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DUGL SFX Workshop

DUGL SFX Workshop:

Our sister-larp society (DUGL) is running an SFX workshop open to TT members also.

Interested in special effects makeup, but don't have the budget for fancy tools? Never fear! Tally's here with a 'cheapskate SFX' workshop!

On Tuesday the 31st of October, a member of DUGL will be running a special effects makeup workshop, where each participant will learn the basics of SFX and one 'big dramatic cool thing', using ridiculously low cost materials.
Most likely programme of events is 'bruises, small and large injuries, introduction to latex work, demonstration of a bigger SFX project', but this is completely flexible.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, please fill in the form below! Faster responses are better, so I can buy materials for the right number of participants.

Time and Location to be confirmed!

submitted by DUGL, 2017-10-10

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