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Geek Soc Summer Social - Pirates vs Ninjas

Geek Soc Summer Social - Pirates vs Ninjas: Ladies and Gentlemen, Durham University Geek Society presents, for your entertainment, the 2013 Geeksoc Summer Social!

Join us for a night of music, geeky antics and delicious barbecue to celebrate the end of the year and our triumph over exams. The event is open to all members of Assassins, Gamesoc, Anime, Scifi & Fantasy, TT, Duggle, LGBTa, Improv, and their friends.

We're still making decisions regarding ticket prices, activities and other surprises, so keep an eye on this page for exciting updates. Remember to invite all your geeky friends!

When? Tuesday 11th June, 7pm-11pm
Where? Durham Amateur Rowing Club, Green Lane, Old Elvet (near the University Health Centre)
Theme? Pirates versus Ninjas!

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