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Ref Announcement: Info Please

Ref Announcement: Info Please: A couple of things here, which will also be in the paper this week, and some of which have been requested before. Bear with us please :).

1: Please email details of any magical items and/or blesses your characters have to - many of you have done this, but please resend to this address, as we're having some email issues. The items database is now ready to roll, so cards for your items are only waiting on us finding out that you have them :). Information required for this is:
- Your real name
- Your character name
- The name of the Item (or the deity providing the Bless)
- What the item is (categories are: bless, creature, item, potion, power, scroll and weapon). Common sense applies on this one - look at the phys rep you're using :).
- The powers of the item
- When you first got/made/were given the item.
- If the item had a life-span, when it was due to run out
I know this is likely to be a pain, particularly for those of you who are short of time. Thanks in advance for your patience and co-operation :).

2: A player database of character sheets is immanent, hopefully eventually leading to the ability to spend xp and submit character sheets online (all credit to Nathan Courtney for the work done so far). We have many of your character sheets, but if you're remotely unsure about whether yours was sent or received, please see Jimbob. He has the master file, and will be able to tell you whether we need a (or another) copy.

Thanks for ploughing through all this.

submitted by Becky Green, 2005-02-07

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