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New Armoury Organisation

New Armoury Organisation: Hi Everyone,

Pursuant to the description given in last week's interactive, here is a brief description of the contents of the armoury:

Armoury Itself:

The armoury consists of the area on the left hand side of the cupboard and is organised as follows:

Top Shelf, Left hand side working right:

- Daggers and Thrown weapons
- Shortswords
- Kite Shields
- Armour (Body armour at the back, arms in the box).

Lower Shelf:

Left to right:

- Longswords
- Axes/Maces
- Shields

Polearms are where they were on the left. Unsafe weapons are on the right hand side of the armoury or marked by a gaffa tag.


OK, there is now one rack of clothing, and many boxes... The organisation is thus:

Rack: Left hand side is occupied by leather jackets, Right hand side is robes/cloaks.
Tabbards and other foldable items are in boxes.
The shelves on the right consist of:

- Random kit
- Masks
- Hats/Hoods
- Specials (Mercy Guard/Antitect/Vetch costumes)

Last Note:

Interactive stuff (i.e tablecloths, lanterns etc) are on the floor on the left hand side of the armoury. If they are there when you arrive at the armoury before an interactive *DO NOT GO IN*. Leave the armoury alone until these have been removed for the interactive as they get broken easily and once they are gone everything is easier.

Basically, remember where you got kit from and put it back in the same place when you've finished with it. If you don't there will be bad consequences for everyone and you shall be hunted down by the armourer...

submitted by Marcus, 2005-02-07

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