crashing, followed by lots of seekers fleeing the building. Many were badly wounded and gibbering about horrible creatures that had apparently begun to spew out in huge numbers from some artefact that they had been investigating. Most of the senior seekers managed to escape the building, but several junior researchers are still unaccounted for and it is belived that they may be trapped within the building. Since then the seekers library has been cordoned off by the city guard. It stands dark and forlorn with its main doors gaping wide. A small force of city guard went in on Tuesday morning; they have yet to return.


...More of them... everywhere. The ceiling! Gods!! Gilbert gasped as he limped through corridoors filled with terror and confusion, bleeding from a bite in his thigh. Armed only with a short stick he had been near the centre of where the ... things ... had come from. Now they were everywhere. People screaming, bleeding, dying. Something dropped on his head. He bucked and it flew off, something purple with spiny claws and teeth. It took his left ear with it. He bolted onwards now in blind terror. Something wet brushed his face. Fortunately he didnt look up or he would have realised whose arm it was. Instead he ran full tilt down the corridoor and into a window. Bursting through he fell head over heels down into the street below, which was fortunately only one floor down. After what he'd been through, the blackness and pure pain of a severe head injury was welcome.


OOC bit:

Remember you all have 15 crowns taxes to pay, either all at once or by taking half wages over the next 3 weeks.

In the interactive this week, the following headband conventions will apply:

Red headband: Fiery humanoid figure (like those seen last week).

Yellow headband: Translucent humanoid figure.

From C.J.Cunliffe@durham.ac.uk Tue Mar 2 16:22:58 1999 Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 15:32:17 +0000 From: "C.J.Cunliffe" <C.J.Cunliffe@durham.ac.uk> To: Treasure.Trap@durham.ac.uk Subject: Timeline 2/3/1283 (I think) Newsgroups: dur.dsu.treasure-trap,alt.games.dur-trs-trap

It was early evening, and the cloudless sky was transmuting from royal blue to a deep violet, with a smudge of fire-orange and lime green away to the west over Andrast, where, from the watcher's perspective anyway, the sun had already set. Skies. Never two alike. Not by day or by night either. He cocked his heaad to one side, as if listening for the faintest of whispers borne on the dusk breeze. A rare smile curved across the pale face and a glimpse of teeth, perhaps a little too long, glimmered like bleached bone in the lat of the light. The last smudge of sun faded into nocturnal purple. The watcher stirred himself. So much lost, so much yet to loose and yet, perhaps now a glimpse of new hope.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------

The City authorities have announced that they are recruiting for the mission to purge the sewer system of the assorted miscreants, low-lives and foul creatures which have taken up residence there. The clearance work is to begin next monday and anyone willing to take part in it should register at the Citadel gate by dusk on Sunday. A payment of five crowns will be made to any and all volunteers upon completion and a share of any bounties and spoils found is also promised.

Owing to extensive damage to its floor over the winter months, the Greedy Goblin tavern is closing its doors to patrons this week. Garth hopes to be re-opening the famous hostelry on Friday evening.

Kasper Wintergulf, the head of the White Guild has let it be known that he is recruiting brave adventurers for a second and longer hunt for the legendary Questing Beast. Any interested in this noble endeavour should make themselves known to him at the Guild House forthwith.

There has been an alarming increase in the predations of bandits upon caravans travelling between Durholme and Newcroft. The councils of both citites are to increase patrols on these roads and a reward is being offered for any information on the hiding places of these brigands.

Passers-by were surprised to see a steady rain of books and items being flung from the windows of the Seeker's Library today. The strange creatures infesting the building are obviously no respecters of learning. Squads of City Guards, Seekers and Prince Bishop's men responded quickly and efficiently, forming a cordon around the building and retrieving items for safekeeping until such time as the Library can be retaken.

A emissary from the Seven Shires arrived in the city on Monday morning on diplomatic business. He has been closeted in the Citadel ever since.

A large pit, lined with shapened wooden spikes and drenched in greek fire provided by the Alchemist's Guild has been dug a safe ditance from the city walls. The Gem, recovered from the Seeker's Library last wendesday has been placed wtihin and guards carrying burning brands as well as the mercenary guild archery platoon are mainting watch around it with strict orders to shoot or burn any further creaaaturees issuing forth from the aforementioned gem.

