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!TT Matriarch Poorly!

!TT Matriarch Poorly!: Dear All,
In case you haven't heard, Anne took ill, went to hospital, went to intensive care and is now out again. Out and bored.
We're arranging a car trip out to see Anne (no one with anything at all catching allowed), details to follow - probably after next Thursday so that we can send along a card signed by everyone attending the interactive.
If you want to get in contact with or merely pass on get well soon wishes/suggestions for changing the armour system to Anne, she can access e-mail at home at the address (I'll double-check this later).
If you want to ring Anne on the electronic telephone, don't ring later than early evening - number to follow (e.g. if you know Anne's number, post it in reply to this post - or I'll find it when I get home).
We got ~34:80 last night - even after administration fees and handling charges we still have enough for a card, some flowers and a box of Thortons. They were lovely and all the exec appreciated them. Now, if we can just get another 30 or so, we'll be able to get some to take to Anne. So, please bring all your spare change to the next interactive.

submitted by Marios, 2005-02-07

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