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Welcome Freshers!

Welcome Freshers!: Welcome Freshers! We hope you're enjoying Freshers' week and the madness thereof. The first events of term are the Freshers' weapons practice at 13:00 on Sunday at the Sands (but we'll have people in the marketplace before then to meet you and take you down if you can't find it) and afterwards the Freshers' pub meet from 16:00 on Sunday in the Bishop's Mill (the pub near the Gala Theatre). Come and meet the society, have a few beers with us and find out what we're about. After that, the first Interactive (tavern-night roleplaying event) of term is on Monday at 19:00 downstairs in DSU. If you have any questions, email us or log into our forums (button top right) and ask away! We look forward to meeting you!

submitted by Iasus, 2011-10-06

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