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Rules Changes and Re-statting

Rules Changes and Re-statting:

The website has been updated to include all rule changes made at the OGM last term.

The following changes were made:

If you need to re-stat your character to accommodate these changes then the refs ask that you stay as close to your original concept and statting as possible. If a skill has been removed then you regain the XP to spend on other skills; if a skill, or skill equivalent, now costs more then you can spend banked XP to fill the XP gap; if you don't have enough then speak to the refs as you may be able to negotiate going into XP debt.

Re-statted characters need to be submitted to the refs by Monday 2nd October, and will not be considered at the Chat and Stat, which will be exclusively for the statting of NEW players characters.

submitted by Panda, 2017-09-02

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