On Friday night last week, explosions were heard in the Red and Black guilds. A brief but intense battle was heard within both buildings. Once the dust had cleared and a number of brave souls had investigated it became clear that the Heads of these guilds, Davian Drachmal of the Black Guild and Conflagratia Flambard of the Red Guild, had been killed. Piles of scorched earth were also found in each guild head's study near to their bodies. the guilds, the Tomten embassy and the city authorities are investigating the possibilty that rogue brown elves conducted the assassination. Kellan and Torloth have been declared acting heads of the Black and Red guilds respectively.

In a related matter, the Mages Council has announced the formation of a cross-guild force aimed at enforcing guild law amongst the city's many mages and warlocks. It is hoped that this force will be instrumental in resolving ceratin ongoing disputes between the Mage's and Warlock's Guilds.

The Church of Thror has issued two statements this week. Firstly, that it denies absolutely responsibilty for recent lightning strikes around the city and secondly that it dennies all knowledge of the necromancer Aficido.

There have been more reports of random disappearances amongst the cities populace. The unfortunate victims of this strange phenomenon re-appear fifteen minutes after vanishing in a dazed and shocked state. There have also been reports pf people appearing, carrying around strange translucent figures and disappearing again after traavelling around for a brief while.

Over the weekend, the small (and other not so small) purple lizards made another attack within the city. A reasonable number of them attacked the Temple of Astalon. The attack did not last long, and authorities are baffled as to why the creatures fled when they did. It seems that the only damage done was to the prisons.

Notices are appearing around the city telling of 'The First International Farmers Conference' which will be held in Durholme this week. Farmers from all over the civilised world, and Cymru, will be attending and giving talks on the latest developments in farming technology.

Bandits in the Nottinghym area are stealing anything, a distressed woman revealed to city authorities today. She was accompanying the bodies of her husband and two sons to their hometown just north of Nottinhym where they wished to be buried. A group of bandits attacked and stole the corpses.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------

>From his vantage atop the tower, the watcher saw the first rays of dawn spread in the furthest east. Time to retire to the safety of stone, he thought. Another day was breaking over the city, and he had much to digest. A flicker of the hands, a word or two spoken in a strange tongue and he was gone. -- Chris Cunliffe, There isn't a single law of nature that energy cannot flaunt and break. Welcome To Geddon - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~effilnuc

Dear All, Timeline 9/3/1282


The day dawned drizzly and grey over the city of the Prince Bishops. Some distance away, circled around a large man made hole in the ground ringed with inwards pointing spikes, the city militia guards slumped despondently at their posts. Orders were orders, but it was very boring standing guard around a tiny stone all day. It was not even visible from the edge of the pit. Apparently nasty things could come out of it. Well let them try. The whole floor of the pit was knee deep in oil. The guards boredly watched the new day dawning and looked forewards to summer.


Reports have come in that Newcroft has fallen, taken by armies from Andrast. Andrast has announced that it is taking measures for its own defence should Durholme continue with its agressive stance. Noctis the black mage has been appointed governor of the city in the name of the Aspect.

News from the Seven Shires is that they now have a new king. King Samuel has been crowned, though, due to being only two months old, his mother, the Lady Sheol, will act as regent until he comes of age.

People have noticed an unusual tree spinging up in the gardens of the blue guild. tall and broad with dense foilage and strange hard leaves, it has shot upwards at an astonishing rate and it over 12 foot high already. At times a small figure can be seen capering around the base of it merrily and singing something in an unknown tongue.

A bizarre figure with red and yellow striped tights was seen to enter the citadel yesterday and ask to see to Margrave. No word has been released about what was said, but rumour has it that some kind of fiscal deal is being struck between the Margrave and the stranger based on a guessing game and the Margraves firstborn son. No-one knows who started this rumour, as it plainly doesnt make any sense at all.

The church of Azreal has been seen training its priests in combat this week, having recieved some re-enforcements from jorvik earlier in the week. the reason for this is not known but it is suspected to be due to the heightening of tensions with Andrast.

Sailors from Newcroft have reported seeing an island where none has been seen before this week, a few miles off the coast and near the main trade routs with Norska. the remarkable thing about this island is that it seems to be made entirely of skulls. At least from a distance. No mariner has dared to approach or set foot on the island as yet.

