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The Banquet

The Banquet: Ok the Banquet is from the 18th to the 20th of February at moor house.

As per usual the OGM is Friday night. Then an adventure on saturday morning followed by the ceilligh and then the banquet. There are places to stay on site, but they are fairly limited.

Just like last year, if anyone can't afford / doesn't want to pay / has the money but not on them we are looking for people to serve at the banquet, in return there will be a reduced ticket price for said people. I haven't organised the exact details, so I can't be anymore specific, but if your interested keep it in mind, and mention it when you get your ticket.

Also Ellen our wonderful cook is possibly looking for helpers, I'm not sure if there will be a reduction in ticket price, and it is hard work, and a basic ability to cook is a requirement.

On a similar note last year we were going to run a cooking course to help Ellen by giving experience in the traditional recipies Ellen uses. finding a site for the numbers from last year was a bit tricky, so we'll try again and see.

Anyway, the banquet is always amazing and this year is no exception, so keep an eye out for tickets.

submitted by Dragon, copying Will's post on the forums., 2005-02-07

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