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Cambridge Treasure Trap

Cambridge Treasure Trap: hey people, treasure trap has flown South...

Finished your degree? Basked in crusty-old-externalness for more than you can handle? have to work in London and sick of the lack of decent LARP in the South? Or just fancy a weekend out of Durham? Then read on, friends, this is for you...

Cambridge Treasure Trap is starting! Yes, thsi coming Friday, 30th Jan, at 7.30pm in the Crescent Room at Trinity Hall College, the Wessex Arms, finest alehouse in all Grantabrugge, will open its doors to brave heroes, evil necromancers, dodgy mages, dodgier kender, mewlips, elves, dwarves, the fair folke and all priests with more honour than sense.

Our interactive will run 7.30-10.30pm on Friday, turn up for 7 to get your character sheet passed before time in. There will be an adventure on Saturday 31st, time in 1.30 pm at Darwin College, Cambridge. Both events are 1 CURS (cambridge role-play) members, 2 non-members and the linear is free to monster. After that events will run fortnightly during the Cambridge term. Bring your friends, bring your kit, and most especially bring your spare swords so our players have something to fight. Crash sace can be found for external invaders. Details can be found on our website:

Downtime, character sheets, queries and plot stuff should be sent to:

So come one, come all...the fun starts this Friday!


submitted by Toni Badnall, 2005-02-07

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