Head of the Black Guild Kellan Mordax made the following statement today in response to numerous rumours that the Red and Black guilds were at war: "The Black guild are shocked and dismayed by the events of last Friday night. Out honourable leader, Davian Drachmal, will be buried in accordance to the wishes of his family later this week. At the same time we wish to extend our sincerest sympathies to the Red guild and the Flambard family in particular. As regards the cause of death, we would be grateful if rumour mongers would refrain from speculation and idle gossip. The recent rifts that have divided various magical colleges and practitioners must now be halted if we are to be effective not only in protecting the city but in furthering the study of magical lore. Rumours are hateful, divisive and ultimately unproductive. Internal investigations will be carried out in full, rumours and speculation will NOT be tolerated.

To further our spirit of goodwill, the following changes will be made to our rules of education: From now on all legally registered mages of the city of Durholme will be able to enroll to study darkness lore. All mages of other guilds will be able to register with the guild master for the guild and thus be able to make full use of the teaching facilities of the guild. Only guild approved members will be allowed to teach Darkness lore. For further information, contact D'Rhule, guild master."

No statement has been issued by acting head of the red guild Torloth. However, passers by have noticed back entrances and ground floor windows of the red guild are being bricked up and baricaded, and a heavy guard has been set on the doors.

The garrison near Ham has reported new lights in the woods this week. A patrol has been sent to investigate and the soldiers there are still waiting for it to return.

Kasper wintergulf and his companions have set out once more in an attempt to kill the legendary Questing Beast. It is expected to take several weeks, and no word has been heard of the party since it set off on Monday.

The bandit activity on the Yorvik - Nottinghym road has decreased this week.

A corrupt Astalonian has been detained by another Astalonian. He is wanted for trial in the Seven Shires.

The church of Ghedrent have reported missing three of their members from Durholme: one senior priest and two junior spirit warriors. this leaves the temple severely depleted when added to the recent loss of Martin.

With spring coming and an influx of population to Durholme, missions have been sent out to re-colonise some of the villages in the palatinate that have been destroyed over the past few years, including Snuggledale, Lunckbreak, Muddy Waters, Ham, Hope and Ingleswell.

There have been a couple of further dissappearances at the alchemists guild. Authorities are investigating but their resources are a little over-stretched this week with the cleansing of the sewers. Scouts espyng the devensive earthworks on the borders of Andrast were apalled to see that on Thursday two bodies were nailed to the outer face of the earthwork fortifications. The headless bodies were identified later from reports as Elmet and Domino, two heroes from the ill fated mission to andrast. The council of Honour have erected a memorial to Domino in the grounds of the Duke de Grenhams estate. Below a statue of him reads "True Courage Never Dies". The Duke has avowed revenge on the Aspect for this.

Lord Soot, a wealthy landowner in the Palatinate, has pledged a body of troops to help defend the palatinate and city should Andrast mount any incursion. The force of 50 men known as "Soots Swords" is hoped to be the start of many pledges of troops from those who have them.

This week saw the execution of the much awaited sewer cleansing campaign by the city. A large force of city guard and mercenaries, accompanied by several mages entered the sewer system at strategic points on Monday. After clearing the sewers of various nasty creatures including many gooey blobs, the forces converged beneath the seekers library. At that time acting on a hidden signal, the PBs men accompanied by the remaining city guard stormed the library from above ground. The fight lasted until sundown, but the PBs men emerged triumphant with only a couple of casualties. Now the onerous task of repairing the library and re-cataloguing the books begins in earnest. the seekers are appealing for volunteer librarians to help them cope. None of the creatures occupying the building survived. Teams of dwarven engineers are now working under guard in the sewers to install a network of gratings and screens, and to seal unnesescary passages in the sewers to try and keep out any further unwanted guests.

The area in the northern lands devoid of habitation grew larger this week when another celtic village dissappeared without trace.


Suddenly the guards realised that they had been staring at movement down in the pit below for minutes without it registering. Something was moving down there! A horn rang out. Fire was kindled and put to arrows. the commander of the guard was still trying to see what it was moving in the pit below in the gloom when the first flaming arrow was fired. Later on, it was never found who had fired that first shot without orders, but it was followed by a dozen more. The oil in the pit blazed fiercely to light. The single figure in the pit staggered and gave a very human sounding cry of pain. Horrified the guards watched as it tried to climb out of the inferno, tripped, and staggered back down into it again. Eventually the flames were doused. Volunteers were found to climb into the pit and retrieve the body. It was humanoid, and may have had purple skin, though it was so badly burned it was hard to say. Miraculously it was still alive, though only just. the guards took it to St Johns, where it lies still in a coma on the verge of death.

