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Freshers' Fair and Freshers' Events

Freshers' Fair and Freshers' Events: Events Planned:

This year we have been allocated a spot at Freshers Fair/The Union Fair on Thursday 2nd October running from 12pm-8pm and are looking for members (preferably students or younger members) who are prepared to sit on the stall for some periods of this time in rotation.

This involves being frothy, handing out fliers and explaining the Society to people from the stall; and to ensure the membership email form is filled to capacity with new interested parties.

If you are able to do this could you e-mail the Exec on please.

We have also been given two half hour slots outside DSU to put on an examples or two of our Society activities; if anyone is free to do this could you contact us at as soon as possible so we may organise this. We have two slots, 12:30pm til 1pm and 3:30pm til 4pm.

submitted by Stuart Watson, Web officer, 2014-10-01

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