A few notes for good practice...

Welcome to Treasure Trap! You've probably seen enough by now to know what Live Roleplay is - if you haven't, look at this page - but it's not always obvious how to make the difference between TT being dressing up in silly costumes and hitting each other, and being an involving and interesting roleplay event in which you can really get into the motivations and actions of your character.

TT has been described as being a bit like freeform acting, and that's not a bad description. It's probably more helpful to think of it like this than like a game. So, like acting, you should be thinking of your character's motivations, and trying to give as convincing an impression of your character as possible. You should be thinking of the effect events will have on your actions, not just on your hit points; and of how you can make the event more convincing and in-character for the other players. Because if we're not going to do that, then really we might as well just sit at home and throw dice.

Here are a few tips that might help you to get on the right track. These aren't getting at anyone particular. If any of them reads like it refers to you personally, then it probably just means that you've fallen into a common trap.

There's a lot more to roleplaying than this, but if you keep these things in mind, a lot more will fall into place. It's a lot easier to play your character convincingly if people aren't making out-of-character comments at you, and your character will develop personality in the way that they react to things like injury, rather than just going "5 hits... 2 hits... 1 hit... unconscious". Keep thinking of Treasure Trap as playing a role, not trying to win a game; and you won't go far wrong.