The guards replenished the oil and resumed their vigil. *******************************************************

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) Please remember that a response to any "rec. X" call is known only to the person who did the rec.

From C.J.Cunliffe@durham.ac.uk Tue Mar 16 12:49:59 1999 Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 12:21:59 +0000 From: "C.J.Cunliffe" <C.J.Cunliffe@durham.ac.uk> To: Treasure Trap <Treasure.Trap@durham.ac.uk> Subject: Timeline 16/3/1282 (I am fairly sure this time). Newsgroups: dur.dsu.Treasure-Trap,alt.games.dur-trs-trap

Sergeant Jones watched the pit closely. He was bored. He was supposed to have been at home now, but since that thing came out of the pit (and managed to survive), the watch on it had been doubled. He sighed. Then, suddenly, he saw movement. Or at least he thought he saw movement. As if something were swimming around in the oil. But that couldn't be. He must have been imagining it. He saw it again. Getting nervous he pointed it out to his superior who said to wait. It may be another of the friendly ones. Maybe.

News has come in that it is not safe to travel from Newcroft to Nottinghym and back (as if you would want to at the moment). A caravan was found on the Newcroft to Nottinghym road completely abandoned and in a state of some disrepair. The only things found around the deserted caraven were a few piles of clothes and weapons. It is suspected that the caravan belonged to Blue Elves.

Torloth, the acting Head of the Elemental Guild of Fire has released a statement this week on the past animosity between his own guild and that of the Element of Darkness. "Problems with the Black Guild?" the Pyroken said. "The Red Guild has none and is unlikely to have any problem with the Black Guild or any other magic Guild in the foreseeable future. Especially at a time when the Guilds need to be united to face current threats. Now, unless you want to feel what it's like for your entire body to be incinerated, I suggest you stop persisting with silly rumours and get out of my way. I'm busy! Thank You!"

Extensive work has been carried out on the gardens around the Elemental Guild of Light this week. Novices have been seen labouring from the early morning alongside a Gnome supplied by the Guild of Earth. As the Gnome dug holes. The young mages heaved saplings into place and watered them in well. When asked they said that Sunbeam had decided that a pleasant garden around the building would form a quiet area for meditation and study and letting young mages do their work would keep their physical strength up and prevent them from becoming 'weak bookworms without the strength to channel their powers.' Work this week focussed particularly on the perimeter of the garden, with the planting of white rush bushes, interspersed with gooseberry and a ground cover of blackberry around the roots of the young plants. It is rumoured that Sunbeam has plans to make jam in the autumn.

Rumours abound this week that the Elemental Guild of Darkness have a new spell. Both the Guild Head, Kellan, and the Guild Master, D'Rhule have vehemently denied this.

Sergeant Jones watched as the thing started to climb out of the pit. It was one of the lizards. One of the small ones. His superior ordered it shot. No use wasting the oil by burning it all just to kill one creature. But then the rest came. Heads started coming out of the oil all over the pit. There were the small, dog sized ones. Dozens of them. All over the place. Then there were the strange slug like man sized ones. Fewer of these. But they had already started attacking. They spat stuff at the Guard which burned. The Guard truly became worried when they saw the large horse size ones. These things were bashing their tusks together and truly making an awful noise. The Captain the oil lighted and then turned to Jones. "Get to the Citadel. There are too many of them. If help does not come soon, we are lost. Run!"

A strange monolith has been sighted in the various villages (not the destroyed ones) around Durholme this week. People have been avoiding it, though some have gotten close enough to tell that there are arcane markings carved into the thing. Some people have even started watching it, thinking it a good omen for things to come. Apparently, at night, it flies away with a bright light. This is blamed on alchol being too cheap in the villages surrounding Durholme.

A Kender commonly known as Cullen Trapspringer has been bouncing around the city spreading rumours that the vote that gave Gellance Mirrorshade power over the Elemental Guild of Air was fixed. Apparently, several possible candidates were prevented from running, including Fravon Guivenne, Xenon Kastrel and Dralik Ocelers. One of these (Xenon Kastrel) has been interviewed and said that the Blue Guild have had to put up with too many rumours and falsehoods recently. He thinks that he can speak for the whole of his Guild that Gellance is Guild Head and a capable leader and has their unquestioning support.

The Entertainers Guild have begun to 'Entertain' the patients in the Temple of St. John, by rumour because the Guild head owes them a favour. The Priests of St. John are delighted at this, as, not only are the patients kept amused, but it actually seems to be improving the healing rate. People are discharging themselves from the Temple faster than ever before. The Church are investigating the healing properties of Guitar playing.

