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TT21 Enters Playtesting

TT21 Enters Playtesting: Hello.

Okay, it's been announced before that TT21 was complete but that was version 0.1 and it was terrible. This is version 0.2a and it works well enough to enter playtesting.

Sometime next month (to give me time to run the Basic System Test adventure, most likely with Gimby and Paul O'Malley) we shall be running the first playtest of 21st Century Treasure Trap v0.2a, a brand-spanking-new game set in an alternate version of the modern day, where the British Empire never fell, the Orcs aren't just a bunch of wussy (or, sometimes, deadly) scum and everything's not quite as it seems.

Things that won't be in this playtest are: Illusionists (spells still need some work), Psionicists (only 1 spell so far and it's 10th level), Craft Device (being re-worked).

For more information on TT21, visit its website at

submitted by Zoe, 2005-02-07

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