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3YGB: We Want Your Backgrounds

3YGB: We Want Your Backgrounds: We're getting to the point where the plotlines for the Third Year Goodbye are being finalised and everything is being moulded into the Ultimate Adventure. Hence, after the 31st of March 2003 we will not accept any new character backgrounds for the purposes of plot. If you want to go on the 20th Anniversary Third Year Goodbye, make sure your character's background is with us by the 31st of March. Character sheets can wait but we want the backgrounds.

The only exception to the 31st of March deadline will be for characters that die. We'll replace their plot with plot for a new character, but we won't insert plot for the characters of lazy players who couldn't be bothered to send in backgrounds when we asked for them.

It's harsh but it's necessary if we're going to run a good adventure that has plots written well.

submitted by Zoe, 2005-02-07

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