News from Newcroft is that the city is prospering under the rule of Noctis Moribund. In fact, the people are so happy that they are throwing parties in the streets, and Miss Moribund is allowing them to. However, a few proclamations have been made. All of Durholme's major churches save St. John have been made illegal on pain of death (i.e. Circle of Balance, Seeker of Knowledge, Humact, Waukeen and Astalon) and worship of the Aspect has been declared the national Religion of Newcroft. Brown Elves are apparently reinforcing the city walls and there are rumours of a fleet being created.

Jones stopped dead when he returned to the pit. It was a massacre. The pit was aflame, but that didn't stop the strange creatures. The horse sized ones were simply charging through the defenders and the man sized ones were attacking from out of the range of the soldiers. As for the small ones. As soon as one was killed, three more took its place. The guards behind him ran into the melee as Jones looked about for someone superior to himself. There were none. He grabbed a young guard and sent them to the Temples of Morvana and Kerrimar for help. There were too many.

The Seeker's Head almost enjoyed their best night in as long as anybody can remember on Friday night. Unfortunately, there was trouble. According to reports, the tavern was full to bursting, until suddenly massive fights broke out, resulting in a Green Elf being injured and carried out on a stretcher, with a young woman weeping at his side. Thankfully, there were a great deal of the city militia and Hawks around and the violence was kept to a minimum.

On a continuing violence in taverns theme, there was a brawl in the Hobbit's Armpit as well over the weekend. Apparently several people were injured and the Secretary to the Ambassador to the High Elves was killed. The blinding flash of light as this event took place was all that stopped the fighting long enough for order to be restored.

Rumours are out that the village of Ham has been attacked by Demons again. Nobody is quite sure why Ham has been such a Demon Lure recently, but the church of Ghedrent is planning on going out there again and trying to get the job right this time.

There were very few left. The guards were going down like flies. There was a rumble as the sound of feet could be heard and the Kerrimanians and Morvnaians arrived. They plunged into the battle, but still there were too many of them. Then, half a dozen voices could be heard crying out, "Kerrimar, aid me in this, my final battle!" The Morvanians and slightly more sensible Kerrimanians backed off, recognising the call of the Kerrimanian Death Charge. The six Kerrimanians eventually cleared up the lizards, but not before a strange and seemingly new variety took to the air and launched a small blob of stuff at everybody there. The battle was over, but at a terrible cost.

The six Kerrimanians were publicly honoured by the Margrave and Prince Bishop for selflessly giving their lives to the protection of the city. -- OOC points.

We would like to remind you that whenever you go up a level, you really should have your character sheet signed by a ref. -- Chris Cunliffe, There isn't a single law of nature that energy cannot flaunt and break. Welcome To Geddon - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~effilnuc

Dear all, Timeline 27/4/2082:::


The wind blows, and it blows over all of the land from west to east, over the great sea, past the walled city of carlyle standing proud and free, up into the dragonstooth mountains and into andrast, over the temples to the Aspect and the legions of fanatic creatures enforcing its will upon the land, through clouds of snow and valley mists in the morning. The wind blows on and down now, down towards the lowlands, over the grim earthwork fortifications, across the border between Andrast and Durholme where men stand uneasy. Across the palatinate it blows, driving with it rainclouds to mar the spring sunshine. Across the walls and battlements of the fair city of Durholme, beleaguered by foes on all sides, over a pit ringed with spikes and filled with decomposing bodies and on, along the path of the wear, over isolated villages and deserted lands it blows to the sea, and out of this tale...


After the sudden assault of the Aspect warriors the palatinate is finding its feet again. Aspect warriors are reported to gave gained territory from Durholme in New Durholme, and on the Southern and Western borders of the palatinate. All troops have been recalled and rallied to defend the new borders. Greyson Carlyle the head of the Mercenaries guild has pledged full support to the forces of Durholme and militia are being conscripted to boost numbers. Any able bodied people not engaged in occupations important to the palatinate have been requested to report to the citadel. Also rumour abounds that a fleet in the service of the Aspect is intercepting mearchant ships going to and from the palatinate.


Market prices have been fluctuating wildely over the past few weeks. Values of all sorts of commodities have doubled, trebled, inexplicably dropped to a few groats or become whatever the trader asks. Several people and groups have been bankrupted already and a few people have unexpectedly become very rich.


A new witchfinder, "Persue them unto the Nethermost Reaches of Hell" Jones has arrived in the city by boat from southern parts. What he is here for he has not said, but he has been heard to remark that he hopes he will soon find what he seeks so he can return home.


At sunset on saturday a group of battle scarred men on weary horses were seen to ride over the earthworks and enter the palatinate out of the West from Andrast. They were intercepted by the army but then allowed to pass without challenge. They were last seen heading for the Duke de Grenhams estate.


A local weaponsmith, Darryl Drinkwater, has been seen in the marketplace vigorously denying that his forge was enchanted or that his weapons had any magical properties. In what seems to be a campaign to clear his name, Darryl has been putting up posters with a similar message on around the city.


A lumberjack has been found dead in the vicinity of the village of Snuggledale this week. He was found next to a fallen tree, which was also unusually blackened and charred.


Kellan Mordax, head of the Black guild, has announced that the guild will be holding compulsory weapons training for all its members. It has been speculated that this is in case of another loss of elemental power. The head of the Warlocks guild has yet to make a response to this.


Ther brown guild with the help of its large elf contingent has volunteered to help re-enforce the city walls in case of a siege. Work is going slowly despite the use of magic to help, and several sections of wall have had to be demolished due to flaws in the original design.


In the absence of Kasper Wintergulf, who has not yet returned from his expedition to hunt the legendary questing beast, Sunbeam has ordered that white guild mages refrain from casting any spells for fear of causing further losses of elemental power. Any mages wishing to use their powers should first come and explain why to her. Fears are growing about the safety of Kasper since the expedition was due back 2 weeks ago.


Barnard Castle is now besieged by the aspect warriors as they attempt to push into the Palatinate. Despite Durholme committing few troops to defend the region the area is still repelling all attacks.


Another tree has started growing in the blue guild garden. Tall with reddish bark, this tree is already up to the 3rd floor windows of the blue guild and growing several feet per day. Occasionally a small creature, apparently resident in the Blue Guild, is seen scampering around the base of it.


Before the Aspect fleet cut off the palatinate from the sea, a ship bearing a full compliment of warriors of the church of Azreal arrived at the docks. These are now staying in and about the church in the city: apparently they are here at the request of Father Sable.


A large black monolith has again been seen in some villages, this time closer to Durholme. Moving at night surrounded by a white aura, the huge slab of rock appears to be headed directly for Durholme. At its current rate of travel it will arrive in just over a month. The white guild are preparing an expedition to try and investigate the artefact and to stop it if it turns out to pose a threat.


Subject: TT - Timeline 4/5/1282 (probably) Newsgroups: dur.dsu.treasure-trap,alt.games.dur-trs-trap

There has been much commotion around the Astalonian Temple and courthouse this week, as they have been, apparently, fortified. It is assumed that this is to do with the war, but no statement from the Church has been issued. Many retired Astalonians also seem to have been called back into service, though they do take quite a while to respond to calls these days. On a separate issue, people from the Church have suggested that people not walk around the city alone, at least until the murderer has been caught.

There has been much complaining around the city in general this week, as the rationing was ordered. Everybody is getting what they require, even if it is not what they want, and some people don't know how lucky they are. The situation will probably only get worse, as the bad guys have cunningly chosen the best time of year to start a siege (strange, that).

The Brown Elves that were seen last week 'repairing' the city walls have been arrested and replaced by members of the Brown Guild and Dwarven Engineers. It is hoped that the progress will increase, as will the size of the walls this time.

Any able-bodied (and most not) people in the city who can use a weapon (and most who can't) are called upon to serve the city in its hour of need. I.E. conscription has started, and everybody who doesn't do something vital to the city is now a soldier in the guard.

Large flashes of light and crashes of sound have been heard in the White Guild this week. Nobody outside the guild is really sure what is going on, but rumours abound that Caspar Wintergulf has returned from hunting the Questing Beast and demanded a ritual to enchant his hat. There have been several complaints from city officials saying that the White Guild is not really helping the city much in its current situation, and are calling for the Guild head to remove the ban on its members using magic.

One of the large, and quite unusual, trees that have been growing in the garden of the Blue Guild has now become as tall as the Blue Guild. This is, as most people realise, really quite tall. The small creature that has been previously seen around the Blue Guild has not recently. People think that it may have gone back to where it came from.

The strange purple creatures commonly known as 'Purple Lizards' and actually known as 'Xel'Naga' have been running around the city after escaping from the pit. Said pit is not full of a strange purple, organic stuff, which no-one can see a use for, other than a slight intimidation factor. The city has placed a Bounty on the heads of any Xel'Naga, that being 1 crown for a small one, 50 crowns for a big one and 10 crowns for anything in between.

Prices have now been fixed much to the chagrin of the merchants and the rejoicing of the general populace. And there's not much that can be said about that.

Reports have been coming in that Aspect Warriors have been seen battling undead near Barncastle. No-one is quite sure why, and many doubt that even the combatants know. But they seem to be enjoying themselves, so the city are going to let them get on with it.

The Witchfinders are investigating the assassination of Pursue-em-unto-the-nevermost-reaches-of-hell Jones. Apparently killed in the Red Warlock Tavern, any witnesses are asked to report to the Citadel to make a statement.

The strange, glowing monolith that has been approaching the city over the last few weeks is still coming after the White Guild failed to get rid of it. Apparently all magical items, including foci were drawn towards the monolith, and the White guild report losing several, including a magical dagger. Spells were tried, but seemed only to make it glow more. The few mages that could get close enough swear that there were runes on it, and one claims to have seen one that represented a Dragon... It is getting faster.

After a valiant mission into Andrast to reclaim a sword and axe, the Council of Honour are looking for new recruits after a number of their members were killed whilst bravely giving up their lives to retrieve the weapons. Another mission is planned to retrieve the weapons that were lost on this one.

The family of the Duke of Rovac has, it would appear, disappeared. The new Rovacian government state that any religion other than that of the Aspect of St. John is illegal, punishable by death. Checks of cargo at customs stations along the trade routes has also been increased.

A convoy of wagons have arrived in the city baring food supplies. Nobody knows who sent it, or any other useful details, but it apparently came from Rovac.

The Council of Churches have offered a provisional place as a Minor Church to Jay-Ing, as Kerremar has been move to Major Church status (also provisionally). The normal rotation of the Minor Churches has been set aside during the current crisis, and Morvana has been given a council seat until such a time that the city is no longer at war. The Council of Churches asks that any other churches that which to be represented come forward.


Subject: Timeline

Dear all, Timeline 16/6/1282


Somewhere on the western side of the middle of a small island just of the coast of a major continent on a world which has not been fully explored by the majority of its so-called most advanced civilisations stands a small but well organised walled city. this city has, or had, a problem which was this: a creature known as the Aspect was trying to become a God, and now surrounded the citys lands on all sides, causing a great sense of insecurity among the people of said city. The name of that city if Durholme, and its role in the history of the world is a curious one... ___________________________________________________________________________

Rumour has it that Lady Sheol, the regent of the seven shires, has yielded to threats made against her son by an unknown power and surrendered a powerful bane to the fiend. Arnulf, the ambassador from the 7 shires has not yet confirmed or denied these rumours.


At about 3pm last Sunday, all priests and elementalists in the city felt a huge flux in the mystic energies of the universe. Since then on the Monday morning Morode Blackwith of the Balance has announced that he has recieved a revelation: The Aspect has been destroyed! The Margrave has ordered a celebration of this with full festivities on Wednesday. The exact reason for the demise of the aspect is not certain, but it is rumoured that a group of heroes from Durholme found a way to uncreate the abomination. Whatever the reason, the driving force behind the aspect troops has gone and Durholmes forces are gaining ground daily. In particular troops are rumoured to be pushing north towards newcroft and have already crossed the old border.


The house of the City Guard captain Frank Castle exploded violently on Tuesday. Thought to be some kind of magical explosion, the blast killed him and his wife and three children instantly. Though Franks body has yet to be found there is no possible way he could have survived the blast.


Several merchants were arrested last week for illegal food trading in time of emergency. All but one survived with mere imprisonment and confiscation of property, but Carter the Baker was found to also be an agent of the illegal Viva-Mortis cult and taken away for a lengthy interrogation. It is expected he will be executed next week.


A man was seen acting strangely in the marketplace on Monday. Walking stiffly and not speaking he was seen to accost several passers by and paralyse them. When the city guard were alerted the man attacked repeatedly until the guard were forced to cut him down. The body was found to consist of little more than skin and bones filled with writhing black worm-like things, which rapidly died. The man was identified from the remains as Cardus Fure, a junior red battle-mage.


A Major Trollball game was held on Tuesday, in honour of Sorin, one of the heroes who set out to slay the aspect and did not return. Other survivors from that group Ulag, Blake and Kyte played in the match as well as capt. Jack the notorious er captain. the final result was 27-26 to Ulags A***kickers.

****************************** The White Guild has hosted a reception to welcome the returning Aspect slaying heroes and its returned Head of Guild.... All the heads of magic guilds were invited to the pool party, as were all survivors of the quest. Most of the major churches were represented. Xaroc was also invited (if he turned up then it must have been in disguise). All attendants were asked to sign a non-aggression treaty on the way in, to garauntee peace for the evening... Even Kellan Mordax was invited (though she did turn up, she was kept under close watch). The white mage Nabzil put on a mini-firework display using a new spell between the other entertainments of minstrels etc... *****************************

The only major bad news this week is that the Xel-Naga colony growing in the pit outside the city has grown larger, rising up to a level with the city walls in places. The red guild expedition to penetrate the colony was beaten back with significant losses. Creatures have been leaving the colony less frequently now, but in more concentrated groups.


Blubble, Mark.

From M.D.G.Potter@durham.ac.uk Wed Jun 23 10:17:26 1999 Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:44:51 +0100 (BST) From: M D G Potter <M.D.G.Potter@durham.ac.uk> To: m.d.g.potter@durham.ac.uk Subject: Timeline Newsgroups: alt.games.dur-trs-trap,dur.dsu.treasure-trap

Dear all, my final timeline, 23/6/1282 (well, actually a joint timeline as Andy wrote half of it)

The sun rises over northern Albion, its golden rays glancing over a land shattered by magic and war. In Rovak and Glantri, men newly free of the Aspect rise from their beds to see the now familiar sight of a devastated country. But with the Aspect gone, they see it in a different light. Those who favoured the abomination have lost their power, the oppressors are becoming the oppressed. As unstoppable as the rising sun, the retributions have begun.

With the collapse of the Aspect blockade, an increasing number of merchant ships are making the journey to Durholme. If the victor gains the spoils, then the city that defeated the Aspect should be able to pay well, or so the traders assume. They have high hopes of quick sales, hopes which are swiftly shattered by the economy of Durholme, almost as ruined by the recent conflict as those of its neighbours. Some merchants also bring stories of a strange phenomenon, a pillar of wind stretching from the sea to the sky, which has been seen between Albion and the Norse lands.

The forces of Durholme pushed back the Aspect warriors further this week, regaining the old borders of the palatinate on all fronts and advancing Northwards to take Newcroft on Monday. The Margrave has ordered another celebration this Wednesday, both in Newcroft and Durholme. All citizens must by order spend at least 2 crowns on drink. The money will go to repairing the damage that the Aspect has wrought.

Carter the Baker, arrested last week for alleged Viva-mort whrship, was found dead in his cell yesterday morning. Astalonian authorities are baffled as there is no evidence of forced entry to the cell. Pete the peg-legged beggar and Baker the weaver are wanted for questioning about the incident, but have dissappeared. An unspecified reward has been announced for their capture alive.

The blue guild have continued to repair the damage caused by the giant tree falling on it. Several new towers have been begun as well as a neat attic conversion.

Morpheus the priest of dreams has been preaching in the market square again this week about the high importance that Morpheans attach to every individual, and how those in desperate need should not fear to approach the Church of Dreams for aid. Sympathies are extended to any surviving members of the church of Waukeen in their time of need.

Joseph of Londinium, the famous prophetic priest of the Balance, predicted that a rain of giant frogs would fall on the evening of this Wednesday. Cynics are sceptical about this but many people are staying indoors on the offchance: Josephs predictions have been uncannily accurate of late.

The mecrenary freyy has been seen to catch a boot while fishing this weekend. Nobody knows why.

Last Wednesday there was a graet disturbance at the Xel'Naga pit. A horde of purple skinned warriors were seen to hack their way from out of its centre before surrounding the pit and, with the help of the city guard, exterminating all the remaining Xel'Naga. The warriors have officially introduced themselves as the Ka'pa, and are interested in opening diplomacy with the city.

As the night begins, the golden orb of this day's sun looks down upon Durholme for one last time. But it is not the only one watching the city. In their own places, far from this plane, the gods and the elemental lords cast their collective gaze on the city of champions. It has served them well, and they are grateful. But now it has their attention, and they watch with as eager an anticipation as gods ever find for men, waiting to see what comes next...

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